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Pacific Gas and Electric: not so climate smart after all

When you can’t sell this on the green left coast, you know its gotta fail worldwide. Gotta love this quote, one of the best denials of reality I’ve ever seen: About these ads

About these ads
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“Technology funding makes climate protection cheaper”

From the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research a call to bring on the carbon trading and other tools. Of course, its all just modeling again. 09/19/2011 – To cost-effectively protect the climate, not only an emissions trading scheme but … Continue reading

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Corruption in the carbon trading market

Corruption and crime already taking place in the carbon market Opinion piece by Julie Bishop, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Australia) 20th July 2011 Carbon offsets have already run out of credit “…..It is alarming that the Prime Minister has … Continue reading

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Take away the IPCC’s cash source, problem solved

To Kill IPCC, Cut the Cash Source:  SPPI by Dennis Ambler UN climate chief promotes carbon trading in Africa I would suggest that many people think that the UN policies on “global warming/climate change/wealth re-distribution, emissions trading, etc” emerge only from the … Continue reading

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Europe’s Green Agenda Folds As Economic Crisis Deepens

Newsbytes from The Global Warming Policy Foundation EU carbon prices have slumped 15% in one week, as a slew of bearish news took its toll on the markets. “It’s just been carnage these last few days,” said a trader at … Continue reading

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EU Carbon Credit trading takes a dive. In Greece, they can’t hardly give EU carbon credits away

 Guest post by Ecotretas CO2 tumbling down Once upon a time, carbon trading was supposed to be the salvation for Earth’s climate problems. But as time went on, people started realizing that something was wrong. As usual, financial markets anticipated … Continue reading

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British industry asks government to rethink climate policy

Some newsbytes from Dr. Benny Peiser at the GWPF At Last: UK Industry Demands Government Rethink On Unilateral Climate Policy The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) confirmed today that it will ask government to rethink conflicts of interest between low … Continue reading

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Countdown to flatline: world carbon trading market falls for first time – World Bank reports rumblings of possible failure

I wonder how long before flatlining occurs, like last year with the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX):   Even the Guardian is covering this “failure” of carbon markets. They write: The international market in carbon credits has suffered an almost total … Continue reading

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California’s AB32 global warming law put on hold by judge

From the LA Times, some “climate justice” for the poor:

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Waxman, Markey, and Inslee’s argument

Last week the House Energy & Power Subcommittee marked up H.R. 910, the Energy Tax Prevention Act. Today, the full House Energy & Commerce Committee will mark up the bill. Opponents, especially Reps. Waxman, Markey, and Inslee, viciously attacked the … Continue reading

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California’s AB32 cap-n-trade: “could be worse than sticky”

SPECIAL REPORT-The California Carbon Rush (Hold the Eureka!) It could be worse than sticky, argues Gary Stern, a power utility executive. Stern lived through the disastrous deregulation of the California power market a decade ago and fears the carbon market … Continue reading

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Prop23 cap-n-trade gets tangled in environmental review

Oh this is delicious sweet irony…they adopted a plan but didn’t bother to make a complete environmental review like any other project in the state is required to do. That’s what they get for ramrodding the thing. From the: Calif. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

It is no secret that we don’t think much of carbon trading here in the USA. Witness the fact that the much ballyhooed Chicago Climate Exchange has closed up trading for good after the spot price for carbon fell to … Continue reading

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Euro Carbon Market Fraud – trade suspended

From the Telegraph: European carbon market suspended over fraud fears The European carbon market has been thrown into turmoil after the scandal-hit scheme was suspended for a week over suspicions of fraud. More than €2bn (£1.7bn) of trade is likely … Continue reading

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The “next big thing”: a carbon swap bank

Via Eurekalert: Carbon swap bank to beat climate change Could swapping carbon emissions rather than trading them reduce climate change? Australian researchers have suggested that nations should abandon the concept of carbon emissions trading in favor of a carbon swap … Continue reading

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Demented thinking: Copenhagen didn’t work – but taxes will

This is from a press release embargoed until 00:01 today (it says). I don’t know why, there’s nothing new here, because Nordhaus said the same thing well over a year ago in this Guardian article where he says “taxation is … Continue reading

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Chicago Climate Exchange = FAIL, Now California opens “Pacific Carbon Exchange”

UPDATE: related story shows what can happen when emissions trading doesn’t have proper checks and balances – Carbon trading tempts firms to make greenhouse gas California hasn’t learned from the failure of the Chicago Climate Exchange this year, when a … Continue reading

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Exposed: A $7-billion carbon scam

Here’s more clear evidence that the Carbon Trading industry is doomed. Not only has carbon trading been halted in the USA due to lack of a market and ludicrously low prices of a nickel per ton, now it has been … Continue reading

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