Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

Australia’s Victorian government creates seminar to “deal with denialism”

Whoo boy. It must be rough out there when CSIRO has to have seminars on how to deal with us rowdy ruffian “deniers”. I’m surprised though, a 15 million budget, and they ask you to bring a sack lunch? Here’s … Continue reading

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In Which I Go Spelunking …

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In my usual peripatetic wandering around the web, I came across an interesting paper called “Millennial- and orbital-scale changes in the East Asian monsoon over the past 224,000 years”, in Nature Magazine (subscription required), 28 … Continue reading

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Live Video of BP “Top Kill” Procedure

BP MC252 well gushing oil – environmental disaster video courtesy of British Petroleum Later today, BP is expected to try to reduce the flow of oil from their MC252 well by pumping heavy drilling fluids into the pipe. Throughout the … Continue reading

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