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The ‘worse than we thought’ model

From ETH Zurich: Underestimated future climate change? 25.11.2013 | Fabio Bergamin New model calculations by ETH researcher Thomas Frölicher show that global warming may continue after a stoppage of CO 2 emissions. We cannot rule out the possibility that climate … Continue reading

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Climate hockey stick threatens…pond hockey

From the Canadian Department of Redundancy and the Journal of Paleohockey comes this hilarious study via press release that I first thought was a spoof. Sadly it is all too real. This a candidate for the Dr. David Viner Award.* … Continue reading

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This is Glacial Tap

From McGill University , hmmm, where have we heard this water supply threat from receding mountain glaciers before? Children just aren’t going to know what glaciers are. Glacial tap is open but the water will run dry Retreating glaciers threaten … Continue reading

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Borlaug 2.0 ?

From McGill University A plan to improve crop yields instead of shutting down industrial society as some potential eco terrorists want to do. Norman Borlaug made huge advances in agriculture. He was an American agronomist, humanitarian, and Nobel laureate who … Continue reading

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