Saturday satire – Hot spot or not?

Josh writes: It is good to see Christopher Booker writing about the UK’s ‘hottest day of the year’ in the Telegraph again. Paul Homewood’s excellent posts, on which his article is based, are well worth reading.

The story on Paul’s blog starts here, with more here, and Booker’s first Telegraph article, followed by more doubts, some Met Office spin, then a belated response, comment moderation, and finally more Met Office spin. It’s quite a saga.Hottest_Day_scr

Anyone would think they are trying to hype every possible weather event they can. I wonder why?

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  1. “Anyone would think they are trying to hype every possible weather event they can. I wonder why?”
    Perhaps it is because Mother Nature is making fools out of the alarmists. Maybe it is because their paradigm is wrong and they will never get good results until they give up on CO2 as the driver of climate.
    So, hype and propaganda is all they have?

  2. Imagine, if we had drastically cut CO2 when they first told us to.
    Then they would be proclaiming the pause as proof that they were right, instead of fiddling the figures to hide it.

      • Some have definitely tried this, but their efforts are always short lived. Even the dumbest reporters know that The Pause can’t be due to efforts to reduce CO2 emissions while the alarmist community is continuing to claim that CO2 levels are continuing to rise.

      • It was a left wing tree hugging dame from England ,the name escapes me too , but her comments basically were laughed at long and loud , we saved the world ,by reducing CO” …nutter

  3. It was hot that day. Very hot.
    The record was obviously due to hot tarmac at an airport heating the air above. And then the hot air getting blown into the Stevenson Box (perhaps by a plane landing).
    The record was meaningless. But it was a real (meaningless) record at Heathrow.
    And I predict Heathrow might continue to be warmer than everything else around

    • M
      If Boris – a politician (make of that what you will), for non-Londoners – gets his way, Heathrow will be turned into a massive housing estate – and London Europe airport, with at least five runways, and direct rail links to London, naturally, but also Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, and probably Cologne, will take most of London’s long-haul flights.
      If Boris gets his way . . . .

    • Not too Hot for us DownUnder, a story that is doing the rounds is that men in the UK have been leaving the toilet seat up during “extreme Heat” events, so that they can get a Cold stare from the missus….
      I’ll leave it a that….

    • @Joel D.
      I take that back; partially anyway. Apparently Newark still has title to the land, if not the improvements.

  4. The MET didn’t count on the huge Cold pool of Atlantic water forming around the region. Not that it would affect the temperatures in the region mind you….. [/sarc}
    What are these guys going to do when the currently increasing in size and strength polar low shoves one of those massive spin off lows over their heads in the next month or so? That whole region is going to be very cold this year. Even the moderate El Nino is loosing power and strength in the Pacific.. I see the western US pummeled with snow this fall which appears to be coming early as well.
    The strong El Nino or flip to cold is a coin toss at this point.. Betting on flip to cold at this point due to the cold water pockets reaching a -2 to -4 deg C anomaly and the increasing sizes. The cold massing waters appear to be disrupting the warm water flows.
    Going to be an interesting fall to watch..

    • Looks like the snow pummeling is starting early for the Western U.S. The Tioga Pass in the Sierra Nevada was just pummeled with snow in July. It was said that CA 120 had to be closed for several hours so they could clear the snow.

    • The Big Horn Mountains and most of the Rockies along Wyoming’s western boarder had snow as well. A shift in weather patterns has already occurred here a full 6 weeks early and the wildlife are moving to their fall areas of habitat. Its coming early and there is not a thing any of us can do but watch.

    • IceAgeNow also has cold related stories on
      Triple-digit snowfall forecast for Chile
      Heavy snow causes chaos in Gisborne, New Zealand
      Peru – State of Emergency in Palca district
      Chance of frost in the Netherlands
      None of which made it to the BBC.

      • Felix – noted and appreciated – but that is – emphatically – n o t the BBC.
        This time, please, I suggest you find words for the initials of the Blatantly Biased Commintern.

    • Just two or three mornings ago I saw fresh snow on Mt. Sopris in central western Colorado. It must have been down to 10.5 or 11Kft. Seemed very early early in the season for same, like two months.

    • Irrelevant. It’s winter here in Australia. Slightly unusual cold snap, but not record-breaking.

    • That’s not to say that our media isn’t doing everything it can to beat the alarmism drum. “Antarctic vortex” they’re calling it. For mid-Winter temps in the low single digits.
      What a joke.

    • Well the ‘good news’ is that thanks to the magic of CO2 , cold is also proof of CAGW .
      Which reflects nicely one of the grant unanswered question posed to those who support CAGW , what would disprove CAGW ? to which all that is returned is silence .
      try it yourself , ask them what would ‘disprove’ in their mind and you will find they cannot answer , an yet they claim to be followers of science and CAGW sceptics anti-science.

  5. Paris COP21 is there last shot at money scam for carbon taxes and Climate Aid funds.
    Obama is gone 13 months after Paris, and Hillary Clinton has serious image problems with ethics and trustwortness. So odds of GOP US President are good, and that means a kaboosh on the ongoing data frauds at DOE, NASA, and NOAA. That will reveal the scam those Lois Lerner-types have been perpetuting on the world.
    Plus, if harsh NH winters come in 2017, 2018 from a cold NAO and then La Nina erases any temp jump from the current ElNino, it’s game over in public opinion.

    • You might want to consider stock in computer hard manufacturers if a Republican president is elected in Nov 2016. Computer hard drives by the thousands maybe ten of thousands will be having irretrievabe crashes (as in, hardrive meet Mr Magnet) if a Republican is taking over after 8 years of Obama operative chicanery in the various agencies and departments.

      • No wonder the drive is to go “paperless”. Trashing a hard drive releases much less CO2 than burning a bunch of papers.

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            July 11, 2015 at 1:34 pm ” then the “reply” feature isn’t working right.
            (If it does, sorry. It must have been my mistake.)

      • Mods, if this doesn’t show up as a reply to “Gunga Din…..

        Well, I rebooted and it’s all better now. Must have been on my end somehow.
        (Unless this shows up as a new comment.8-)

    • joelobryan
      Wait to bet on the number of preemptive pardons Obummer issues on the night before he leaves office?
      Eugene WR Gallun

  6. I’ve been doing my part to limit my use of fossil fuel. I have a gas lawnmower. Since I’m over 60 it does much to lessen my use of that fossil fuel more commonly known as “elbow grease”.
    (Maybe before this winter I’ll finally buy a snow blower and be able to lessen my use of “fossil fuel” even more!)

  7. I have to say, I find it irritating that people post on moderated (met) blog and then vine about moderation. And when they are published, they vine what the answer is going to be. What do they expect? And what are they trying to gain?
    How I would see it, you should target people who are not in the game. Write an innocent question that would get people thinking.

    • Good luck. Here in Oz down south one of the coldest with snow blizzards in the Snowy Mountains and snow elsewhere on the Table lands. Weather not “climate change”.

      • Frank,
        I don’t know where you are – but I would note that England has a respectable, not, certainly not, flawless – temperature record back to the 1650s or so.
        Australia’s is a hundred and fifty years or so shorter – although pretty respectable [except for the BoM’s homogenisation (is that a better term that – say – fudging – or, maybe, in some eyes, outright fraud?) still.

  8. It would be nice if Anthony would update the chart of in the US 600 well sited rural stations and compare it to the new 115 stations and their 10 year chart.

  9. What is interesting about the Met Office’s response is that they invoke the sun as the reason for the high temperature reading at Heathrow. They display a chart comparing the solar insolation at Heathrow with nearby Kew Gardens. Sure enough, around 2pm there is a jump in the Heathrow-Kew relative readings which occurs around the same time as the spike in relative temperature. What they don’t address is the similar insolation spike the other way round (i.e. elevated Kew-Heathrow readings starting 12:45), but with no corresponding pattern in temperature.
    So we learn two things from the Met Office’s response: 1) the sun has a much greater influence on temperature readings than “we previously thought”; and 2) it chooses to manifest this influence only in the immediate locality – temporal as well as spatial – of the thermometer that has the greatest chance of recording a “highest ever” reading. And there was me thinking the double-slit experiment was weird………

  10. So one day at Heathrow that gets warm is “CLIMATE CHANGE” and one day where we get snow over half a continents moutains in the middle of summer is just “weather”….? OY!

  11. Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport (aka Seattle by the NWS) has also had some record breaking days recently. More precisely, area adjacent to the pavement of taxiway Tango, between runways 16C/34C and 16R/34L has had some record breaking days.

  12. Having just flown Heathrow to Los Angeles and back I can confirm the current snow cover shown at is correct for the bit of the east coast and mid-west I flew over. This seems to be as exceptional as the record temp highs!
    As an electrical engineer, I keep myself aware of the margin of generating capacity here in the UK and notice that a shiney new skid mounted diesel generating set >100kVA has been delivered to my local government offices. Perhaps the local officials look for information from WUWT rather than the met office? More likely they have been ordered by central government to join STORE, whereby organisations with back-up diesel generators are paid handsomely so as to avoid the embaressment of power cuts to the grid at times such as during the Paris conference.

    • Ray, type (or copy and paste) Christopher Booker and diesel generators into Google search and you will find the reason for yet another illogical, nonsensical method of dealing with a non-problem.

  13. Just like every day of the year, there are hot pockets and cold pockets and, generally, nothing changing.
    July 1, 2015 land temperature anomalies from the Modis satellites. Hot UK, Europe west coast, southern BC, Washington State, Oregon select spots in Siberia. Other places freezing their parts off. Nothing unusual.
    By July 2, 2015, all the hotspots have moved somewhere else.

    • Bill
      Not a hot UK but a hot in parts UK. Here in the West Country we have been bemused by the general swooning from heat going on up country. The weather has at times been very pleasant but certainly not record breaking in most areas.

  14. So if the Sun goes “quiet”, will they finally admit they were wrong?
    Or will it take Ice Age size glaciers grinding their way down from the North to finally admit that global warming was a scam?

  15. This article in The Telegraph here in UK should actually be made a separate feature here in WUWT.
    “The earth is 15 years from a “mini ice-age” that will cause bitterly cold winters during which rivers such as the Thames freeze over, scientists have predicted.
    Solar researchers at the University of Northumbria have created a new model of the sun’s activity which they claim produces “unprecedentedly accurate predictions”.
    They said fluid movements within the sun, which are thought to create 11-year cycles in the weather, will converge in such a way that temperatures will fall dramatically in the 2030s.”

  16. The hottest July day
    Or a blast from a jet?
    But Paris is coming
    So do not forget
    That without extreme weather events
    There’ll be no accord,
    Then the whole man made thing
    May be exposed as a fraud!

  17. The Met’s temperature graph at Heathrow airport spiked 1.7ºC at 2.15pm, reaching the “record breaking” 36.7ºC.
    When asked if this was caused by a passing airliner, the Met has so far remained silent.

    • One would need to know how long the take off line was at the time and how many planes were waiting for take off. It would not surprise me to find they had a back log of departing flights and one or two of them was pointed at the Stevenson Shield.
      As I recall their monitoring site is left of the taxi way and is bathed in jet wash as planes turn to approach the 27L runway. Got to know what the prevailing wind was and which runway they were using. Odd that the data has not updated to reflect which runway they were using on the 8th of July. (then again maybe its not odd and on purpose) The Stevenson shield is left of the runway and up wind after 3pm on average.

  18. My niece is currently on student exchange near Hanover in Northern Germany. Her host family has been struggling with the 38C days. Compared to her usual summers near Adelaide in South Australia she is finding it quite comfortable.

  19. The ‘record’ temperatures were short lived indeed. Last week, I was in the UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium and France, and all were very cold for the time of the year.
    Having come from Southern Spain where nightime temperatures are about 28degC, I could not get over how cold the nightime temperatures in England last weekend were. They must have been well below the July average.

  20. Where has the 100f+ maximum temperature for august 1949 gone to. I remember that the august temperature in 2003 was the first to exceed this reading. With the 1949 reading gone the record leads you to think that 100f was only exceeded after 1990.

  21. Yes 1976 had more July days above 95f then this present summer the hottest was 95.9c in Cheltenham which was only about 0.8c below the reading from Heathrow Airport .I remember the roads melting in Lincoln where I lived in 1976 and it easy to fry eggs on the pavement. The source for maximum temperatures I use is the following:

  22. Anyone puzzled by the hysterical hyping of the Heathrow “hottest day evah” need look no further than the weather section in today’s Sunday Telegraph. Like May before it the mean temperature for June was below the long term average throughout the United Kingdom – by as much as .7 celsius in places. This after the UK Met Office predicted “barbecue weather” from May through to the end of July and temperatures well above average. Some people never tire of being wrong – or are never held accountable.

  23. Reminds me of the Janis Joplin song which goes “Summertime, and the Weather is Sleazy”.

  24. Just to mention Sheffield, England on 1st July 2015 (33c) did record it’s hottest July maximum temperature since records began and the station location is not near an airport and in same place since the 1880’s. I do agree that airport locations and even station locations that didn’t exist even just decades ago, give a false representation of the overall situation.
    Who’s to know what the relative new Gravesend, Kent station location was on previous hottest days when it never existed. It may have been even warmer in the past, but nobody knows. Gravesend is the most exposed location to the hottest continental air in a SE movement, Moving NW across the short English channel with very little modification of the sea. In this scenario it wouldn’t have surprised in previous decades, this location being as hot if not hotter than the record set in 2003.
    A common mistake the media uses is the misuse of the word heatwave. A heatwave is not just one day of hot weather, it requires a minimum set duration and max/min targets.

    • Only an idiot would attempt to compare the methods and technology of temperature measurement over 350 years ago to today’s, let alone the fact that the temperature readings now can be contaminated by things like UHI, and jet exhaust.

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