'Orange Snow' invades Eastern Europe

From the “don’t eat that orange snow” department and the NOAA NPP satellite comes this interesting weather effect.

Sahara Sand Dirties Eastern Europe’s Snow


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Queue Frank Zappa!


Do watch out where the huskies go but I fear that these huskies may have kidney problems hence the orange snow.

Thought the same thing, TRM.



Huskies on the go. Proceed with caution.
[Huskie snow alert levels.
Yellow = High Threat Level, Discretion Advised.
Brown = Extreme Threat Level, Withdrawal Recommended.
Red = Beyond Threat Level, attack is already underway. .mod]
Red =


Guess this would have been appropriate for Halloween, blending with the pumpkins!


Aerosols strike again! We are doomed.

Philip Mulholland

WorldView image of Saharan dust from Libya moving north over the Mediterranean Sea thanks to a 32 kn southerly moderate gale on 22 March 2018.

Tom Halla

I wonder if the dust affected the amount of snow, as well as dirtying it.

Had to be caused by co2.


Saw this on a newsfeed. I did a bit of research and it appears to be quite common. It’s attention catching, but not unusual.

John F. Hultquist

Correct. Been happening since, well since before there was anyone around to notice.

It’s been happening every few years in the UK since I was a boy (a few years ago now!)

Samuel C Cogar

The hot, swampy air that greeted you when you stepped outside Wednesday is likely to persist through the week, as oppressive levels of humidity worsen the effect of near-record temperatures.
A lack of thunderstorms, dust blowing over from the Sahara Desert and saturated air from over the Atlantic Ocean combined to produce the dog’s breath air hanging over South Florida.

Philip Mulholland

I wonder if Morocco’s agriculture is heading for a good harvest this year?
Worldview of Morocco for 15 March 2000
Compared with –
Worldview of Morocco for 23 March 2018
And here is some of the rain they have been getting this year Morocco 15 Mar 2018
It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.

Now we can conflate the dirtiness of orange snow with the dirtiness of carbon, and then conflate the conflation to call it “carbon-snow pollution”.
It’s all dirty. I’m dirty. You’re dirty. The Earth is dirty. We’re all gonna die dirty.
That was today’s positive thought. /sarc … or should that be /snark

J Mac

“Picture yourself in a boat on a river, With tangerine trees and marmalade skies…..”

Jack Hydrazine

Tangerine Dreams has a great album from 1990 called, “Melrose” that goes great with this orange snow event!


Obviously, Trump did it

geologist down the pub

I have seen the same phenomenon in Central Florida, where white wind-blown sand dunes on the Lake Wales Ridge in Polk County are strongly tinted orange by dust from the Sahara. But these are about 2 million years old, a bit prior to anthropogenic carbon dioxide.

Pop Piasa

The only thing they need is background music to enjoy the citrus colored snow.

Ahhh, the music of my youth…

John F. Hultquist

Using Google Earth and the coordinates:
20.698, 21.9484
. . . the source of much red dust can be seen.

Philip Mulholland

And here is the storm associated with a cold front moving east across the Sahara that took the sand north into eastern Europe on 22 March 2018


Iron(Fe) fortified snow!


Saharan dust reaches the UK at times, usually a mess of dust that is then splattered around by rain, or it’s in the rain too.


This happens in Colorado too when springtime dust from Arizona gets pulled into Colorado snow storms.
Not really usual at all.


Note that normally there shouldn’t be any snow to be dirtied. Snow in the lowlands in this area is very unusual this late in the spring.


So climate change is here. Note though, that this is dirty, rotten snow.
I ran out of goddamn firewood, and it was something like -12C last night. My feet ache. Please, gimme some local warming, quick.


It also brings fertilizer so don’t complain. See Amazon Basin benefit from the Sahara also.