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Green programs in Oregon bleeding the state books red

Oregon’s biggest problem used to be logging jobs lost from spotted owl lawsuits. A new sort problem is developing. Green jobs and green programs are going off the rails. Portland recently passed a draconian “Climate Action Plan to reduce CO2 … Continue reading

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Australia’s CSIRO tries to squelch a dissenting view on carbon trading

CSIRO bid to gag emissions trading scheme policy attack Article from:  The Australian by Nicola Berkovic THE nation’s peak science agency has tried to gag the publication of a paper by one of its senior environmental economists attacking the Rudd … Continue reading

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Spot the science error

Guest post by Dr. Leif Svalgaard The following abstract of a poster to be presented next month at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union caught my eye: Session Title: GC11A. Diverse Views From Galileo’s Window: Solar Forcing of … Continue reading

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Spencer on IPCC admission on climate feedbacks

In Their Own Words: The IPCC on Climate Feedbacks by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Despite the fact that the magnitude of anthropogenic global warming depends mostly upon the strengths of feedbacks in the climate system, there is no known … Continue reading

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Equatorial Volcano shows signs of imminent eruption

Colombia volcano rumbles back to life. The volcano is about 1.2 degrees north of the Equator. From AFP BOGOTA, Colombia — Officials in southern Colombia have issued a code orange alert for the newly-active Galeras volcano which they said could … Continue reading

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Weather Balloon Challenge – WUWT reaches far and wide – we can win

This contest from DARPA caught my eye because it involves weather balloons, the Internet, and social networking. WUWT is poised to help due to our reach, and because we have lots of keen eyed surfacestations.org volunteers with GPS and cameras. … Continue reading

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Prius and Tesla gang up on SUV – The SUV wins

You can’t make this stuff up.  A priest, a rabbi, and a minister…no wait. A Prius, a Tesla, and an SUV… No, this isn’t a Photoshop trick. Proving truth is indeed stranger than fiction, it actually happened in Denmark on … Continue reading

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In-betweeners: Enjoy the warmth while it lasts

Our “recent” (geologically speaking) temperature history: By Lawrence Solomon in the Financial Post Thank your lucky stars to be alive on Earth at this time. Our planet is usually in a deep freeze. The last million years have cycled through … Continue reading

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New WUWT milestone: 2 million hits this month

During the summer, numbers held steady. This month saw some significant growth. According to the stats, the hit counter reached 2 million about 10:18AM on the morning of October 31st. Here’s the graph from the internal WordPress stats system. Raw … Continue reading

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