Monday Mirthiness – hilarious rant on October temperature: 'This is what we get for not electing Al Gore back in the day''

Sometimes, you just have to laugh, and that’s really about all we can do here, because simple facts have no effect. Tom Nelson made the mistake of trying to show a true climate believer that even warmer temperatures had occurred many many years before, in 1938, but this person would hear none of it. Because, facts don’t matter, it’s only what you can “feel”.

Warning: Graphic language. Tweets are in chronological order from bottom to top.


Yes, if only Al Gore had been elected…

But, data trumps feelings. The record for October 17th is 90 degrees in 1938, and there are several other 90+ days in October.







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mark - Helsinki

I love Tom’s tweets, he’s relentless with facts and even got Schmidt to blame NOAA for bad data. 😀


All the actual expertise is over at NOAA. Why NASA is dabbling in this is a mystery to me. They should stick to their legislated mandate … whatever that is.


Didn’t it have something to do with making Arabs feel good about their math contributions to exploring space?

Max looks like a kid … and he has all of FOUR followers.

mark - Helsinki

We’d have elected Gore back but he’s been busy bring freezing cold around the world wherever he goes, to cool the planet of course. The Gore effect


So of course he’s correct. Had you elected al-Gore, you could have had the Gore Effect in the entire 58 States, every day. CONUS is big enough for that to have produced 8 consecutive record cold global years on the RSS.

mark - Helsinki

Shouldn’t that name read “Max Dumba55”?



Analitik, consensus

Gunga Din

If only Al Gore was President in 1937!
(He’d probably be dead by now and his hot air with him….but, then again, we’d all probably be speaking German or Japanese.8-)


(and blond haired ‘n blue eyed…)


Hey! I used to be blond haired and blue eyed. Before I got gray haired and bald. Wish I could be like I used to be! And…a sh*t load of Germans are black haired.


“…a s*** load of Germans are black haired.”
They’d have “eliminated” them, too…

Gard R. Rise

He must be talking about Al Sr,, the coal and oil guy, then.

The power of vodka is strong in that one (Dumas), Obiwan. Don’t drink and drive. Also, don’t drink and tweet. Both result in wrecks.
Warmunists don’t need facts, only beliefs. And their climate scientists change facts to suit their theories, rather than vice versa. Inconvenient Truth was prophetic in that narrow sense.


I’ve noticed that the more vodka I drink the more the climate changes.
Don’t know if that has anything to do with this thread though, since I’m now drinking bourbon.

Gunga Din

I heard once that God invented whiskey so the Irish wouldn’t take over the world.
Guess he invented bourbon so Kentuckians wouldn’t either.
(Don’t know why we have gin.8-)


Sippin’ whiskey. Cask Strength (110 proof).


In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.
Benjamin Franklin


As the Romans used to say, “In vino veritash.”

Gunga Din

Vodka is a Russian drink!!!
Hillary was right!!!!
The Russians have hacked Twitter!!!!!

Hey, that’s a trumped up charge, tovaresh,

Phil R

Gunga Din

I heard once that God invented whiskey so the Irish wouldn’t take over the world.
Guess he invented bourbon so Kentuckians wouldn’t either.
(Don’t know why we have gin.8-)

Gin was invented for those who like the taste of turpentine. :>)


In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.
Benjamin Franklin
I could use a scotch after reading all of the clinton e-mails produced to date…

Richard G

The models are showing mid 90’s for my area later this week. Should I stock up on vodka, or will a cold Ale do?

Owen in GA

I’d go with the cold ale, but that is a personal preference.


A cold Al might help with that warm spell.

Richard G

I’ll go with a cold Al and use the vodka to cleanse the wound in case I get gored.

Eugene WR Gallun

The science is settled, only the data is uncertain.
Eugene WR Gallun


The data is certainly not cooperating.

Barbara Skolaut

Awwww, you harshed his mellow with those icky old facts. What a meanie. 🙁
/do I really need to?


Why doesn’t Gore do a tour stop in NYC. It would be all blizzard.


A prerequisite for being a progressive is to be ignorant of the past. That way everything you do can be called progress. Including your climate religion.


Where there is no redemption for the lay, only eco-penance.
Where the elect acquire absolution through carbon indulgences.
Where the clergy line their pockets, and blind their eyes to real suffering.
A solar panel for an altar. A wind turbine for an icon.
Corn ethanol incense and imported wood pellets,
All for a burnt offering of coal and oil.

Facts? Facts? I don’t need to show you any stinkin facts!


In March 1990 it hit 90 degrees in baltimore at the same time it was 88 in miami. It’s called weather…

Roy Spencer

Yeah, but the degrees were cooler back then because they weren’t affected by co2.

I once told a group of…. let’s call them socialites, that one of the reasons we had to change to metric was that Fahrenheit degrees weren’t big enough to measure global warming with. Didn’t get a single guffaw, no one called BS.
I wept. From mirth or sadness I do not know.

NW sage

It’s true! There are big degrees and little degrees (and it doesn’t depend which university they came from). There is no reason to believe that the degrees in the 1930s were anywhere close to the same size as those used today – much less the degrees used in the 1800s! No wonder the ocean temperatures have changed – they used different sized degrees back then and no one noticed!
The problem is made even worse because the engineers and scientists deliberately use different kinds of degrees just to confuse the rest of us. There are Fahrenheit degrees, Celsius degrees, Centigrade degrees, Kelvin degrees, and Rankine degrees – perhaps more. When will it stop? Does using a new kind of degree when talking about an old thing make the old thing new? Maybe if we used the right kind of degree there wouldn’t be any warming or cooling at all because we couldn’t measure it?? Problem solved!!
And we didn’t even touch on science degrees, history degrees or liberal arts degrees!

NW + many and funny too

We should just use Kelvin (or Rankin). Than global warming just gets lost in the noise.

Eugene WR Gallun

NW sage — Much is explained by what you have written. — Eugene WR Gallun


Don’t forget the radial degrees.


After 6 degrees its all the same anyway.

Mickey Reno

If Gore had been elected, he would have come to NYC and the Gore-effect would have caused an 80 degree day in January or a freakish summer sleet storm. Every one knows that.

Jim Watson

Yeah, I remember my first Martini.

Ian H

I don’t.

Eugene WR Gallun

Ian H — Best reply of the day — Eugene WR Gallun


Eugene WR Gallun, best reply to the “best reply of the day”… (☺)

John in Oz

Ian H – why would you expect to remember Jim Watson’s first martini as you were probably not present when he drank it?
English is a great language for being able to read multiple contexts in the one sentence.


“Stop acting happy and be worried.” ’nuff said.

John Harmsworth

Interesting! Only 2 record highs sinces 2000. Given the time factor I would think that this is actually fewer than one would expect from a flat trend.

Craig knows what it’s all about
““Stop acting happy and be worried.” ’nuff said.”

Larry Hamlin

Millennial’s are truly impressive with their extraordinary thinking honed by use of the average 8 second long attention span reported by the New York Times for their generation. This gentleman is a fine example of that extraordinary attention span capability.

Man, person, human, whatever, but certainly no gentleman with language like that. Typical of the true believer, however, as they resort to extreme foul language and name-calling when frustrated by facts. Obscene language — the sign of a weak mind seeking a way to express itself.

To express its pathos.

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist level 7

If it makes him feel any better, we did elect Al Gore in 2000, but the Supreme Court gave the election to Bush..
/sarc, just in case.


Well, technically the electoral college did…

Phil R

+1/2, just because you’re technically right.
I do think it’s scary though how many people don’t even know what the electoral college is or how it works.

Which is the way presidential elections are decided in this country. This is a republic, not a democracy. It is supposed to be…
“The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”


i do think they got the formula wrong… (the extra 2 votes per state for the number of senators) Each congressional district should be assigned a single vote. Adding 2 because of the arbitrary number of senators gives too much added weight to small states (which is why they did it).


Lest we mislead any millenials who wander across this thread, the Supreme Court said the Democrats could not have a recount in only the democrat-leaning districts. Especially in conflict with State election laws. AND later investigations by the press showed that even counting the hanging chads would not have changed the vote.


The decision that a partial recount would violate the one man one vote principle was 7-2.
The 5-4 decision was on whether or not to order a full statewide recount. The majority felt that there was not enough time left for such a recount.


I remember reading a quote from Al Gore’s campaign manager when prior to the election, someone asked him about the possibility of the total vote not having the same winner as did the electoral college.
His response was that if this had been a total vote election, they would have run a vastly different campaign.
Both campaigns run their campaigns based on the rules in place. Just saying that had the rules been different there would have been a different outcome ignores the fact, that had the rules been different, both campaigns would have run different campaigns.

Never mind, future historians will laugh at how dumb we must have been back then to believe all this nonsense.
But to me the saddest thing is, “What good things all that money could have been used for”.
Michael Elliott

+ a bunch

Future historians will judge us as our historians judge those ignorant clods that proceeded us. How could they be so unenlightened? Our society is so much more refined.

Jeff Alberts

What about those who preceded us?

Ignorant clods, of course. How could they not know that it is wrong to subjugate the native inhabitants of land they coveted? That owning slaves is abhorrent? Why, they didn’t even give women the right to vote! Unenlightened, at the best.
Clearly we are superior in every way. Our modern standards are impeccable. We have achieved the highest level of societal attainment possible, and it will never be excelled!


don’t forget the flat earth society…


In the future they will be appalled that we withheld the vote from children, because surely they are the ones most effected by the decisions that need to be made. It’s those over 60 who shouldn’t be allowed to vote, as they already ruined the world with all their fossil fuel burning and capitalism.
(Sadly there is no SARC tag here, because I an picture the progressives doing this far to easily)


A year or so ago, I read about a proposal to drop the voting age to 16.


Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport – Record values
Averages and Extremes for October 17:
Averages and Extremes Value Year
Average Maximum Temperature 13.6°C
Average Minimum Temperature 3.6°C
Frequency of Precipitation 39.0%
Highest Temperature (1938-2012) 27.8°C 1938

Peta in Cumbria

Beware – sense of humour breakdown warning – who is getting the the p1ss taken?
A lot of folks here, led by Tom Nelson are walking into a trap
How DO you explain a joke: You can’t, so lets look at the ‘comedian’
A person who is genuinely drunk is NOT going to brag about it. Drunks lie
A drunk is not going to have almost perfect spelling and grammar.
Yes there are 4-letter words there. They are being used to reinforce a point and that is a sign of intelligence, quick wit and real self confidence. A very recent article (on BBC I think, said so – as if it wasn’t obvious)
This guy’s clever, genuinely funny and taking the mickey.
I’ve said all along, watch those carbs and grog, they make you fat, dumb, slow and stoopid.


BBC!!?? You cite BBC??? ROFLMAO.


I take it you are not a drunk ??


Being drunk is not the same thing as being a drunk.
Once you understand the difference you will be able to realize just where you went wrong.


It is to laugh.
Also maybe why Twitter was not sold! It will have to die of its own causes. Well then, there is still USENET NEWS GROUPS (in later day version with Flame Wars)!
Ha ha Ja ja
I voted for Al just because of George W. Bush, but the state that I was in had their Electoral College Votes go to W. Just think of it! A world without a 9/11/2001, without illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, without Extra-Military Extra-Judaical killings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Slovenia, London, Canada, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, China, Philippines, Columbia and New York City and Boston (very quietly those, NYPD and BPD are clueless to this day, cold cases) and without the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Agency and without a Federal Workforce (non military) numbering in excess of 2 million strong (enough to turn an election by electoral and popular vote).
The Law of Unintended Consequences.
It is to laugh.

You assume things would have turned out differently, RBom. It is to laugh.

So Bush caused 9/11?? I don’t think so…


And if gore had won?
All that other stuff aside, we’d be poorer. The whole world would be poorer. And numbering quite a few less as many would have starved to death or frozen to death in the dark.


Rbom is a pathetic example of the worst among us. He is unaware that the 911 plot was well underway prior to the 2000 election. He thinks the world was peaceful prior to 911. He thinks the war against Iraq was not supported by democrats. And he thinks that Gore’s anti-scientific doomsday tripe is true, and that his nonsense ideas about the delusional obsession from coming true are good. Typical.

David Chappell

“Extra-Judaical killings” No rabbis were involved?


You honestly believe that if we hadn’t elected Bush, Bin Laden would have called off the 9/11 attacks?
There was nothing illegal about the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, and there were no lies that led to either. Despite the frequent lies of those who wish to rewrite history.

Tom O

You honestly believe that the implosions of the towers weren’t planned since the time they were condemned, and that “the bogie man” was the reason that they were blown? No, no sarcasm intended, just expressing my own disbelief.

Paul Penrose

You forgot the /sarc tag.


speaking of the Media, and of special note to Canadians here and abroad, and the many many admirers of the UN COP saga…UN is blocking 3 ‘skeptic’ Canadian journalists from Marrakesh. File under Fair & Balanced.
Ezra Levant explains: – (it’s picking up something viral, on talk radio now, late, but maybe not too late)

I follow the Rebel, it is sort of the Canadian version of BB. They are being hammered by the regulators and were denied their TV channel a few years ago. They now have a new self build studio and depend on crowd souring, here is a link Thanks for the vid.


I’ve been pretty sour since Obama won. Is that good enough?

With a name like Max Dum-as, this twitter account must trolling. Don’t you think?

West Hollywood

Also many Democrats complained that Bush stole the election through some form or various forms of voter fraud.
Now of course Democrats are saying there’s no such thing as voter fraud. Sixteen short years and things change.


They claimed that the so called butterfly ballot, that was designed by the Democrat election commissioner was somehow so tricky that Democrats couldn’t figure it out.
It also didn’t matter that the butterfly ballot had been used statewide for decades, so everyone was familiar with it.


If Max Dumas is an adult in responsible employment & his boss were to see those messages, then his boss would have probable cause to let Max go. Max should have remained silent about his idiocy, but when he’s in his cups, he confirms he is a drunk who doesn’t know much at all. Least said, soonest mended, but in Max’s case, it’s way too late for that.


maybe he’s a garbage collector…


To be a climate consensus true believer requires the believer to embrace ignorance.

James Fosser

Warmer temperatures? Each time I see this term I am reminded of that spoken parlour game,”Are they animal, vegetable, or mineral?”

James Fosser

The game is Twenty Questions.

And here I always thought that one day was called weather. Will he be screaming about global cooling when it hits -10 in January?


It’s not just a weather vs. climate thing.
There’s also the apparent belief that if Central Park is warm, this proves that the entire world is warming.


Late January 1930 saw 87F in Roanoke, VA.

What this clown doesn’t understand is that weather isn’t climate. While he is having a lovely fall, we here in Western Canada are having one of the colder falls we have ever had.


Gore was a major near miss in doomsday events, ranked right up there with close calls of meteor strikes and nuclear bomb accidents. Thank your lucky chads for that one.

Bruce Cobb

He’s full of something.


Arguing with a drunk dumb kid. We’ve probably all done it and usually regret it as a waste of time.