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Canadian Harp Seals In New England (“prediction” of cooling?)

Canadian Harp Seals may have “read” the predictions of the coming decades of stabilization of global temperatures and perhaps some cooling. Animals like the Harp Seal have experienced many millions of years of climatic change and, through the complex processes … Continue reading

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Ten Major Failures of So-called Consensus Climate Science

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow INTRODUCTION The US congress sub-committee on Energy and Commerce Committee held hearings on whether to restrict in some way the EPA’s regulatory authority relative to greenhouse gas emissions. There were 7 scientists invited to … Continue reading

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Non-quote of the week

Usually I have “Quote of the week, but in this case, the silence says far more than any words the Goreacle might utter. At least somebody outside of the blogosphere noticed. From masslive.com where they say:

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“…there is no greater truth than global warming, with its threat of a shrinking snowpack…”

Guest post by Russ Steele  I am sure that you all remember this article in the San Francisco Chronicle in October of 2006. (10-27-2006) 04:00 PDT Norden, Nevada County — For the ski industry, both in California and rest of … Continue reading

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Kilimanjaro regaining its snow cap

Paging Dr. Lonnie Thompson and Al Gore. From ETN: “Global warming” has nothing to do with this, it’s all about rainfall, deforestation, and evapotranspiration. I’m not ashamed to say: “We told you so”, several times:

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