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Interpretation of the Global Mean Temperature Data as a Pendulum

By Girma Orssengo, PhD In his Caltech commencement address in 1974, Professor Richard Feynman advised students the following: “Details that could throw doubt on your interpretation must be given, if you know them.” [1] Using the global mean temperature (GMT) … Continue reading

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Detecting sunspots before they form allows for better space weather forecasting

From Stanford University New method detects emerging sunspots deep inside the sun, provides warning of dangerous solar flares, say Stanford researchers Sunspots spawn solar flares that can cause billions of dollars in damage to satellites, communications networks and power grids. … Continue reading

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Ryan Maue’s paper in GRL in AGU’s weekly highlight

We’ve known this for quite some time, but I wanted to offer my congratulations to Dr. Maue. I’m thankful that you are a WUWT contributor. – Anthony AGU journal highlights — Aug. 18 The following highlights summarize research papers that … Continue reading

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Novel idea – arrange solar panels like Nature designed it

From Slashdot, something so obvious you wonder why nobody tried it before: arrange solar panels like tree leaves for better efficiency. See the story and graphs I’ve provided below. 13-Year-Old Uses Fibonacci Sequence For Solar Power Breakthrough An anonymous reader … Continue reading

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Another sea level rise fallacy falls short

Heat-driven expansion not a major source of sea level rise With the power to drown low-lying nations, destroy infrastructure, and seriously affect sensitive coastal ecosystems, sea level rise may be one of the most readily apparent consequences of global warming … Continue reading

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Space Storm Tracked from Sun to Earth for First Time

by Dr. Tony Phillips NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center For the first time, a spacecraft far from Earth has turned and watched a solar storm engulf our planet. The movie, released today during a NASA press conference, has galvanized solar … Continue reading

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