Happy Christmas!

Wishing all at WUWT a restful holiday and a well deserved rest – especially Anthony! Posted by Josh


Hump Day Hilarity – model the bouncing ball

Josh writes: Talking of Climate Models, there is another great Climate Audit post titled “Unprecedented” Model Discrepancy where Richard Betts, once again, provides cartoon inspiration in the comments. It’s a bit like watching a ball bouncing down a rocky hillside. You can predict some aspects of it behaviour but not others. You can predict it will…

Grauniad small

Friday Funny – Best Grauniad typo ever

People send me stuff. The name “Grauniad” as defined by Urban Dictionary says: The Grauniad is a nickname for the UK national newspaper, the Guardian, because of a now ill-founded reputation for typos. The name was given to it by the satirical magazine Private Eye. The Guardian newspaper earned its reputation for lots of misprints…