Al Gore's Climate Reality? Dismal viewcounts; nobody is watching

Tom Nelson pointed out something quite interesting on Friday August 7th. He wrote on Twitter:


I thought to myself, “how could this be?”. Gore spent millions on a professional set, hired a leggy spokesmodel to emcee, spent  huge amounts of money on web advertising, and claimed he had millions of views during the event.

Al's millions went to fund a massive set for the "24 hours of climate reality"

Al’s millions went to fund a massive set for the “24 hours of climate reality”

And yet, only 166 views of his flagship YouTube interview?

Well, it’s up to 179 as of this writing, so I guess that’s something. I figure skeptic Tom Nelson’s tweet helped a bit.


You can watch Gore’s video here. I’m sure he’ll appreciate some views from Climate Skeptics.

Note some of the other viewcounts I highlighted at right in yellow from the 24 hours of climate reality. They have similarly dismal numbers.

Now, look at the bottom two I highlighted. One is from my friend John Coleman titled: “How the Global Warming Scare Began” All John had was one TV station in San Diego and a mention on WUWT.  He’s got 294,263 views. Physicist and climate skeptic Freeman Dyson has 14,357 views and the video is handheld VHS quality!

Heck, even my debunking of the outright lie presented as science by Al Gore and Bill Nye has more views than Gore’s climate reality, and I had just a few hundred dollars in that budget.

Tragically, Gore still has that video of Nye with the outright lie up on his website. Apparently, truth in science doesn’t matter to either Gore or Nye.

And that may be why Al’s global reach is slipping, in fact, it may have slipped away altogether.


158 thoughts on “Al Gore's Climate Reality? Dismal viewcounts; nobody is watching

    • One of the founders of The Weather Channel before it became The Storm Channel.
      He knows his stuff.

      • Storm Channel? Don’t you mean the Propectors unReality show channel? They don’t seem to do weather there anymore. At least not on Pacific Time after folks out here wake up…

    • I believe the “suit and tie” guy, the one that is not Al Gore and is not Freeman Dyson, is John Coleman looking as dapper as ever.

  1. Al made enough money to burn off of caGW.
    Maybe he figures if he burns enough of it things will actually heat up?

    • Not quite an oceanfront home yet, dfbaskwill.
      Although, with the drought in California it may become “desert view” fairly soon.

    • Al must be paying MUCH MORE than $ 1k/mo. … at the RATE INCREASES all us Californian’s are paying for our “clean”, “green”, “renewable” power. CA Ratepayers are getting fleeced … and sadly it is dramatically diminishing our buying power … unlike limousine liberal Al who can afford unlimited rate increases

    • If he switches over to all LED light bulbs; it will only cost him a hundred a month for electricity.

  2. Are we talking about Al Gore’s Climate Reality Annual Production, abbreviated “C.R.A.P.”?
    If so, perhaps those 179 views are immediate family and co-workers of his organization?

  3. I would prefer to view cat videos on FB than watch Al Gore and his propaganda. One makes me laugh and one makes me cry – guess which is which.

    • I know which shows more real intelligence, and which evil scheme for world domination is successful.

    • I’m waiting for the 34 second video of Rowdy Rhonda Rousey punching out the Brazillian bulldog’s lights, to come on the T&V for free.
      I might look at Al’s opuss after that.

  4. Sadly the reality is that the money he spent on this is small change to St Gore , so it is no real loss to him.
    His ego on the other hand is another question , like most of the prophets of ‘the cause’ he has a planet sized ego that needs constant feeding and the way people have turned away from him is going to hurt .

    • You can always just turn off safe search and do a Bing search for “Leggy Spokesmodels”.
      Then click the image and video tabs one by one…the results may surprise and, um…titillate.

      • I noticed that may of the leggy spokesmodels tended to be busty spokesmodels, too. As for the safe search…you can find more titillating fare with very little imagination.

  5. At a 166 views, I would have thought El Grande would have gotten tired of watching his own video after a few dozen times. I guess not.

  6. Was just noting on the Rotten Tomatoes website that the Oreskes film, Merchants of Doubt, had a total box office gross of barely $0.2 million. I did not know that it was possible to have so few people watch a movie.
    If anyone is in any doubt how many people are buying the CAGW drivel, then this article and MoD numbers may give some perspective.

    • I did not know that it was possible to have so few people watch a movie.’
      Hmm, well there’s also the Fantastic Four … 🙂

      • I have a feeling that as poorly as the Fantastic 4 is rated, it is still doing better than Gore’s show.

      • Well you just haven’t read my playlist.
        I’m sure I’ve watched as few movies as anyone on the planet.
        I’m waiting till they are all digital, so they don’t need any actors or actresses.

    • I believe rotten tomato futures are headed for a big rise. Apparently they have surpassed edible ripe tomato prices.

  7. The global warming mania, like eugenics mania that preceded it, was all about the obsessions and fanaticism of the elites who have bought into it. Very few people actually believe the Gore view and most people seem to see through the self serving hype he so profitably pushes.

    • Why would you think eugenics and CAGW are unrelated? Haven’t you heard about how overpopulated the earth is?

    • In about 5 minutes I gave an abbreviated summary of real science versus climate science to a liberal nephew of mine. His comment at the end? “Well, I never really did believe all the hype that Gore said about global warming.” So you see, Gore is his own worst enemy. The more he promotes – the more he demotes – even among liberals.

    • Right Hunter. Eugenics and global warming seem to have the same set of beliefs. Never lead by example, never admit you are wrong, deny everything, and counteract with a blizzard of false accusations.

  8. Well, I went to the video to up the count simply because it will be hilarious for him to receive more than double the views from denier “sympathy” than he originally received from his “loyal followers”, (all ~10 of them…).

    • Probably most of the views were from skeptics, just to see if he was telling new lies or just rehashing the old ones.

  9. YouTube says it has more than one billion users, so can we say that Al Gore’s viewers make up only 179 parts per billion of all YouTube viewers? That’s even smaller than the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere.

  10. Sometimes I think of Al Gore in the same frame of mind that I have for the “Generalissmo” in the original “In Laws” movie in the scene where he is showing off the proposed flag for his country and plotting to bring down the International Monetary System.

      • you remember the flag then of painted velour with the innocent peasant girl and the generalissimo and his indignation that “they” wouldn’t let him make that the flag of the country? I don’t no why Hollywood insists on remaking great flicks when they already had one that hit it out of the park.

    • Like a mob of sheep in the wild… a few “less well adapted” get picked off the side but the rest survive.

  11. I’d like to get at the real metrics of this, my guess is that over half the views are by folks that have a climate denial score above 4.5, (it’s on a scale of 1 to 7), just to see what kinds of B.S. the ole GoreMeister is spewing these days. Personally, I watched for the leggy spokesmodel, and just patched in a voice track of Marie Osmond for Weight Watchers during the parts where Gore was speaking.

  12. I must say that, whilst obviously deserved, I do wonder at these abysmal view counts. Perhaps someone with more nous than old Al has hacked it in some way?

    • The CO2-obsessed will just add the video to the existing enormous heap of shit “evidence” and “literature” that they claim justifies all the alarmism, hysteria and spending of hundreds of billions of your dollars.

    • No Ian it is folk like YOU with all this free PR from the most viewed climate blog on the Internet- stop it now, you will go blind!

    • But … Didn’t he invent the internet? He is far too clever to allow himself to be hacked … surely?

  13. Several problems with experiment on 2 glass jars:
    .1. glass is not transparent to infrared. It lets in visible light and blocks infrared like co2. This effect would overrule CO2 effect.
    2.the fever thermometers used are designed to lock the reading. there is a tight spot in the capillary that is designed to break the mercury and lock the high reading .Both being shaken down to the same reading means nothing. They only indicate an accurate reading If they read above the temperature they were shaken down to. the temperature could be anything below 96 degrees and the reading would be 96.
    In summary WRONG EQUIPMENT

    • *sigh* This was a replication of a supposed experiment conducted by Gore/Nye. @#$%&@ kids not paying attention AGAIN.

  14. It just goes to show you: Massive amounts of money from eco-activists thrown at politicians is the only thing keeping this pathetic charade from unraveling. Anybody with common sense yawned and switched the channel long ago.
    The Costco-like buying of the politicos by the eco-crowd makes Trump’s brags on buying politicians look like the rantings of a penniless homeless man.

  15. Al Gore is just experiencing a temporary viewer ‘hiatus’. I’m 95% confident that when his viewers return from hiding in the deep oceans, the views for his video will suddenly skyrocket. /sarc

    • Yeah! Just wait until the “views” data are adjusted by the warmist scientists. It’ll have more views than Gone With The Wind and the graph will look like a hockey stick.

  16. James Spann – Meteorologist out of Birmingham, Alabama and Scientists at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (which conducts climate studies) have also debunked the global warming myth.

  17. Ha. wait until the ManBearPig handlers see this.
    They will insist the 64 bit counter rolled over.

  18. Ha Ha. you guys.
    don’t you realize the ManBearPig spin doctors will point out the 64 bit counter youtube uses has rolled over, so this is really (2^64 – 1) + the 170ish. In other words,
    18, 446, 744, 073, 709, 551, 615 page views. 😉

  19. The outlandish model predictions and amplifications from within the media are causing the public to become desensitized, and stand offish. That is the cost of spreading bogus fear

    • Now if only our President and all his millions of bureaucrats and PC media and PC Hollywould could be as smart as the public.

  20. Notwithstanding the numbers NOT looking at Mr Gore – it seems that the faith remains unshakeable amongst many of the converted. And many of those are in positions of power and influence and are seeking to exert that influence as hard as they can go.
    What is truly astonishing is that so many believers continue to believe and to profess their beliefs. But I do not have the words to describe what I think of those who have scientific training who continue to stretch the data, bend the theory and display characteristics which are the very antithesis of scientific thinking.

    • Yes, you do probably have words to describe believing warmunists. But are far too civilized to use them. And moderaters here would properly expunge them, anyway, if you weren’t. Carry on.

      • Mercenary –
        adjective: influenced by greed or desire for gain. From Latin mercenarius: “one who does anything for pay,”

    • I have taken to discussing my skepticism now with my real-life friends; “out” about it if you will. And surprisingly finding that since I brought it up, they’re not believers either! This is principally taking the form of warning them to buy hay early, split wood now, and make sure the snow tires and chains are ready to go for the impending solar-minimum winter. The meme is dying, folks, like a slowly deflating CO2 balloon . . .

  21. OK I am inspired to play with a little video enhancement and inline commentary…I can always claim, “the debil made me do it” If you have any suggestions for content/comments/scribbles/images/sound track let me know by a message on my FB Business Page;
    Mother Nature, Bob Dylan what a name dropper!
    Big fat fib (BFF) #1 “the sharp reduction in [power costs in the USA due to consumers ED] due to renewable’s? WTF

  22. Hilarious.
    Even Jenna Marbles, a 20-something gal who posts simple humorous videos weekly using an i-Phone, is the #8 channel on YouTube, with over 1.8 billion views (that’s billion with a b!) and over 15 million subscribers.
    Things Guys Lie About

    Things Girls Lie About

    • That is neither witty nor true.
      It’s more suited to a YouTube comment thread than where civil people meet.

  23. 167? That’s only 100 more views than my very cheesy Jetpack video, and nobody gives a damn about that.
    Link here, if enough of you fine people watch it I can get some more flight time cheap:

    • Didn’t know such a thing existed. Apparently I live a sheltered life. Suggest in next video you hire leggy supermodel in tiny bikini to fly it. Will improve number of hits.
      Eugene WR Gallun

      • The nozzles are swiveled by the handles, and there’s a bit of free play and backlash, as well as friction in the bearings. That first session was about a half hour, and while I did get some good flights, none were longer than a minute or two before I got wonky enough to alarm the instructor, who would throttle down to lower me into the water before I got into too much trouble. I’m going back next month to do it some more, though! I’ll also try the hover platform that you stand on which uses more natural, intuitive control inputs (your normal standing relflexes).

  24. I really do not want to push the causes of the Gorical and The Climate Reality Project, but please be aware that even without his presence on the web and his expensive production for the Climate Reality Project with a couple of hundred viewers, Gore is getting the coverage from his training sessions with the Climate Reality Project at centers around the world.
    (main page, with photos of some training sessions)
    Also Ms Christiana Figueres, Cheif Secretary of the UNFCCC is an Al Gore trained Climate Reality Project presenter, and she will be heading the Parisites in Paris, Dec 2015 (from her bio-Wikipedia)
    I too laugh at his Alexa ratings but I’m all to aware of his penetration into religion, politics and schools with his message.

  25. It depresses me t think that thisi moron was almost elected President of the US. But hen we got the Marxist moron instead. A guy who really believes in this Gorean Warmist nonsense, and that Marxist economics works when 300 years of trials in scores of countries only resulted in concentration camps and poverty.

    • ” A guy who really believes in this Gorean Warmist nonsense…”
      I don’t think he believes a word of it. I think he sees it as a means to an end.

  26. What is needed is a little climate science spin.
    That there are only 166 views is proof positive that people understand that the science is settled. Who needs to watch?
    Eugene WR Gallun
    There is a good joke in there somewheres but obviously I failed to find it.

  27. This is more proof that people are tired of hearing about doom and gloom “climate change”. They know they were tricked with his movie….why should they be suckered in again? The POTUS is still desperately trying to get America to believe that a manufactured catastrophe is far worse than the reality of people dying in religious and Imperialistic wars, economies failing right and left and rampant diseases threatening the world. CAGW is losing credibility because it jumped the shark……years ago.

  28. We know Al Gore outside the USA because Al Gore featured on the Simpsons when Lisa bought his book. You don’t get more famous than that.

  29. Just watched the first minute. Worth watching if just for the pretty inverviewer. Am I being sexist? No. Its TV broadcasts that routinely use pretty leggy female interviewers alongside grey-haired middle-aged men who are being sexist. Berlosconi would be proud.
    Gore says extreme weather events are now 100 times more common thant 30 years ago. Wow! The inompetence of the IPCC to have missed this bit of scientific evidence.

  30. First of all, all of the experiments and all the prerequisites based on the notion that individuals can change the course of natural law and that they are stronger than the immense forces that govern the behavior of the planets and the sun, will never give real results nor evidence of any phenomenon in nature, if not respect the laws of nature.
    When everything else, so far not been clarified, and the causes of climate change, in general, do not depend on human factors. These are the resultant of the mutual relations of the planets and the sun, which science does not want or know to solve, because the individuals can not benefit.
    These experiments as Al Gore exercised in some vessels, the same as if in a container for a Barbie-doll placed over her and conducted experiments and passed it on to the baby of a few months. Does he know many scientists that the planets behave as living creatures that are born, grow old, reduced to behave in the prescribed natural laws and die as living beings.
    Many scientists behave so arrogantly, as if they are the creators of all this, about which we are all fighting to find out who we are, what we are and so on, but no one will understand that we are people of last perfect patent somebody who formed everything in the universe and who knows when and how.
    We’ll find out when we become holographic point of absolute consciousness of the universe, the infinite power of creation.
    Such theories and models have been a mirage of those curious who think they can deceive and mislead our Creator. Is it up to date anyone do it?

      • Consciousness of the universe we call absolute consciousness of the universe (ACU), but it is also the smallest subatomic particles, waves, and all other forms of matter, energy, and their properties and rules with them.
        ACU is an immense creative powers and it is she who manages the behavior of the sun as with all things in the universe are manifested in the form of matter and energy, and that entity should be called COSMOS, because he is “immersed” in the universe in substance from which everything is formed and that is an ether.

  31. Why should truth matter to Gore or Nye? Neither is a scientist. One’s an entertainer and one’s a politician, both occupations where the truth is irrelevent.

  32. HA! I made YouTube videos for the local Kinsmen’s red neck annual demolition derby (big fundraiser) in a town of 7,000 people and these videos received more views. Just thought it was funny.

  33. I’m only posting this comment because we’re so close to having more comments than Gore has views, and I find that very funny

  34. The experiment with the cookie jars and heat lamps was interesting. However, since the temperature did not change on either thermometer the results are inconclusive. Ten minutes under the lamps was not long enough.

  35. I thought to myself, “how could this be?”. Gore spent millions on a professional set, hired a leggy spokesmodel to emcee …

    For his next “24 Hours of Climate Reality”, Gore needs to hire Donald Trump instead of the supermodel. Offer him enough money and he will even show up at your wedding.
    On the other hand, as Erick Erickson observed, if you hire the supermodel Bill Clinton will show up for free.

  36. I just opened the link. I was number 500. So, Anthony has tripled the Gore’s viewership overnight. Pretty entertaining.

  37. Well looks like you gave it a huge boost with ” Gore …….. hired a leggy spokesmodel to emcee,”

  38. I got as far as “and these events which are 100 times more common today than they were 30 years ago”.
    Now either he knows that he is lying or he is the most imbecilic moron in the history of imbecilic morons. Which is he?
    Where is the graph, Gore? Where is the graph that shows the increasing trend in Atlantic Hurricane landfalls? Why is shit still coming out of your mouth? Who do you think that you are fooling?
    Questions, questions…

  39. Nine more comments needed on this thread to tie gores 166. This thread at 3 days and gores at 11 months. Who will be the lucky number 166? Then who will get to be the tie breaker?

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