And….we’re back

After announcing the migration yesterday, the past 24 hours have been very stressful for me. About 11AM PDT yesterday, the migration began to move WUWT to a new much more secure and feature rich cloud server. It didn’t go well, and took far longer than I expected.

There were issues with the server SSL certificate, apparently, the SSL doesn’t become valid until DNS changes fully propagate. That was news to me, and the reason that some people got errors yesterday that the site “may be dangerous” because the SSL certificate wasn’t valid.

Propagation took an unusually long time, with the major issue being with Google’s public DNS servers, which didn’t get the memo until just before 10AM this morning. Now, once that log-jam broke, it appears we are essentially correctly referenced world-wide.

I have a long history with Google and repression. Me and our stable of guest authors write unpopular content, questioning the veracity of many outlandish claims about global warming. It’s inconvenient for some that we’ve been so successful.

Al Gore is on the BOD of Google was on the advisory board to Google, and in 2009 after I broke the story about ClimateGate he apparently lobbied Google to have me censured. Google abruptly and without explanation cancelled Google Adwords on my hosted site. Higher-ups at WordPress wanted to know why (they were losing revenue, after all), had a face-to-face meeting scheduled with Google the next week, and it was abruptly canceled the day before and they stopped returning calls.

My site’s treatment by Google is one of the strongest reasons the independent WordPress WordAds now exists, or so I’m told.

Through all this, WordPress and the WP staff (known as “happiness engineers”  have conducted themselves with fairness, dignity, and without political prejudice. My hat is off to all of you, because you do in fact uphold the spirit of “net neutrality” while offering a superior platform. They don’t do, evil, and I sincerely thank them their help and professionalism through it all.

This is my first post on the new WP cloud server, where I’ve been since November 2007. God help me if I had chosen Blogspot (now owned by Google and called over back then.

Now, onward, and we’ll see if we can’t get a number of thorny little problems fixed while expanding features. Some comments made yesterday may have been lost, and remain on the old site. There is little I can do about that, my apologies.

Thanks sincerely to everyone for their patience.


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M Courtney

These things never go as smoothly as planned.
But a target achieved is a good thing.

Curious George

First Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
First commentary to the first Murphy’s Law: Murphy was an optimist.

That’s why they call them “CONFUSERS”.

Bring back the slide rule and abacus !


Every task takes twice as long as you think it will take. If you double the time you think it will take, it will take four times as long. link

Steve Briggs

Mostly it’s that rascally factor of pi you forget, some times pi squared.

Bill T

True but I would add three times the cost. A successful manager knows this but will not plan openly but keep it to themselves. On the money side, if they can, the budget stays closed to prying eyes. Saw this with a major ship acquisition and the time and budget were way over the contracted budget but came in under the managers budget. He made Admiral.


Just arrived here – was wondering why there hadn’t been a new post in the last day or two. Problem fixed now -thanks!

As for time estimates, my wife has a “rule” about my time estimates for getting things done around the house: “Double any number and then change to the next higher unit of time.”

This means that she allows 10 hours for a job that I say will take 5 minutes, and 4 days for something I say will be done in “a couple of hours.” This is based on years of observation.

In my defence, there is a difference in what we are talking about. My estimate is the actual working time, without allowance for getting the tools out, going to the hardware store to buy something I couldn’t find after looking for it for an hour, and then having a beer while confirming the final plan of attack in my mind.


Well, on balance, a huge move, and considering everything, not done badly at all. Some accidents are inevitable. You got away lightly. And well done for giving deserved credit to WordPress.

The like and vote buttons are gone?


Murphey’s Law, baby. Murphey’s Law.


Love the new look and feel. Google is the anti Christ.


Compared to the UK’s TSB Bank migration, still not 100% sorted, it looks as if you’ve done very well. Great stuff.

Pat Frank

Congratulations and well-done on the move Anthony. And I echo your thanks to Word Press for their adherence to professional and ethical integrity.

Perhaps the greatest surprise in the whole global warming/political thing is how readily, indeed how eagerly, so many people and so many institutions sacrificed integrity to politics. Living in freedom, they embrace tyranny.

Well, congratulations, Anthony. Actually you had an easy migration – I’ve been involved in much worse ones.

On Google and your DNS propagation, I’m not sure you can blame bias for that. I have noted that they are rather challenged outside of their core competencies – and running DNS is not one of those. Blogs run on the BlogSpot platform, whether left, right, or neutral are essentially cripples with the number of outside sites that have to respond before the simplest page is brought up.


Do you have data showing that Google is incompetent at managing DNS?


I had the problem yesterday, and am not going through the google public DNS servers. Also, I have some experience operating a web server with https, and DNS propagation should not produce what I saw. Failure to install the correct cert on the server would. DNS directing the browser to a server trying to do man-in-the middle could also produce what I saw, though that implies a server other than the old and new addresses for the migration.


I agree on perhaps not being able to blame google Anthony.

Every DNS registry entry has a reload time (TTL) associated with it. The default could be 1 day, or 1 hour, depending on who/when set it up… it’s best to decrease this to a smaller amount (say 30 minutes) a period greater than the previous value before you know you are actually going to change it… that way, when you do make the change it will propagate faster… then once it’s done you can again increase the TTL to it’s lazy old value… unless you can prove Google was taking significantly longer than the previous TTL (which you did not specify in the post), then claims of conspiracy are a little premature?


Prince Albert was a Google (now Alphabet) Advisory Board member in 2009, not on the BoD, as he was and is of Apple.

Not that the distinction makes any difference.

The site ‘may be dangerous’

Well Anthony a lot of people in positions of power have thought that for some time. Long may it continue to be so.


So you use the Fallout test pattern?


With what somewhat looks like an Indian in “blackface”!?

William Astley

Glad you are back.

TomB: The picture shown is the typical picture for technical difficulties.

Google’s search engine monkey business needs to be limited by legislation.

This is a science based site. Articles included data, refer to peer reviewed published papers, article assertions are supported by observations and logic.

No harsh name calling. The quality of the articles and the quality of the comments is one of the reasons why this is the best climate site in the world.

The problem is science does not support CAGW, hence the need for the cult of CAGW and their friends to try to shutdown climate sites that are independent and thoughtful.

P.S. Love the new edit feature. Best wishes all.

Tom Halla

I think legislation to deal with Google cooking searches is a bad idea. It should be dealt with by means of anti-trust, as regulation would tend to make Google a protected incumbent, like Ma Bell was.


How do you “breakup” a “monopolistic” (*) search engine? What activities do you separate?

(*) monopoly, actor with too much market power, whatever

Tom Halla

Making the company sell off Youtube as an example.


YouTube has too much market power now anyway. DailyMotion had its chance, they wasted it.

If Google wasn’t co-owned with YouTube, then what? That might level the playing field in a market where there is one big name…


Changing search engines is easy, once an offender is identified. Other online services (social networks) have network effect that make changing more difficult. But if certain pending EU legislation goes into effect ( ) it could do critical damage to any website that allows user comments and has legal exposure over there. I hope WUWT is a strictly US based operation.


“Google’s search engine monkey business needs to be limited by legislation.”

Limited HOW?

What exactly have they done wrong?

How is the Google search engine not free speech?


“Fallout” is new to me, we just called it the test pattern.

In its time the test pattern was highly useful. link In the early 1950s, test equipment was expensive and primitive. The test pattern was a godsend.


He’s referring to the Fallout game franchise, which frequently uses retro-1950s imagery.

R.S. Brown

As a youth I misspent many a late night with that test pattern on
after all three of the network stations in Cleveland went off the
air for the night…

Check out one of the final scenes in the movie Radioland
where the patrol officers sit around mesmerized by
this test pattern.

michael hart

It’s good to hear that Word Press is a company populated by people with principles. Duly noted.

The Reverend Badger

Well done Anthony. A few hours delay is pretty good for these kind of complicated computery things. At least you didn’t have to try switching it off and then switching it on again.

James Blake

You need to check the TTL on your DNS records prior to performing that kind of migration. Sounds like the TTL was set higher than you expected?


I’ve done many migrations and if you can get it done in 48 hours, consider it a success.

As far as Google DNS. I doubt they purposely hung it up. It is generally a software managed process and it takes a while for a change to propagate out, especially through something as comprehensive as Google. If they have an issue with a DNS server, it may take them a while to diagnose and fix the issue.

But then again, your fears may be justified! I personally stay as far away from anything Google, from not using Android to using DuckDuckgo for searching and absolutely no gmail.

Thanks for everything, Anthony. People like you are rare.


Please describe the problems of “propagation” you have seen with Google Public DNS.


Like the sharp contrast of the website, very clean

son of mulder

Having spent 30 years before I retired implementing all types of IT system it sounds like it all went pretty smoothly, as it should in our modern day. Keep up the good work.

Curious George

“Google abruptly and without explanation cancelled Google Adwords on my hosted site.”
It is almost like meeting Al Gore in person.

David S

My usual thinking on any project is that it will cost twice as much and take twice as long as originally planned.

son of mulder

You clearly had the wrong Project Managers(;>)

Clyde Spencer

David S,

That was my rule of thumb back in the days when I COULD work on cars. Now I let the dealer worry about it.

Alan Watt Climate Denialist, Level 7

Good plan, that way it doesn’t take twice as long; it just costs twice as much.


Hmm… I’m seeing “Awards” twice along the top.

Anyone else?

Leon Brozyna

Slightly different look but still, much faster loading.

Leon Brozyna

The only obvious problem is that yesterday’s post from Willis has disappeared.

No sooner said than fixed. Talk about fast!

Tom in South Jersey

It has been a long strange ride. Well worth the trip though. The new site seems very pleasant. Congratulations on a job well done.

Kevin Hearle

The tips and notes page needs to be reversed in date order ie newest first and the Leave a Reply area at the top not the bottom of the page. Migration looks good

Welcome back! It’s upward and onward from here.

Greg in Houston

Glad you’re back! By the way, when you wrote “he apparently lobbied Google to have me censured,” I think you meant “censored?”

PS: Like the new ability to edit!

Timo V

Congratulations! And Mr.Gore then… what a despicable human being he is, a back stabber!


What is this blue “star” “like” thingy for….does it work, and if does how does it??!!

Leally leally love the edit button…option…:)))

3 lines, five edits….going a be fun. 🙂

Gunga Din

I see the “blue star” followed by “Loading…” ??

M Courtney

The Like button highlights comments that are approved of by the majority of readers on the site and so facilitates groupthink.

If everyone was signed in to WordPress it would be very damaging.

But as it is you should take it as an advert for Newcy Brown.

Gunga Din

“Like” button?
I don’t see that either.
Should it be at the bottom of a comment?

Gunga Din

Edit button? I don’t see one.
(I also don’t the other reply to your comment I made a couple of minutes ago.)

Gunga Din

Now I see the reply. Just a delay, I guess.

Gunga Din

And I see the “Edit” for the first time.
(But all the “blue stars” are still followed by “Loading…”)

Chic Bowdrie

Testing 1, 2, 3…

And well done for giving deserved credit to WordPress.


I hope for the best. It is always somewhat traumatic moving cloud servers and services. That people now have an option to vote is nice. Good luck! < bold > < italic >


Portages are never easy, especially over tricky ground. May the new, cloud-based server continue to support a relentless reach for clearer conception of physical reality in an age of fictional scenarios streaming from unproven computer models and politically ambitious minds.


Portages are always difficult, especially over tricky ground.

John Harmsworth

I chopped down a tree and looked at the rings and then did some S#!!y math and I am pleased to report that your new location will be even warmer and more welcoming than the present interglacial, internet-ial period..
Hang in there, Anthony!

John Harmsworth

Seems to be an inordinate delay loading on google. I gave up and switched to YAHOO and it worked.

Thanks for all you do, Anthony.

Gunga Din

I’ve left a few comments about not seeing what others seeing.
I’m sure some of the issues might be on my end. (Protection software I run etc.)

Perhaps a screenshot of what a normal comment should now look like would be helpful?


Al Gore is on the BOD of Google, and in 2009 after I broke the story about ClimateGate he apparently lobbied Google to have me censured. Google abruptly and without explanation cancelled Google Adwords on my hosted site.

There are some people who aren’t just unhappy if you disagree with you; they want to hurt you for doing so.

Once you make a comment, and the page reloads to that published comment, right below your comment should be an “edit” button and a 5 minute countdown timer. You can edit the comment within that 5 minute window.

Gunga Din

I’ve only seen the “Edit” button twice…maybe I refreshed or something too soon?
(I have to get off my PC for now so won’t be responding anytime soon.)

Gunga Din

There are some people who aren’t just unhappy if you disagree with you;

Should be:

There are some people who aren’t just unhappy if you disagree with them;

Just when I needed the “Edit” button, it wasn’t there. 8-(

You have a 5 minute edit window after posting a comment, then the ability to edit, and the button, disappears.


Well , do not know if there is something wrong at my end, but when i enter the site now, I get lot of empty spaces at the top no picture or media visible, side bars etc gone , and have to switch off the page style ( set styling to “no style”) to be able to read anything.

Whatever the problem is, it is on your end. I suggest clearing your browser cache.


Meant to also paste a screen grab of what I see. But no dice , paste button grayed out. And if i refresh the page i get an error message about the page being unavailable saying something like ” no STL handshake ” or somethining such, but it disappers after a couple of seconds, and refreshes the page anyway it seems, And the response time seems to have become significatnly longer when i scroll down.

Again, whatever the problem is, it is on your end. Either your browser is outdated, has old cache, or you are running on an ancient system, or all of the above.

Gunga Din

Thank you for patience as I learn the new “ins and outs” of this improvement.
I’ll “poke more” before I comment.



Man Bearpig

great stuff Anthony. Much faster than the old site.

FYI == At the moment and return different pages.
I get when I click My SIte/View Site from my WordPress page.

Click to edit works ! Nice addition. Kip

Suspect the above domain problem may be domain servers catching up still or some internal WP sever setting.

At I don’t see my WordPress toolbar at the top anymore.


Anthony ==> It will eventually clearup as DNS servers catch up — sometimes it can take hours and hours for all the DNS servers to replicate.
I am East Coast US and hitting DNS servers and

At this moment, the dual sites still return for me here.

Once again, try clearing your browser cache. If you have shortcuts to go to these locations, they’ll need to be edited.

Anthony ==> The WordPress blog site for WUWT is not synced to the current page.

The admin site for WUWT for authors is still pointed at

No, it’s not, clear your browser cache.

Anthony ==> It is no use repeating that over and over … I a just trying to ,alert you to a side situation. OF COURSE I CLEARED MY CACHES!

From here in N.Y., going to returns an older version of the site about 14 hours old but does bring up the WordPress admin pages for WUWT.

Hitting brings up the newest site but not the WordPress admin toolbar despite being signed I to WordPress.

Comments seem to be at some intermediate stage between the two versions.

I have the same results using different machines running different browsers and different operating systems.

I think the problem is that if you ask for a url… it sends you to the old version. If you change http to https it should be OK.


http and https should send you to the same server. What the server does with those 2 depends on server settings, and may or may not be the same content.


“if you ask for a url… it sends you to the old version”

When you have seen that?

I just tested: sends you to


Request URL:
Request Method: GET
Status Code: 301 Moved Permanently
Remote Address:


GET / HTTP/1.1


HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Server: nginx
Date: Thu, 31 May 2018 05:04:04 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Length: 178
Connection: keep-alive

“When you have seen that?”
I just clicked on the http: link in your comment, and it took me to the old site. Although so did that https: link. It could be a cookie issue.


To exclude cookies (and also HTTP cache, local storage, session storage, indexed DB…), use switch to incognito browsing (“private browsing”, “surprise gift mode”, “pron mode”…). Or another “profile”.

And then you still have your cookies in your profile. It’s easier.


“I just tested: sends you to
That’s the behavior I observed with chrome. Going to firefox (on a different computer) I did not see that behavior. Could be chrome was trying to be helpful and using the https site where available, but it causes problems when the https has a cert problem.

Nick ==> Thanks, but it seems to be something with either the WordPress site or my WordPress account (from which I author pieces for WUWT).
This url:
which should show me the current WordPress site for WUWT is still showing the site with “Ex NASA Employee:” as the top story. But comments (appearing in my WordPress toolbar) include your comment, for example.
Seems to be some kink between the authoring site and the public site.

Nick ==> Do an experiment for me please? Hit
and let me know what you get.
(You may have to sign in to your WordPress account).

Keen Observer

I had to clear my cookies out.

Keen ==> Yes, that should do it for most folks, this was a slightly different issue and has now been resolved

Kip, check your email.

Anthony ==> And Bob’s Your Uncle! Does the trick. Thanks….
PS: I’ve been through the horror of migrating sites many times with IBM in the early days….the more dynamic they are, the worse it is. WUWT seems to have survived the worst of it. Congrats.

I got a wordpress page saying that I didn’t have any wordpress sites yet, and would I like to create one?
It’s true that I have an account but no sites.
The url shown was
I think the last “” is a problem, although if I edit “wordpress.” out, I get the same result.

Nick ==> Anthony got this sorted….it affected guest authors of WUWT with WordPress accounts.
All better now.
Thanks for assisting in the effort to sort the details.


Okay. That explains why I was blocked out yesterday.

Anthony great job!

By the way the web site icon used in browser tabs appears to be missing in action.

Yes, not everything migrated, fixing little details as I go along…

Ian Macdonald

Al Gore is on the Google BOD? Never knew that. It does explain a lot about the obsession with forcing HTTPS onto website operators though. Another scam not very different from the climate change one.

Likewise, it seems to have become an article of religious fervour for its supporters, one that you dare not criticise. I’ve been flamed quite a few times for pointing out that on sites with ads it DOESN’T protect against MITM attacks anyway.

A worrying aspect is that if HTTPS becomes compulsory it could be used to silence people, by denying them a certificate. I sometimes wonder if that is the objective. Along with selling certs, of course.

When you think about it we’ve been using the Web since 1993 without having a horde of KGB agents snooping on us. So, why is it suddenly so essential? If we need protection against snooping, then we need protection against Google. Guess what? HTTPS doesn’t do that. Big surprise there.


“It does explain a lot about the obsession with forcing HTTPS onto website operators though”

Absolute BS.

“Another scam not very different from the climate change one.”

Securing the transport of information on the Internet is a scam?

“Another scam not very different from the climate change one.”

Ridiculous theory.


Mr s-t,
You seem to be a one man defence team of Google, but then that is the beauty of free speech which is banned here in Britain.
My point to Mr Watts and others on here is who in their right mind would use biased guuggle when there are so many trustworthy alternatives.
The only search engine I use is duckduck.
So congratulations Anthony on being the most popular and honest climate website.


I’m defending Google? Where?

Do you support the idea that HTTPS is useless as a security protocol? Ian Macdonald implied that supporting HTTPS is useless with zero evidence.

Do you defend insecurity?

This thread is depressing and sad.


https is generally preferred to http. An exception is when the https server has a problem, in which case forcing https rather than allowing http is dysfunctional. I also see the treatment of self signed certs as worse than http as bothersome.


So far has worked well for the https sites I operate (excepting poor error handling when running their script without necessary operating privilege) If I ever do spot overt bias in who they’ll service, they’ll get holy outrage from me.

Seems to be working OK. Have yet to wring the site out. Am using at present Safari on IPad 11.3, even though .4 was just released yesterday. Never upgrade until the new release is proven stable. Made that forced mistake with High Sierra. Never again

RSS is still working, apparently with no dropout. Now let’s find out if I can still post…

….and now javascript is required to post. 🙁 Presumably that’s due to the edit function, so not the worst tradeoff.


Javascript for basic functions isn’t too bad. Javascript without a noscript block notice, or served from a dodgy 3rd party, is asking for trouble from security savvy users.


Good stuff. Ever upwards and onwards against the forces of anti science and dumbassery.

Oh… and we have an Edit Button…. Cool!


Well, you’re back up and running. The Hurricane (Alberto!) landed a few inches of wet stuff on my front steps. The air has cooled considerably since yesterday. The petunias were all refreshed by the rain. And the catnip reseeded itself in one pot from last year, so I guess I should plant more, eh?

Oh, yeah – the calico cat bumming food from me brought me a rabbit yesterday morning. No, i did not cook it. I have meat in the freezer. I patted her on the head, picked it up with a plastic bag and put it in the trash, and went back into the house. She must think I’m going hungry or something.

Also, am I logged into WordPress or not? Can’t tell from here.

Tom Halla

Sara, you should have cooked it for the cat.


Eeeeewwwww! Gutting and skinning a headless bunny at 6AM!


I would rather be stepped on by a space alien!!!


Sara — I wish I could borrow your cat for a few months — we have rabbit problems here. They eat all my wife’s vegetables, and last year they ate all our zinnias. They aren’t afraid of humans, but I tried a rabbit trap, and they just ignore it.

Welcome back and congratulations. I have worked many start ups over my career and each one offers unique challenges and twists and turns.