North German Green Hydrogen Project Halted Due To Lack Of Economy…”Major Economic Risks”

“Despite the funding, the economic viability of the plant for green hydrogen production on an industrial scale is not given, according to the investor consortium,” summarizes Blackout News.

Green Hydrogen Needs Vast Subsidies

Advocates appear to believe that a landslide of money can create a new green fuel industry. But a hydrogen fuel industry, if created, will be small and based entirely on…

Malcolm Turnbull: Fossil Fuel Derived Hydrogen Must be Restricted for Green Hydrogen to Flourish

Renewable hydrogen will “struggle to compete” unless fossil fuel hydrogen production is restricted.

EPA Carbon Rule Will Lead to ‘Significant Power Shortages’

“The EPA is overestimating how quickly technological advances may occur in “green” hydrogen… as well as in carbon capture and storage, or CCS”

Comments On The Insanity Of EPA’s New Power Plant Rule

These proposed methods to allow combustion power plants to continue to exist are not real and can never work. EPA intends to force the closure of all such electricity generation…

Hydrogen Will Not Save Us. Here’s Why.

But how environmentally friendly is hydrogen really?

The Impossibility of Bridging The “Last 10%” On the Way To “100% Clean Electricity”

In other words, you will need about 35 times the capacity of solar panels as the amount of firm power that you are committed to provide.

The Green Hydrogen Swindle

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Philip Bratby From the Telegraph: Engineers will rarely tell you something is impossible, even when your proposal is…

Natural Gas for Africa: Ready, Set, Go!

Sorry EU, but energy imperialism needs to be demoted in the name of affordability, reliability, and self-determination.

Can Australian Green Hydrogen Replace Russian Gas?

It seems like we will need an awful lot of solar panels, simply to replace a tiny amount of gas!

SMH Revelation: Rural People Won’t Support High Cost Climate Policies

Sydney Morning Herald Andrew Charlton just said something about climate change which almost made sense, before getting lost in the weeds of the fake green hydrogen revolution.

Queensland Government Backs Coal and Green Hydrogen

What do you do if you need the votes of coal miners, but also need the votes of inner city climate activists? Try to please both, of course.

Hydrogen: UK government sees future in low-carbon fuel – but what’s the reality?

The UK government has failed to provide comparative evidence that hydrogen is a preferred net-zero route in many applications. Only by comparing the paths to net zero in a way…

DOE Clean Hydrogen Plan: Breathing New Life into Brown Coal Plants

The farce of government agencies and climate warriors celebrating new CO2 belching coal plants which produce “clean hydrogen” is gathering momentum.

Aussie Brown Coal to Clean Hydrogen Plant will Address Carbon Capture “Eventually”

Proponents are celebrating Kawasaki Heavy Industry’s planned construction of a coal to hydrogen plant in Victoria, which is intended to prove the viability of the clean hydrogen supply chain. Just…

AU $53 Billion to Service a Green Hydrogen Market which Does Not Exist

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The Australian Federal Government has expedited approval for a $53 billion project and the devastation of 78 Sq KM of wilderness, to produce green hydrogen…

Spanish Researchers Claim a Green Hydrogen Breakthrough

Researchers in Spain claim their breakthrough cuts the cost of electrolysis cells, by replacing the traditional arrangement of layered electrode plates with a much simpler electrochemical system.

How green hydrogen can become cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels

Engineers from UNSW Sydney have crunched the numbers on green hydrogen production costs to reveal that Australia is in prime position to take advantage of the green hydrogen revolution, with…

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