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Climate Change ‘stock trading’

From Motif Investing (h/t to John Coleman) Climate change has become more than a hot topic. With carbon dioxide levels at all-time highs and temperatures on the rise, concerns over global warming1 are increasingly leading to government action and policy … Continue reading

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EPA document supports ~3% of atmospheric carbon dioxide is attributable to human sources

From a Wry Heat reprinted with permission of Jonathan DuHamel A new post on The Hockey Schtick reviews a new paper “that finds only about 3.75% [15 ppm] of the CO2 in the lower atmosphere is man-made from the burning … Continue reading

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Climate spin – more than just a game, it’s ‘Wheel of Gore’

Over at Ben Garrison’s website, he writes about climate change and produces a grrraphic. One thing I don’t like about true believers is they like to set up extreme negatives for those who disbelieve.

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New study claims to confirms water vapor as global warming amplifier – but other data says no

Just because something is said to be an amplifier doesn’t mean it actually is doing so, plus other datasets don’t show an increase in water vapor.  See below. Also, you gotta love the big burning ball of hot they included … Continue reading

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Remember that claim from NSIDC and Walt Meier that the Antarctic ice expansion was due to a ‘processing error’? …never mind

NASA scientist says that error has long since been corrected and the increase in sea ice in Antarctica is real. As readers know, we announced this paper (which was under embargo): Claim: Antartica record high sea ice partially an artifact … Continue reading

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Germany’s green tech forces 400x increase in power rates

The price of a stabilized green power grid is very steep, one could say it is like a “hockey stick” Story submitted by Eric Worrall  (h/t John Droz) Coal and gas electricity companies are being paid up to 400x times … Continue reading

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Analysis of Temperature Change using World Class Stations

Guest essay by Ron Clutz This is a study to see what the world’s best stations (a subset of all stations I selected as “world class” by criteria) are telling us about climate change over the long term. There are … Continue reading

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There must be a Paul Ehrlich week in climate science

Yesterday, in Climactic headline shifts the hype factor between two headlines on crop production and climate was pointed out, noting that there was just a small increase in risk. Today we have another similar press release, claiming that climate change … Continue reading

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‘Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.’

That headline is attributed to physicist Niels Bohr, but a later more popular version is attributed to Yogi Berra. But. like predicting the future, it seems that the true provenence is murky. That said, whether you are making climate predictions, … Continue reading

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Climactic headline shifts

Bruce Hall alerts me to this headline from Eurkekalert which reads:   But the real headline behind the headline is this one, at the actual source: 

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Quote of the week – the last word on ‘97% consensus’, now in a bumper sticker

Over at Scientific American, a place that isn’t hardly Scientific, nor American anymore (its owned by Germans IIRC) there’s a big row over Cook’s shoddy “97% consensus” paper in comments, mainly due to some pertinent ones asking some tough questions … Continue reading

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NOAA’s own trend calculator helps confirm ‘the pause’ and lack of ocean warming in the 21st century

People send me stuff. Yesterday I got a note suggesting I have a look at what NOAA/NCDC’s “climate at a glance” was showing for trends in the 21st century so far. I decided to take a look.

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The law of unintended climate consequences at work – study says 23% of warming in Europe since 1980 due to clean air laws

(Via the HockeySchtick) A paper published today in Geophysical Research Letters finds that clean air laws which greatly reduced sulfur dioxide emissions explain 81% of the “brightening” of sunshine and 23% of the surface warming in Europe since 1980. However, … Continue reading

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Video summary of the Heartland #ICCC9 conference – plus a look at the “big oil” connection

This short video (4:30) was shot and edited by videographer Paul Budline from New Jersey, and it encapsulates short clips from many of the speakers at the conference. It is a good summary and worth your time. There’s a bit … Continue reading

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New paper finds the climate to be ‘highly nonlinear’

But, we already knew that from experience. However, a lot of models still treat climate as a mostly or near linear process, and that’s why they aren’t performing particularly well at even predicting the present. (via the Hockeyschtick) A paper … Continue reading

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Union of Concerned ‘Scientists’ frackivists taken to task for willful misrepresentation of facts in Erie, Colorado

Simon Lomax writes at Energy Indepth: Local officials in Erie, Colo., are pushing back hard against a national environmental group for misrepresenting the outcome of a failed “ban fracking” campaign in their town. The officials say the Massachusetts-based group has … Continue reading

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California’s future energy pipe dream

I wonder how they’ll manage to put 25,000 offshore wind turbines in place after seeing the long battle (back to 2001 for the first permit) to get Cape Wind in Massachusetts approved with enviros switching sides to protect viewsheds, and … Continue reading

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‘Climate models not only significantly over-predict observed warming in the tropical troposphere, but they represent it in a fundamentally different way than is observed’

New Paper by McKitrick and Vogelsang comparing models and observations in the tropical troposphere This is a guest post by Ross McKitrick (at Climate Audit). Tim Vogelsang and I have a new paper comparing climate models and observations over a 55-year … Continue reading

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Another benefit of global warming – increased forage plants

From the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo An increase in temperature by 2050 may be advantageous to the growth of forage plants With a 2°C increase in temperature, the plant Stylosanthes capitata Vogel was able … Continue reading

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Uncertainty in the dirt: another climate feedback loop

From the Carnegie Institution  Climate change and the soil Climate warming may not drive net losses of soil carbon from tropical forests Washington, DC — The planet’s soil releases about 60 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year, … Continue reading

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I wonder how this dedicated weather observer feels about having his readings adjusted by NCDC?

In my travels surveying weather stations around the United States, I met many dedicated observers like this one. It is sad indeed that their painstakingly recorded data by observers like this one gets adjusted by NCDC to give results that … Continue reading

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Greens go by air: Internal food fight over excutive response to airplane travel at Greenpeace – firings demanded

People send me stuff. An entertaining row has emerged over the behavior of the director of Greenpeace International Program, Pascal Husting, and the Greenpeace  International Executive Director, Kumi Naidoo.  It seems they are both are in hot water over airplanes … Continue reading

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New paper finds transient climate sensitivity to doubling of CO2 is about 1°C

A new paper published in Ecological Modelling finds climate sensitivity to doubled CO2 concentrations is significantly lower than estimates from the IPCC and climate models which “utilize uncertain historical data and make various assumptions about forcings.” The author instead uses … Continue reading

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OCO: I can see your house emitting CO2 from here

From NASA JPL and the department of future CO2 emissions ticketing: OCO-2 Data to Lead Scientists Forward into the Past NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, which launched on July 2, will soon be providing about 100,000 high-quality measurements each day of … Continue reading

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Of mountains, molehills, and noisy bumps in the sea-ice record

Note: This is a follow up post to this one: Claim: Antartica record high sea ice partially an artifact of an algorithm I’d actually planned to write a rebuttal like this, but a wonky T-1 data line took all my … Continue reading

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New climate alarm mascot – white ringtail possums

Embarrassed by the stubborn refusal of polar bears to die out, or even to appear convincingly rare, climate scientists are touting a new poster child species for our collective climate guilt – the white lemuroid ringtail possum.

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Claim: Antartica record high sea ice partially an artifact of an algorithm

From the European Geosciences Union New research suggests that Antarctic sea ice may not be expanding as fast as previously thought. A team of scientists say much of the increase measured for Southern Hemisphere sea ice could be due to … Continue reading

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‘Goldilocks zone’ exoplanets would not be habitable without an ocean

UEA: Oceans moderate the climate Story submitted by Eric Worrall h/t The Register – University of East Anglia researchers have challenged the view that any planet in the Goldilocks zone (the right distance from a star so water is likely … Continue reading

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Claim: natural variation ‘masked’ global warming, creating ‘the pause’

Statistical analysis shows pattern consistent with pre-industrial temperature swings, study concludes From McGill University’s Shaun Lovejoy Statistical analysis of average global temperatures between 1998 and 2013 shows that the slowdown in global warming during this period is consistent with natural variations … Continue reading

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Claim: we should all be vegetarians to stop global warming

From the meatheads at the Carnegie Institution Climate: Meat turns up the heat Stanford, CA—Eating meat contributes to climate change, due to greenhouse gasses emitted by livestock. New research finds that livestock emissions are on the rise and that beef … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 5 Number 4 – Are polar satellite sea ice sensors going wonky?

Sunshine hours writes: I have been a bit worried about the deep deep dive in Antarctica Sea Ice Extent. It appears to be a processing or sensor error. As of today the NSIDC data confirms it. (see image below) In … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

The Week That Was: 2014-07-19 (July 19, 2014) Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project Quote of the Week: The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing … Continue reading

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Another carbon tax domino falls – South Korea goes cold on ETS

South Korea announces delay the day after Australia’s carbon tax repeal Story submitted by Eric Worrall In a sign that rejection of climate alarm is gathering momentum, South Korea has thrown doubt on its carbon plans. Significantly, the announcement was … Continue reading

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A conversation with Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. on the Kaya Identity

As many readers know, there was quite a hullaballo over the Kaya Identity last week, two posts by Willis Eschenbach here and here created sides seemingly equally split on whether the equation is useful or not. One of the most … Continue reading

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Hard times for Aussie Alarmists – Flannery begs in new video

Story submitted by Eric Worrall Tim Flannery, one time head of the government Climate Commission in Australia, until it was disbanded by the current government, has released a video begging for donations to “keep science in the news”. A year … Continue reading

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