Supreme Court Must Curtail the EPA’s Regulatory Overreach Immediately

If proponents of this dubious hypothesis want to limit CO2 emissions, actions must be justified through new laws that have been proposed, debated, amended, and passed through our democratic process.

Biden EPA Chief Vows to Ignore Supreme Court on EPA Regulation of Coal Plants

Although the Supreme Court is taking up the question on Feb. 28, the Biden regime doesn’t care what the Court holds.

Is Kids Climate Case Coming to an End?

From The Volokh Conspiracy The “trial of the century” may not happen after all. Jonathan H. Adler|Nov. 26, 2018 6:09 pm On the eve of Thanksgiving, a federal district court…

Court upholds EPA's greenhouse gas rules for autos – but lacks jurisdiction on stationary sources like power plants

D.C. Appeals Court OKs EPA Rules on Greenhouse Gases From Reuters By Ayesha Rascoe WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An appeals court on Tuesday upheld the first-ever U.S. proposed regulations governing heat-trapping greenhouse…

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