WUWT Year in review for 2015

The WordPress.com stats team prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. I’ve supplemented it at the end with some additional info.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 2,500,000 people visit MoMA in New York every year. This blog was viewed about 42,000,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at MoMA, it would take about 17 years for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

2015 turned out to be slightly lower than 2014 in terms of total viewers and views, but it is still the second most busy year since the blog started in November 2006.


December of 2015 was our best month, owing to coverage of COP21, AGU15, and our new presentation at AGU on the surfacestations project:


WUWT remains the #1 climate related blog in the world, and our detractors would be thrilled to get even a fraction of the reach we get.

In 2016, there will be some changes and improvements, which I’ll outline in an upcoming post.

For now, I wish a Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone who helps make WUWT what it is, including the guest authors, moderators, readers, and yes even my detractors, whom I’m sure will find some  obtuse and amusing way to turn this success into a negative.


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Thanks as every year for the hard work Anthony and all contributors and moderaters do. Fewer views in 2015 may be a good sign. Perhaps the tide of disinformation is indeed turning and washed the garbage out to sea where it belongs.


The complete report tells me that WUWT was viewed in 237 countries. About 39 more countries than seem to exist.


Maybe they’re counting territories too??


They count geographic areas by IP address (provided by Counterize), most of which are countries (the 196-ish members of the United Nations). However, if you spend a few minutes with the map, you will quickly find places like Greenland counted as a country when clearly it is still part of Denmark, and places like the South Sudan which are no longer part of any country.

Steve Case

And all 57 States – BHO


57 + “one left to go” = 58

Janice Moore

“I’ve been in…. fifty….. seven?… states. One left to go. Uh, one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go to {hyuck, hyuck} … .”
Poseur President

People STILL assert that the man is “bright.” Yeah. Cunning, yes, bright, no. Those who think so either have not been paying attention for the past 8 years or are pretending. It is one thing to say, “I don’t speak Austrian” or “… 57 states…” and the like and immediately correct oneself for a verbal “typo.” He never does. His “gaffes” are living proof of a below-average mind. Sad — but — true. He has “the dull cunning of the snake,” nevertheless, therefore, he is (thanks to those who do his writing and thinking for him) dangerous.
Why bother to criticize this lame duck? Because he is STILL promoted (even by WUWTers, once in awhile) as “bright,” and thereby, his economy-wrecking policies are abetted (for a “bright” man is the one arguing for them).

Mike McMillan
george e smith

And Janice, we are doomed to endure another full year of his deliberated mischief, before any replacement can be sworn in.

george e smith

I believe that one left to go was Hawaii.


However, the president continues to leave out the fact he often visits the state of Confusion and the state of Denial.

Mike McMillan

Okay, so 59.

george e smith

Well I believe it IS the correct number of moslem countries.

Crispin in Waterloo

Welcome to 2016 everyone!
With snow a-blowing and a severe chill in the air, Waterloo greeted the new year with a change of tone. And where to seek the news of the day? Why, WUWT of course!
Here we find the world of climate science intersecting the world of common sense with good humour and confidence that all will (eventually) be well.
The charlatans of climate alarm are now more than ever preoccupied with the leaks in their strange vessel, as the cold waters of reality dissolve their feet of clay. The pirate ship AGW is sinking with its ill-gotten treasure and there is no lifeline coming that way.
Punching holes in that ship of doom is now mere sport as the GW powder is wet and the fuse has gone dark.
Common sense dictates that we turn our attention to helping humanity cope with the coming cold, devoting our efforts to increasing the energy efficiency of homes, transport and industry.
We must build an ever-advancing civilisation, never allowing anyone to undo the wonderful advances the finest of minds have created over past centuries.
Make this the year in which you resolve to dedicate yourself to worthy causes of peace and prosperity.


Thanks for all the effort you put into WUWT. It is truly an oasis in the desert of propaganda from the MSM. I was so fortunate to find this blog which allowed me to retain some sanity on the global warming issue

William Yarber

You took the words right out of my mind.
Anthony, unfortunately, I found this site a little too late. I met with Dr Richard Alley of PSU for lunch in the Corner Room restaurant in September of ’07. Had I been armed with more information from your site, that conversation might have reached a brilliant scientist who is woefully misguided and should know better. Or he just says what he needs to for continued funding. And his last words to me set off alarm bells but I was out of bullets and let them pass.
“It has to be CO2, we can’t think of anything else!”
This from the man whose excellent work on ice core samples from Greenland and Vostock proved that CO2 concentrations ALWAYS lags Earth’s temperature changes!
My background in Process Control tells me that lagging variables are never forcings, they are resultants. But I acquiesced to authority. Thanks to your hard work and the information I’ve gained from WUWT, that won’t happen again.
Many thanks for all your hard work in bringing the truth about climate change to light. I log on to this blog almost every day.
Bill Yarber


Cat, William,
I, too, wish to express my thanks to WUWT, its founder and all the mods, and all the contributors.
Many, many thanks!
Wisdom – and humour – to sustain me when the massed intellects of governments keep reminding me that their x = 0.
Facts – lots of them; and opinions – thank goodness not all the same.
Now, the science isn’t settled, and WUWT keeps proving that – but adding knowledge, sometimes, too.
And a Happy, Healthy and Warm [enough] New Year!

george e smith

I believe that 2015 was a landmark year for WUWT in that it revealed to us, perhaps a greater number of peer reviewed scientific reasons for catastrophic man made global warming climate change, than any previous year, thereby putting the kibosh on the very notion that the science is settled.
It clearly isn’t, just by the sheer number of unprecedented newly revealed discoveries of previously unknown causes for climate change.
May I predict Anthony, that the best year of WUWT is yet to come.

Congratulations Anthony and happy new year.
Googling ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ used to bring up Wattsupwiththat and other skeptical blogs around page 3. Now, I notice on google, yahoo and Ask, there don’t come up AT ALL – one side of the argument has been effectively ‘disappeared’.
I think this most worrying – but it’s also amazing that so many people have found you.

Jaakko Kateenkorva

Seems to be the case also in DuckDuckGo search, where even uncyclopedia came up before WUWT… Doesn’t matter too much though. The generations Y and Z seem to have understood the cAGW essence alright. Enjoy. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Climate_change


Googling “climate change skeptics” finds the first three slots occupied by SKS and Wikipedia. WUWT is #21. Googling “climate change skepticism” results are similar, but WUWT is #24.Googling “global warming skepticism” is similar, with WUWT #34.

Interesting- on google.ca the search results are #10, #98 and #28. If Search global warming skepticism without the quotes, then WUWT is #4.
Happy New Year to you all.


I have just tried to Google
“global warming, climate change blog”
WUW – about 9th.
Not as high as it should be, I think – but on page 1.

Oops. The correct link is defyccc.com/search


SEO is something that the others do a lot of, and Anthony doesn’t. That’s why they appear at the top of Google’s results.

Peter Miller

I was in China a couple of years ago and found that WUWT was blocked. Is that still the case?
The Chinese clearly believe the concept of CAGW is a complete correct, no matter what His Obarminess might think, so what has Anthony done to upset the mighty Peoples Democracy?

Martin F

Well, Christiana Figueres said that chinese communism is a better regime to fight climate change than democracy. That is my biggest worry when it comes to climate change.

Janice Moore

The Chinese clearly believe the concept of CAGW is a complete correct crock {?} …

The Chinese People’s (lol) Republic wants the U.S. voter to keep on voting for windmills and against the Keystone Pipeline and other such economic suicide measures. And our own U.S. Enviroprofiteers (Steven M0sher works for one, IIRC) happily help them.
WUWT is about truth in science, but it is mainly about freedom.
That is why I DETEST S. M0sher and his ilk – by promoting AGW, the Enviroprofiteers are destroying their own country for personal gain.
FREEDOM ROCKS! (and so do you… and you…… and, yes, YOU!

Janice, darling, put….the pom poms…..down! (hands you a paper bag to breathe in)
I adore you and WUWT! Happy New Year everyone and may 2016 be Anthony’s biggest year yet!

Janice Moore

Thanks for reminder, Aphan. Always good to be reminded that my personality may be delightful to many, but it is obnoxious to some. And, no, thanks. I’ll just keep on being “breathless” me. Just scroll on by…… many do….. .

Janice in my ozzy parlance you are a princess. Anthony does a wonderful job, you enhance the blog roll.
Happy new year to all, the farce has not long to run, as the sun soon will be on sabbatical leave.

Janice Moore

Dear Wayne Job,
Thank you.
With blushing rose gratitude,

Gary Pearse

Peter Miller
I too found that WUWT can’t be opened, let alone found in China as recently as 2013. I believe the next big battle is going to be for the internet itself. The failing soshulist big try will be ever mindful that a free internet was no small part of their failure. You can be sure that for such control freaks, the internet is far and away number one on their list to do something about. Something this good can’t be allowed to last.


Happy New Year to all,
especially Anthony n the mods:-)
lets hope and strive to keep chipping away at the idiocyAGW etc meme of the warmists brigade

Reblogged this on Wolsten and commented:
“About 2,500,000 people visit MoMA in New York every year. This blog was viewed about 42,000,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at MoMA, it would take about 17 years for that many people to see it.”
Not bad for an independent unpaid blogger on climate change. Well done Anthony Watts!

Dennis Bird

Thanks for what you do, keeping us updated on the latest information. I have noticed many warmist blogs and forums are dying slowly. Some have had no comments since 2012. The truth is getting harder to find everyday. Happy New Year!

Congrats and Happy New Year, Anthony, you are selflessly doing a fantastic job for the entire world.


The decline in views in 2015 was due to…
wait for it…
Climate Change!

Happy New Year to everyone here. Especially to Anthony and moderators.

Ivor Ward

This year I installed Calor gas central heating and had my external walls fully insulated courtesy of the Green Steal from the UK government. Notice that I did not install a swimming pool or air conditioning. Thanks WUWT for letting me make decisions based on reality and not on hype from the climate catastrophists.

Anthony Ratliffe

How much insulation did you add i.e. what does “fully insulated” imply these days in the UK?
Thanks, Tony.?


I’ve been heating my home with logs cut (by me) from trees felled (by me) on my own land.
No green steal is available for such use efficient use of renewable energy.
However – if I were to install a pellet burner and take delivery of pellets made from trees felled in N. America then I would doubtlessly be granted access to generous govt. subsidies.
I suppose that this would be more convenient for me, also, since I could then simply heap the logs from my land into piles and burn them in the open. Cutting them into stove sized lengths and carting them to the house has always been a slight nuisance.
Why is my govt. taking money from me and offering to return some of it to me as a reward for increasing my carbon footprint?
I notice that I could also reduce my yearly car tax, by scrapping my super-efficient 1999 eco-diesel and buying a less efficient car manufactured in 2000. This because the reduced car tax incentive only applies to cars manufactured from that date.
So, perhaps I should cynically increase my carbon footprint in order to gain access to this magic money pot!!!


Happy New Year to all, especially Anthony and ‘the mods’.
42 000 000 from 237 countries – Pretty impressive by any standard. Well done.


Another simile.
Wembley Stadium is the English national Association Football [Soccer] stadium; it has a capacity of 90,000.
Fill it every day in 2015, and that would be just about 33 million.
Well short of the 42,000,000 views of WUWT.


Not quite clear as to your point auto.

Gerald Machnee

Happy New Year!
(The Bloom is off at least one site)

Harry Passfield

Well done, AW. Perhaps the slight drop off in the views were a natural result of the changes in style, and this will take some time to work through, especially as a few more changes are on the way.
One of the changes – actually, a reinstatement of a feature – I recall asking for during the changes was that the number of comments on a post should be shown. Curiously, when I view WUWT through my tablet phone there is a count of comments with each post, but not when using my (Chrome) browser.
Have a great 2016. Keep warm!


Thanks Anthony and moderators for all the great work you have done, and for all you do!

Congratulations to you Anthony and the moderators for all the good work! Keep up with that for as long as necessary (still years to go, I suppose…).


Thanks for your comments, F.E. Always informative.


Best reply of the year goes to ….Mr. Anthony Watts…

Anthony Watts
December 31, 2015 at 5:34 pm
“T. Madigan”, Thanks for your illuminating yet pointless comments. See here’s the thing, and there’s really no way of getting around this.
I actually don’t give a shit what you think.
Happy New Year. Anthony

Priceless and well deserved

Janice Moore



+ a shed load!

+1 x 2016 Watts Per Meter Squared!

And a Happy New Year back atcha, Anthony…and to all the bloggers here.

Rick K

No matter how well WUWT does, the fight is far from over. But the continued success of WUWT is a source of great joy.
The recent and continuing COPs tell us our collective work of educating others is far from over. WUWT is my first stop on the web every day due to the information, the variety and the humor. I learn something every time I visit.
I must add that the comments from the commenters (who else?) are outstanding. How did you get such an learned and good-looking following?
Please carry on this beautiful work of art and science called WUWT.
My best to you, Anthony, and all who participate in the free exchange of ideas here.


Happy New Year everyone!
Keep doing what you do Anthony. It was appreciated 42 million times last year.
May 2016 be the best year ever for everyone!
Regards Ed

Roger Ayotte

Thanks for all you do Anthony!

Gordon Ford

Happy New Year to all!


Congratulations on the site’s continued success.

Congratulations! You provide a much needed voice. I am proud to be a part WUWT

A much deserved recognition of your steadfast commitment and efforts to get scientific facts out from under various bushels. All the Best for 2016.
BTW, it was also a good year for Arctic Sea Ice.

Shocked Citizen

WUWT is a glimmer of sanity in a world of mind-numbing stupidity. Congrats, Anthony, and Happy New Year.


It is intriguing to see the popularity of this site compared with the popularity of a modern art gallery.
The contrast is notable. Modern art has its roots in cultural marxism and subversion.
The proponents of modern art and the useful idiots who support it are quite open in their declarations that such art is intended to be “subversive”.
Of course, in reality, subversion is a name for a form of psychological warfare in which the ability of the enemy to distinguish what is and what is not true or correct, is progressively degraded.
In the end it is possible to convince the target population to destroy their own infrastructure whilst selling them commodities such as natural gas. Whilst such commodities exist untouched in the ground, under the feet of the “useful idiots” who have been suckered into protesting against their extraction.
Of course, in most minds, modern art, seems to be a more or less harmless example of such a strategy.
But, alongside all other forms of cultural demoralization and degradation it has played its part in destroying the ability of individuals in society to recognize genuine ability, talent, discipline.
Hence, the ordinary person can not know who is and who is not a talented and disciplined scientist or engineer, or politician. Hard-headed thinking and analysis is frowned upon and dismissed as “fascist”.
Interest in mathematics and the hard sciences is depicted as “nerdy” or “uncool”.
A man who splashes paint randomly over a canvas and then smears it about by riding a bicycle over it is deemed to be a “genius”.
The entire enterprise has been crafted by the enemies of the west, in order to undermine our technological and industrial strength and national independence.
Just as in the french revolution the people dragged the “father of modern chemistry” Lavoisier from his home and decapitated him, in this silent revolution, the people are happy to discredit great thinkers and scientists. Decapitation is no longer necessary. Only a page of smears on Desmog blog.
Or a silly film by Naomi Oreskes, which will doubtlessly play on Russia Today and Al Jazeera.
The people will ultimately worship only fools. At least, they will have no discrimination.
Even the word, “discrimination” will be deemed to describe an unacceptable quality.
Finally, we will all find ourselves living in a hopeless socialist mediocracy where action and inaction bring about equal results. And nobody will have any idea how we got there.


+ 1,000

Patrick MJD

January 1, 2016 at 8:12 am
Interest in mathematics and the hard sciences is depicted as “nerdy” or “uncool”.”
I used to be laughed at school because of this.


Yeah, well they obviously never knew about Feynman.
I bought my daughter the book “Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman”, when trying to encourage her to stick with maths and science.
Feynman’s mere existence kills that cliche, stone dead.
I’m not sure that “Big Bang Theory” can have much helped the situation, in the interim.

Patrick MJD

The Big Bang Theory TV show is a hoot.

Gary Pearse

Steady Froggy, I’m peed off too, but not ready to roll over. Don’t forget, that the foundations of this suicidal idiocy are showing cracks. The old guard (all of them younger than me by a good measure, though) who had a free run at creating this Medieval nightmare are approaching retirement, and polls suggest that the CAGW piece de resistance is not even on the radar of concerns of the majority. The power bills, the taxation, the brown outs, the folding of enterprises, the decline of readership in the propaganda rags, the admissions of the real agenda of the UN, (through Christiana Figueres) the gang green and the like are building resistance. When it collapses it should be down for a long time.
I think this horrible part of our history got fertilized by the fall of the iron curtain. While freedom was rushing in, unseen were the ideologues and the apparatchiks who had no other skills rushing out. European soshulist’s were the ‘Bud Lite’ of the movement – these guys were seasoned for generations in how to wreck things properly (it is no secret that the western lefties were regarded by Lenin as soft, useful idiots). The only surprise to the eastern hordes was how they were welcomed and rose to influence in NGOs, academia, civil services, etc. It seems that they were too heavy handed too early, though and the game is turning.

Pamela Gray

Your blog is the only reason why, at my age, I continue to use a computer.

Jeff (FL)

There’s videos of amusing cats too … 🙂


Just goes to show the truth gets through to the public no matter how the MSM try to hide the truth, congrats to you Anthony and all at WUWT. A happy and healthy new year, from Dorset,England.

Leon Brozyna

Happy New Year !!
It may be a new year, but it’s still the same old stupid human tricks.
This is going to be a long year before we get a chance at another hoped for new beginning … why do we have to have that extra day in February of all months, when it’s still cold and snowy … why not in August when we can all enjoy an extra day of summer…

Steve Fraser

August(us) had already stolen one, to keep up with July…

“all”? Here we are, 2016 already, and people *still* forget that the Earth has two hemispheres. 29 February *is* a day of summer in half the planet. This is one of the things that drives the weather heat engine.

Joe Crawford

Congratulations on another successful year Anthony and many thanks for providing a little sanity in an insane world. I honestly don’t know where you and your stable excellent moderators find the time to keep this going but we all appreciate it.

I think a Marketplace of Ideas that has voluntary independent freedom and goodwill

must have vigorous and constant argument with civility.

That is the the kind of intellectual venue Anthony sustains here.
Happy New Year Day to all here at this wonderful intellectual feast!


Happy New Year everyone! I for one avoided all beverages containing any rotten ice. 🙂


Congratulations to you and the team on another fine year of exposing the grand hoax and pointing out all the inconsistencies.
Very best wishes from South-West France for 2016.


In consideration of the highly technical and scientific orientation of the majority of the posts here at WUWT, it is quite an accomplishment to have the readership/reach that Anthony has created/achieved. There are a finite number of people that have the interest and intellect to follow and comprehend the discussions that take place here. Those that do most likely become long term lurkers while some may contribute to the discussion. Many of those lurkers may be here for the knowledge to be gained and that is immense.
Anyway, I thank Anthony Watts for providing me with the opportunity to learn so much from my several years as a dedicated lurker and occasional commenter.
A name that was once said to not be spoken (by the Team) is now heard the world over!
Congratulations !!!!!


In consideration of SteveT’s comment above I must clarify that in my comment I was referring to the “Team” as those revealed in the Climategate emails. Timing can sometimes be awkward. 😉


Anthony’s keyboard is mightier than a sword !!


I tried a quick search to ID the email with regards to “the Team” for those who may not have been around at the time of the Climategate release of emails. I found this and thought someone may find it interesting (from 6 years ago). Least we not forget. http://wattsupwiththat.com/climategate/


Not so sure where to post this, but here goes it now.
In my honest and humble opinion the current format of WUWT should not change in any way. It is a success!!
If greater readership/traffic is desired (which is understandable) consideration could be given as to a construction of a “WUWT 101” for those that may need to be brought ‘up to speed’ for the real WUWT. Many of us began several years ago and have progressed with WUWT to the level of knowledge/discussion that is presented here today. There are some readers that may need to start at a level where I was several years ago. I have no idea where or how to present a ‘crash course’ to help those along but it could be formulated here.
Anyway, the current format is bringing the best intellectual minds here in real time and should not differ on the content for the benefit of the late bloomers.
Just saying.


Totally agree As a lurker (mostly) and like most people I assume, I don’t understand the math I see presented here, but the graphs, written reports, pdfs, also posted in the comments are a great source to learn facts, relevant information -oh yes. If I get the jest of it, then that expands my knowledge that bit more. From this site found out I have a thing for all things solar, who knew? 😉 One of best ways to reach people is through comedy, satire style, Josh is covering that well. Expansion on that?
When the PhD’s are in heated discussions, I say to my spouse, uh oh the academics are fighting with formulas now…I’m out. 😉
Happy New Year to the guy who did the climate gate email flush, not forgetting you.
Happy New Year Anthony, to your home family and your family here-the great contributors to this site, thanks. Greatly Appreciated.

Janice Moore

Idd (8:65pm)
I want to encourage, no, URGE you to not duck out of class when the scientists do that. While we non-tech majors don’t want to disrupt them, we should, THE GENUINE SCHOLARS WANT YOU TO, ask them to please explain… . As others have said before and as Dr. Svalgaard said here quite recently: if you cannot explain your theory or science in terms which an intelligent layperson can understand, then you do not yet understand your theory well enough. There are MANY former and current teachers here — they LOVE to teach! Give them the opportunity (and do your comrade lurkers and many of us a favor, too).
Glad you are here!

Brian H

get the gist of it…
[Shirley you jest! .mod]


Thanks Janice Moore, I’ll make that my news years resolution, in fact Dr. Svalgaard has answered me quite once before. And you’re right if I can’t get the “gist” of it, (Thanks Brian H, I don’t mind being corrected) I should ask about what I’m not getting. Appreciate the encouragement. 🙂


I’ve gratitude for so deep a site that has been around long enough to allow years of dedicated lurking.

I wished a Happy New Year above. Lots of thanks and accolades to Anthony and moderators. Agree with the wish that Anthony continue.
But tell me did each of you visit the tip jar to physically/ financially show your thanks? Yes I did, or would not be suggesting it.

Tom Judd

Happy New Year, Anthony Watts!
Thomas Judd

Robert Rosicka

Just how many Olympic swimming pools would 42 mil be ?

Scott Saturday

Keep up the great work Anthony. The fact that your blog has forced big climate to listen to skeptics (albeit reluctantly) and even incorporate skeptic work into the ‘standard model’ is a testament to your influence.

Congratulations and happy new year Anthony, contributors, and mods!
Here’s a sneak preview of 2015 daily global temperatures using CFSR:comment image
And the CFSR monthly trend for the 21st Century so far, 2001 through 2015:comment image
Still showing a downward trend despite a huge upward spike for October through December of 2015.

Anthony Watts through is WUTW website is an amazing leader in this battle to correct the bad science behind the climate change frenzy. Heartland Institute with it’s conferences, amazing efforts at events such as the recent Paris conference, newsletters and expert media article placements makes a huge impact . Marc Marino via his Climate Depot and his new movie has made a strong effort. We also have a dozen other websites to thank. Each battles with a different focus and each contributes to our efforts. I join the many others who extend heartfelt thanks to Anthony and his great team for their impressive record for 2015. Will we win the battle in 2016? Heck no. My wife says we never will. But, I reply that is not a reason to stop trying. In 50 years, after we have all departed this lifetime, it will be obvious we were right. Will we be honored then? Heck no. But a few people will make a nice remark such as, “That Anthony Watts wasn’t a dumbhead denier after all.”

Dr T G Watkins

Thanks to you and your team Anthony. I have learned, and continue to learn, so much from your blog over at least the last seven years. An honourable mention for Chris Booker of the Sunday Telegraph who introduced me to your site; one of the few MSM journalists prepared to challenge the CAGW nonsense.
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda – Happy New Year – from Wales

James Bull

Well done and thank you for all the hard work. May it pay off soon with those who have just followed what they were told start to look for themselves and find this site.
James Bull


Anthony, thanks for another year well done. You are the one who is really saving the world for our children. Have a great year in 2016!


Regarding the YouTube video posted by Janice Moore on January 1st at 9.32 am, I see that there have been 4.2 million hits on that video. But how many times has it been shown on the liberal-dominated MSM? Any slip-of-the-tongue by George W. Bush (or any other Republican) will be shown ad nauseam on the liberal-dominated MSM but St Barack’s halo must be left wholly intact. There was also that one about terrorist attacks only taking place in the USA. Again, unlikely to be shown very much on the MSM. Put “George W Bush Quotes” into your search engine and see what comes up. Complimentary or condemnatory? Now do the same for Barack Obama and see what comes up.
One thing of interest about the graph showing the number of views and visitors is that the highest two years are the last two years but there was a fall between 2014 and 2015. It’s a neat illustration of a statistical phenomenon. Our friends in the Climate Alarm Business may well be correct saying that the five (or whatever) hottest years have all taken place in the twenty-first century but it hides the fact that the global temperature has not risen during that time.

Michael Jankowski

[Comment deleted. “Jankowski” has been stolen by the identity thief pest. All Jankowski comments saved and deleted from public view. You wasted your time, David. What a sad, pathetic, wasted life. -mod]


Excellent point Michael, you are correct. I’ve recently run an algorithm against the 2014 numbers, and it does indeed suggest that 2015 numbers of total viewers and views is higher.

Thanks for the tremendous efforts you are making to counter the establishment’s attempts at imposing the false religion of CAGW/Climate Change onto too often gullible citizens of the world. Your inputs presented here and the many similar informed input from like minded authors and commentators are refreshing and uplifting and have been increasingly successful. The alarmists and those simply with their self-interested snouts in the Green trough don’t like facts or proper debate and as Corporal Jones always used to say, “they don’t like it up ’em!” Goebbels’ tactics of telling lies often enough to convince the masses is not working

Brandon Gates

It’s cold out there this New Year’s Day where I’m at, which got me thinking about what things were like circa this time last year:
Not so much blue over CONUS so far this winter, El Nino tends to do that. Yet, if past performance is at all indicative of future results …
… it stands to reason that more cooperative weather could be here by next Christmas and I will get to see more cartoons like this …comment image
… which I thought was genuinely hilarious when it was posted.
Happy New Year, WUWT. I don’t usually agree with most of what’s written here, but do almost always find it interesting.



Brandon Gates



What the heck is a “circa”.

Brandon Gates

The plural of “circus”?

Only the last graph is relative to this time of year…the rest of them won’t be relative for two more months.
I’ve got 16 inches of snow in my front yard, (which there hasn’t been for the past 4 years) and it’s a warm fuzzy 9F outside. It has to “warm up again” before we’ll get any more snow.

Brandon Gates

Circa this time of year … as in winter. The February plots are somewhat of a prediction on my part.
It’s only Jan. 2nd and you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolution to ignore me. Look, how about we call it a mulligan? 🙂

Alan Robertson

Face it Brandon, you’re just hard to ignore. On the other hand, while a good case could be made that your unrelenting self- promotion and serial nonsense should be ignored, you aren’t getting free rein here, anytime soon; too many wise old heads visit WUWT to ever allow your misinformation to be ignored.
Ps if for no other reason, we know ye by the company you keep- blow Miriam a kiss.

Brandon Gates

Guilt by association, Alan, really? You can do better than cheap ad homs.

Brandon you said “It’s cold out there this New Year’s Day where I’m at, which got me thinking about what things were like circa this time last year”
Woopsie. I thought that since you mentioned a specific DATE, that I should really only apply the word “circa” to the time “around” that date (New Years Day) last year. It never occurred to me that perhaps you meant something more general and broad like “winter”? I don’t try to read people’s minds online, like SOME people who shall remain nameless.
“What the heck is a “circa”.
“The plural of “circus”?”
The plural of circus is circuses.
“It’s only Jan. 2nd and you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolution to ignore me. Look, how about we call it a mulligan? :)”
I know right? Probably why I’ve really never made New Years Resolutions. Or maybe you’re just impossible to ignore. Remains to be seen I suppose. Do the rules of golf also apply to the rules of NY Resolutions or were you referring to stew made out of leftovers?

Brandon Gates


Woopsie. I thought that since you mentioned a specific DATE, that I should really only apply the word “circa” to the time “around” that date (New Years Day) last year.

It would have been better for me to have said, something like “circa this season last year”.

I don’t try to read people’s minds online, like SOME people who shall remain nameless.

I get it that you often take things quite literally and like precision. At first I thought you were just being argumentative.
And on that note, I have NO idea who this nameless person is of whom you speak …

The plural of circus is circuses.

The plural noun is actually circī in the orignal Latin, similar to radiī, octopī … etc., but I never was good at declining nouns and figured that starting now at the expense of a forced pun just wouldn’t be worth it.

Or maybe you’re just impossible to ignore.

That’s certainly Alan’s theory, but I’m not fully buying it. I think anyone who comes in here with opposing views is going to be challenged, that’s just the way it is … and as it should be.

Do the rules of golf also apply to the rules of NY Resolutions or were you referring to stew made out of leftovers?

The stew obviously, but if you keep making fun of golf like that, I’ll be happy for you to bust my chops on logic, proper English grammar and sticking with the evidence in front of me any ol’ day of the week.

BG-“I get it that you often take things quite literally and like precision. At first I thought you were just being argumentative.”
Is that WEIRD or shocking to you? That I like precise, literal, logical discussions about things, especially SCIENCE? It disturbs me when people try to discuss SCIENCE in imprecise, figurative and illogical ways. If you want to win me over to whatever YOUR side of the climate debate is, or any other debate for that matter, not using facts, evidence and observations is the absolute worst way to do it. This is why I bust your chops.

This is why I bust your chops.
Doing a good job of it, too…