Climate Child labor- Who cares?

Showing no moral or ethical concerns for the disposable workforce, wealthy countries continue to encourage subsidies to procure EV’s and build more wind and solar.

World Cup Stadiums and the “Green” Movement Supports Exploitation of Cheap, Disposable Workforces.

To satisfy the desire for soccer entertainment, and the passion for a “green” society, world leaders silently support humanity exploitation and environmental degradation in OTHER countries.

Mean and Unclean: Electric Cars Powered by Child Labor in Africa

The makers of wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles and other supposedly environment-friendly technologies — as well as the green activists, politicians and bureaucrats who promote and support them with…

Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth so YOU can drive an electric car: Awful human cost in squalid Congo cobalt mine that Michael Gove didn’t consider in his ‘clean’ energy crusade

From The Daily Mail Sky News investigated the Katanga mines and found Dorsen, 8, and Monica, 4 The pair were working in the vast mines of the Democratic Republic of…

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