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Climate activist McKibben bizarrely blames Hurricane Irene on global warming

Post by Dr. Ryan N. Maue Update:  Andrew Revkin writes a nice piece at his DotEarth NY Times blog that “very politely” repudiates McKibben.  Remember, the NY Times editorial board completely agrees with McKibben on the Tar Sands pipeline issue. … Continue reading

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NOAA Hurricane Image: Irene almost one-third the size of US east coast

From the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center NOAA satellites Hurricane Irene almost one-third the size of US east coast Hurricane Irene is a major hurricane, and NOAA/NASA satellite data shows its diameter is now about one-third the length of the U.S. Atlantic … Continue reading

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Zhao and Running’s plant productivity claim rebuked in Science: modeling errors, use of corrupted satellite data and statistically insignificant trends cited

UPDATE: Here’s the press release from  Boston University: From Boston University NASA study refutes claims of drought-driven declines in plant productivity, global food security BU researchers find that modeling errors produced exaggerated claims A new, comprehensive study by an international … Continue reading

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Global warming is killing the stars

People send me things. Today it is a curious graph of the number of supernovae (dying stars) discovered versus the HadCRUT temperature data since 1960. There’s a good correlation. So at first glance you might conclude two things, 1) GCR’s, … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I wrote before of my investigations into the surface air temperature records of the TAO/TRITON buoys in the Pacific Ocean. To refresh your memory, here are the locations of the TAO/TRITON buoys. Figure 1. Locations … Continue reading

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Some reactions to the CLOUD experiment

CERN Finds “Significant” Cosmic Ray Cloud Effect Best known for its studies of the fundamental constituents of matter, the CERN particle-physics laboratory in Geneva is now also being used to study the climate. Researchers in the CLOUD collaboration have released … Continue reading

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That darned warm-mongering El Niño

From the warm-mongers at The Earth Institute at Columbia University, a study that says El Niño drives civil war. Perhaps we can get Bob Tisdale to plot temperature anomalies along the Mason-Dixon line. It seems however that these warm-mongers at … Continue reading

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