Feinstein snubs Green New Deal Kids

Oh this is precious. California’s senator Dianne Feinstein is facing criticism over a video showing her responding to a group of children and teenagers asking her to support the Ocasio-Cortez backed Green New Deal.

The video clip, which was posted on Twitter, shows Feinstein meeting with some kids that are part of the Sunrise Movement. The kids were asking her to support the “Green New Deal”.

Feinstein rebuked the young activists’ request, in the video, one kid says:

“The government is supposed to be for the people, by the people, and all for the people.”

Feinstein responded:

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I know what I’ve been doing,”

“You come in here and say it has to be my way or the highway. I’ve gotten elected. I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote plurality and I know what I’m doing. Maybe people should listen a little bit.”

The conversation continues:

“I hear what you’re saying,” “But we’re the people who voted you, you’re supposed to listen to us.”

“How old are you?” Feinstein asks her.

“I’m 16,” the kid responds.

“Well, you didn’t vote for me,” Feinstein says.

LOL I don’t know what’s worse; kids being used for propaganda, or an old political crony more concerned about votes than issues.

But, at least senator Feinstein realizes the “Green New Deal” is an unworkable fantasy, and rightly rejects it.

Feinstein’s office issued a damage-control statement Friday evening, saying:

Apparently, “real and meaningful” doesn’t include the AOC fantasy Green New Deal.

220 thoughts on “Feinstein snubs Green New Deal Kids

      • Walter,

        No. Like the Politburo, she might never retire.


        You could be right that she wants to die in office, like Thurmond.

        But she had Democrat opposition even in 2018. If she survives and runs for reelection, she’s liable to be defeated.

        She did try to walk back her dismissal of the brainwashed kids, so maybe I’m wrong.

        • What’s this unicorn concept of a Republican winning state-wide office in California?

          If DiFi is vulnerable to defeat, it is surely only from a socialist/communist primary opponent.

          • Not defeated by a Republican, but by a more radical Democrat in the primary/

            Under California’s non-partisan blanket “jungle” primary law, all candidates appear on the same ballot, regardless of party. In the primary, voters may vote for any candidate, regardless of his or her party affiliation. In this system, the top two finishers, regardless of party, advance to the general election in November, even if a candidate receives a majority of the votes cast in the primary election.

            In 2018, Feinstein faced off in the general election against another Democrat, Kevin de Leon.

            She could survive perhaps with GOP votes yet again in 2024, but more likely a younger, more “Progressive” Democrat would beat her in the primary, possibly with 50%. Feinstein got 42% in the primary to de Leon’s 12%. The next five candidates were Republicans, with three to eight percent each.

            As so much else in CA, the system is rigged to guarantee one-party rule.

      • “I hear what you’re saying,” “But we’re the people who voted you, you’re supposed to listen to us.”

        Lying to your senator, straight in the face. By “supposed to listen” I guess they mean listen and do as we say.

        … with smugness + disrespect. Yep.

    • You have obviously never tried to stand in the way of an American politician & their sense of ownership concerning the seat they first won 40 years earlier. The perks are so good, they all want to die in office.

    • yeah, she talks to these fired up, evangelical kids and finally realises she has been a petulant child for 9 decades!

    • I’ve heard she has created a campaign committee so she can raise money.
      This will most likely be used to help her pick who runs next as she can
      transfer that money.

  1. I can see the kids buying into the GND unicorns and rainbows. They don’t know squat about economics. But what the heck are the parents doing supporting it? They should know better, but they don’t.

    I think Sen. Feinstein should have asked the group for a campaign donation just to show the kids how things work. “Gimme your lunch money and I’ll look into it.”

    • This is the oldest game in the book…and exactly how communists have always done and accomplished their goals..

      Divide everyone up in little groups….race, global warming, gay, etc….and turn those groups against each other

      …create problems so big that only government can solve them

      and when they all decide they want government to step in and fix it….it’s a communist government

      chipping away..in little increments…all the time

        • It really isn’t nothing new. Both the Brits and the French used the same tactic to prevent the indigenous people in their colonies from organizing to rise up against them.

          • Former world’s richest man Carlos Slim, prominent opponent of Trump, is the largest shareholder of the NYT’s parent company. Present world’s richest man (soon to lose half his $170 billion dollars in divorce) Jeff Bezos owns the WaPo.

            Biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong bought the LA Times and San Diego Union-Tribune for $500 million last year.

            CNN’s parent company, AT&T, is 56% owned by institutions, which groups also own 86% of NBC’s parent company Comcast. ABC is owned by Disney and CBS by CBS Corporation.

    • Today’s Bolsheviks are clad in green. They use weepy children begging for the world not to end as their swords and guns. They will starve the disobedient populations with veganism, instead of collectivist farms. The Bolsheviks of today drive Tesla’s … they no longer ride horses. But they WILL seize your means of transport and production none the less

    • Feinstein’s soon to be fellow octagenarian San Franciscan Pelosi also disparaged the raving lunatic delusion. Both fear that Democrats embracing the crackpot scheme will doom the party so bent on total domination.

      Ages of leading Democrats:

      Pelosi 78
      Clyburn 78
      Biden 76 (spring chicken)
      Sanders 77
      Feinstein 85
      Ginsburg 85
      Breyer 80

      Party of youthful idealism, not! Party of old pols, yeah!

      • And every one of those, get ready for the euphemisms, supported the next generation by promoting planned parenthood.

        • More to point they supported the brainwashing of our youth with a leftist curriculum in the Public School systems and creates safe zones complete with speech restrictions on the campus of our institutions of higher learning. The very place where all ideas use to be open to examination.

          Dumb them down and fill their head with fears of hobgoblins and monsters in the closet. Then lead them to believe that the central government can repair the evil of the individual who is the root cause of said evil.

          Dr. Franken(fein)stein I think we’ve created a Monster.

      • There is no win-win solution for the Democrats. CAGW is a political monster.

        CAGW worked politically for the Democrats as long as it was only talk.

        The new young Democrats are clueless concerning just about everything. They got elected by appealing to emotion, supported by CAGW fake news. They are believers. They are going to support crack pot schemes to change every thing.

        There is no solution to CAGW to get to let say even a 50% reduction in US CO2 emissions in 10 years, that is not Stalin like measures, with end of the economy, drastic drop in living standard, consequences.

        The US public is not going to support a double/tripling of the cost of electricity, for no climate change gain, and with a net loss of jobs.

        • Indeed. The geriatric left created the very monster that is going to eat them.

          They’re the ones responsible for brainwashing kids to believe this nonsense, and now the kids are turning on them.

          But the, the left always end up eating their own.

          • The point of Leftist Politics is to ride the tiger until either it dies from all the abuse, or you do from old age.

            Stalin is the example they hope to follow. Pol Pot and especially Robespierre are their warnings of what will happen if they lose their seat for even a moment.


      • The Democrat party has 3 wings: Hip (Cortez, Beto), Hippy (Sanders) and Hip Replacement (Feinstein).

        Probably why their ideas fly so well.

  2. I have a couple of college texts,, Chiras, 1985, “Environmental Science” and Miller, 1994 “Living in the Environment.” Not sure to what extent these were used (none by me, Miller has lots of editions), but what these students were saying looks like robotics from teachers that might have been influenced by them. Miller admitted to becoming an advocate as indicated from these statements— “Learning to detect ecopornography and psychological manipulation (beginning in elementary school) by analyzing TV and print ads is a superb way to teach critical thinking.” Elsewhere was “Addiction to fossil fuels.” Chiras, discusses the need for change in the US government.

    I have posted some of this before and have numerous pages marked which seem relevant and need to be analyzed relative to these activist children’s statements. As often noted in WUWT a number of “scientific organizations” like AAAS, have bought into this, pushing “communication science.” They seem to have little understanding of their losing credibility, who will judge the judges (scientists), and how harsh will it be?

    It would also be helpful if information is made available about college curricula in the last couple of decades that might have been inciting these children through their activist educators (beginning in elementary school?).

    • From 2001 to mid-2013, I taught Environmental Science and Geology classes (part-time) at a local, metropolitan Junior College system. I recall using more than one edition of Miller, I would have to check my bookshelves for Chiras. At the first campus I taught at (2001 – 2005) and the second (2006 – 2008), as Environmental Science was still developing (as a hybrid subject somewhat different from Ecology), the Science Department sort of took a “hands-off” approach towards how faithful we had to be to the textbooks. As we were a few miles outside of our respective “big city”, there was still some tolerance for independent views. We were “to use our own judgment.”

      As long as I could, I steadfastly attempted to present both sides of contentious environmental issues, generously employing logic and Conservative/Libertarian views (without calling them as such). Some kids got it, some didn’t. But nothing good lasts forever. I was eventually squeezed-out by a system that too-often uses adjuncts with no intention of ever hiring them full-time. I often wonder if my “rightward tilt” contributed to my exit? Just a “life lesson” on the downsides of loyalty in academia.

      • Interesting how those who scream the loudest for “tolerance” are least tolerant and impose rabid grueling punishment on those who oppose them. Academia is not our friend. It’s the golden rule, he with the gold rules. A Goliath of sorts that perpetually rules through fear.

  3. Those kids show how little recent generations know about how complex, expensive and risky it is to maintain the structural integrity of the societies that they depend upon.
    The cartoon of a dash towards Venezuelan type disaster is very apt.

    • Yes, I have not always been a fan of Josh’s cartoons, but this one hits the nail on the head, in a rather frightening way.

      • The only thing I don’t think is accurate about the cartoon is that AOC will lead everyone to oblivion, but she will end up in a gated community without a care in the world. She will be delving out crumbs to the minions while taking a healthy cut for herself because she is so important.

        • Bingo!

          Venezuela’s president Maduro is one if the few citizens obviously gaining weight…

          Just saying.

    • Please cease and desist with the Venezuelan example. The problem there is historical systemic corruption. It would be just as dysfunctional under a capitalist regime. Please look to more appropriate mixed models like Sweden or Germany.

      • Regardless of how “systemic” the corruption maybe, you’d have to be an idiot not to notice the marked decline in standard of living between before they discarded capitalism with after they embraced socialism/communism. Even a “dysfunctional under a capitalist regime” provides the people with goods and services such that they can live a half-way decent life, which can’t be said of how those in Venezuela are living today.

      • Please cease and desist with your socialist apologetics. 🙂

        Or at least come up with some new ones.
        “It’s not socialism’s fault, it’s [something else]!” is so stale I can smell the mold.

  4. She has he own green new deal for climate change legislation, which could be even worse. We just don’t know. At least the democrats are somewhat split on backing this debacle/cluster F**K.

  5. Put them all into a bootcamp over winter. No electronic devices, no electricity, outside privy, wood heat, digging frozen veggies out of the root cellar for their veggie burgers. Candles for lighting. No radio, no TV, no batteries, just books and conversation. A couple of weeks and they’ll be cured. Woodsmoke cured.

    • Yes, we’re only getting snippets. Anyway, I hope that I can think that quickly if I live to her (Feinstein’s) age.

      The poor kids are so misinformed by the climate priests and prophets, and if the country falls under the spell of AOC, then their transformation (short life) will be to dust.

      I would like to know more about who is promoting this group and more importantly what they have planned for these UIs.

      • Uh…thought it was pretty clear Mann & minions (which at one time included a number of state’s Attorney Generals) wanted to use RICO to throw skeptics in jail.

        By the way, what ever happened to that thieving/stealing George Mason Professor Shukla (and all his family members )?

    • It is obvious from the video that the teacher, with her interjections, has the students merely parroting her opinions rather than the children putting forward considered, rational, practical ideas for how a modern, balanced society can function.

      How many of their parents are allowing these children to run their family homes, such as organise the distribution of labour, manage the finances, grow the food, etc?

  6. It’s not a “Green New Deal.” It’s the old Red deal. “Give us all your stuff, and everyone will be happy!”

      • AGW is not Science February 23, 2019 at 7:22 am
        I prefer to call it what it really is – the “Green Screw Deal.”

        How’bout this:

        reen Raw Deal

    • The more amusing part is trying to sell democratic socialism as a good thing, it is a reorganization of principles of socialism but is just as morally and ethically corrupt. The only place for socialism is as a safety net under capitalism. Democratic socialism goes way beyond that as is self evident by the fact it has a name that includes the word socialism but not capitalism.

      • Socialism is a tumor in the body of capitalism. It could be a benign one in theory, but in past and present reality it and its inevitable bureaucracy never stop growing, until the flow of OPM slows to a trickle and the economy all but shuts down.

        But its siren song is irresistible to many young idealistic minds, who conflate self-interest with greed and who want to use the power of the State to “do good”. It seems only the perspective granted by age will dispel the delusion and show them the folly of using the Ring to fight Sauron.

    • As ever with leftists, it’s not green, not new, and it’s certainly not a deal, except to the kleptocrats

  7. “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already…you will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” -AH

  8. I won’t hop on the bandwagon on this one. These kids deserved a dose of reality as they don’t seem to be getting it from the sorry excuses for parents & teachers that are in their lives.

  9. Remember people, the obtuse propaganda spouted by the ‘educator’ in the clip is what passes for education today and your tax dollars continue to fund it all.

  10. Politico (“The Trouble with the `Green New Deal'”) shows the Obama “Stimulus Act” of 2009, was the prototype of the GND. Current Dems likely pushing a variant deal themselves into a swamp that badly needs draining.

    • The high speed train to nowhere couldn’t even leave the station. I hope that most people are smart enough to reject it out of hand.

        • Yeah, it works in some places (think high population density like, China and Japan) but it’s a backward solution in general to a modern transportation problem.

          The GND is so silly and AOC is so ignorant don’t be surprised she wants to replace the Air Force with a High Speed Rail Force.

          • Conflating the GND with modern transport is plain silly. Maglev will not run on green fidget power.
            The GND final solution to all modern problems is population reduction whether they know it, say it, or not.

  11. “How old are you?” Feinstein asks her.

    “I’m 16,” the kid responds.

    “Well, you didn’t vote for me,” Feinstein says. – Article

    Haha! Ha! Hahahaha!

    It’s true, you know. These kids from The Block had to face reality, and Reality bites the Big One. Reality is a very harsh mistress.

    I’m going to remember this: Reality Struck Back. Granny Nanny doesn’t want the GND, DiFi doesn’t want it, and Weather may become Weather again instead of Climate.

    There is hope, after all.

      • Why not to four? Or zero? Two kids, four votes, I’d love that. Though I guess I wanted to check the teacher’s background if my child is gonna vote.

        In fact, I think voting age should match education. Once you are out of the uni for real work, then you can vote.

          • “Voting rights should be directly proportional to your rate of taxation.”

            Gain control. Control the money. Rule for ever.

          • If you cut your tax rate, then your vote goes down. Self correcting problem.

            If the rich don’t pay taxes, why do the top 10% of income earners pay about 80% of all income taxes?

        • That is actually what the left wants, the act of being born makes you entitled to a portion of the worlds wealth. That is what is under the idea of a living wage job in the Green New Deal.

          They don’t even want a vote concept.

          • That has already happened, but with a twist! Your social security makes you legally responsible for the country’s debt; you are obligated to participate through taxation! You didn’t think government was ever a wealth-creating construct, did you?? Of course not!!.. That’s where YOU come in!!

          • RockyRoad you made me laugh when you said: “Your social security makes you legally responsible for the country’s debt.”

            You have it backwards. The Social Security Trust Fund invested in US Treasures. The SSA OWNS the country’s debt.

      • For Congress and the President and VP, the 26th Amendment sets the voting age at 18.
        Good luck changing that.
        The states theoretically can lower it for state and local elections, but then it becomes a ballot logistical nightmare with differing ballots having to made for those under 18 to exclude federal elections.

    • My fondest hope is that the confluence of climate metrics/trends coming together right now does indeed accurately predict that Earth will be experiencing the equivalent of another Little Ice Age (LIA) over the next 100 or so years. That will be the stake in the heart of AGW and CAGW and the associated alarmists, including CO2-fighting GND (and equivalent) proponents.

      During the LIA, global temperatures were 0.3 – 0.8 C lower than the 1950-1980 reference average, depending on which scientific study is consulted (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Ice_Age )
      Such a dip for the New Little Ice Age (NLIA) would conveniently offset most, if not all, of the 0.6 – 0.8 C rise in global temperature seen over the last 100 years.

      And it would prove, for all to see, that atmospheric CO2 level are not the primary cause of global warming.

      The only downside if that this scenario happens is that climate scientists will loose any of credibility that they still have. I can live with that, since AS A GROUP they have followed the AGW meme without looking into the hard science that makes that meme very questionable.

      My greatest fear is that the public loss of credibility of the “science” supporting AGW is extended to cover all the sciences. That would be unwarranted were it not for the fact that few scientific organizations pushed back publicly and strongly against the claim that “97% of scientists” agree with AGW being a real problem for humanity.

      • It may be a stake in the heart of AGW and CAGW, but not Climate Change. They will switch their fear mongering from rising oceans flooding NYC to advancing glaciers covering NYC — and keep asking for more of your tax dollars.

        • Probably . . . but do you think they will go so far as to say “Ooops, we really need more CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere”?

          • They’ll probably switch back to saying we must cut back on all the air-pollution that is increasing the albedo of the earth — anything to slow-down industry. There will always be Luddites in the world.

    • Yep, I NEVER thought I hear Feinstein say something I liked.

      “Reality is a very harsh mistress.”

      Don’t expect reality in CA. Reality is an invention of the far right to confuse people.

      I heard last year that 400,000 Californians were excused from jury duty because they were not U.S. citizens. Jury duty selection comes from voter registration.

      • Not true in Massachusetts – or at least I was asked to serve on a jury before I registered and was legally allowed to vote.

        • In many states, jury pools are drawn from the driver’s license registry. MASS may be one of those.

    • … and then the child’s handler speaks up and says … but I did!! The handler will need to fine tune the kids response to the assertion that they were too young to vote … with a response like; “well I DID vote, twice, for my dead grandparents … they would have wanted me to vote against you”

  12. There should be a hard look taken at the education system that allowed these kids to have become so badly brainwashed.

    • Yes. I think we already know about “New Math” and Howard Zinn’s, “A People’s America” the question is how did it get instilled into the system?

      The hope is that no matter what, kids and people in general, have the instinct to compete. They want to keep score and they will.

    • Why? Everyone who’s studied the history of schooling knows that the Prussian-style ‘education system’ was designed to create indoctrinated drones.

      If you haven’t figured that already, no amount of studies will help.

      And no amount of reform will save a system that’s designed to brainwash kids. It all has to go.

  13. If I was a senior democrat official.
    After watching ocasional cortex and others totally destroy respect for democrat platforms; I’d be downright testy too when faced with misinformed children brain washed by activist teachers.

    Yeah, Feinstein could have been much more pleasant than she was. She also could have educated the children by expressing the critical issues regarding actual impacts and costs.

    Instead, Feinstein operated in a classic snapping turtle social response.

  14. When high school and grammar school kids have grown up being told the world is coming to an end because of ‘global warming’ they are bound to believe it unless they have some other adult guidance from someone they trust. Feinstein’s “I’ve been doing this for 30 years” isn’t convincing to anyone not even the kids. She is partially responsible for brainwashing these children and, albeit rudely dismissive of the kids, she did tell them to reject the most dramatic and inane extremes of the ‘global warming’ political fantasy.

  15. Using children to further a narrative that they don’t fully understand is criminal. This is happening all over the world and I’m surprised no one has stood up to this tactic for what it is …. child manipulation and endangerment.

  16. What next. Breaking their little hearts is child abuse?
    The adult woman leading them in this stunt is the child abuser.

  17. I said something like this before.

    The US has a hangnail.
    Absence Of Cognizance and Bernie’s solution? Cut off the hand.
    Pelosi and Schumer’s solution? Cut off the finger.

    The latter sounds more reasonable by comparison but it is still nonsense. And dangerous.

    • The kids were a mob. Anything DF said, their answer was the same, if you don’t vote for the GND we’re all gonna die in 12 years.

  18. My response would have been this:

    1. Do you like your cell phones? Well under the GND they would be illegal because they use wasteful evel energy to build.

    2. Do you like your shoes, underwear, shirts, and cosmetic supplies? They would be gone from the GND because they are made from petroleum.

    3. Do you like to have a house and a roof over your head? Under the GND if you need any energy other than manual labor it would not be able to be built. Your new abode would be a thatched roof pole structure.

    4. Like to drive on roads? Your car would be too expensive, and the roads themselves would be made of dirt since asphalt is made from petroleum, concrete used petroleum based heat to produce, trucks and equipment used to mine and transport the raw and finished material use diesel fuel also a petroleum product.

    Basically you would have to live like the Amish, no electricity, no phones, no TV, no DVD, no medications, using horses and bicycles for transportation, no AC, and heat your thatch house with wood. Good luck with that.

    • Do you like milk, ice cream and cheeseburgers?

      Their parents might all be vegans, but at least milk has probably been in their diet.

      They might however like the idea of government handouts to those unwilling to work so as to free up time to engage in activism.

          • You’re thinking of marijuana, unless there are magic flying hemp carpets, which seems as plausible as the world ending in 12 years.

      • I’m sure the professor could make a bicycle out of Bamboo and some vines. Just as long as he didn’t get Gilligan to handle the most important aspects of the task.

        No phone, no lights, no motor car, Not a single luxury, Like Robinson Crusoe, It’s primitive as can be.

  19. To glimpse the promised land, perhaps a reading of “Gulag Archipelago” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is in order?

    • I read that as a college student 40 years ago, typically just before retiring for the night. The depictions were so unsettling that the only way to get some sleep was to read a page or two of the Bible afterwards!

    • It is a work so worthy of reading yet remains somewhat obscure. So many have no idea of the toll on humanity that the birth of the USSR required. Nothing can clear your mind of this reality once you have read the Gulag. As the society collapsed and then “reformed” in such a grotesque manifestation of human exploitation it boggles the mind that anyone still holds out that Communism IN ANY FORM is somehow compatible with respectable human existence. Government by thugs, for the thugs and thuggery, await anyone who believes that central control will solve human problems. Always, in the end, the government runs out of money, gives up, abdicates any responsibility, and kills people.

    • On the outer B

      I had dinner tonight with a lady whose grandmother was captured in the Ukraine and held in a German concentration camp. When she returned to Ukraine after escaping, she had to go into hiding because it was assumed that she had “collaborated’ even though she was 14. She managed to buy a fake passport and moved far into Russia. There she married someone she met in the concentration camp, keeping her previous life secret.

      Their daughter became a rocket scientist. If it had been known that her mother had been held in a WWII concentration camp for a while, the daughter would never have been able to enter university. She would have had to be a floor sweeper or similar because the assumed sins are projected onto the following generation.

      The insanity of a civilisation in which everyone is “equal” yet builds gulags is incomprehensible to the young of today. They simply cannot comprehend what totalitarian governments do to their own citizens.

      Being so bright, this rocket engineer was proposed for Party membership multiple times, which is the way to advance up the system for engineers. But, if that had happened, she would have been thoroughly vetted, which would have traced her own mother’s history back to that time spent in the German concentration camp as a child, which would have ruled her out, caused her to lose her job and condemned the family to perpetual suspicion and impoverishment at the bottom of society.

      When youthful enthusiasm supports totalitarian solutions, they cannot imagine what inventions political operatives can dream up to oppress and control, and how manifestly evil are the results eventually appear.

      She avoided appoint to the Party by the simple mechanism of saying, “I believe in God and go to church.” No theist was allowed to be a member of the party in the USSR. Problem solved – automatic disqualification. Though limited, she continued her career as a teacher of aircraft instrument design. Her mother’s background never came to light during her lifetime. She is now retired in Canada.

      I admire youthful exuberance. It is inspiring. But don’t give them the keys to the truck just yet.

  20. The Sunrise Movement is abusing these children by scaring them to death and using them as pawns in their political games.

    One little girl at the meeting blurted out that “we only have 12 years!” No doubt, she thinks she only has about 12 more years of life.

    The little girl is going to be very angry in 12 years when nothing happens and she realizes she has been fooled by people with political agendas who thought it was a good idea to scare little girls to death in furtherance of their goals.

    It’s Child Abuse! It’s Truth Abuse! Leave the Kids out of it!

  21. Truth, that.

    But, having had a fair number of weeks doing just as you describe, so long as you don’t get wet, and have sufficiently warm layers, you adjust pretty fast. Getting up at oh-dark-hundred, to light the wood stove, with fingers so cold you just can’t feel the splinters is a joy not to be forgotten. However, the real joy of having the whole cabin warm up in an hour to quite pleasant warmness is a delight.

    Then, going outside to find the tray of yesterday’s caught fish with the trout frozen hard … is disappointing. Reminder to self, take today’s trout inside tonight. When the sun finally comes up, with thin-but-serviceable coffee in your craw, your fingers tingling with bloodflow, your toes complaining about the tightness of the boots and 3 layers of socks… outside you venture, for some kindling chopping. And to use the privy.

    The root cellar is a mixed bag: being marooned for a WHOLE winter at 8,500 feet (Rockies, Colorado) is a culinary hardship, to be sure. Yet, the roots last pretty good, as long as you don’t let ’em freeze. Or, if they do freeze, you don’t let them thaw again until needed. Spuds are pretty durable, and in that wood oven, they roast up pretty tasty. With neither thermometer or timer or iPhone or sandglass.

    However, without meat, animal protein (or fishies), you’re pretty much a goner. Its less about protein than the complex fats, enzymes, vitamins, minerals. While it is prosaic to think about simmering pots of beans and steamers of rice (and baked potatoes, and resurrected carrots), they just don’t do it all. Gotta have the fishies, or hung cured meats, or fresh trapped and hunted vittles. And a lot of backup knives, axes, hatchets, sharpening stones.

    Where I stayed we din’t run into bear, at least not in Winter. Nothing more pessimistic than a few wolverines. And they really don’t like people, stay away. Even when the aromas of cooking entice them to insobrietious misadventures.

    Mostly your worst enemy is boredom.
    And getting wet. And getting lost near dusk.

    But those are solved with companions, with spare clothes, with really solid packs and tough silk topographic maps of the area. And a compass. Its funny when the sun goes down how you really do lose a sense of where you are, without a compass.

    It’d definitely cure ’em of their idealism.
    And they’d come out with a taste for hare.
    Not rare hare, either.


  22. So here’s the thing kids: bottom line is the 12 year thing is a lie. Whoever convinced you of that is lying to you. They may sincerely believe it, but it’s a lie just the same. So the thing to ask yourself is, “I wonder what else they’re lying to me about?” You’re smart. If you think for yourself you’ll figure it out.

  23. Mao mobilized 12, 13, and 14 year old children to launch the Cultural Revolution. When he was done with them they were sent into the squalid countryside to help with the harvest. Today this generation bemoans the years of education it lost.

    The ones you attack are the ones fighting for your future. You will realize that some day.

  24. Strangely, the (mis-)quote from one of the teenagers about: ‘of the people, by the people, etc’ was not the one that came to mind. More like: ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time; some of the people all of the time; but not all of the people all of the time.’ (Although, it seems some are trying to fool all of the kids all of the time).

  25. The econazi indoctrination of these children should be criminalized.

    It is frankly unacceptable to see a teacher (?) behave in this way.
    She should be fired.

  26. Of course the established democrats aren’t keen on the green deal and Occasio Cortez… because unlike the Republicans they understand these ideas are going to seize the imagination of the young and be run away successes.

    • Griff,

      How many young people oppose cars, planes and dairy products? How many want to support strangers who don’t want to work?

    • We understand the power of malicious stupidity and grievance mongering little tiny troll. We have been fighting it all our lives. Some with their voices. Some at the risk of death. Against racism, against socialist poverty, for open minds and opportunities. You are using the technology our principles made possible.

      WE created the opportunity for you to speak nonsense freely. You’re welcome.

    • So, griff, by your post you really do believe that the AOC GND call to replace all US transportation that is currently powered by fossil fuels (including aircraft transportation) with EVs and high speed rail within the next 10 years is realistic and will be a “run away success” (your words)?

      The stupidity, it burns.

    • Obviously, Griffie has been subjected to the same brainwashing rammed down the throats of those kids by our resident ecobrownshirts.

        • lets invade and screw the fallout. At this point we need to be in it to win it. I would be happy to go. Again. Scumbags gotta go down and everybody needs to witness it. Anybody gets in the way they get dropped like a bag of crap. Particularly vertically challenged Russians. We have the power. Use it.

          Raw and true. The hegemon acts alone. It’s cleaner.

    • Oh, come on man!

      Griff, that was a horrible troll. It’s clear you don’t even buy what you’re selling with that one.

      Look. Have another cup of coffee and come back in a couple of hours. We’ll give you a do-over.

      • Give the girl a Tide pod to throw into that coffee or just to suck on for a while (or even to wash some undies).

    • I’m curious as to how many of these eco-kids are managing a 4 or 5 acre plot of land as a garden, growing the food that their family will use over the next 10 to 12 months, and how many of them have any idea where their food really comes from.

      Do they understand the rather vast interconnection between the clothing they wear and what it takes to produce the raw materials to make it? Doubtful. A lot of US cotton comes from Texas and other areas in the south. I once talked to a sheep ranch manager in the PacNW who told me that he ran a minimum of 5,000 head of sheep to fill orders from Pendleton and other wool buyers. Even back in the Elizabethan period, and going forward, there were farmers raising chickens for household sales of eggs and meat, along with other livestock. The Industrial Revolution simply increased production levels, and that was long before any of the things we take for granted now existed.

      Modern refrigeration? The monitor top antique fridges are available, restored to working condition, if you want one. That’s a 1920s item. Before that, it was icehouses where ice cut from ponds and rivers was stored for spring through fall, to keep food cold, and when iceboxes were developed, a big ice block went into a compartment next to the food compartment.

      If these kids really want what they are describing (and I’m not one bit sure they really understand any of it), then put them and their ridiculous parents into the 18th century and let them find out what it was like before all this modern stuff that they take for granted came along. I doubt that any of them have EVER seen smog, or had to use a privy or pump water by hand and have the well tested regularly to make sure it’s fit for human consumption. I doubt seriously that they could last the 16 hours it took to get electricity back up and running in my area in November when an ice storm dragged the power lines into zero transmission.

      This nonsense gets tiresome after a while. These kids and their obnoxious parents need a hard dose of reality. It isn’t all sunshine and flowers in the real world.

      • It would be interesting to visit their homes and remove any fossil fuel derived creature comforts or necessities and sever their tie with the grid. They need to realize what divesting from fossil fuel really feels like. Take their gas ICE engine vehicles and replace them with electric only with a 100 mile range then send them on a 300 mile journey.

  27. Feinstein — hmmm, that would be the same political apparatchik that fabricated the false accusations at the Kavanaugh hearing. And also sheltered a Chinese spy for many yrs.

  28. To the comment from Tom Abbott,

    What you say is true, but only if the kids survive the 12 years to see the lie. Teen suicide is on a hockey stick path along with emotional problems etc and etc. Being a teen is hard enough without the vision of the Grim Reaper coming quickly to end your short life.

    I’m sure our educational system is to blame along with helecopter parents – but the thought of life ending soon is clear to many young people – witness the person who exploded after Trump won shouting to the Democratic Leadership ” You’ve just killed me”

    Really some sad sad stuff.

    • “Really some sad sad stuff”

      Yes, it really is. These poor kids think they are going to die in 12 years. That has to be extremely traumatic. And they won’t find out the truth for 12 years. Twelve years of trauma and stress, and feeling like there is no future.

      Too bad they didn’t read Tony Heller’s website. If they had, they would find an article there that shows there was another 12-year period of predicted CAGW doom in our recent past when it was stated that we only had 12 more years to do something before it was too late. This dire prediction took place in 1988.

      Kids, we lived through that one without anything bad happening, and this latest ridiculous dire 12-year warning will end up the same. Kids, in 12 years you will understand the situation much better than you do today. I lament that you have to wait 12 years to learn this lesson. Twelve years of torturing yourself. This false narrative is child abuse, plain and simple.

      This is the fallout from Climategate and the dishonest surface temperature data manipulators. They have created a false, fearful CAGW narrative and are beating the kids (and adults) over the head with it.

      It’s criminal..

    • CD in Wisconsin
      Good point. We must include all those other times when young innocence was subverted and children were indoctrinated into thinking and doing terrible things, at the same time believing they were righteous. China’s Cultural Revolution made full use of children to attack authority figures:


      • Sadly Stephen, history has a tendency to repeat itself more often than we probably care to admit to. Those who do not heed history’s lessons are the ones most likely to repeat its mistakes.

        • It is interesting that the back-bone of such organisations are supposedly well educated people. That raises the question of what ‘educated’ means? Of course I don’t mean that ignorance or the uneducated are better, but perhaps reading books alone and knowing the ideas within books is not education. Knowing the theory of music inside out doesn’t make anyone a musician, in fact knowing the theory of anything is worthless unless put into practice. However, there are numerous studies that are primarily theoretical. It is interesting the difference between people like Karl Marx and Charles Dickens. Both wrote about the inequalities and injustices of the societies they were in but Dickens is the more humane and ultimately useful. I think that is because he had first hand experience of life’s difficulties and he was a superior observer able to comprehend the complexities and contradictions of life. Dickens wrote about people and Marx wrote about theory. You cannot observe by only studying and also the best learning is doing.

          • …And when I say doing I mean something useful and meaningful. How about creating energy such as electricity?

          • “That raises the question of what ‘educated’ means?”

            When the left say ‘educated’, they usually mean ‘schooled’.

            In the modern world, the more years you spend in school, the more indoctrinated you are, and the less you know about the real world. That’s why so many ‘educated’ people for for left-wing nonsense; it’s all they heard for most of the first twenty to thirty years of their life.

    • Yep, but I’d venture that on the scale of children and youth being used as shock troops for the ideas of those who have removed critics, the Young Pioneers, and Red Guards represent a much better example 🙂

  29. So Feinstein realized the GND is baloney. Good for her, but as the saying goes; even a blind squirrel finds a nut one in a while.

    • When she was the Mayor of San Francisco in the 1980’s she verbally backed eco-loons who wanted to restore the Hecht Hechty reservoir. Once comparable to Yosemite this valley was flooded to supply fresh water to San Francisco. The Reagan administration called her out by expressing it’s willingness to do this. She did a 180 saying it was impractical.

      She’s proven that she will say whatever in the moment.

  30. The Gray New Deal is founded on an unrealized hypothesis, a conflation of logical domains, and motivated by clean, renewable greenbacks.

  31. Should have asked the kids why they think climate sensitivity is very high and how did they reach that conclusion.

    • The smart ones would do as everyone else does on the warming side of this issue and argue from authority….the 97% nonsense etc., freeing them from the scientific requirement of factual understanding in order to have a valid opinion.

  32. The kids never heard of George, Feinstein for sure has. Could it be George’s money is sinking the Dems – has that boat taken on too much water?

    The March 15 “School Strike 4 Climate” day, especially venal targeting vulnerable youth to boycott classes, to protest that adults are too slow to act against C02, targets nations including the US, Germany, Sweden, Australia, and many more.
    The idea that this climate action day is a “grass roots,” locally run phenomenon, is bunk – a key coordinating outfit is 350.org, present in 180 nations, which has received millions in funding since its founding in 2007, from the George Soros-funded Tides Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and others.

    This echoes the Davos billionaires’ invitation to a young climate-anxious Swede where George gave the keynote address.

  33. I bet those Klimate Kidz keep little black notebooks, ready to “write up” anyone, kid or adult for their “climate missteps”.

  34. There is a similarity in this with those that prophecy the end of the world and cults like Jim Jones’. The most obvious is Harold Camping who managed to get people to part with life savings to support his organisation. He predicted the world would end on:
    September 4 or 6, 1994.
    May 21st 2011
    Oct 21st 2011

  35. Very interesting. I see the Senator as someone who is confronted by some overly optimistic zealots operating on limited information with great hopes and plans. She is struggling because she sees their plans as unrealistic because of her greater knowledge and because she has put more effort into it.

    At the same time the Senator has a “greenplan” that is similarly well intentioned but that should be judged as overly optimistic and zealous because it was formed with limited information and grand hopes.

    It’s hard for people of knowledge and prudence to confront naive earnest believers at all levels,

    It’s hard for knowledge and experience to hold up against naive

    • Even harder to hold up against big money.
      The good Senator knows very well which money put these kids at her door, and exactly the same money put Obama in the WH who signed the Stimulus Act 2009 giving the GND.

      A buck too far?

  36. Ironically, none of these children (including AOC) has ever known or experienced ANY significant warming. GK

  37. Madam Feinstein should have done “Trump”
    “Hi kids,
    Nice to see you. Do you believe in Santa Claus”
    ” … but … but we are here to talk about climate change ….”
    “now, now climate change is for the silly grown ups … lets all sing a harpy little tune”

    • As I tried to correct ‘happy’ typo I accidentally hit ‘return’ and post disappeared into Ether.
      The last line that was meant to go after the link:
      “…. There, there … you see kids, that little happy tune tells everything you need to know about the catastrophic global warming”

    • I happen to have read Stephen King’s “It” (the horror novel) not that long ago, so I find it easy to think of a lot of these grandstanding alarmists (like the teacher in the video maybe), as, well, you know —
      “eViL cLoWnS, who StAnd rEadY to sCaRe the LyFFe from bOtH you oLdEr and yOuNgEr children . . .”

      — and, say, how about an “It” like quote such as “Oh My Yes, you’ll really Float in that Awful Future when the Langoliers descend from a Green and Murky Sky, yes Float you will —

      Neah, its a nice try, anyhow.

  38. I just finished some work I’m a house in San Francisco of which the occupants are committed Democrats. I’m sure their behind the Green Deal. Meanwhile they heat a huge house to 80 degrees even when they’re not there and spend their time flying all over the world. They’ll use as much energy in a month as I do in 5 years. But I’m sure their young children will be Democrats and ‘environmentalists’

  39. ““Well, you didn’t vote for me,” Feinstein says.”

    What she really meant was “You didn’t donate any money to me”.

    Now, as a Senator, she is supposed to represent the State of California in the federal government not just those who voted for her or donated money to her.

    • If you don’t get elected, what you think doesn’t mean shit. If you don’t raise money, you don’t get elected.

  40. “How old are you?” Feinstein asks her.
    “I’m 16,” the kid responds.
    “Well, you didn’t vote for me,” Feinstein says.

    LOL I don’t know what’s worse; kids being used for propaganda, or an old political crony more concerned about votes than issues.

    Reminds me of a line from Summertime Blues:

    … Well’ I went to my congressman
    He said ‘quote’
    ‘I’d like to help you son,
    But you’re too young to vote’ …

  41. As mayor of San Francisco she paid lip service to the restoration of the Hecht Hecthy Valley. This beautiful valley comparable to Yosemite was flooded to provide water to her city. The Reagan administration called her bluff by agreeing to it. She did a 180. What are you gonna do. She’s a hack politician.

  42. Back in Lenin’s day the slogan was:
    “From each according to his ability;
    To each according to his need”
    Well as time progressed human nature took over and the number of people becoming needy increased over those who were able.
    Senorita Ocasio Cortez take note.

  43. Here’s hoping someone can stop cows from jumping over the moon. That is seriously unsustainable.

    • Worse yet, all this belching at the Moooon. It’s driving the coyotes batty.

    • The Dish had a plan that would have stopped the cow, but that vixen the Spoon enticed the Dish to run away.


  44. You realize, of course, that the Sunrise Movement is the organization that engineered the words of the Green New Deal, and that this oranization’s slogan is:

    We’re building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

    These children are part of this “army of young people”. These children are pawns par excellence of the Sunrise Movement. They are hosts that the Sunrise Movement parasitizes.

    The Sunrise Movement, like all climate alarmist factions, prey on emotionally vulnerable people via one of the most emotional viewpoints possible, which is child welfare and future security. It’s a low-life strategy.

    Why not use puppies? — they’re a lot cuter.

  45. These kids are being brainwashed like my generation was in the early 70s. Remember being told the Earth was going to run out of oil in a few years and we would have to shiver in the cold and walk everywhere. I didn’t realize it was the government that was causing the oil shortage because of price regulation. These poor misinformed kids want the government to take over and solve a nonexistent problem. Government will only make matters worst. Free market will solve the problem.

    • VP Pence is imposing the “free market” with his invisible hand, Pompeo, on Venezuela. Bit like the Iran-Contra of Central America in the ’70’s, ’80’s all over again. Same ol’ recipe, same ol’ neocons, same ol’ disastrous bungling.

  46. As soon as man does not take his existence for granted, but beholds it as something unfathomably mysterious, thought begins.
    —Albert Schweitzer
    Maybe she (Feinstein) was just having a bad day.

  47. To the extent that left leaning couples have fewer children than right leaning couples, they feel it their duty to indoctrinate as many little heads full of mush as possible.

  48. Summertime Blues

    Eddie Cochran

    I’m gonna raise a fuss, I’m gonna raise a holler
    About a-workin’ all summer just to try to earn a dollar
    Every time I call my baby, try to get a date
    My boss says, “no dice son, you gotta work late”
    Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do
    But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

    Well, my mom and pop told me, “son, you gotta make some money”
    If you want to use the car to go ridin’ next Sunday
    Well, I didn’t go to work, told the boss I was sick
    “Well, you can’t use the car ’cause you didn’t work a lick”
    Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
    But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

    I’m gonna take two weeks, gonna have a fine vacation
    I’m gonna take my problem to the United Nations
    Well, I called my congressman and he said “whoa!”
    “I’d like to help you son but you’re too young to vote”
    Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
    But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

    Songwriter: Eddie Cochran / Jerry Neal Capehart

    Songtext von Summertime Blues © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


  49. Feinstein does have a point.
    Theoretically government is supposed to be about all the people. (In reality government is for the majority and will always trample on the rights of a minority.)
    Regardless, these kids talk about the government being of the people, but they want government to only listen to and cater to them.

    • Government exists at the pleasure of the populace.
      The occasional reminder/threat of that fact, keeps everyone civil.
      At least that was the plan.

    • Never heard of the Electoral College, then? Hamiltons Federalist Papers show how to avoid the tyranny of the majority. The Government is there by consent of the people, not their pleasure.

      • While the Electoral College buffers against the will of the majority, that’s all it does.

        When a majority of people vote to have government take money from a minority of the people and pass it out to the majority, what exactly is the minority to do? Especially when it’s a small minority?

        Government exists to enforce the will of the majority onto everyone else. The bigger and more powerful the government, the more areas of enforcement it is able to cover.

    • For all that I made a joke earlier about “evil clown characters scaring children”, I wish to note that this has become more than a joke. The kids shouldn’t be blamed. Rather, it’s the older, alarmist, people (older than teenagers, generally older than, say, 25 years, even) who deserve to be called out for gross malfeasance for exploiting and scaring children this way.

      The particular scene that we are presented with in the article – and I did watch a bit more of the extended videos of the lady politician, the teacher, the “green” kids, etc — was a scene of adults behaving very badly. In effect, Feinstein and the teacher having an argument over the heads of children.

      • Won’t touch Rockefeller or the Soros funded Tides Foundation and 350.org?
        The only one in that photo who knows some of this is Feinstein.

        The top teen was a big hit at the billionaires Davos club this year.

  50. The queen bee green teen, Greta Thunberg of Sweden, protested this week in Brussels, on Feb. 21, following a COP24 and Davos appearance.

    • More green teen celebrity stunts :
      Yesterday, 13-year-old Alexandria Villasenor continued her commitment to Friday protest for “climate action,” which she has done outside the UN for 11 weeks straight. Her collaborator celebrity teen is 15-year-old Isra Hirsi, daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MI).

  51. You know….nobody has addressed this whole, “we’ll all be dead in 12 years.” thing to the adults. In 12 years? Really? You’re selling that load of garbage to kids who think that Christmas in December is an eternity in January? To an adult, 12 years is not a long time at ALL. Especially for someone that just bought a house or is thinking about buying a house. Who came up with 12 years and why is it so scary? It’s greater than 10 but less than 20. In 20 years some people are thinking about retirement, in 10 years others are envisioning paying off 1/2 or most of their mortgage, but 12! NOW 12 YEARS! That’s……omg, no real reference…it’s just an arbitrary number.

    If you are going to sell the snake oil, then dang it, sell IT. Don’t throw out this crap about 12 years….get it to 10 or expand it to 20. Adults understand decade references, we have experience with it, perspective on accomplishments or detractors during that time. But 12 years? It’s like going to hell in a Chevy instead of a Caddy. Even the message sells itself short. Go for broke dudes…you’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

    As a marketing ploy it falls short of the mark (or oversteps it, depending on the 1 or 2 decade thing) and fizzles into meaningless time. 12 is not scary. 10 is scary. 20 is concerning. And don’t split the difference at 15, at 15 years people are paying off a mortgage or 1/2 way there.

    Either way, I’m giving real consideration to just spending my 12 remaining years tripping through Italy, wearing beautifully made shoes while walking off all the good food trooping through vineyards and olive orchards. You all can do whatever you want with your time, I’m going to use mine that way.


  52. TBH, she’s teaching them something about how politics really works. She’s no amateur.

    This is what the greens and other global warmers don’t understand every time they run off at the mouth about their schemes being sabotaged by unnamed oil industry lobbyists. Real politicians may give vocal support to some crazy ideas (and people) without the slightest intention of ever implementing them.

  53. Selfish little dictators.

    Look at it this way. This kid is 16. I am older. Let us assume we both live to 100, just to make the maths simple.

    Our lives will overlap by 70 years but this kid wants to be in charge for 54 of them.

    Selfish entitled idiot.

  54. Feinstein rebuked the young activists’ request, in the video, one kid says:
    “The government is supposed to be for the people, by the people, and all for the people.”

    First off kid, the phrase you are looking for is “government of the people, by the people, for the people” but semantics aside,
    Secondly if it’s for all the people, that “all” includes skeptics and economic realists who want nothing to do with your green raw deal. They have a voice that needs to be heard too you know.

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