I'm presenting at AGU's fall meeting – assistance requested from WUWT readers

As some people may or may not know, I am a full member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in good standing. The 2015 AGU Fall Meeting is coming up in December. With nearly 24,000 attendees, AGU Fall Meeting is the largest Earth and space science meeting in the world. I hope to attend so that I can cover what is being presented in the world of climate science, while keeping tabs on the antics of people like Michael Mann, John Cook, Peter Gleick, and some of the other players. For the last two years when I attended, I produced several reports and videos in 2013 and again in 2014, plus many, many, live Twitter entries that kept tabs on the politics and the science. This year I hope to do the same. But this year, I’m going to be more than that – I’m going to be the only climate skeptic invited to give a scientific presentation. 


There’s only one problem. It is VERY expensive to attend, and more so in previous years due to my dual role as news media as well as presenting AGU member. The reason is that I’m told that while in previous years I could register for free as a member of the news media, this year due to the fact that I’m presenting, I’m also required to register like any other attending member.

The cost of registration is $455, and the deadline is November 12th at 1159PM EDT to get that rate.

Add a hotel for 5-6 days at the typical $150-250 per night rate in SFO, plus incidentals, parking, etc. and the cost to attend easily tops $3000.

While many attendees get the taxpayers (via their Universities) or their NGO’s via donors to pay for such things, WUWT has no such resources, and despite the claims common from detractors, like the last two years, we are still waiting for that ‘big oil check’ to arrive. I’ll drive down to save money rather than take a plane.

So, like I did for the last two years, I thought I’d ask the readership if they can help out so that there will be somebody at AGU to report on climate science that can do so from the skeptic side. It is very important that at least one climate skeptic reporter attend. Otherwise, the media coverage will be completely one-sided. AGU approved my media pass, so now I’m set to attend for that at least, but in order to present, I need to pay the member registration fee and hotel in advance.

But, more importantly, here is what I’m presenting at AGU on Thursday, December 17th, at 1:40PM:

AGU-abstract-2015It will be a challenge for me, not just for the content, but because I’m going to have to deal with one-on-one questions in the noisy hall,(and maybe some personal derision, hopefully not) for daring to not only attend, but to make a presentation that questions the surface temperature record.

I need your help. Thanks for your consideration, and most of all thanks for reading WUWT.

Donations toward this effort will be gratefully accepted: here

UPDATE: I’m overwhelmed by the courage and generosity of WUWT readers, the goal has been met and exceeded, such that I’ll be able to not only attend the conference, but do so comfortably. Thanks to one and all for your help! – Anthony Watts

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  1. I still get a about $50 a month from when I worked in the oil business. It has been sent to you, to make honest people out of your critics. Thanks for presenting this!

  2. Done. Just remember Mark Twain’s comment; “the coldest winter i ever spent was the summer I was in San Francisco”.

  3. Badda Bang, Badda Boom! 10 bucks on the way via Pay Pal. All you need is 299 more people to pony up 10 bucks, and your all set. Good luck and safe traveling.

  4. …NGO’s via donors to pay for such things, WUWT has no such resources…

    Yeah, you do.
    You ain’t a Government Organisation and you have donors.
    I’ll chip in when I’m at a more secure computer.

    • Just putting on the record that I have kept my word.
      To the tune of $20.
      Well, Christmas is coming.

  5. I’m broke and jobless, but dug up 10 bones for you anyway. Free download of the presentation for the contributors!

    • Hang in there, Joe. You’re in a tough place, right now. Remember, you are not “jobless,”… you are
      BETWEEN jobs (this has encouraged me, hope it does you, too). You are now on my prayer list (LOTS of us out here are wondering if the desert will ever end…).
      Take care,

    • That’s the way. I tried to empty my paypal account, but obviously there is no way to do that easily. But I gave what I could.

  6. I have just sent my donation and good luck.
    I have just come down to earth, having just listened to one hour of unadulterated pro warming garbage on NPR radio. Apart from the first speaker, the remaining 55 minutes were given to all the usual doom and gloom merchants.

    • Melvyn – our leftist national broadcaster is similar CBC – “The Current” and the news is on the same rant pre-Paris. 50% of Alberta’s power comes from coal. They/”Environmentalists” want to shut down all coal plants and build wind farms and solar to replace it. Looking at how that worked in Ontario and their power bills, I am cutting an extra two cords of wood for this winter and converting my electric heat pump to propane. Law of unintended consequences. I’ll be putting out more CO2 so coal plants can put out less. I wonder what the NET result will be.
      Thanks for this blog, Anthony.

      • Too Kind to the CBC–Communist Broadcasting Company! Wait till pretty boy Trudeau takes Elizabeth May (only elected Green last month) to Paris and see what he is going to sign us up for…$30US=#41Can sent…waiting for crude to rebound…

  7. Ask them what is the optimum climate for our biosphere and where is our present climate and trend in relation to that. I think that is the most pressing research question. All of “climate science” starts with the presumption that any change is harmful. What if we are below the optimum?

  8. The Energy & Environment Legal Institute will match the first $1,500. Between the donations and the matching donation, we should be able to cover his costs.
    David Schnare

      • Wow, indeed. Marcus thought he was joking earlier when he said—-“Great, now they can point at that and say ” LOOK, he’s paid by Big Oil !!!! “.
        “Conservative Transparency reports that the Energy & Environment Legal Institute received $335,000 in contributions from Donors Trust, and $50,000 from Donors Capital Fund in 2012 alone. Both Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund are responsible for distributing millions of dollars in grants while concealing the original identity of their donors”.
        “According to a 2010 filing with the IRS (PDF), The American Tradition Institute received $40,000 from its sister group American Tradition Partnership (ATP)”.
        “SourceWatch reports a total of $5,000 from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, while Conservative Transparency lists an additional $15,000 from the group. Atlas is a Virginia-based think tank that, according to ExxonSecrets, received over $1 million in funding from Exxon Mobil since 1998. Atlas also received $122,300 from the Koch family foundations and $735,000 from the Pope foundation”.
        So the unfunny truth appears to be that “big oil” IS chipping in here indirectly. Do you dispute any of this? http://www.desmogblog.com/energy-environment-legal-institute

      • Wow, indeed. Marcus thought he was joking earlier when he said—-“Great, now they can point at that and say ” LOOK, he’s paid by Big Oil !!!! “.
        “Conservative Transparency reports that the Energy & Environment Legal Institute received $335,000 in contributions from Donors Trust, and $50,000 from Donors Capital Fund in 2012 alone. Both Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund are responsible for distributing millions of dollars in grants while concealing the original identity of their donors”.
        “According to a 2010 filing with the IRS (PDF), The American Tradition Institute received $40,000 from its sister group American Tradition Partnership (ATP)”.
        “SourceWatch reports a total of $5,000 from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, while Conservative Transparency lists an additional $15,000 from the group. Atlas is a Virginia-based think tank that, according to ExxonSecrets, received over $1 million in funding from Exxon Mobil since 1998. Atlas also received $122,300 from the Koch family foundations and $735,000 from the Pope foundation”.
        So the unfunny truth appears to be that “big oil” IS chipping in here indirectly. Do you dispute any of this?

      • I posted a comment twice, leaving off a link on the second posting that I suspected caused it to go into moderation the first time—-a link to a site that is perhaps like holy water is to vampires for WUWT. It wouldn’t take the second time either.
        Does that mean that I am entering a permanent state of “moderation” on my comments? Am I soon to be “disappeared”? Is WUWT as UNfair and IMbalanced as it’s beginning to appear? Like Faux News?
        [No, there are a list of “triggers” that do push the proposed reply into the “Moderated Queue” … But there are no replies there at this time. Just be patient, all of your thoughts will show up. .mod]

      • Great detective work, Dumb, Bold, Guy.
        It’s a moot point, however.
        Answer to anyone asserting the empty argument that Big Oil is contributing to Anthony because it contributes to E & E is:
        “Name one cause to which Big Oil is NOT indirectly (or directly) contributing.”
        Suggestion to all climate skeptics:
        From now on, don’t dignify with a response such a bogus assertion of imaginary bias.
        IOW: just tell anyone who brings up the Big Oil non-issue to go jump into the place where red herring are found.

      • Yawn…
        dumboldguy, stop flattering yourself. A great many ‘green’ organisations are in the pay of Big Oil. NGO’s protesting the Enbridge pipeline are in the pay of foreign NGO’s like the Sierra Club which is in the pay of Big Gas. People promoting the Trans Pacific Partnership are in the pay of Big Pharma.
        Does it really matter? CO2 has little effect on global temperatures at 400 ppm and coal will one day run out. All the rest is noise.

      • Mr D.O.G. – will you STOP using ALL fossil fuels and the energy derived from them? That includes all materials derived from oil and other hydrocarbons. Please stop your use TODAY! Doing otherwise would make you a hypocrite. Thanks.

        • Why are so many WUWT-ers suffering from serious impairment in the area of logic skills?. Here’s Frank, saying I should stop using ALL fossil fuels TODAY! Some others have already tried this argument on another thread, and I responded that I was an American living in 2015 and living the American life style, and that I was not going to stop doing so to prove anything to a bunch of folks who are smugly and willfully ignorant of the AGW problem and not doing anything about it.
          The hypocrisy lies with Frank and the others who would have me do so when they won’t even acknowledge that EVERYONE’S lifestyle is the problem. I DO know that—-they don’t—-I have cut back my fossil fuel footprint more than most, and will go even farther when Frank and those who bragged about “using as much as they can” join me.
          PS Are you the Frank K. who used to frequent Personal Liberty Digest?

        • Excusez-moi, mon petit chou, but “faux” (which means “fake or false” in French) is pronounced “foe” in both French and English. Which IS appropriate in all respects, since Fox News is the “foe” of responsible journalism and is a “fake” news channel..

      • lololololololololololol
        Keep ’em comin’, Dumbo! You’re a regular Barack “corpse man” Obama.

      • Mann and other charlatan alarmists don’t turn down money from Big Oil. They actively seek it through grant applications.

      • Dear Dumb, Bold, Guy,
        Re: you today at 1:41pm
        That’s right, Mr. Guy! You tell him! You, after your several posts in this thread, need not prove anything …. further.
        Thanks for the laughs,

      • Why, why, (sputter, sputter, sputter), ‘ee cohld me uh cabbage, ‘ee did. Maawwwwwdderrraaaatorrrrr!
        [Cool it, ye ‘lil cucumber, but lettuce ne’er squash your enthusiam. .mod]

      • Yes, he (or she) did sound very much indeed like galaxy, far, far, away.
        How about Dav1d S0crates? First cousin?

      • The big difference is that this money from EELI to Anthony comes WITHOUT ANY TIES.
        Try doing that with “climate™” funds !! ……………… as if that’s ever going to happen.! 😉

      • Dumb-“The truth appears that “big oil” is chipping in here indirectly.” So if they are, what’s your point? That it somehow taints the entity they’re funding? If so, then what about “big government” that chips in many, many times over what any oil company does to the alarmist side? If that’s what you’re asserting, thanks for making our point.

      • It has been forgotten that one small tidbit from the climategate emails was a contribution from Shell Oil to the alarmists. If “green” organizations can suppress oil, that is reduced supply–and the price rises.
        And I am old enough to remember the 1970’s Arab Oil Embargo, a traumatic time in the US. Why gasoline rose to over 50 cents a gallon! You simply could not forget that. Well, our news magazines told us that all the Big Oil companies were investing in energy alternatives so that they could continue to thrive no matter what the nation’s fuel mix would be.

      • Oh, dot-mod (in my 2:01pm, today comment), lol (smiling).
        Yeah, I am one cool cucumber, aren’t I — not. 🙂
        You are quite witty, ol’ bean, and a real peach for making WUWT the great marketplace of ideas it is, a bit corny at times, but, beets the competition by miles. Thank you. Oh, and hey, man, go have your appealing self a wonderful, zany, evening, but, peas, peas, PEAS, don’t go bananas — we need you!

    • Did you all read this? (bears repeating and with emphasis!)

      The Energy & Environment Legal Institute will match the first $1,500. Between the donations and the matching donation, we should be able to cover his costs.
      David Schnare

      Hat-tip — Gary Meyers whose +1’s at 9:12am today grabbed my attention.

      • Gee, I’m getting to this thread a little late and probably by now there’s enough money to more than cover the trip.
        Even so, if Anthony doesn’t need the few dollars I sent for the trip, maybe he can do something useful with it and buy a few beers.

    • Fantastic – I’m not sure how much time and distance driving down involves, but it sounds as if there might be enough for an airfare as well. Must have our man in the best shape possible for he presentation!

      • He is driving quite awhile (about 3 hours, I think), however… I think that the time it would take for him to drive to the Chico (btw: for some readers who think this is an abbreviation for “Chicago” (someone DID one time), it is not: Chico, CA is the town) area airport, then, find a car and drive to his hotel from San Francisco International would be about the same or worse (plus the extra hassle). Kind and generous thought, however.

  9. Good that you will be there to show the other side… Some spare money sent from Europe. Not much left after a very nice trip to the national parks in the US, which strong dollar vs. a weak euro made it pretty expensive…

    • Come to Canada next time. Nice parks, too, and the loonie ($ Can) is quite stable against the Euro. Also, with all that runaway warming, you surely will appreciate the cooler climate.

      • Been there a few times from Vancouver Island to Calgary and up to the Alaskan border, last time in 2011… Indeed very impressive, especially the Rockies with Lake Moraine one of nicest views on earth…
        Still on the wish list: the East side in fall (with the “Indian summer”)…

      • Here in Southern Ontario, the fall colours are usually the prettiest from mid to late October. If you happen to be in the vicinity, I’d be happy to put you up for a night or two, and to show you the attractions of downtown Waterloo (which should take all of 5 minutes).

  10. While perusing some of the offerings I found this:

    ED11F-02: Disturbing Information and Denial in the Classroom and Beyond: Climate Change, Emotions and Everyday Life
    Monday, 14 December 2015
    08:15 – 08:30
    Moscone South – 303
    Global warming is the most significant environmental issue of our time, yet public response in Western nations has been meager. Why have so few taken any action?
    Most studies of public response to climate change have focused on information deficit approaches. Many in the general public and environmental community have presumed that the public’s failure to engage is a function of lack of concern about climate change. Instead, using interviews and ethnographic research on how knowledge of climate change is experienced in everyday life I describe “the social organization of climate denial” and discuss how it impacts classroom learning and the broader social understanding of climate change. Disturbing emotions of guilt, helplessness and fear of the future arose when people were confronted with the idea of climate change. People then normalized these disturbing emotions by changing the subject of conversations, shifting their attention elsewhere, telling jokes, and drawing on stock social discourses that deflected responsibility to others. The difficulty people have in making sense of climate change is in direct relation to the social world around them. This research suggests that educational strategies in the classroom and for the general public that consider and target the social, cultural and political aspects of the meaning of climate change will be most effective (in addition to factors that affect individual cognition).
    Kari Norgaard
    University of Oregon

    Yes. It’s all about emotions and social organization. Except they think they are describing skeptics/climate realists, when in fact it is a perfect description of themselves. They don’t project much.
    And yes I realize this will go into moderation because of the D-word in the above quote. C’est la vie.

    • Nice one, Bruce Cobb!
      Lol. Of course “This research [does not] suggest[]” — that human-caused global climate change is simply unsupported by any evidence.
      Indeed, Mr. Cobb, now just WHO is in a state of emotionally-impaired-cognitive-ability, Ms. Norgaard?

    • Really sad. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic use to be the purpose of schools. Under Socialism it seems that that instilling social propaganda into young minds is its main purpose. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic induce the development of logical and coherent thinking — which Socialism abhors. Its all about your emotions now. As Hitler said — “Only trust your heart. Your heart will never lead you astray”.
      Eugene WR Gallun

      • It is noteworthy (to me anyway) that my PhD program in applied sciences and engineering is no longer available at U. of Oregon. Well, we did leave and took the grants and contracts with us and it was expensive. So we made way for new “higher” education initiatives for socialism and personal safe spaces and feelings. Ideal low cost programs with copy and paste agendas err curricula. I do remember a time when undergraduate and graduate students matured beyond adolescence, unlike what is happening now in Missouri and Yale. Going to be a lot of grads living in parents’ basements. Sad.

      • Hi, Jack,
        Just in case you weren’t asking for the wry humor of rishrac, lol, the straight answer is: Bruce Cobb copied part of the schedule for the upcoming seminar (the emotionally-impaired-cognition woman is apparently on from 8:15am – 8:30am. Must be a pretty important lecture to give her a whole 15 minutes, hm?) Anthony is on from 1:40pm until 6pm.

      • Janice
        Thank you, I completely misunderstood, I didn’t recognize this as being from the “schedule for the upcoming seminar”
        I appreciate your pointing it out.

      • Well, dear J. Wurts!
        Thank you for taking the trouble to tell me that. Glad I could actually answer a question on this site.
        Good for you to ask it. You set a great example for all of us.
        Keep on posting!

    • Sounds like a use of psychology … it’s the same old thing the CAGW were doing in the beginning. Ah, shucks, folks don’t know much, it’s up to the informed believer to lead them on the right path. It’s right here in my handout… when they were handing them out and didn’t know I was a critic.
      Nobody wants to talk about it. Nobody believes the world is getting warmer. They are just being nice when they turn away from the subject.

  11. A paltry Jackson, but they all add up. I’m happy to contribute. The presentation looks very intriguing. Good luck!

  12. I hope my +$50 contribution from England helps you continue your work. Will send it this evening. Best of luck, and thank you.

  13. Sending $. No better cause, so it’s money well spent.
    Regarding this:
    “I’m going to have to deal with… maybe some personal derision…”
    Look at the heckler for a second or two, until people start wondering: ‘what’s up with that’? When you have everyone’s attention, ask him why he’s got a bad attitude, pestering you for simply having a different scientific point of view? Be the adult. That will show he’s being childish.
    Good luck, Anthony. You have what they don’t: the truth, based on honest skepticism.

    • Given the problems with the models’ overprojections and the scrambling people are doing to find continued warming (even at the expense of climate sensitivity), I won’t be surprised if you get a warmer welcome than the warmista would prefer.
      I won’t be surprised if a lot of geologists thank you for saying what they can’t without risking their careers.

    • Best put down to a heckler I ever heard was from Wee Willie Harris (remember him???) who, when he heard a heckle, turned to the guy in the audience and suggested that as his comment was so good he ought to get himself a manager – and stop handling himself!

  14. Be careful not to tweet any images from the event that are off limits. We wouldn’t want you to get thrown out before you’d made your presentation.

  15. Anthony, I am confident that your presentation will be superb and congratulate you for being selected to present your/our views.
    You have come a long way from a few years ago when the “team” cautioned to not say/repeat your name. (Perhaps I should review past CG emails so I could provide a cite/reference for those who were not here several years ago). They (the team) got one thing correct in the past, that you (and others) could be very influential if the CAGW alarm was viewed from a narrative other than that which they were pitching.
    Thank you for all you and WUWT have done and I again congratulate you as you are now a name that is heard and spoken across all international boundaries. That sir, is a worthy accomplishment!

  16. I’ll be donating a little once I get to a location with a secure network.
    Glad to see there will be a Poster at the Poster section presented by Anthony.
    It should be fun Anthony so enjoy it.

      • Steven Mosher says:
        so basically this is marketing
        In the links SM posted, Anthony replied:
        Mr. Mosher knows my email, and has my telephone number, and mailing address, and so far he hasn’t been able to bring himself to communicate his concerns to me directly, but instead chooses these potshots everywhere.
        The project was worked on for a year before we released, a number of people looked at it at various stages. Dr. John Christy was in fact the one who suggested we should put a note in about TOBS at the end, saying we will continue to investigate it it, because he knew it would be an important consideration. I concurred. We also knew that to do it right, the TOBS comparison couldn’t simply rely on the “trust us” data from NCDC. Christy had already been through that with his study of irrigation effects in California and had to resort to the original data on B91 forms to disentangle the issue.
        What we are finding so far suggests NCDC’s TOBS times (we have the master file for all stations) don’t match what the observers actually do. That’s a discrepancy that we need to resolve before we can truly measure the effect along with siting.
        Mr. Mosher would do well to note this comparison.
        1. When The Team gets criticized on a technical point, they typically dismiss it with a wave of the hand, saying “it doesn’t matter”. Upside down proxies, YAD061, and lat/lon conflations are good examples.
        2. When we get criticized on a technical point, we stop and work on it to address the issue as best we can.
        Whining won’t help #2 go any faster.

        ‘A. Scott’ also replied:
        Watts “surface stations data classification” is the result of applying Leroy (2010) siting standards to the existing readily available station data. Not a thing I can see to stop you from duplicating his work and verifying or disproving his results…
        (At this point ‘A. Scott’ linked to all the sources needed to replicate Anthony et al’s work.)
        …I believe that is all of the data required to reproduce Watts work. I even included the NCDC station history metadata in case you don’t want to do the extensive visual and/or onsite inspection Anthony and his help spent well over a year doing.
        Another reader added:
        Seems to me instead of complaining about his work – if you want to refute it you should just jump in and have at it. Do the work and show where he is wrong.
        I think Mosher is just miffed at the deconstruction of the B.E.S.T. paper that he was part of.

      • Steven Mosher on November 9, 2015 at 2:00 pm
        so basically this is marketing
        (Snip. This is off-topic. Normally tolerated maybe, but not on this thread. -mod)

        Steven Mosher,
        Ha ha ha ha . . . .
        Rumor has it that Elvis is still alive, so there is a marketing opportunity for you, éminence grise.

  17. I would classify myself as a luke-warmer, but frustrated that what should be a scientific debate has become acrimonious and political. So have sent a small donation towards your expenses. Bon voyage!

  18. Added my $50. Good luck. I suspect there will be more skeptics there than you might think. Let’s hope they give you a standing ovation for all your good work.

  19. Donation of $50 from England on its way. Thanks for helping me to keep sane in all the current climate doom frenzy.

    • Jealousy seems very becoming of you !!!! At least you have 2 billion Hiroshima bombs on your crappy little website ??? …LOL

    • Re: “internet panhandler”
      To YOU, Mr. Pangburn. Not to those of us who WANT to help Anthony get the truth out there. To us, it is: welcome opportunity.
      Reminded me of something….
      American* G.I. liberating Buchenwald in N@zi-speak: fiend
      American G.I. liberating Buchenwald in Yiddish: mensch.
      *only because Anthony is an American
      Thank you, Anthony Watts, for LETTING us help!

  20. Surely, at my age, it doesn’t mean anything that I had to look up my PayPal password (again).
    It does look like the electrons and the digital bits did their thingy. Perhaps they’ll be beamed into folding stuff as well.
    Enjoy and I do hope there is more skepticism than you alone. Otherwise, a sad day for science.

    • re: “look up my PayPal password…”
      Of course not! It only means you have more important things on your mind.
      When I was in my 20’s, I remember forgetting where I parked my car at Nordstrom (those were the good old days……… when I lived with my parents, so much of my income was available for my favorite purchase — clothing :)), ….. and I said to myself, “I am going to remember this for when I am in my 80’s and I forget where I parked and attribute it to age: I forgot where I parked my car in my 20’s.”
      Now. If you look at those keys in your hand… and can’t remember what they are for….
      ….. well……… (sigh)…… just ask someone who loves you. All will be well.
      I would add, “… and don’t worry if they start to cry,” but, — you won’t be troubled by those tears at all. And that, truly, sad as that also is, it is a blessing.
      Sorry so much about Altzheimer’s Disease/dementia…. watched Ben Carson (he has my vote!) on the news this evening and found out that his mother has it. It is “the happy kind,” but I know it must make Mr. Carson and his family very sad at times.
      Take care,

  21. $100 already on the way.
    Imagine what it will cost to support the thousands headed to Paris soon? Even my state’s governor (and a small entourage) are going. I am sure that will set the state back a few bucks. Also certain his presence will only increase the dreaded carbon dioxide in the meeting room.

  22. Anthony – Thanks for all you do. I just sent a contribution by PayPal.
    With everyone talking about the mythical 97% consensus of scientists, it would be nice to get a real poll of scientists on a truly relevant question (like “Does the evidence support catastrophic human-caused global warming?”)
    Perhaps you could ask for an audience show of hands to guess how far north they would have to go for cooling equivalent to the projected cumulative benefit through the end of the century of the recently imposed Clean Power Plan. Using the highly optimistic alarmist numbers (that are probably overstated by several fold) the 32% required reduction of CO2 emissions will only avoid 0.02 degrees of warming (equivalent to going north less than a mile). If you offer choices of 500, 100, 50, or less than 10 miles, I wonder how many will know that it’s less than 1 mile (I calculated 0.6)? And, that assumes that the coal we don’t burn stays in the ground (not shipped to China, which is more likely) and that positive feedback amplifies the warming (which is also unlikely).

    • Correction, my calculation of how far north you’d have to go for the same cooling as the Clean Power Plan projections is about 0.99 miles, not 0.6 miles.

  23. Ok, I’m gonna donate, but full disclosure: I used to work at an EXXON gas station. So my donation will inevitably link you to Big Oil Money!

    • I guess I should come clean also. As a high school senior, my friends and I used to go to the local Shell station on Friday nights while another friend was working and distract him so we could take $20 from the register to go down to Pepe’s in New Haven CT and have pizza. So big oil was paying for our pizza.

      • Ahhhh, the Pepe’s/Sally’s conflict continues on. Good to see. But Pepe’s back in the late 60’s when Chick was there was better. Don’t know about now, haven’t been there in decades.

  24. Glad to pitch in, at least this is a voluntary donation as opposed to all the tax money my government wastes on selling this non existent fabric.
    As for hecklers, try not to laugh out loud at them.
    In todays weird academic spaces you are more likely to have an astroturf , rent a protest group, trying to prevent you reaching the podium.
    Have fun, you are speaking for truth and science as we used to know them.

  25. All the best. Thank you for your efforts – we need more people like you trying to protect us from this insanity. $10 winging its way across the Pacific from Australia where we now have a conservative prime minister who believes in CAGW. Could be horrible days ahead.

  26. Small donation from England.
    I have to confess that I have 200 inherited shares in BP AND I started my working life in BP Head Office in 1962 but left in 64.

    • Phil
      A query – I’ve given, per the link.
      But it goes to ‘A city in Ohio with “Chief Mark Holden ” in the PD’ Watts (a) TV Weather dot com [alloneword].
      I trust this is the same place that our host intends to receive the money to permit his vital attendance in SFO.
      But – mods, others – would appreciate confirmation.

  27. Anthony – More than glad to offer a small contribution from New Zealand where your site is well read and respected.
    Disclaimer: The guests to our astronomy themed B&B (stargazersbb.com) mostly fly in from overseas…not one has come by sail boat as yet. Also we have some cows that have been known to emit the odd bit of CH4. However, we have planted several hundred macadamia trees and used the windbreak ones to build our B&B…am I saving the planet or wrecking it??
    Please use any excess funds to buy yourself a few cold beers at the conference…you most certainly deserve it for all the wonderful ammunition you have provided to us skeptics around the world over the decades!

    • Al,
      Am ‘I saving the planet or wrecking it??’
      Opinions matter: I think you’re saving the planet.

  28. Read your blog daily find it very informative, not a lot but sent 10 USD towards the cause and a big thankyou for all your hard work.

  29. Donation from the northern part of Great Britain. (Those donating from “England” take note) (Sorry, nit picking again.)
    And have a beer from my donation. I would send you a bottle of Whisky (note, no “e”), but your postal and border officials won’t let me.

  30. Just gave $30. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Anthony. (Suggest you ask Mark Steyn to mention your plans and request for financial assistance on his blog.)

  31. Go get ’em Anthony.
    Some Aussie cash on the way.
    But won’t they all be in mourning after Paris COP21?

  32. Sent a donation via your website. Don’t give up. For whatever reason, you have been given a mission to stand for the truth. One man standing for truth is worth more than 10,000 standing for lies. Even if you never live to see the results of standing for the truth, it matters.

  33. Thanks for representing us Anthony! I sincerely appreciate what you are doing. Like Pres. Truman, you can tell them the truth in SF and they will think it’s hell.

  34. Fed the fund, Anthony! From the beautiful far western UP, on the shores of Gitchee Gumee, where we’re having a gorgeous, unseasonably warm November… so far.

  35. 100 on way from Netherlands. Thanks for amazing website and,
    Go get ’em!
    (if need more, do us know)

    • You could make your nom de plume one of your distinguished deceased scientists:
      If you are a man: how about Christiaan Huygens?
      If you are a woman: how about Christine Buisman?
      Or use the Dutch word for “truth” or “facts” or the like.
      If anyone asks you your esteemed opinion on a science topic in which you are not well-versed, just say, er, I mean have Huygens or Buisman say: “Terribly sorry, would love to, but, I must catch a plane. Cheerio!”
      — Well, what-EVER your name is, glad you are here.
      (please, oh, please, just don’t call yourself something like “Hugs” — ugh, ugh, and double ugh…. every time I see that name I cringe…. it just sounds SO tritely cute and insincere I can’t stand to read it)

  36. Anthony,
    Have you set up a 501(c)3 charitable foundation?
    You could get larger donations that way, maybe even from Big Oil, so that you could compete on less unequal financial footing with Mann, et al, who have enjoyed such largess from fossil fuel companies. You might even get federal grants once there is a new administration, although likely never to the same degree as the vast trough from which alarmists feed.

  37. Exchange rate bites, yoikes, but I’ve donated while I still can. With our new child king running the country, he will be wheelbarrowing our dwindling cash into sloshilist programs and he’s got his enviro spinister over in Paris to undo all the common sense contributed to the CAGW question by our prime minister of the past decade.
    What the kid prog doesn’t yet know, is the good old days of economic growth are over, basically for the whole world. Europe has already signed up for a life of voluntary poverty and submission to a new cultural forces that will outnumber them by 2050, forces that don’t know what economy (law, justice….) means. That will take care of the weath everyone over there is so anxious to redistribute..
    I consider this payment an investment. Thanks Anthony. Where would we be without you.

  38. Best of luck. Shame there isn’t also someone presenting who argues a pressure induced atmospheric affect instead of just a weak CO2 Greenhouse Effect. You really should look at Venus and try and reconcile the Greenhouse maths for this planet to that one. When you discover that you can’t, it will be time to let go of your old paradigm

  39. Done from NSW northern rivers Australia. We miss our ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott who fought the CAGW ‘crap’ (his word). Malcolm Turnbull who ambushed Tony is now the Prime Minister and a fully fledged CAGW believer. It’s awful. All the best at the AGU. We are very proud of you, Anthony.

  40. Happy to help you with $20 to ‘set the record straight’ so to speak. My father, now long retired, was concerned enough about weathership sea surface temperature recording in the 1950’s to write to his superiors in the UK Met Office. Pre engine-room intake, it was done with a bucket on a rope.They ignored him, so he moved from the marine to the air division of the MO.
    Data matter.
    Looking foward to the reports.

  41. Anthony… you’ll never walk alone.
    That’s how far you and WUWT have come. All of us (well, 97% at least!) will be with you in spirit. You’ve given so much — even to those who can’t and won’t appreciate it.
    Be strong and bold because the truth will shield you.

  42. Probably can’t afford it, but it’s a good cause, so a couple of sawbucks are on the way. Give ’em hell and make them fidget in their seats, Anthony.

  43. Hi:
    I don’t have any money to give you – but I do have a suggestion about that noisy hall. Nothing is going to work well for you in those conditions, but if you have not yet tried a bluetooth ph/microphone combination you may be pleasantly surprised.
    I got a phonecliplus from costco for my mother in law (she’s 90 this year and nearly deaf) along with an iphone and now she can make and receive calls again. Most importantly to you, however, the microphone lets her play bridge in a noisy hall. It hangs from a neck cord and transmits directly to the ear piece with the combo filtering out lots of background noise and amplifying only those frequencies that work best for her – not perfect, of course, but much better than just a hearing aid.

  44. Dip into your own pocket you greedy little shit.
    [such a fine example set by this University of Adelaide person, who probably is government funded -mod]

    • orion on November 9, 2015 at 3:54 pm
      Dip into your own pocket you greedy little [$]hit.
      [such a fine example set by this University of Adelaide person, who probably is government funded -mod]

      In Greek mythology ‘Orion’ was also known as the Hunter. Apparently, orion, I see that by your comment it is obvious you checked all your intellectual weapons at the door when you entered WUWT. So, it appears all that is available to you is just to fling your own publically excreted filth here.

    • We have no evidence that human CO2 does ANYTHING to alter the climate of the earth,
      but we sure have some fine evidence of why AGW speculation remains a problem, thanks to orion at 3:54pm, today.

    • If true, Adelaide, most other Australians just drive through South Australia the state that has the most expensive power in the country. BTW, the person who caused, deliberately or not, the CBA “patch” issue (LOL) was from Adelaide. Got all his computer systems experience off of the back of a pack of weatbix.

    • such a fine example set by this University of Adelaide person, who probably is government funded -mod]

      Big government. Certain irony here.

  45. It will be a challenge for me, not just for the content, but because I’m going to have to deal with one-on-one questions in the noisy hall,

    Some here may not know that you a hearing disability so may not have realized the depth of the meaning of that statement.
    Open the presentation by telling them of your problem and remind them again before the question and answer part. Those who don’t respect that will quickly show just who are the assholes, to you and those in the audience who aren’t.

  46. Daily reader, first time poster, time to get off the sidelines. $$$ on its way. Thanks Anthony for years of sanity checks.

  47. “I’m the only climate skeptic to give a presentation.” How big of them. Because that’s what you do when the science is on your side and you’re not afraid of an opposing point of view-you allow only one opposing point of view.

  48. Anthony–Gloateus Maximus is right. Please think about it. Meanwhile, did my bit to support honest science!!

    • Would our host’s dog, member in good standing of the UCS, be on the board of directors?
      Just kidding.
      I can think of any number of distinguished scientists who might be willing, indeed possibly honored, to serve. I’m standing by to be impressed.
      Then the board should challenge Michael Mann and an equal number of his friends to a public debate, the proceeds of which could go to other worthy charities. It should be sponsored by the same Big Oil companies who have financed Mann, et al. If Fox News doesn’t want to broadcast it, maybe Al Gore’s former channel, bought by Al Jazeerah, would.

  49. I’m on board and have sent a donation. I’d very much like an update or a whole new post with the amount raised through this humble request, with some indication of where the money over and above the required amount will be spent. Judging from the comments here, your $3k for the conference should be relatively easily covered.

  50. The time it took me to earn my donation would be a very very small fraction of the time you have spent chasing unhyped transparency. I applaud your civic spirit.

  51. A few Bob coming next week when I am back home.
    Proviso – it is to be spent on fast food, slow horses, quick drinks, long drives and short falls.

    • Hello Venter,
      may I use your reply link to also give a big salute to WUWT Readers as the donations seem to be flowing and I have given my small contribution.
      I am interested how others see Mr Watts as probably the only sceptical voice at The Conference and ask if there is any chance of Anthony organising some support system to be put in place so he does not feel completely isolated over the 4/5 days of The Conference.
      I know you are a grownup and not subject to cracking the tears at the drop of your hat like the modern day Luvvie but we want you there and supported.
      Is there anything else that the readership can do to support you at this conference? Can some local people arrange to shout you lunch or dinner and just be there to chat and keep your spirits up. Do some well credentialed people live in Washington who would put up their hand to support your presentation? Do you have some mates or buds locally?
      Mods, Does Mr Watts need some more Money?
      Remember one major thing Anthony. When you present you may be on your own on the platform but you are not alone at any time ever in regards to what you do on this issue?
      Please let us know what more we can do and may I take the liberty to say that this applies to Ms Nova, Donna, Jennifer M, Mr Steyn, Morano Spencer and Tisdale and Willis and Eric W, The Bishop, Delingpole and all who make up this and other sites.
      Please let us know what we can do?
      Now if only I had some cheerleaders and Passionate Music..
      Cheers and Regards.

  52. I cleaned out under the sofa cushions and sent it along.
    Could we have a status report? I could raid the change collection in the car if it is close (not much there–bought coffee on the road to Kansas City last week.

  53. $2,080 at least (secret amounts not guessed at) so I think I can rest easy. Good people here.
    I would like to move that any excess be retained in a suitable bank account against the next travel opportunity.
    Is there a second?

  54. Trying to send some money but Paypal apparently can’t deal with people who don’t have a telephone. Is there anyway to get around this?
    Eugene WR Gallun

    • Is there anyway to get around this?
      Put a $10 or $20 bill in an envelope and mail it? (with a postcard or something else as well, obviously)

      • Hi, Mr. Gallun,
        I found Anthony’s Weathershop address from the link on the graphic on this page where it says “Monitor Your Own Climate:”
        3008 Cohasset Road
        Chico, CA 95973
        Good for you to persevere. Oh, and given the lack of trust of some bloggers, here (perhaps, only one, “Bushy”), if the donations have already covered the AGW conference costs, Anthony may feel he must refund you your donation unless you specify that he may use it for ANY purpose. Too bad about the Bushy’s of the world…., but, there you go.
        Take care O Faithful WUWT Commenter,

      • Janice Moore
        Thankyou. Will try to get it in mail today. Have to buy envelope and stamp. Fortunately still do have some paper checks. Sometimes I feel like civilization and I are going in different directions.
        Eugene WR Gallun

      • Janice Moore
        Now see where others have suggested I input a fake telephone number. Will try that first. Why didn’t that occur to me? Guess I don’t do fake stuff naturally. Guess I have no future as a climate alarmist.
        Eugene WR Gallun

    • Just make up a number or give a number of a friend, neighbor, etc. They never use the phone number for anything that I know of other than to contact you for some reason your email doesn’t work.

  55. Something from Sweden.
    BTW, read Koonin and/or Lomborg on the projected impacts of a “succesful” outcome of the Paris talks!
    0,0xx degrees.

  56. $100 on its way from sunny Sydney. Would it be possible to provide a bank account and Swift details please? Then we could use CurrencyFair which saves you fees and gives a better rate. We are all proud of your work. Thankyou so much.

  57. $100 sent.
    Like many others I suspect, my donation is to Anthony Watts for any purpose he wishes. For me, the AGU conference is just a reminder that I need to send some support Anthony’s way.
    I understand the calls for disclosure and designation of excess funds. To those donors I say thank you for supporting WUWT and all it does. But please remember that money is fungible. You either support Anthony or you don’t. I do.
    Which reminds me, I need to send Jo Nova some money….

    • “I understand the calls for disclosure and designation of excess funds. To those donors I say thank you for supporting WUWT and all it does. But please remember that money is fungible. You either support Anthony or you don’t. I do.”
      Ditto! I go on record now that any donation I’ve made (or make in the future) to Anthony Watts is his – to be used however he sees fit. Because honesty & integrity are characteristics he has in abundance, y’know! 🙂

  58. I am not working, but if I secure a contract before, I will donate. But as posted by another and from your post…”It will be a challenge for me, not just for the content, but because I’m going to have to deal with one-on-one questions in the noisy hall…” I know how difficult that is. I suffer too…and it is something people cannot SEE.

  59. My sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone, the goal has been met and exceeded, and I will be able to attend the conference and do so comfortably. As some commenters noted above, I “won’t be alone”, and I’ll do my best knowing that so many stand behind me.

    • Just go there and be the man, as far as I’ve seen here, you are are. Honest. Ethical.
      Some will despise you, not because of you but because of what you say.
      That won’t be fun.
      But some others might have an open ear. Speak to them.
      PS Some of us pray. (Some of us think it’s a waste of time.) Remind us when the time comes when you are going to speak….so some of us who pray and also care can “waste our time” on your behalf.8-)

    • Anthony, so pleased for you I have read through all 315 comments and the support you have got is tremendous.. Once again good luck, safe journey and thank you on behalf of the realists of the world.

  60. AGU, the folks who chipped in for the Mann defense fund? Sweet.
    Well I hope I don’t offend any of the folks here who are hung up on climate, anthropogenic or otherwise, but there is one other small thing and it might help to mention it. It might even help get everyone’s mind off the climate thing for a little while so they can start fresh.
    After 58 years (Sputnik) of space exploration, Planet Earth still lacks a credible asteroid defense capability. We really have to get on the ball here. The characteristic and effect of Earth impacts throughout history encompass the entire span of the AGU disciplines, some even relying on them as tools of study. What should be obvious (to channel Asimov and Sagan and Spock a little here) is that the threat of a S.L.A.T.E.W.I.P.E.R. (Sudden, Large Accretion To Earth Which Illaudable Parents Enormously Regret) is so pervasive throughout the Universe, it is most logical that once one recognizes and understands this threat, it must be a ‘rite of passage’ of any intelligent civilization would be to take active steps to counter that threat.
    Instead of taking steps to counter the threat we have doubled down on our vulnerability to it. We’ve built a fragile modern infrastructure that could not survive a single global Winter aerosol event, most of us live near oceans, we’ve forgotten that nuclear bombs can be used for things other than war, and have permitted ourselves to become complacent about space.
    Once you have been informed of the existence of an existential threat you cannot unlearn it. And this is a really good example of a real one.

    • Well I hope I don’t offend any of the folks here who are hung up on climate, anthropogenic or otherwise, but there is one other small thing and it might help to mention it.

      OT, but enormously important reminder. It wouldn’t hurt at all for WUWT to devote more time to the real threat to Earth. It would also help to point out the difference between real threats and faux ones.
      The Boss says he’s got enough for the trip to AGU, but that reminds me that it’s past time to hit the Donate button, which I am happy to do.
      /Mr Lynn

  61. I´m glad you are able to attend the conference, and do so comfortably.
    Anyhow – Since I haven´t donated for a while it was about time to donate again.
    Thank´s for what you do. When United Nations, many scientific societies and many governments fails to to their job – mass media jumps onto the bandwagon and fails in being watchdogs. I´am glad you took their place. You have created something totally new, important and much better than what we had before.

  62. I see that Dumboldguy is worried that Anthony is supposedly receiving fossil fuel money and that this somehow taints him.
    Worse than that, Anthony is paying to register, so the AGU will also be tainted.
    Made my donation too, Anthony, from Nottingham in the UK. I hope it goes well.

  63. Was privileged to shake your hand in Brisbane when you were on your Australian tour. Even though you you have reached your goal, a little extra for in appreciation for all the work you do in shining light into the dark corners of the CAGW ideology.

  64. Boy, you miss a day you miss a lot. I’ve not had time to keep up with WUWT these past few days so when I get to this post and scroll down to find the “donate” button I find the need has already been met.
    Thanks to everyone who stepped up ahead of me.
    Once again Anthony, I applaud your energy and courage.

  65. Anthony:
    Suggestion for you: set out some months in advance the conferences you think it important to attend and put them all in a post together with the budget for each. Once a month, do a reminder post, referring back to the original with an update on the current funding received and the appropriate donate link. When you’re fully funded, do a final update post and close off the donations.
    If you can’t do a whole year in advance, do it a quarter at a time. If you get this up at least 30 days before the first conference, when you would need to buy airline tickets anyway, There should be no problem keeping ahead. And people like me who might miss a few days catching up with WUWT would not be left feeling sheepish for not contributing.

  66. Anthony,
    There is NOTHING in science more important than the integrity of data, to which you have contributed more than anyone else.
    You have the upper hand on anyone at the meeting.
    Be self confident and show them!

  67. You deserve no less than what we collectively have given. Thanx for persisting with WUWT, a service & forum for sifting agendas from facts.

  68. For the critics here, read this:
    UPDATE: I’m overwhelmed by the courage and generosity of WUWT readers, the goal has been met and exceeded, such that I’ll be able to not only attend the conference, but do so comfortably. Thanks to one and all for your help! – Anthony Watts
    How many climate alarmist scientists would say, ‘That’s enough money. Thanks.’ ?
    (Not that new donations will be turned down! But there’s a big difference between skeptics, who get essentially no government grants, and the Michael Mann types who feast on them.)

      • You have it exactly backward: grant money is being shoveled at anyone who promotes the “dangerous man-made global warming” narrative. Michael Mann alone has collected many $millions for his bogus propaganda.
        But you can be certain that if a scientist tells the truth: that there is nothing either unusual or unprecedented happening, he won’t get a dime from the feds.
        Some folks are incredibly naive. But keep reading here, you might learn something.

      • Kent, I think what you meant by “not begging for money” is that there’s always “green” available to those who support the Cause.
        If not, read DB’s reply.

        Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg. (Great Barrier Reef Fan)
        Grants administered at UQ 1999 TO 2015
        TOTAL 45
        Money Provided By; UQ, unesco,WWF International, Queensland Government, Underwater Earth, World Bank Group, Australian Research Council, Monash Uni, Reef and Rainforest Research, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation (Yep, HP) which is the 8th largest foundation in the USA and … The foundation’s board committed $350 million to grants for climate-change… for the years 2015 to 2022, with about $50 million going out each year over this period…
        … This follows the $500 million in climate-related grants that the foundation awarded from 2007 to 2014…( from the Foundation website)
        Need we say anymore about this funding issue and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take 5 minutes of research and find in, just one foundation, more donations than the Sceptics probably get globally.
        Finally I list one of The Professors non reef grants.
        Gatton Piggery Waste Energy Project (2012) Funded by The Queensland Pig Industry Fund!
        Do you think that this comes as any surprise and that the good professor actually did, as the Climate Change Industry does … Go The Whole Hog… !!!
        Go Away but you can return if you provide actual verified data of similar amounts as above donated
        to Mr Watts or another well known Science based Sceptic. A reminder. 500 million in one period and 350 million the next!
        On that score it will be a case of… Swine. Achievement. Aeronautical Remarkability.
        Go Now or else i shall skitch Janice on to you.

  69. Anthony, even though you already have your cost covered, I have thrown in some 20$ for a cappuccino and some snacks. Je suis Anthony!

  70. “I’m overwhelmed by the courage and generosity of WUWT readers, the goal has been met and exceeded, such that I’ll be able to not only attend the conference, but do so comfortably. Thanks to one and all for your help! – Anthony Watts”
    That’s not good enough, Anthony. Take in enough cash to live large while you’re there–you’re going to be accused of being funded by Big Energy anyway! (And, frankly, you’ve earned it. We owe you a lot more than many of us can give.)

    • Yes, I second that! I don’t know what the total is but I know for sure it isn’t anything like enough to compensate you for your efforts on our behalf and behalf of civilization as a whole (particularly Western civilization).

  71. Sheesh Anthony,
    When you could use a little coin, just come out and say it 🙂
    I almost missed the fund-raiser.
    Funds on the way.

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