Sentinel-6 Sea Level Rise—A Follow Up

Since the long record differential GPS corrected (for vertical land motion) tide gauges all show about 2.2mm/year and no acceleration, both data products are useless for any SLR climate purpose.

Sentinel-6 and Sea Level Rise

Satalt simply does not correspond with the BEST SLR tide gauge measurements by a factor of about 1.5x. That is not rounding error; it is a big climate data problem.

Apocalyptic Sea-Level Rise—Just a Thing of the Past?

From the Cornwall Alliance Gregory J. Rummo On February 2, 1978—41 years ago!—The Wall Street Journal warned in a headline that “Low-Lying Lands Could Be Submerged by Climatic Disaster.” Fears…

Sea Level Rise (SLR) Satellite Altimetry—Fit for Purpose?

by Rud Istvan, ctm and I were having lunch recently near our mutually admired South Florida coral reef system, and over conversation we started speculating about ARGO. I brought up…

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