Trump Derangement Syndrome Pushes 'Doomsday Clock' Back to 1953!

Guest [censored] by David Middleton

Armageddon Update: ‘Doomsday Clock’ Stands at 2 Minutes to Midnight

By Mindy Weisberger, Senior Writer | January 25, 2018

Updated at 11:52 a.m.

The “Doomsday Clock,” a hypothetical timepiece that measures humanity’s proximity to destruction by our own actions, hovers perilously close to midnight, the time that denotes global Armageddon.

Today (Jan. 25), the clock has crept even closer to the zero hour. This morning, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) — an organization of science and policy experts who assess human scientific advancement and risk — revealed the clock’s new “time,” with the hands now standing at 2 minutes to midnight.

The time has only ever been this close to midnight in 1953, following hydrogen bomb tests by both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., ushering in the era of the first nuclear arms race. In 2018, it reflects the breakdown of global efforts to reduce reliance on and risk of nuclear weapons; increased posturing and threats regarding the use of nuclear weapons; and an insufficient response worldwide to curb the impacts of climate change. [Apocalypse Now: The Gear You Need to Survive Doomsday]

It is not any one of those factors, but a combination of all of them — and the weakening of public faith in knowledgeable expert voices...


Live Science


Blah, blah, blah.  Without copious expletives and the -tard word, I have no words.   Well… maybe a few words…

We’re doomed because we have lost faith in the modern-day combination of Chicken Little and The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf… I think I’m good with that.

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These guys are still in business?


Let me guess … this is the same group that controls the Hawaiian Islands BIG RED PANIC button.


My favorite Liberal hyperventilation was when Patrick Granfield, an ex-strategic communications director at the Pentagon during the 0bama Admin, was exasperated on CNN at Pres Trump continuing to play golf in in Florida while Hawaii was under a BMEWS alarm.
The guy obviously doesn’t understand how the CiC gets his info (hint: not from state CD agencies). Either that or he was simply giving a dishonest story to the standard Stupid sheep CNN audience.

My thought as well. I remember that. I was 5 years old, and thought it was probably bunk.

High Treason

Children have better bullshit meters than adults.

Pop Piasa

Hey, I remember being a hippie and telling everyone that Ronald Reagan was going to start nuclear war. Things seem to cycle through the years.

Leo Smith

Real Hippies don’t remember anything after the Red Pill


It’s not just that it’s cycling – I’ve watched this thing for enough decades that I now realize that it is simply a measure of how reliably liberal or damnably conservative the American Govm’t at the time is. Liberals win election – Good! Push back the Clock! Any kind of conservatives appear to be in charge: DOOM!!! DOOM! YOU WILL ALL PERISH IN FLAME!!!!
These guys need to be wearing signboards and parading around Times Square.

” I now realize that it is simply a measure of how reliably liberal or damnably conservative the American Govm’t at the time is.”
I’ll bet that they would have reset it to whatever time represents “nothing to worry about now” upon Chamberland’s return to London with his “peace in out time” agreement in hand.


Leo Smith January 25, 2018 at 6:57 pm
Real Hippies don’t remember anything after the Red Pill

Are you referring to red pill and blue pill? I think you’ve got it backward. The red pill is the one that saddles you with the knowledge of harsh reality. The blue pill is the one that lets you live in the illusion.

mike the morlock

Actually there where at lease two instances were a war almost started by accident.
The above is interesting because we aways tended to think we would make the whoops.
a second one was simply diplomatic in nature. The Soviets really came to believe R. Reagan was planning to attack them.
We are nowhere near that level of danger these days.


Machiavelli said that leaders tend to tone down when they get into power. I wasn’t worried about nuclear war. Apparent the Soviets were. Trying to keep up with the Americans militarily may have been the straw that broke the USSR’s back.
On the other hand, Reagan started the globalization ball rolling in a bad direction and only now is President Trump starting to fix the mess begun by Reagan and exacerbated by every president since.

jim January 25, 2018 at 9:39 pm
… Chamberland’s return to London with his “peace in out time” agreement in hand.

Britain had foolishly allowed itself to become disarmed. It was in no condition to take on Germany. It was Chamberlain who started the rearmament and who declared war on Germany when there was finally a hope of success. link


I surely wouldn’t trust Slate on the issue (or any other, actually). UK surely wasn’t ready for war in 1938, nor France, actually, but Germany was even less ready.
Remember, just for instance, that military training for young men was stopped in 1918, until 1936. Same for building fortification, planes, ships, submarines, and tanks. UK’s (and France’s) surely were pitiful, Germany’s were just non-existent.
It is always easier to see that in retrospect, but with what we know now, obviously in 1938, and even in 1939, UK and France would had made quick work of Germany. Even in 1940, it appears that a competent French commander would had easily fend off the German attack and destroy the Panzer divisions, just by doing pretty much nothing (all it would had taken was to NOT engage in Belgium)
This doesn’t mean Chamberlain was guilty, or that we would had done any better than he did. Chamberlain was just a product of his time, and his country current spirit (avoid war at all cost). It is said than, when his french counterpart (don’t remember his name, and don’t care to search) came back from Munich, he saw a huge crowd, and believed he would be lynched, for he knew very well that the Munich agreement was bad. The crown actually cheered him in joy. Such was the spirit of the people in France, and for sure so it was in UK, too.

Caligula Jones

I was in high school in the Reagan years and thoroughly indoctrinated. Had to read “The Fate of the Earth” and “Entropy”, and watch “The Day After” (not The Day After Tomorrow, where Hollyweird shows it can’t even be original in titles).
Then, 2001 seemed far away and exotic. We weren’t going to reach it anyway, of course, or we’d all be zombies.
Although, watching Generation Whine with their phones surgically attached to their hands…maybe we did all die off.


They need a new sandwich board. The end is Nye !!!
Oh wait, sandwiches are no longer allowed ! 🙂

Extreme Hiatus

nye (plural nyes)
A brood or flock of pheasants.”
Yes! The end is a flock of pheasants. Any second now.
Or did you mean Bill Nye, the Pheasant Guy?
Male Ring-necked Pheasants do have a loud screeching call but they don’t wear bow ties.


For once, I typed exactly what I meant to type 🙂


I knew a pheasant plucker once, and he was no scientist either.

James Bull

You say the “End is Nye!”
I say “What right Nye?
(with thanks to the Two Ronnies)
James Bull


“Or did you mean Bill Nye, the Pheasant Guy? ”
Bill Nye, the Beaky Buzzard guy
Carbonphobes are starting to turn on Nye because they realize he’s making them look bad.


The end is nye? Nye is a flock of pheasants? Maintain a firm grip and shoot straight! Have a pheasant plucking day!


I think we are much closer to midnight.
Luckily there are a lot of people waking up .


Soros must have picked up the tab after the KGB funds dried up.


Liberals are the best barometer on what shape the country is in…..the louder they scream…the better shape

Liberals are always screaming
when a Republican is President.
Sometimes the screaming makes sense,
as in 2008.
People who are always screaming
arre never listening, but
that doesn’t matter with liberals
because they already know everything!

What happens when the clock gets to 12.10am and nothing at all has happened?


no. They’ll start using milliseconds to midnight, then micro, then nano, the picoseconds etc. That is, No end to a Leftist’s dishonesty.

Bryan A

So how will they deal with splitting Plank Length Time?


They’ll set up a model to do it.

I have my own clock: the “Dudesday Clock”, and it is nailed to 5 o’clock.

They will say it’s daylight saving time, and quickly advance to 12:58.

Andy Pattullo

We will never get there. According to the catastrophists we are approaching Armageddon at the speed of light, which according to Einstein, means that time slows. The faster we go the slower the clock. We can never get there no matter how much the Hollywood elite and progressive Politicians want it. We may however reach the point where the average voter gets a whiff of the stench wafting off those dam climate models.

George Lawson

What happened with the other 58 minutes?


The sad reality is that this Trump Derangement Syndrom is preventing reporters from getting Pulitzer Prizes. What is happening with the FBI will surely make history, and it is being completely ignored. Also, exposing this Global Warming Hoax is another Pulitzer they are just leaving on the table.


I agree. I did read one lone article, even though the headline was seemingly bashing DT.

Frederick Mackintosh

got that right !!

Joe Wagner

You’re forgetting that they happily give each other Pulitzers for nothing. Its their favorite pasttime

Pop Piasa

You Pulitzer mine and I’ll Pulitzer yours.
Kind of a Katzenjammer Kids in the woods game.


It’s like pal review.


Climate prizes run into millions upon millions, Hansen, Rahmstorf, Manabe, Solomon, Alley, Schellnhuber, Watson, Lovejoy, Ehrlich and many more have received large cash prizes, totalling in excess of a million bucks for some individuals. Then the economists dip in, such as Stern and Sachs,
Money from foundations such as Rockefeller Brothers, John Heinz Foundation (Big Beanz), Japan’s Asahi Glass, Packard and more, a long list.

Extreme Hiatus

The lead investigator on this site definitely deserves a Pulitzer… actually something much better because that prize is now as much of a joke as some Nobel Prizes (e.g. IPCC, Obama, Arafat, Kissinger, etc.).
Best site that I’ve found for following the now rapidly unfolding scandal. Bigger than just the FBI and much worse than we thought!


best run down I’ve found…

Gunga Din

Latitude, very good. Thanks.

Ex Hiatus
I went to the conservative treehouse site
and read a January 27 article on GDP.
My primary subject is economics,
and to be kind to them,
if their other articles are such
low quality, then it is a
disappointing website.
I offer my own politics website
as an alternative:
Read an article there and tell me what
you think.
I’ll read other articles at
conservative treehouse,
and give them a second
and third chance — too much
online has a liberal or progressive
spin that it makes me nauseous.

Also insufficient effort stopping God unleashing wrath on the Earth or those damned aliens taking the planet over.

As a person who believes that some UFO
do contain aliens, I offer you a reason they
stay in their vehicles and don’t get out
on our planet:
Because we are stupid people, who believe
the Co2 we exhale is destroying the planet,
and we would also shoot them first and
ask questions later ( see that very scene in the movie
The Day the Earth Stood Still ! )
They are just here
on tours — like a boat cruise —
to see the primitive people here
(like we go to a zoo
to see the animals.)
The best evidence of
intelligent extraterrestrial
life visiting this planet
are the 10,000+ “crop circles”
they left behind.
Some of the crops
from actual crop circles
were examined by a team of scientists
in the 1990s, I believe,
at the nearby University of Michigan
and changes to the stalks
that create the intricate precise designs
were found to be something
that could not be done by humans,
nor did any scientists have any
idea what force or heat could have
changed the nodes on the crop stalks.
The best show about crop circles
is from an Ancient Aliens show
season 10, number 8
which I believe
you can view on YouTube.

If you view the show,
which is one of the
very few
Ancient Aliens shows
worth watching
(they usually contain
far too much
unproven speculation),
then I would be shocked
if you still felt
crop circles
were a hoax
created by humans.
In addition,
did you know the US Air Force
required pilots to fill out a form after
seeing a UFO, from 1948 to 1969?
And over12,600 forms were filled out …
and who knows how many pilots saw UFOs
and did not bother filling out a form.
Also, 2000, to 3,000 commercial pilots have
reported seeing a UFO and probably
ten times as many saw one, and
kept quiet to protect their careers.


We’ll, it’s suitable for CAGW ™ because it’s an imaginary ‘warning’ about an imaginary problem.

Hey aren’t those seconds imaginary numbers?
Still waiting for someone to say Zeno.

When you have an imaginary problem,
like the “coming climate catastrophe from CO2”,
then at any time you can claim the problem
has been solved.
You can then stop patting yourself
on the back with one hand,
for caring about the planet,
and start patting yourself on the back
with both hands,
for caring and
saving the planet too !


They say even a broken clock is right twice a day, but these guys never get it right.


Moving the clock forward is a good thing. We’ll get rid of these bullshitters in two minutes. What, no?
The average error of a broken clock is 3 hours. These guys have been waiting for the doomsday far too long.

Gunga Din

Well, we adjust our clocks twice a year because of “Daylight Savings Time”.
Unnecessary. Zero real benefit.
Kinda’ like “The Doomsday Clock” itself.
(Just who are the people that wind it up anyway? Names please.)

Pat Frank

Amazing. 0.8±0.5 C of warming since 1900 has pushed the world closer to doomsday than the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, that had the US and the USSR toe-to-toe and Fidel Castro begging for a nuclear barrage.
CO2: what can it *not* do!?


If CO2 didn’t do it, the Russians did, or are going to:
As the UK has closed many of its power plants and increased the number of wind turbines and solar farms, perhaps the Russians will target those. Perhaps nobody would notice the difference…


The perfect excuse for renewable power outages, blame Russian hackers.


Including CO2 as a factor in determining the time of the Doomsday Clock is ridiculous. There is no imminent danger from CO2.

I found it rather surprising too when I saw the Cuban missile crisis omitted;
Were the hands moved during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962? No. They were not moved during the 10-day crisis because too little was known at the time about the circumstances of the standoff or what the outcome would be.
The following section is just diversion;
In fact, after the crisis, US and Soviet leaders installed a direct telephone line for communication, and within months signed the Partial Test Ban Treaty outlawing underground nuclear weapons testing—the first treaty addressing the nuclear weapons threat. On the basis of these steps, the Bulletin set the clock back from seven minutes to midnight to 12 minutes to midnight in 1963.
I find that rather hard to believe;
The President also went on national television that evening to inform the public of the developments in Cuba, his decision to initiate and enforce a “quarantine,” and the potential global consequences if the crisis continued to escalate. The tone of the President’s remarks was stern, and the message unmistakable and evocative of the Monroe Doctrine: “It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union.” The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced a military readiness status of DEFCON 3 as U.S. naval forces began implementation of the quarantine and plans accelerated for a military strike on Cuba.


As all good socialists know, left wingers don’t start wars.
Except for all the wars that were started by Democrats.

Pat Frank
How can you possibly claim +/- 0.5 degree C. margin of error
when there were so few measurements in the
Southern Hemisphere before 1940, and
over half the “data” today are just wild guess infilling
by people who WANT to show more global warming?
I’d say, being kind, the margin of error
would be AT LEAST +/- 1.0 degrees C.
I think you are doing a disservice to skeptics
to claim +/- 0.5 degrees C. margin of error,
given all the repeated “adjustments”
to historical data, and
the huge amount of infilling,
by people with dubious characters,
and so few Southern Hemisphere
None of this really matters …
because the warming is good news,
and mainly at night, at higher latitudes.
Concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis,
I have heard that nuclear war was MUCH
CLOSER than people still realize when a
US destroyer started heaving depth charges
at a nuclear-missile-armed Russian
submarine underwater between Florida and Cuba,
and the Russian commander, thinking Cuba was
under attack by the US, called together
the top three officers on the sub …
and two of the three were FOR launching
a nuclear missile toward a US city,
thinking they might be sunk soon,
and that was their duty to protect Cuba.
If all three had wanted to launch,
it would have happened,
according to their protocol.
Kennedy only got rid of the Cuban
missiles by agreeing to withdraw
US nuclear missiles from Turkey, that
had been aimed at Russia for many years,
which really disturbed the USSR.
And that is exactly what ended the crisis.


“the modern-day combination of Chicken Little and The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Little Chicken Who Cried Wolf ?

Sweet Old Bob

Or the Little Wolf who Cried because he was Chicken ?


Or the Wolf just at the Chicken….


‘ATE the Chicken…”
Not enough caffeine yet.

Ben of Houston

I can even understand moving it due to Trump and Kim’s talk. That’s reasonable. However, the entire purpose of the clock has changed. It’s not about imminent destruction anymore. Fake news? Climate change? Even taking worst case, those things might kill us decades or centuries from now, but even that wouldn’t end humanity.
The Doomsday clock was about the General Secretary or President actually being able to physically kill us all with ten minutes notice. An actual doomsday. Moving the clock due to worry about the loss of faith in expert’s pronouncements of doom makes this self-explanatory.

Leo Smith

Climate of Fear…

Pop Piasa

They share the same phobia, that time will run out on their source of income and purpose before they have finished milking it..

Pop Piasa

By ‘they’ I mean the climate alarmists and the clock watchers


Spot on! That’s as close as you can come to Da Truth without explaining it further.
Always follow the money.


I’d rather blow the world to pieces than live under the tyranny of the climate alarmist Marxist Leninist’s.

Extreme Hiatus

I was born in 1953. I’ve been doomed my whole life. You get used to it after a while.


It’s the End of the World as We Know It – And I Feel Fine!

James Bull

It’s one of the awkward things about life it has to come to an end at some point. So many try to extend it for as long as possible and then complain about the elderly?
James Bull

Bruce Cobb

Same here. Remember those air raid drills in school? Ha-ha! Way to give kids nightmares.

Steve Keohane

Duck and cover and kiss your a$$ goodbye. Oh yeah, don’t look at the flash, your eyes might melt…


Extreme, would you like some hot tea and chocolate chip cookies? We can just talk about volcanoes, stuff like that….

I was also born in 1953.
So were a lot of other people.

George W Childs

Don’t get me started…


Reminds me of a song 《⊙¿⊙》


OK. Let me get this straight. If we don’t pay attention to these self-proclaimed experts voicing pronouncements of doom, we will surely be exterminated. Aw heck. I am 78. I think I will stick around and watch. Sounds like fun!!!!!


Climate activists wish they had come up with the doomsday clock.


Where are the AGW stall-warts to defend this clown like idiocy?

Pop Piasa

Heh, stall-warts sounds like something on the rear of a horse.

Randy in Ridgecrest



Yes, they do.


I once had a horse that liked beer. As I recall, he was rather fond of Guinness stout. But no stall-warts had he. Just the usual appetite for apples, beer and hay.


These people lost what little relevance they had when the USSR collapsed.

Pop Piasa

Yet, they still get compensated for their pessimism. Optimists organize themselves to voluntarily do meaningful things for humanity and never ask for a dime to deliver good news about anything.
It seems people pay willingly for bad news, but kill the messenger when presented with positive prospects.


Then they ran out of enemies and had to invent a bunch of new ones to keep the old MIC going.

John F. Hultquist

They need more clocks!
About a dozen.
Each imminent disaster ought of have its own.
There is a big difference between nuclear war and climate change.
We have flu pandemics, and many more.
We may die of red meat, red wine, or red heads! (Ask my sister. She can do you in with a glance.)
With so many, when added together, the clock must be broken.
Otherwise it would be clanking, beeping, or pealing.


Maybe we could create a whole new industry out of disaster clocks. Employ people to calculate where each belongs, someone to reset, someone to upload to social media (if it’s not on Twitter, it’s not happening) and so forth. Keep them from doing foolish things like studying sandwiches and moving boulders.

Pop Piasa

Don’t forget millennials studying the utilization of a can-opener.

J Mac

Sure, whole new industries… I can envision a Hip Hop ‘star’, calling himself ‘Dizastah Mastah’, with a big ‘dizastah’ clock necklace (like Flavor Flav). He’ll spawn a whole new category of inhuman non-music called Dizastah Ennui that the next generation will embrace, much to the puzzled chagrin of their Millennial parents.

David J Wendt

It’s the end of theWorld as we know it…and I feel FINE!

Pop Piasa

Here’s what Garcia thought.

John Robertson

The Dooms Day Clock was entrusted to some fine progressive citizens, due to the natural miss-appropriation of funds and reckless spending on immoral pursuits.. there were no funds for maintenance and upkeep.
So the clock is right twice a day.
Good government clock keepers.


Someday they might measure time by B.C. (Before Clock) and A.D. (After Doomsday).
I’m guessing there will be many disappointed people who thought the Doomsday Clock had any validity to begin with.
In any case, time marches on, just as this planet will.

Michael S. Kelly

In a related story, some reasonable and level-headed people have set the “Idiometer”, an actual meter which measures the stupidity of mainstream culture, to “11”…on a scale of 10, of course.

Pop Piasa

Those who watch the clock only kill time.
(I can’t believe I can’t find anyone to attribute this quote to.)


Lawrence M. Krauss‏Verified account
Follow Follow @LKrauss1
Donald Trump says he is “looking forward” to lying under oath to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. “I would love to do it and I would like to do it as soon as possible” Trump said.
When fruitcake leftism trumps your PHD’s and awards and papers and… you’ll only be remembered for your fruitcake leftism, not your PHD’s and awards and papers and…

Trump should have fired Mueller immediately.
It’s still not too late.
He should NOT testify unless he pulls a Hillary
by saying “I don’t recall” everything,
or just taking the 5th for every question.
I believe testifying
will later be viewed
as the dumbest
thing Trump ever did
as President.
There is a team of Democrat sharks
looking to burn him, and they
know Trump talks too much to be
100% accurate during his testimony.
There was no crime committed,
(and collusion is not even a crime
if it was committed), and
it is absolutely shocking
that Mueller, after one year,
has not even stated the specific
crime he is investigating —
it is just a generic witch hunt
and should be stopped immediately
for the benefit of future Presidents,
no matter what the consequences
in the 2000 election.
The questioning is a deliberate “perjury trap”
to impeach Trump, if and when Democrats
win more seats in the House in November 2018.
They have recordings of Trump on the phone
with Paul Manafort and others who were wiretapped,
and maybe even a lot more surveillance
than we already know of.
Unless Trump has a photographic memory,
and says as little as possible to answer each question,
( not likely with Trump ! )
he will make mistakes
about exactly what he said,
and when he said it,
to one or more people …
… and his lies (errors)
will be proven by transcripts
from the NSA spying.
Remember that Mike Flynn
was found guilty
of lying about something
that was not a crime.
Collusion is also not a crime unless
money of favors (bribes) take place,
which did not happen.
I have studied Trump’s record as
president and believe he has been
too tough when dealing with Russians,
and in no way doing any favors for them!
Martha Stewart was also found guilty of lying about
something that was not a crime (getting a tip
from her broker) and was never charged with
insider trading, because she did not do
any insider trading! Yet she went to prison
for lying about something that was
perfectly legal !

Too late. It is already past midnight.comment image


Anybody know the source for that image?

Mike McMillan



I used to have a watch with Mickey Mouse counting the seconds.


If the right hand is minutes, and the left hand is hours, what was counting the seconds?

Tom in Florida

Minny. But then there are those who thought she might be crazy, but really she was just f–cking goofy.

Imagine if some folks made a doomsday clock based on their reading of the Bible. Next imagine that they kept fiddling with the time based on the latest news.
That’s about how asinine these “scientists” look.
Meanwhile, the clock for when Social Security kicks the bucket really is ticking.

South River Independent

SS trust fund will be depleted by 2034. Of course, it contains only IOUs from the general tax fund.


Anyone who expects to be alive in 2034 and receiving a SS check better expect for a pittance of current promised value in that actual check value.

South River Independent

South River
The SS trust fund is a
meaningless stack of IOUs
(when there was a surplus — the money was
used for other government spending, and that
is logical — and replaced by IOUs (non-marketable
Treasury bonds).)
The extra complication
from the legal entity
of a trust fund
with no real money in it
is used to confuse people.
I read the SS and Medicare
annual reports
every year,
believe it or not.
SS is a pay as you go
senior citizen welfare program.
It went into cash flow
deficit spending
in 2010, and will
never have
a surplus again.
No president has made
any attempt to consider
the huge borrowing required
to fund SS, Medicare, and Medicaid
for retired baby boomers
… except for Reaagn,
who hiked SS taxes over 20 years
before a tax hike was needed
(for the retired babu boomers) !


Dedicated to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists:




Josh: Come up with a cartoon for this topic using a Cuckoo Clock. (I was going to add something else, but won’t.)


Your have to admit though, the image of those somber faced beard scratchers moving the hands on that ridiculous clock like it actually meant anything is priceless.

J Mac

Music appropriate for the old hippies whinging…. er, winding the ‘Disaster Crock’!
The Doors – When The Music’s Over


I would’ve thought “This Is The End” would be a better fit.

Clock in clock out and that rod still cannot wake up. Do something about it! Details on my page 🙂

Bob Deakin

I was a school boy in England and still remember 1962 very clearly. What is wrong with this people?

Bob Deakin

Correction – these people.

El Duchy

If any good at all comes from nuclear weapons it is that the leaders themselves are likely to perish in flames. In the old days they could start a war, and if they lost retire with their families in exile in luxury. Today they and their families will die along with everyone else, the irony is that among Western leaders Trump is one of the few to actually have a family.

Ben of Houston

Well, yes. Mutually Assured Destruction works in no small part because the leaders can’t escape from it. Yes, they have mountain fortress hidey-holes, but unless they are the ones to start it, they will never be able to get there in time.

Nigel S

The greatest contribution to peace is the US fracking industry which by its ingenuity is denying funding to our enemies. Here’s hoping that sanity breaks out in UK soon too.


Here’s hoping . . . . . .
But, unhappily – given the timidity centred on Drowning Street – I am not holding my breath.
Auto – struggling for words!


That’s the sister site to I can’t believe the drivel they post now. The hype is over the top. I call it a sci-fi site.


Appeasers never learn until it is far too late, if at all.

Let’s face it, push comes to shove, we’re one Trump Casino and Resort in Pyongyang away from a peace agreement. Trump’s heart isn’t in the White House, he’s still a property developer.
And BTW, it’s not the hours you clock in, who cares how much a president plays golf or watches TV?


This Soros quote seems to sum up their reasoning, I’m surprised they can read a clock:
“Indeed, the United States is set on a course towards nuclear war by refusing to accept that [North] Korea has become a nuclear power,” Soros said. “This creates a strong incentive for North Korea to develop its nuclear capacity with all possible speed, which in turn may induce the United States to use its nuclear superiority pre-emptively, in effect to start a nuclear war to prevent a nuclear war, obviously a self-contradictory strategy.”


Soros seems to think the U.S. should accept a nuclear-armed North Korea, led by a murderous dictator.
That’s unacceptable. The U.S. is not going to put itself at the mercy of a person who has no mercy.
I sure am glad Trump is running the show instead of Soros. The U.S. will be a lot safer that way.


Back in the days of the Soviet Union, you could be pretty sure that the only way a nuclear war could start would be by accident. The Soviet and Chinese leaders weren’t crazy.
Unfortunately we have decided that letting crazy people get their hands on nukes is okee dokee.

Joel Snider

‘The U.S. is not going to put itself at the mercy of a person who has no mercy.’
God forbid the Progressives regain control – because they will. Without a doubt. And pat themselves on the back for it.
And then they’ll looked shocked and surprised when half the continent is blown to hell.
And anyone left alive will spin it to absolve themselves of all blame.

Patrick MJD

Point totally missed in the Australian MSM. Happy Australia Day, while it lasts!

Mihaly Malzenicky

The situation is that we all run into our losing, some find it funny. I do not consider this to be funny, but I would quickly introduce geoengineering and cold fusion. It would be almost in no cost to introduce them.

michael hart

The atomic scientists were probably the original group of self-important scientists who thought their discipline entitled them to special political insights denied to lesser mortals. Their spawn are today Manning the climate models, and are no more likely to be correct.

Bruce Cobb

Good grief, not the Doomsday Crock again.

DC Cowboy

You’d think they’d have moved it closer when the Pentagon acknowledged that the Russian Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6 autonomous nuclear ‘torpedo’ does exist. The ability to launch a 100 megaton cobalt encased ‘torpedo’ capable of traversing the Pacific undetected would be a tad bit more concerning to them than Trump’s antics with the ‘Fat Frat Boy’. That system gives them a 1st strike weapon capable of devastating the major cities on the west coast and, via enhanced fall out from the cobalt sheathing, potentially destroying the American breadbasket.
So much for the Obama & Bush admins ‘unilateral disarmament’ attempts

Curious George

Hollywood first, as usual. Are you saying that New York and DC are safe?


Ah, 1953… I remember it well. My dad used to serve dinner after church on Sunday and always put too much on our plates. He had a digestive system that could have engulfed a gray whale, but we were little kids and little kids don’t have adult appetites, so we couldn’t finish those huge portions. And he would yell at us that people were starving to death in China, thanks to Lysenkoism’s destruction of Chinese agriculture under Mao Tse-Tung, but he wouldn’t tell us why they were starving. So my brother and I would retort, ‘Then send it to them. We can’t eat all that food.’
So to deflate the arguments, my mother started filling the plates in the kitchen. That ended the charming tales of starvation in China.
I used to sit in the swing hung from the tulip tree and wonder what the world would be like in 50 years. It is both better and worse.
These people are just desperate for attention and grants money. They are irrelevant and they know it. It is baloney. Keep a close eye on them and the silly things they say, and make sure that they are shown to be completely wrong, as often as possible.


The Doomsday Clock suffers from Zeno’s Paradox. The alarmists only want to push it forward, never back. But since it cannot actually reach midnight, the increments get ever smaller along with the impact of the doom predictions.
Not to mention, all thermodynamic engines work best just below the point where they self destruct. Human progress depends on living at the very edge of chaos. If there was no doom, we would have to create it.


They do push it back though. Whenever a Democrat is elected president.


Clocks run by committee are not reliable.

Pop Piasa

They run forward, then back, forward, then back, forward, then back, forward, then back…


Depending on the personalities involved and the cliques.


waste of perfectly good idiots…
fwiw I got no problems using nukes, if using one accomplishes mission while saving our service members lives then release them to tactical (first then if needed strategic) units and have a go at it.


You really need a great diplomat to have the clock set back to a safer point…….like maybe Neville Chamberlin.

Bruce Cobb

On the ideology-time continuum, time is relative. Think of it as a giant spring sitting on a rubber sheet.