Sunday sketch – BBC splits from the Met Office

Josh writes:  In the news today (The Sunday Times “BBC pulls plug on Met Office”) we learn that the BBC is not going to renew the Met Office’s contract to provide weather forecasts. Interesting. Maybe we will see Piers Corbyn giving the British weather in the future. Cartoons by Josh


Friday Funny: Mann gets real time

Our favorite climate publicity hound, fake Nobel Laureate Dr. Michael E. Mann is going to get some real time on ‘RealTime’, where presumably, he’ll wail about the embellished injustices heaped upon him by people that question his hockey stick, his interpretation of science, and his sanity on Twitter. Bill Maher has been known to throw…

Cooked Motl_scr

Saturday satire – The Strange World of John Cook

Josh writes: As you know John Cook, of Skeptical Science blog, has been impersonating Lubos Motl, read Lubos blog here, but also posted here on WUWT and the Air Vent, here and here. Why John Cook thought this was a good idea remains a mystery. But then it has been a strange week with Peter Wadhams convinced there is a conspiracy against him. Are…