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Oh the Entomology! Light pollution “radically altered” environment – making more bugs, more bug predators

From the University of Exeter , some buggy science. Next thing you know, PETA will be campaigning to have us shut off street lighting to “save the insects”. I’m surprised it has taken them this long to figure out that … Continue reading

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CO2 deafens “Nemo” – or, how many ichthyologists can you fit in that car?

We’ve already had a “climate craziness of the week” so I’ll just file this bit of blather under another category. First, this article in The Independent, which aims to scare the children. Now here’s the press release from the University … Continue reading

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Himalayan Sherpas as climate proxy

Bishop Hill writes: As if there weren’t enough problems with climate data already, the latest bright idea from CAGW subscribers is to use opinion polls to measure climate change. I kid you not… The journal Biology Letters this week reports … Continue reading

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