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Quote of the Week – blaming Nature for poor model performance

There’s not much I can say about this quote from the Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach as it stands on its own quite well. The context of this quote is article on the bust of a forecast that was to be … Continue reading

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Another solar manufacturer gives up

It seems to be a trend now, last October it was Siemens who gave up on solar, now it is British Petroleum, who has been in the solar business nearly 40 years, and has made the last closure announcements, finalizing … Continue reading

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‘Greedy Lying Bastards’ film uses a fake cover photo, recycled PR from 2005, cites opinion of a ‘truther’, is directed by a former ELF spokeman, and uses a big dose of hate to make its point

When they lie right on the cover, it speaks volumes about the content of the film. What’s the lie in the cover you ask? I contacted the West Coast press agent to confirm my suspicion. 

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Another hockey stick – this one billed as ‘scarier’ than Mann’s

I had to chuckle at the cacophony of Twitfests going on today over this new study from Marcott et al. I especially liked the Mother Jones headline being Tweeted: “The Scariest Climate Change Graph Just Got Scarier”. It rather reminds … Continue reading

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Study: Black carbon aerosol forcing may be an important factor affecting the snow & ice cover in the Northern Hemisphere

We’ve had several essays here at WUWT  on the role of Black Carbon soot and its role in affecting surface albedo. Anyone who has ever witnessed “dirty snow” knows that it tends to melt faster than white snow under sunlight … Continue reading

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Warmist Bob Ward argues that former IPCC lead author Richard Lindzen isn’t qualified to talk about climate science

Bishop Hill reports: …there was a debate at the Fisher House / Von Hugel Institute seminar “Global Warming & Equitable Development: the Ethical and Political Priorities”  last night, and MIT’s Dr. Richard Lindzen was invited. Chaired by Rowan Williams, with a … Continue reading

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California to quantify UHI statewide

From the if we can quantify it we’ll figure out a way to tax it department comes this short press release (h/t Kakatoa) The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research is joining with Cal/EPA and several other State agencies on … Continue reading

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