It's Earth Hour tonight, celebrate energy!

Normally I write a blog post far in advance for this .  This year  due to it being so “high profile” in the news, I simply forgot.

Oh well. My sister is celebrating it at her house by making full use of incandescent lighting.


Dr. Roy Spencer nores notes this on Facebook :

In honor of Earth Hour tonight I will have the lights on, and I’m gonna burn a bunch of wood in the fireplace.

What did you do?

149 thoughts on “It's Earth Hour tonight, celebrate energy!

  1. ..” Dr. Roy Spencer nores this on Facebook : ” ??
    NORES ??
    Sorry Anthony, don’t mean to be a pest, but give them no fuel !

  2. I was hoping no one would mention it. Now I feel pressure to do something, regardless of the silliness of it all.

      • After a bottle of wine and some scotch I’m as lit up as I’m going to get. Oh yea the computer I’m typing this on has 2 screens! Happy “Affordable Electric Energy Day” everyone.

  3. TV on for basketball, lights on, heater on, ran the pickup (full size 15 MPG in town) around the block a few times to make certain the anti-ice stuff I added this afternoon is blended in.

    • Hehe, drove my F250 V10 about 80 miles today (at 11 mpg). Was expecting to come home with a new recliner, but it wasn’t meant to be. Then I mowed half my 2.5 acres. Hopefully I’ve done my part today to keep the planet nice and warm.

      • Not even close !! You’ve got to run that F250 V10 for at least 24 hours at full throttle to maybe add 1/1,000,000,000th of a degree to Canada !!

      • I’ll make sure to push the gas pedal on my 5.7l Hemi 4×4 a few times tomorrow to add some CO2 to our live giving trees, thanks for the reminder.

    • I never before thought of the impact of March Madness on the US’s CO2 emissions, which is perfect for an Earth Hour celebration of cheap energy. In one week, 126 games are played by 252 teams (men and women), meaning around 4000 players will be sprinting back and forth as fast as they can for two hours or so in front of many thousands of screaming fans as well as all of the fans screaming at home and in thousands of bars. In addition, these teams must fly all over the country in order to play the next team as they advance through the brackets. And their fans will fly all over the country to watch them play! What a grand celebration of man’s and woman’s production of CO2 (literally) and the wonderful opportunity provided by cheap and available energy sources!

      • I wonder how March Madness compares (CO2 emissions-wise) to the 25,000 delegates (plus an additional 25,000 hangers-on) flown in to the last climate love-fest in Paris.

      • James,
        Don’t forget all the energy to light the arenas. Or perhaps I should say overlight. The TV cameras need extra lighting. And don’ t forget all the heat producd by the lights and those screaming fans in the arenas. That will require millions of ton-hours of expensive, carbon producing air conditioning to keep everything nice and cool.
        It ‘s madness! Madness I say! We need to organize a boycott of the NCAA for their shameful raping of the planet and resulting destruction of our fragile eco-system in the name of crass commercialism. Shame on you NCAA! Shut down these games now, before it is too late!
        …end of rant…

    • I’m gonna be late on this one, still waiting for a new dual feed fuel line for my Holley 650 double-pumper so I can finish restoring my 1981 Jeep CJ7 rock climber with a built 304 V8. I’ll catch up later and run my powerstroke 6.4 meanwhile.

  4. Don’t underestimate the evolutionary aspect of the Hour. When reading at a dim light, you will finally lose sight – just like cave fish and salamanders. No lighting needed any more, big energy savings. The Earth will be saved.

  5. We burned leaves, wood scraps and other debris this afternoon. Didn’t even know about earth hour or I’d have waited.

  6. Normally turn everything on, and get the halogen spotlights out.
    This year, though, with the skyrocketing cost of electricity – well, does charging the Kindle up count?

  7. Our house can’t be seen from the local road, but I did turn on the spotlights over the front door.

  8. Tweaking my fuel injection pump ready for an off road easter egg hunt, if I try really hard I can get less than 10mpg, 100 mile will be pushing the old girl, but I should be able to get to exactly where I started from!

  9. I have to apologise.. Down here in Oz, its been and gone.
    I forgot and I didn’t get out the stage lights or anything. 🙁
    Was watching a LOUD movie on the 65″ LCD
    HT system has 2x350w 15″ subs.. so I was probably using a small amount of power.
    I hope I didn’t let the side down too badly. !

  10. Tonight will be celebrating and honoring all of the life giving inventions, inventors, engineers, and scientists responsible for sustaining my life and my fellow Canadians’ lives by having all of my lights and appliances turned on.

  11. Australia’s CAGW-infested Fairfax media (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age etc) started the “Earth Hour” circus, but their staff have been on strike since Thursday & will stay out til Monday, over the axing of more staff, so their carbon footprint might be a little lighter this year:
    18 Mar: World Socialist Web Site (WSWS): Australian journalists condemn the axing of more Fairfax jobs
    Striking Fairfax Media journalists spoke to the World Socialist Web Site at their rally in Sydney today, explaining why they have walked out until Monday to fight the threatened loss of a further 120 jobs and revealing some of the conditions under which they are already working…
    worth a read for the laughs:
    2012: Crikey: David Salter: An hour to ponder why Fairfax bothers turning off the lights
    What tends to be forgotten — or deftly sidestepped — is that Earth Hour began in 2007 as a promotional campaign for Fairfax dreamed up by an advertising agency, Leo Burnett (the Earth Hour website now describes this genesis as a “partnership with brand co-owners, Fairfax Media”). The basic idea pitched by the advertising “creatives” five years ago was to cloak the Fairfax broadsheet mastheads with the feel-good moral superiority of joining the Good Fight against global warming while adding to paid sales and making an extra little pot of cash from spin-off custom display advertising. To clinch the warm-inner-glow value of their pitch, the World Wildlife Fund was enlisted as a partner, complete with their heart-tugging little Panda Bear logo…

    • Ah, explains why I have not seen much reporting here in Aus. It’s usually on all channels and in all papers, but this year very little, or I simply missed it playing my bass.

      • @Patrick MJD
        Didn’t know you Aussies had Bass fishing there. Do you get your bass to play fetch or train it to do tricks? The way you said it could give the impression you do might do ‘funny’ things with certain species of fish… And the way you say ‘my bass’ makes it kind of a personal tone / relationship. But, things being what they are these days, it’s okay.

      • I don’t play with fish, I eat them as we have a great selection here in Aus. Playing my bass as in bass guitar. Once I hook up my pocket amp to my noise cancelling headphones…all I hear is my bass in my ears!

  12. Nice decor in the kitchen, BUT!
    The stove and the microwave are on opposite sides!
    I would trip over my own feet and kill myself running back and forth.
    Headlong, face first, right into the oven. Not pretty.

      • Fox “Greg Gutfeld” did a piece to find out why millennials eat less cereal. It seems that they don’t like cleaning the bowls and Kate Timph suggested it also might be because it’s harder to carry a bowl full of cereal to the basement in their parents house (one on the street interviewee said no comment to this). You aren’t one of “those” are you??

      • @ BFL, you know it is kinda hard going down the stairs to the basementwith a bowl of cereal after smoking the weed and all the lights turned off..

  13. If these people were really serious they should adopt an Earth Day & Night – turn off the main electric switch for 24 hours and stop making token gestures.

      • I turned my toilets off for the specified time. Went outside to do my thing on the lawn. Funny, I had to laugh when someone walking their dog came by and picked it up in a plastic bag, thinking that their dog, who usually uses my yard to crap on, was the owner of the pile. And it’s a chihuahua as well. Well fed of course.

      • My dad used to enlist my help to go to the local chicken egg farm to load up a truckload of chicken crap which he would sparingly spread on the lawn when it wasn’t as green as he liked. It worked exceptionally well. Had to be careful not to put too much on or would burn the grass. One time, I helped him brick up a new planter and we put about a foot of chicken poo about 3 feet down and mixed in a lot of water and covered with dirt. and kept it wet. In a couple of days you could hear it bubbling and boiling down there and it was hot. Sounded like a stomach digesting a huge meal amplified. After a couple months we planted some nice shrubs and other semi tropical plants and they grew exceptionally fast and large…Happy plants.

  14. What did we do? Incandescent pre-ban lights at front and back doors; lights on indoors; and a nice Spanish wine – 2014 vintage means a huge carbon footprint because it didn’t get here by galleon. Also a kerosene lantern on the table.

  15. A couple of weeks ago, they were all out in the city for a 12 hour coal-burner called “White Night.” Today they are going to turn off their lights for one Earth Hour.
    Such sincerity, I want to vomit.

  16. ABC had Flim-Flam on this morning ranting pure nonsense once again. Snake in the grass.

    • The Flim-Flam Man is a 1967 American comedy film directed by ….
      Not the same flim-flam, I guess.

      • Tim Flim-Flannery, I’m guessing.
        The Flim-Flam Man is a good movie, though. George C. Scott, Michael Sarazin.

  17. Earth Day, good grief, how hypocritical. Here I am in frozen Saskatchewan where you could not survive in the modern world without oil and gas. One (incandescent!) light bulb is lit. Tonight, burning scrap fencing and hardwood flooring, and some branches from a neighbour’s tree: using no petroleum but definitely generating CO2. The bottle of wine is Italian barbera d’alba. The one just finished is homemade, from grapes shipped up from California by truck. The pasta dish used shrimp probably Thailand. The snow peas came from California. The stereo was made in China. The music is hispanic and the station is Radio Canada from Quebec. This is a wonderful world. Why do our foes hate it so?

    • Why do our foes hate it so?
      Perhaps they have convinced themselves that scratching out an existence in the dirt 24/7 in an attempt to feed themselves, in a world without fossil fuels for electricity, or heat/cooling for one’s shelter, or gasoline to transport oneself from here to there sounds like fun? To wit I say: Perhaps these same dimwits ought to read up on what life was actually like during the Middle Ages.

  18. I turned on all of my monitors and turned on the heat next to my office chair. I am also watching a documentary of IPCC climate scientists. Don’t worry, the heater is plugged into a separate outlet than the one in the picture and it’s on its own circuit. This is my winter office. My summer office remained at about 9 Celsius ( a little less than 50 Fahrenheit ) most of the winter (it used to be a carport and is located just below me)

  19. This snuck up on me so we’re not doing anything different, although we are heating with (on property harvested) wood. The lights and the computer seem to be working so I guess the utility district did not get the memo.
    Nor did the State Parks of Washington – March 19: State Parks’ 103rd birthday
    As a birthday gift the agency has made the day a “free” day. So folks are encouraged to travel. Maybe next year we could close our governments for a week and reduce the waste.

  20. I live just outside Toronto (that’s in Ontario, Canada for the geographically challenged). I turned ALL the lights ON in the house and lit a fire in the wood-burning fireplace (outside temperature -3°C) promptly at 8:30 PM EDT. Most of the lights were turned off at 9:30 PM. I Celebrated the LIGHT, while the Eco-fascists want to take us back to the DARKNESS of our ancestors. According to local news reports electricity useage dropped a whopping 3.2% in Toronto during earth hour.

    • Yeah, watched the Earth Hour and monitored the drop on cable 24. Afterwards I filled the Jacuzzi until the hot water ran out. Then I soaked with the pump on. After a month flying all over Asia it felt fantastic.

      • CW: thanks for all the flying. If you returned from East Asia you probably flew over Manitoba and helped warm our winter by 0.0001C. I know that’s correct because NOAA measured it!

  21. Every light in the house is on, Garage lights, too Doing loads of laundry, hot water, extra drying time. Cooking a roast in the oven, TV going, computers going, son in basement, using power tools. TV is watching husband sleep. Three 1500 W fireplace style heaters going, while we wait for serviceman to fix the oil furnace. Typical day, here on earth, in the 21st century. Hope those damned faux-green eco-fanatics don’t mess things up any more than they already have.

  22. Not aware of Earth Hour, had to look it up. Gratuitous climate pandering and scare mongering. Glad I missed it. Life as normal.

  23. Earth Hour? Are they still trying to do that? I hadn’t heard anything about it until just now.

  24. Missed it because I had the lights on, using my XBOX One as an internet Radio listening to Swiss Klassic Radio and trolling the web sites of the internet/www from my laptop, while watching March Madness on the same laptop.
    Ha ha

    • I’m farting methane and CO2 after boiling and then re-frying my home made refried beans. At the honored hour my son and I lit our farts on fire, just for fun, creating CO2. Through our pants of course. Created beautiful blue flames in the imposed darkness.
      Being that methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, all farm animals should be subjected to having hoses implanted in their rear ends to suck up the flatulence they emit and routed to Natural Gas mains or storage facilities in order to burn it before emitted to the atmosphere. The EPA should get right on it as soon as possible… With EPA inspectors to monitor it all. Someone has to do it.

    • Launch a missile into the ocean?
      Conduct a faux nuclear bomb test?
      Say some really nasty things about someone?

      • What would North Korea do? Give some American kid a 20 year sentence for trying to steal a poster? Shoot an out-of-favor general to death with an anti-aircraft gun?

  25. I had to play a gig tonight, so I left the house blazing for much longer than the hour. YES!

  26. Celebrated with all lights on and a glass of bubbly…
    That was last night from the point of view of Eastern Australia.

  27. Damn!
    I totally forgot!
    I leave my Christmas lights up every year just so I can light up for that hour but this time I got caught up in a movie on TV and forgot to turn them one.
    Oh well, maybe next year.

  28. I went out to a celebratory dinner and watched the riveting news about Earth Hour from end to end on the TV behind the bar.

  29. What do I do? Take advantage of the opposition’s down time to fight back on the internet, of course 😉

  30. I am sure Victorians (Australia) don’t care at all for Earth Hour. Over the last few days, probably more like a week, race cars have been bashing around Albert Park. That’s V8 Aussie supercars, Porche Carrera Cup cars and Forumal 1 race cars. Days and days of racing. Days and days of huge fuel consumption by the race cars. Massive fuel consumption by support crews and their support vehicles. Huge fuel consumption by spectators driving/flying to Albert Parck, Victoria. No mention of Earth Hour, no mention of ethanol fuels, no mention of carbon offsets, though I may have missed that.

  31. It wasn’t advertised in Oz this year at all but to do my bit I have been eating curried egg fried cabbage and baked beans all day , I’m attempting to create a warm blob in north east Victoria that the satellites will pick up and NOAA will have trouble splaining .

  32. I also forgot because I there was nothing on the news. I think the ‘sponsors’ of the ridiculous event are a bit embarrassed and are quietly stepping away from it all. Anyway, tonight I will have a bunch of lights on and book an evening at the drag racing.

  33. As an environmentalist that doesnt buy the C in Cagw I try to conserve energy while using as much as I need year round but I like to turn on an extra light every earth hour to celebrate humanities triumph over ordered chaos.

  34. We have Earth hour about twice a week here In Palawan Philippines, damn useless power companny.

    • It used to be the same here in the part of Spain where I live, until the power company realised they were losing money, so they fixed the system a few years ago.
      We still get the occasional black-out, but it used to be every Sunday morning without fail and when it rained and when it was windy.
      The good old days.

    • stuartlarge:
      I just returned from Tajikistan where in winter they have Earth Hour twice a day for 10 hours each. That is, if you live outside the capital. In summer they cancel it because it is warm enough to melt the snow. If it was warm through the winter, they could have hydro power all year at a constant level. In fact the energy requirement would roughly balance the energy requirement because it doesn’t rain much in summer. If only it would warm up and stay that way….

  35. It was so well publicised here in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, that I don’t think anyone noticed, certainly our household was unaware of it.

  36. Maybe all the cosmopolitan liberal eco-tards in Europe would like to celebrate earth hour by turning off all the street lights and CCTV systems for just one hour.
    They could all go out into the city and set off fireworks outside a large cathedral or a railway station.
    Maybe their newfound “friends” would be happy to join them in the festivities.
    Arse Hour, basically.
    As it would soon come to be known.
    Or whatever that translates into in German, or Arabic.

  37. I think I will celebrate by doing what I normally do and using the power that I normally use. I have set aside a few minutes to read the latest post at “Retraction Watch” which looks to be real interesting.
    “Weekend reads: Publishing hypocrisy; false truths; scientists go rogue”
    “This week at Retraction Watch featured a heartfelt essay by John Ioannidis on what he called the hijacking of evidence-based medicine, as well as the story of a peer reviewer who stole text for his own paper. Here’s what was happening elsewhere: …”
    By the way, the John Ioannidis confession essay is powerful reading.

  38. Best of all, this year, for the first time, we completely forgot that it was Earth Hour or even the Hour of Power It is proof of how irrelevant the idea has become..

  39. I didn’t realize it was earth hour or I would have turned on the lights. As it is, I slept through it.

  40. I really miss the heady days when Earth Hour was so prominent that IowaHawk held his Carbonator of the Year contest.

  41. I was out fishing. I hummed a few bars of Kumbahya to help save planet Earth. It must have worked ’cause here we all are today.

  42. I read that in British Columbia the reduction in the amount of electricity used during the hour was decreasing year by year. Conveniently perhaps, because of the clocks changing next weekend they have claimed that they can’t measure it this year.
    I had the lights on, a fire burning and the TV on to watch England win the Grand Slam – and put the electric oven on too the have pizza in the second half.
    Looking forward to next year’s Celebrate Electricity Hour but as the idiots in charge here are closing our power stations in favour of wind mills if there is no wind we might be having a power cut. Guess I could sort out a diesel generator as back up so I don’t miss out.

  43. I had a rather utilitarian Earth Hour. The clothes dryer and the dishwasher were running, and the oven was in the middle of a self-cleaning cycle. Reading lamps, the TV, radio and desktop computer were on. I did separate some glass jars from aluminum cans to keep Gaia pleased. After all of this hard work, a hot bath was necessary. Of course the outdoor temperature was below freezing because of global warming, so the furnace was happily pumping away as well.

  44. I was going to do a Live human achievement hour this year, but it didn’t pan out. I wasn’t ready. However I did have the windows open with the heater set to 72 to air the place out for almost 3 hours, does that count? Maybe I will do an hour of it a different day, or else wait until next year.

    • Just to clarify I meant do a live video stream on youtube with a bunch of incandescent lights on and air conditioners running, and some other electric stuff. That probably would have gotten a lot of haters if I did that.

  45. It’s the tenth one, in fact. I would have thought there would be a big hoopla about that. More evidence that the Climate Idiocy is in fact dying. Notice the huge d nile with their statement about there “still” being a “degree of scepticism” in 2007. Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme amongst the diehard True Believers.

    In 2007, there was still a degree of scepticism and denial about the issue of climate change. Earth Hour came as the inspiration to rally people to the reality of climate change and start a dialogue about what we as individuals can do to help address the greatest problem facing our planet today. Leo Burnett partnered with WWF to promote the idea and help make the campaign a reality in Sydney, a campaign which has now gone beyond climate change to symbolise the growing global pursuit of a better, healthier world.

  46. As someone who loves to cook…your sister’s kitchen is about the size of my apartment…no kidding!

  47. I am going to go all out during “Earth Hour” and leave the cell phone charger plugged in while the phone is not being charged.
    That’ll teach ’em!

  48. In the US. first they banned the 75 watt incandescent bulb, then the 60 watt, then finally the 40 watt. I was driving through a poorer neighborhood and stopped at a store that sold 38 watt incandescent bulbs. Four bulbs for $2.16. Just when I was giving up faith in humanity! I bought two lamps that require five 40 watt bulbs each. I will celebrate by burning 10 incandescent bulbs in the town where I live that is named after Thomas Edison.

    • I have a small crate of 100W and 60W bulbs. Enough for my probable remaining lifetime.
      Used with dimmers, you can get from double to 10x+ life out of them (nonlinear life extention with each dimming).
      So one easy thing to do is get a 150W or 200W bulb and dim it 1/3 to 1/2… The light is a nice warm golden yellower “antique” color and they last years to decades. High power bulbs are still available as the cfl led jobs don’t cut it yet at those levels. Stock up now. It cost me about $10 for a powercord with dimmer built in for the livingroom lamps.

  49. I suggest July 8, birthday of John D. Rockefeller, who gave birth to the modern petroleum industry. The oil and gas industry has brought comfort and convenience to billions of people. And his creation of Standard Oil survives today in several large integrated companies, the largest being Exxon and Chevron.

    • The Drake Well is a 69.5-foot-deep (21.2 m) oil well in Cherrytree Township, Venango County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, the success of which sparked the first oil boom in the United States. The well is the centerpiece of the Drake Well Museum located 3 miles (5 km) south of Titusville. [from Wiki]
      This was neither modern nor an industry, as you say. But it is just 30 miles from where I grew up.

  50. Bill Whittle’s” Three and a Half Days” does shine the light of silliness of the whole Earth Day shared.

  51. LIghts on. A fire n the fire pit–wood burning of course. A glass of bourbon and a cigar. Works for me.

  52. I saw a mention somewhere, so as usual, to celebrate Electric Hour, I switched on all the lights in the house, started a wood fire in the fireplace, and we watched our Saturday-night movie on the 55″ Samsung, thus combining high and low energy technology. Let there be light! Defeat the eco-nutty minions of darkness!
    /Mr Lynn

  53. Well, I completely forgot about it until 9:30 when Al Jazeera told me it was over….
    There was zero evidence of it in my area. Yard lights on timers or sensors all on, houses well lit…

  54. Unlike last year when there were posters on the road and even a text message from my cellphone service provider reminding me of Earth Hour, and streetlights were dimmed noticeably, this year I encountered just one poster about Earth Hour, at an entrance to a mall. So I totally forgot about Earth Hour until I saw this post.

  55. Incandescent in the US aren’t exempt from ban by being 38 Watts instead of 40. Ones of wattage 30 to 42 Watts are banned unless they produce at least 750 lumens or less than 310 lumens of light.
    The ban is not on selling incandescent, but manufacturing and importing them.
    The law enacting this ban is the Energy Independence and Security Act, signed by G. W. Bush.

  56. The “greenies” are so mean spirited and cheap. I turn off all the lights for approx. 8 hours a day during the winter and 10 to 12 hours a day during the summer. Can I get a subsidy from these losers.

  57. At the time we had emergencies running at work. No-one even thought of Earth Day, heard about it on the news the next day. Had we “celebrated”, someone might have died.
    Queensland, Australia.

  58. I’m going to print 1000 leaflets “Earth day” and throw them out on highway. I imagine roadside garbage cleaners (oops, sanitation engineers) having a blast collecting then.

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