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A “warmist” scientist embraces the Heartland Conference

As many know, I recently returned from ICCC4. It has taken me a couple of days to get back on track and I want to share over the next couple of days, some of the things I saw there. One … Continue reading

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Spencer: Global Average Sea Surface Temperatures Poised for a Plunge

Global Average Sea Surface Temperatures Poised for a Plunge by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Just an update…as the following graph shows, sea surface temperatures (SSTs) along the equatorial Pacific (“Nino3.4″ region, red lines) have been plunging, and global average … Continue reading

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Tom Karl – Hiding the Decline (at both ends)

By Steve Goddard As Bob Tisdale pointed out, Tom Karl’s NCDC trend claims don’t match his graph. The trend line is less than either of the claimed V2 or V3 trends in the graph below. But beyond this blatant error, … Continue reading

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The Gulf oil slick from space – NOT

UPDATE: The press release from Goddard Space Flight Center showing sunglints suggesting they are all from the oil slick is wrong. Satellite specialist Dr. Roy Spencer writes in to show me a different MODIS/AQUA image from three days ago that … Continue reading

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GISS Arctic Trends Disagree with Satellite Data

By Steven Goddard GISS has explained their steeper temperature slope since 1998 vs. Had-Crut, as being due to the fact that they are willing to extrapolate 1200 km across the Arctic into regions where they may have no data – … Continue reading

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Tanganyika Revisited

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The new Nature Magazine article on Lake Tanganyika, “Late-twentieth-century warming in Lake Tanganyika unprecedented since AD 500″, discussed a couple days ago by Anthony Watts here, was quite interesting to me. In 2003 I had contributed … Continue reading

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