Biden’s Climate Czar Mccarthy Redefines ‘Disinformation’ As Questioning Whether Climate ‘Solutions’ Impact the Climate – Prods Big Tech To Crack Down On Dissenters

Biden aide Climate czar Gina McCarthy prods tech companies to censor / deplatform opposition to her climate policy.

Disinformation Becomes an Art Form, And – A Government Department. What Could Go Wrong?

Pigs will fly through the sky delivering Amazon packages. Kim Jong-un will sing a duet with Britney Spears called “If you had my dad you’d understand the hair.” A schnauzer…

McIntyre's rebuttal of Michael Mann's pants-on-fire book

Steve McIntyre is back blogging and writes (links mine): I had also spent some time considering a response to Mann’s book. It amazes me that a reputable scientific community would…

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