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ABC news asks: Is the phrase “climate change denier” offensive?

  If you were to ask Joe Romm, Jim Hansen, Bill McKibben, Al Gore, and some of the other hard core angry people who use this word daily, they’d probably say “no”. They think nothing of it, they’ve desensitized themselves … Continue reading

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A blog status note

Some news about what went down today.

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The gases of the early atmosphere and the primordial soup

I find this very interesting, partly because I recreated Stanley Miller’s famous experiment for my high school science fair. It brings back fond memories of basement science projects. – Anthony Primordial soup gets spicier ‘Lost’ samples from famous origin of … Continue reading

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California’s AB32 global warming law put on hold by judge

From the LA Times, some “climate justice” for the poor:

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Does solar activity have to KEEP going up to cause warming? Mike Lockwood responds

Guest post by Alec Rawls My first post on this subject remarked on the number of scientists who assert that late 20th century global warming cannot have been driven by the sun because solar activity was not trending upwards at … Continue reading

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The “Not Evil, Just Romm”, 2% solution

ERRATA: I made a mistake regarding the 2% figure, I misheard what was being presented during my visit with the BEST team at Berkeley. As many of you may know I’m about 80% hearing impaired and the presentation made to … Continue reading

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