Trapped at home? Watch the Northern Lights via live stream

Proving again the Internet is quite possibly the best (and worst) thing ever invented.

Located at the Churchill Northern Studies Center in Churchill, Manitoba, this live cam is located directly underneath the aurora oval–one of the best places on earth to watch the aurora borealis, the spectacular atmospheric phenomenon better known as the Northern Lights. Late winter and early spring are the best times for the aurora, so be sure to stop in during the months of February and March!

Watch here:

13 thoughts on “Trapped at home? Watch the Northern Lights via live stream

  1. Below the story are links to related WUWT stories, one of which is about the sounds made by the Northern Lights. link I missed the story at the time so I’m glad to see it now.

    I’ve never heard the Northern Lights but many accounts describe them. I’m glad to know there’s actually some data.

    • Lived all my life on the southern Canadian prairies, seen the lights countless times
      Every so often you see red edges to go with the prominent green (nitrogen)

  2. Fun fact, living in calgary.
    The Japanese believe a child conceived under the northern lights is special, lucky

    So in winter at the calgary airport you can see large tour groups of Japanese boarding flights to Yellowknife for “conjugal experimentation”.

  3. Anthony,

    The Internet of Everything: The powers of 5G, two-way connectivity, ample energy, quantum computing, and measurement and verification in real time will allow the all-inclusive Internet of Everything to the world: Clean water, agriculture, broadband, energy, electricity, natural gas, pipelines, transportation, transmission lines, economic development, health care, tele-medicine, medical innovation, environmental mitigations, big data, artificial intelligence, refined measurement and verification of Everything, finance, emerging companies, water politics, energy politics, and energy regulation.


  4. Well, that was 2 minutes spent. I’m going back to watching paint peel.

    (Come on, who goes to Disneyworld on their phone???? There’s a REAL world and then a play world.)

    • There are literally billions of people who will never be able to travel to see the Northern Lights. I’ve seen them a dozen times and always stopped to take a look.

  5. Thanks for the link Anthony. Come late Autumn, I’ll forward it to some Middle School science teachers. Unfortunately school hours in Vermont and nighttime hours in Churchill Manitoba don’t have a lot of overlap except in the dead of Winter.

  6. If there has ever been a more boring video to watch ever created in the entire 16 billion year history of the observable Universe…I hope I never waste my time watching it.

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