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Watch sunspot group 1158 form from nothing

UPDATE: Leif Svalgaard provides us a magnetic movie (SDO HMI) which I’ve also converted and added below. It’s a real treat too. This is truly an impressive animation from the folks at the Solar Dynamics Observatory. I’ve converted it to … Continue reading

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M class solar flare today

Dr. Leif Svalgaard writes in a short email: M6.6 flare kicks F10.7 to 126 sfu Here’s the flare on the X-ray plot:Here’s the xray image: So while the sun has been generally quiet recently, it still has its fits of … Continue reading

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For the first time ever, we can image the sun in 360°

Latest image of the far side of the Sun based on high resolution STEREO data, taken on February 2, 2011 at 23:56 UT when there was still a small gap between the STEREO Ahead and Behind data. This gap will … Continue reading

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Earthly cloud similarities seen in solar CMEs

New SDO images show CMEs exploding from the Sun ripples like clouds do on Earth. It looks a lot like this photo, showing the well known Kelvin-Helmholtz instability. =============================================================== From the University of Warwick: Physicists, led by a researcher at … Continue reading

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New WUWT Solar Images and Data Page

I’ve done some house cleaning and maintenance today to replace the aging SOHO image on the sidebar (which had not been updating since January 11th, thanks to Ric Werme for reminding me) with a new image from the Solar Dynamics … Continue reading

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Longstanding Mystery of Sun’s Hot Outer Atmosphere Solved

From the National Science Foundation: Answer lies in jets of plasma One of the most enduring mysteries in solar physics is why the Sun’s outer atmosphere, or corona, is millions of degrees hotter than its surface. Now scientists believe they … Continue reading

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Solar Geomagnetic Ap Index Hits Zero

This is something you really don’t expect to see this far into solar cycle 24. But there it is, the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite shows the sun as a cueball: The Ap index being zero, indicates that the sun’s magnetic … Continue reading

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Global Eruption Rocks the Sun

I should point out that thanks to the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), we can see things that we’ve never seen before. So while this event is unprecedented in the history of science, it is likely “business as usual” for old … Continue reading

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Massive solar filament eruption captured by SDO

The Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite captured this image yesterday. A massive filament on the Sun erupted in a stunning display as seen here in the videos below. The giant solar eruption created a long filament of magnetic plasma, which extended … Continue reading

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SOHO – 15 years today

Dr. Leif Svalgaard advises via email that today is the 15th anniversary of the SOHO(Solar and Heliospheric Observatory). Here’s a story to celebrate one of the most successful space missions ever, still going strong. – Anthony SOHO Celebrates 15 Years … Continue reading

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