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Hubble’s snowglobe

Since we’ve been talking about snow quite a bit recently, this seems fitting. WUWT reader Tom in Texas tips us to this image: A composite of archival Hubble data taken with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 and the Advanced … Continue reading

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Satellite visualization of December’s deadly cold in Europe and Russia

Earlier I wrote about the Arctic Oscillation Index going strongly negative in December and what new cold to expect in January. From NASA’s Earth observatory, we have a high resolution temperature anomaly map that provides visualization of the effects. This … Continue reading

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G. P. Bear goes to Washington: part 6

By Bill Steigerwald “Grandpa does Washington” JEFFERSON MEMORIAL, WASHINGTON, D.C. It would have been an odd sight if any humans had been around to see three polar bears walking across the Tidal Basin and climbing the steps of the Jefferson … Continue reading

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Major Philippine volcanic eruption seems imminent

Mayon – Shades of Pinatubo Here’s a recent AP report and bulletin from local authorities. Meanwhile, fools rush in as 2400 tourists a day flock to the area.

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December sunspots on the rise

The sun has seen a resurgence of activity in December, with a number of cycle 24 sunspots being seen. The latest is group 1039 seen below: 2009 is ending with a flurry of sunspots. Indeed, if sunspot 1039 holds together … Continue reading

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Major northern hemisphere cold snap coming

Cold event setups in atmospheric circulation patterns are aligning. Two days ago I brought to your attention that there was a strong downspike in the Arctic Oscillation Index and that the North Atlantic Oscillation Index was also negative. See The … Continue reading

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