Al Gore tries to make Mother's Day about 'climate hope', asks for money

From the “nothing is sacred when you need to feed the sacred cow” department. This was in my email today. I can just see the cards now: “Dear Mom, I didn’t get you a gift, but I gave money to Al Gore’s scam pet project “Climate Reality” in your name, Love, Tommy” Yeah, that’s the ticket. It reminds me of George Costanza and the “Human Fund” for Christmas. It would be interesting to see how many people would be dumb enough to fall for this ploy.



Dear -,

This Mother’s Day, we hope you’ll be with your friends, family, and loved ones. Chances are you’ll be talking about the things that matter most to you, which – for many – includes the health of our planet.

Here at The Climate Reality Project, what motivates us most is the desire to protect our planet and our future for the people we love. And with 175 countries signing the historic Paris Agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions recently, this future is looking brighter and brighter. And we think the world should know.

Yet despite this continued progress, the fossil fuel industry and its allies continue to mislead the public with misconceptions about climate solutions and try to halt our movement’s efforts. So today, we’re asking for your help to shift the conversation toward stories of climate hope, progress, and solutions as we work to stop climate change.


This Mother’s Day, make a gift of just $2 to Climate Reality and help us share powerful stories of climate hope and solutions with people everywhere. These are the stories that inspire action. The stories that move millions and ultimately change the way the world thinks about and acts to solve climate change.

Will you help us fight back against the fossil fuel industry and its efforts to mislead the public? After all, it’s not just us their deception affects. It’s also people like your friends, family, and loved ones – people who deserve a safe and sustainable future.

With your support, we’ll be able to reach millions with the truth about climate change and the innovative solutions we have today, influence key policy decisions on energy and emissions, and mobilize communities everywhere to take action post-Paris.

Thank you for helping us create the healthy future powered by clean energy we need. For our families and for yours.

– Your friends at Climate Reality

98 thoughts on “Al Gore tries to make Mother's Day about 'climate hope', asks for money

    • judging by this letter, I think he’s gearing up for his next project–a book entitled “Chicken Soup for the Climate Tortured Soul” full of uplifting stories of alarmists that have embraced their doom but are surprisingly hopeful for the future. He’ll be selling it on infomercial TV and if you act now you’ll get a second copy (just pay shipping and handling) but WAIT, there’s MORE! IF you call within the next 30 seconds you’ll not only get 2 copies but a set of GINZU knives! They slice, they dice, they cut those gas pipes leading to your house and stay sharp enough to cut a potatoe!
      (the “e” is there for a reason)

  1. I want that to be fake. I want it to be fake SO badly.
    My mother would probably yell at me for wasting two bucks. If I sent that to my dad for Father’s Day, he would probably disown me for being an idiot.
    The one positive is that I am reminded of the subplot in the movie “Better Off Dead”, where the paper boy harasses John Cusack for “two dollars!”

  2. Yes, give money to help get rid of the energy sources you’ll desperately need the keep from freezing to death when the temperature takes a nosedive. Like paying for the rope for the hangman to string you up.

    • I believe there used to be a custom for a person about to be executed to actually pay the axe-man a small sum of money so that he would make a swift clean job of it. I suspect no amount would ever be enough for Al Gore. It certainly feels like it every time I see his name.

    • and pay your taxes cuz it always gets you what you most want in life
      we know this because otherwise you’d do something different.

  3. Knock over a bank for $2K and they’ll come and get you.
    Suck (as in leech) $2 from a thousand people and would they even notice?

  4. I take this as a sign the AGW corpus is feeling a bit anemic. On the face of it this is grotesque. That they (he) have insufficient self awareness to see it themselves is strongly indicative of a developing panic attack. Appealing to sentiments associated with dear mother to pick up a buck or two, well, I don’t have a word to describe it, although scummy might fit. We all know the day is coming when even the thinnest of reasons will no longer sustain the flock. It isn’t today or tomorrow, but it will happen, and Al knows it as well as any skeptic.

  5. George Costanza: I got ‘im Yankee Tickets. He gave me a piece of paper sayin’ ‘I’ve given your gift to someone else!’ … Don’t you see how wrong that is??!! …. [LATER] ‘The Human Fund’ …
    Jerry: … it has a certain understated stupidity…

    (youtube — “Seinfeld” episode)
    Where would we have been without Mom in her station wagon…… or the van…. or whatever kind-of-old-kind-of-ugly big vehicle she drove to pick us up after school….. to take us to music lessons…. or ball practice….. or to haul all our friends to a fun time which she enjoyed
    mostly sitting in the car,
    What went into that family car? GAS.
    Where would we be without gasoline, today?
    Big Oil was good to Mom.
    Enviroprofiteers like A.G. and the “sustainability” cult keep Mom at home a lot (she can’t afford the gas to go on those little jaunts like she used to)…. make her worry a lot (“How am I going to pay for my electricity….”) ….. and the extra money she had for fun things like going to movies …. spent on Holy-taxed gas and windpower-surcharge power bills. Mom will stay home — a lot. If she calls you, let her talk. It’s about all she has,
    Mom* deserves better.
    *Not the nasty birth-container-only’s of the world. I mean the average, self-sacrificing, unconditionally loving, moms. I just wanted to acknowledge that, for some of you, “Mother’s Day” is NOT a day you feel like celebrating. Suggestion: send a card to someone who was really there for you.

      • If you could have seen the flash in my eyes as I wrote, you would have known. 🙂
        Yeah, as Jenn Runion said above, reading that oily gunk, one feels first like one just stepped in a cow pie… then, like someone slashed the tires on your car.
        Something about Mom….. and using her…..
        btw: VERY well-written post below — would make a GREAT political candidate ad — by Pat Frank!… My reaction was: I’ll vote for you (the pro-oil family guy, I mean — I’d vote for YOU, Dr. Frank, but I figure you have more enjoyable things to do with your time…).

  6. You’d think he’d have learned from the pizza commercial; “Four bucks, four bucks, four bucks”.

  7. Here’s bettin’ that $2 per family in the developed nations could bring electricity to the third world, Al.

  8. Anyone else feel like they need to take a shower after reading that. YUCK!
    I’m not surprised, sickened but not surprised. What a joke. Here’s a thought, send your $2 to a family that doesn’t HAVE electricity. Money well spent!

    • Your utility company will have an easy way to do this. Our’s teams with a local charity and folks deal with them, not us, and not the power company.

  9. Al gore is practicing what he learned from his Chinese friends. For those who don’t Know, in China they make the family pay for the bullets they use to execute the poor souls who dared to question the Communist Party doctrine.

    • Haven’t been there recently, have you? Last time I was in Beijing the place looked like the home of free capitalism to me. The amount steel, glass and polished stone is pretty high. If you need real communism, try North Korea. Only they don’t want to waste bullets, they just deprive food from their victims.

  10. Hey Al, I’ll give you a dollar for every UN IPCC computer climate model which actually predicted the 18 “hiatus” in global warming, and works in hindcast, matching the observed temperature records of the twentieth century. Let me know if you ever find one.

  11. I sent my check. It is the one signed Anonymous, because I didn’t want my work colleagues to belittle me for only giving $2. Enjoy.

  12. Another suggestion for Anthony and/or WUWT contributors: An article focused on the Gore graph (using his actual data and graph) from his movie that shows through history temp forces CO2, logically showing that CO2 has always spiked during interglacials regardless of human activity.

    • The opening scenes in The propaganda film inconvenient truthiness actually used classic hypnotic induction methods borrowed from NLP techniques. People were induced into a trance while they absorbed garbage devoid of logic.
      If the converted did not use the path of reason to join this doomsday cult, they sure as heck will not be able to use reason to become deprogrammed.

  13. From the article: “With your support, we’ll be able to reach millions with the truth about climate change and the innovative solutions we have today,”
    I wonder what those innovative solutions are. I’ll bet they cost a lot of money.

    • TA
      ‘Your money’. Not Albert A’s money.
      Oh – has he put his two buck’s worth in?

  14. Gore letter, “Yet despite this continued progress, the fossil fuel industry and its allies continue to mislead the public with misconceptions about climate solutions and try to halt our movement’s efforts.
    Gore subtext: critically-minded scientists, skeptics, republicans, fossil fuel executives and workers — all of them — do not love their babies or their children. They all love short-term money and/or short-term comfort; either that or they’re sociopaths.
    This is the cruel idiocy, indeed the vicious inhumane slander, implicit within the entire green propaganda effort.
    This cruelty needs to be brought front-and-center. Gore and the NGOs should be publicly shamed for their slander.
    I can see a set of videos. Head of fossil fuel company standing companionably with spouse and children. S/He says: I am the CEO of fossil fuel company X. I love my family. Whoever says I put company profits ahead of them is lying. In my informed view, AGW is a crock. My children’s health and well-being depend on inexpensive energy. So do yours. I intend to see they all get the brighter future they deserve.

    • Pat Frank wrote: “This is the cruel idiocy, indeed the vicious inhumane slander, implicit within the entire green propaganda effort.”
      It is because they are certain of their moral superiority and the rightness of their cause, and anyone who does not agree with them is not only wrong, they are immoral, unless they are just not smart enough to understand the situation.

    • It just hit me. “Gaia” is a misspelling of “Giai“, which stands for “Gore Is An Idiot.”

  15. I hate to thread bomb but has WUWT noticed that over 80,000 people have been evacuated from Ft Mac and that the wildfire disaster is still far from over? The devastation is huge and if there are any that can help please donate to the Red Cross as the Canadian govnt, oil companies, and others are offering matching donations, please help if you can.

    • Thanks for telling us, Roger Murphy — no, I have not been looking at/listening to news for several days, now.
      Here’s video:
      Wildfire — Evacuation — 88,000 residents — Ft. McMurray, Alberta

      Here is a GOOD place to invest some charitable donations.

      • Biggest urban disaster evacuation since 200,000 were sent from Mississauga, Ontario in 1979, after a tanker train with carloads of chlorine gas derailed and caught fire.

      • Seems the Alberta NDP government had cut the fire fighting budget by 80% in the last year. That will probably turn out to have been a mistake.

      • When you microwave the entire planet with a forest of cell towers you suck all the moisture out of the atmosphere and turn anything natural in the environment into kindling awaiting a single spark

  16. What does Al Gore need money for? Isn’t he filthy rich from selling carbon absolution credits and scamming Delaware and Apple Computer with Bloom boxes?

  17. 3rd try, Sorry for the thread bomb but is WUWT aware of the massive wildfire in northern Alberta and that over 80,000 people have been evacuated and thousands have just had their homes destroyed? If one feels the urge to donate the Red Cross is the best way, the Canadian Govt, oil companies, and others have promised to match donations, please help if you can.

  18. Dear Mr. Gore,
    May I inquire, given that the science is settled and 175 countries have signed the Paris agreement, who is it that is left to persuade and why?

  19. the fossil fuel industry and its allies continue to mislead the public with misconceptions about climate solutions

    This is indeed the case, but not the way you are supposed to understand it!
    I’m afraid oil companies are selling biofuels on high price using misconceptions about this being a climate solution. The high price is high for customers, which pay it, for the state which subsidizes, and for nature which is harvested to produce some extra sugar cane or palm oil.
    At the same time, its allies and selling highly subsized wind and solar power using rare earth metals that will be heavily depleted. They also depend on the public having misconceptions on usefulness of wind and solar industry for energy production at a large scale. Not to forget the economical and environmental problems caused by wind and solar.
    This is a large movement, not to be ignored. They do not have a complete solution, but they have spread misconceptions so efficiently large portion of people actually believe we can stop using coal in 35 years using wind and solar. See for example

  20. “Help us spread stories of climate hope”…
    What? WHAT climate hope?! It’s all doom-and-gloom! It’s all we’re gonna fry, we’re gonna die! It’s all guilt laid on thick, it’s all “You dumb people do as you’re told” and “Don’t question! Don’t look at the evidence! Don’t talk to those evil skeptics!” It’s all “You’re gonna have to eat bugs!” and “You can’t have pets” and “You’re not allowed to own your own car” – Oh yes, and “We’re gonna have to grind civilization into the ground because you’re all WICKED and it’s for you’re own good and we’re savin’ the planet!”
    I have never heard one item of good news from these people. Their idea of a good time is putting together reasons for why THEY have to wipe out nine out of every ten of us.
    They also wanted top wipe out Christmas. What makes anyone think they’ll hang onto Mother’s Day? Are you kidding me???

  21. Trust me “the health of our planet”, which is of course a euphemism for “climate change” will not be discussed at any family get-together we attend.

  22. Gore made a packet from selling Current TV to oil and gas interests. I suggest he funds his propaganda website himself.

  23. Sounds pretty desperate. They need to rally the troops now, with “stories of climate hope”, to lift up their spirits.
    Because they know they are losing.

  24. 1. Maybe they’re putting down bets on the Kentucky Derby.
    2. Are they REALLY going to compete for dollars during a hot election cycle?
    3. Is this a weird variation on crowdsourcing?

  25. For Climate Ninnies, “stories of climate hope” would likely include the following feel-good subjects:
    Recycling, turning off lights, and turning thermostats down in winter and up in summer, biking and walking more, planting trees, picking up trash, spreading the climate gospel, etc. The activities help them feel like they are doing something to “save the planet”, and the stories give them a sense of community. It’s a cult type thing. Keep the followers within the faith.

  26. Maybe Al Gore should take the lead from mothers against drunk driving. Instead of Mothers day for Climate hope, maybe Mothers against climate frauds is better.

  27. So it’s turned from CAGW all the way to Climate Hope!! I know what they are hoping for, too, but Mother (Nature) isn’t buying.

  28. At our dinner table we’ll be talking about how I’d like to drag Al Gore behind a woodshed and beat him with my hockey stick.

    • Thanks for the link, Michael.
      What a hoot! He did it for that famous corn-growing state, Tennessee. Yeah, right. They only grow enough corn to produce the product Tennessee is really famous for; outstanding hooch.

  29. How shameless can this Al Gore be? – using Mother’s Day as an event to raise funds to beat off a bogus problem.

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