Some assistance requested from WUWT readers

As some people may or may not know, I am a full member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in good standing. The 2014 AGU Fall Meeting is coming up in just over a week, and I hope to attend so that I can cover what is being presented in the world of climate science, while keeping tabs on the antics of people like Michael Mann, Peter Gleick, and some of the other players. Last year when I attended, I produced several reports and videos, plus many, many, live Twitter entries that kept tabs on the politics and the science. This year I hope to do the same.

There’s only one problem. It is VERY expensive to attend.

Add a hotel for 5 days at the typical $150-250 per night rate in SFO, plus incidentals, parking, etc. and the cost to attend easily tops $2000.

While many attendees get the taxpayers (via their Universities) or their NGO’s via donors to pay for such things, WUWT has no such resources, and despite the claims common from detractors, we are still waiting for that ‘big oil check’ to arrive. I’ll drive down to save money rather than take a plane.

So, like I did last year, I thought I’d ask the readership if they can help out so that there will be somebody at AGU to report on climate science that can do so from the skeptic side. It is very important that at least one climate skeptic reporter attend. Otherwise, the media coverage will be completely one-sided. AGU approved my media pass, so now I’m set to attend.

This year, I’m happy to report that AGU management has anticipated my attendance, and they have been pro-active with providing assistance equipment for my hearing impairment. Thanks to Joan Burhman of AGU for her gracious assistance. I expect it will be easier for me this year.

Thanks for your consideration, and most of all thanks for reading WUWT.

Donations toward this effort will be gratefully accepted: here

THANKS TO EVERYONE! – The goal has been met, and exceeded. I’m truly humbled by the show of support. I look forward to reporting from AGU this year. – Anthony

189 thoughts on “Some assistance requested from WUWT readers

    • Whyever would anyone do that – the fuel consumption per revenue passenger mile of modern aircraft like Airbus-320 or Boeing 737 is significantly better than 100mpg and they don’t need a road or railway to be maintained between the departure and destination. Safer and less fuel burn than a Prius.

      • I would rather see Anthony fly, so he has a much better chance of getting there and back safely, and a Airhead Huffandpuff once said , the plane is going there anyway.

      • Perhaps because the excess CO2 produced by the automobile option will help to feed the desperately poor. Avogadro’s number is very large. Some of the carbon emitted from Anthony’s tailpipe will find its way into every rice bowl in the third world within a year.

      • From Chico to San Francisco it’s less than 200 miles. You’d have to charter a crop duster. They’re ain’t no airline route. Probably no bus line either.
        But if we elect Jerry Brown for a seventh term eventually he’ll get around to building a choo choo train.

    • I wonder how many of the Team will fly? I wonder how many of the Team have installed solar panels like our host on WUWT? Just wondering.

      • I’m sure “Big Oil” is chartering private jets for the team, because they’d really love it if the team can get everybody to be eco-friendly, so they can shift their post-peak oil production into high profit boutique petro-cheemicals and away from low-profit comodities like gasoline, diesel and jet-A.

  1. Glad to see reason and real science being lead by facts instead or politics and being funded by thousands of everyday citizens. When we work together we are much greater than even the big billionaire Progressives who are trying to use climate to advance socialism. My donation is in. Godspeed Anthony.

  2. My donation is on its way … but beware. I drive a rather thirsty SUV, so my donation will most assuredly be attributed to “Big Oil”.
    Sock it to `em with truth, Anthony.

  3. Dear Dr. Watts
    I wish I could help you Dr. Watts, but I might be invited to a climate change conference myself in summer at my own expense as well at twice the amount.
    I hope others can help you out.

    • I tried Paypal it but got on a merrygoround. I had forgotten my password. I put in my email and it advised I didn’t have an account with this email and suggested I list up to 3 emails it might have been under. I listed two, and it couldn’t find it. I decided to go and register. When I put my email in it told me I already had an account under the first email I had used. When I then sought my password, it didn’t recognize my email again. Why can’t these people simply wipe out the stuff you have and let you start over. You can see I’m probably not much of a e-shopper.
      [Reply: You can also use a credit card on the same page. ~mod]

      • I have had the (still am) problems it drives me crazy. I have tried to tell people time and again exactly what you said, wipe the site clean and let me start over. No answers.

  4. I still get income from Big Oil. Actually rather small oil, and the $100 I sent is 25% of this months royalty. At least it will make honest people of your critics. Go forth and bring honest science with you.

  5. Anthony,
    I am severely vision impaired, so I know something of the difficulty of coping with such challenges. I’m happy to be able to help.

  6. About 33 quid donated from here in Blighty.
    This is my main form of entertainment by time- I ought to chip in occasionally.

  7. USD 50 on the way from Norway – and I enjoyed listening to you and our shaking of hands in Las Vegas in July.

  8. Anthony,
    I just donated a little for your SF adventure to AGU this month.
    I enjoyed seeing you at the Fall AGU meeting in SF last year, but it is unlikely that I will attend this year even though I will be in SF at the time of this year’s AGU meeting.
    Keep circumspect in dealing with some of the less-than-civil climate change activists at the Fall AGU meeting. Calm, cool & circumspect.

  9. Done. Thanks for all your excellent work on this subject, and the entertainment. I look forward to your AGU reports.

  10. So on one hand you have all of those climate alarmists attending this meeting in San Francisco. On the other, you have all of those empty prison cells not far away on Alcatraz Island. Hmmmm……..
    Just a thought.

  11. Anthony:
    I’m not far from the BART. It takes about 45 mins to get into the city from my station. I’ve got a spare bedroom and bath. I can put you up for free. Depending on my work schedule, you may have to figure out to get to the BART station on your own (it’s about 1.5 miles from my house), but a taxi is about $12. That’s a significant savings over a hotel.
    I think you can see my email address attached to this post. Contact me that way if you’re interested.

  12. I suppose if you consider $10-$50 amounts from individual contributors a “Gravy Train”, me, not so much. I would consider large grants from the government a gravy train though.

  13. CD. don’t be thinkin’ or talkin’ about those kind of thoughts. The Great and Powerful David Ozsuki was demanding just such a thing for politicians that don’t follow the Holy Writ just a couple of years ago. He was inciting university students at McGlll University in Montreal to do anything they could to make it come about. It truly scares me how much traction he was getting amongst his young audience. Indoctrination works.

  14. Should have mentioned the funds are sourced from my nasty big oil pension, now you can tell the ecotards that you have received funding from big oil.

  15. Sent in what we could.
    Both are still unemployed thanks to Obamanomics and Leftists no longer needing science research and design or environmentalists. Hoping for change. Many thanks to you!

  16. USD$50 from my Zoo on the way. They said they’d forgo a few treats for a good cause and we need as many honest men and women there as we can get.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  17. Another wee donation. My dad ( now part-demented at age 96), cared enough to complain to his bosses that that the (1950’s weathership) data weren’t good enough. He was probably right.

  18. Done, and hopefully you get more than $2,000 – buy a T shirt or something ; )
    On a side note some of our Canada provincial gov’t reps are in Chile at the climate conference saying Canada feds are not doing enough on climate change. 2 of the 4 are what we call have-not provinces (Ontario and Quebec) which continually demand more money from the feds. “Have nots” get money from fed wealth redistribution, sourced from the “have” provinces.
    Ontario went from a “have” to “have not” province under Liberal rule the past 10 years.
    You can’t make this sh!t up.

  19. Happy to help Anthony! Please use the donations for anything to keep this site up and running!

  20. I just spent 4 hours driving over to Maine – beautiful trip btw – and I listened to Ernest Moniz, U.S. Secretary of Energy from Commonwealth Club of California for an hour – all about Fracking and no end of Carbon. He’s a physicist from MIT and seems to know his economics, marches to the administration’s tune, but I have to wonder how he can hold down what he must know about IR effects and near saturation of lower atmospheric CO2. Carbon, Carbon, Crap.
    Then I heard the wonderful news that Congress is extending tax credits for renewables and when I return to Vermont, I’m going to have to fight the ridiculous wind turbine fiasco all over again.
    Its Friday – have one on me or go to dinner in Chinatown on your adventure.
    Thanks for the site. I learn a lot here and it may help me keep my sanity.

    • With your returned hearing this year, you should enjoy the meeting.

      Well, enjoy the “hearing” but maybe not what he hears?
      All the best.

  21. I’ve donated.
    And you know What?
    I feel good
    I knew that I would now
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    but I got you
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    that I got you

  22. Done. And, I hope there is enough sent to cover an after hours gathering like at last year’s conference. You, and all who may join you, certainly deserve it. Thanks for all you do.

  23. Just tossed $200 in your kitty. Gladly. I would have done more, if I could. Hope you have an incredible time, and open more than a few eyes.
    Thanks for everything you do.

  24. $50 donated. You are an invaluable resource in the fight against the stupidity of the masses and venality of the political an media classes.

  25. Done. Hope you will accept money from the far left side of the political spectrum as well as the right.

  26. Appreciate you taking up the lead on what must be a thankless task at times. Enough for a beer sent.

  27. I have a small list of charities I plan to give to before year end, but this donation here today will certainly have more affect with the least amount of investment than any on my list. It is a privilege to be a part of this. Have a GREAT trip Anthony!

  28. Thank you for all the hard work you put in, what I have added seems such a small return but I know it will all add up and you will be put it to good use unlike the large gifts of our money given to the rest by those that govern.
    James Bull

  29. Wow. I was just about to send a check to Michael Mann when I read this.
    Oh well. Better luck next time Mike!

  30. Done with pleasure. Your great site has inspired me to counter our local Green party’s unsubstantiated prophecies of doom.

  31. Done. Hope you can fly. Your site will clearly be needed for years to come. Provides an endless source of education and debate from all over the world. FANTASTIC !

  32. $50 in the bucket. Have a wonderful time at the AGU! For all of us, please thank the helpful people at AGU who are making your participation easier this time around.

  33. Make sure you buy an appropriate t shirt and post a picture. I would also like updates on your home solar project, last I saw was March 2013 (Did cost savings materialize? Any panel maintenance costs? Have panel outputs continued steady?) and your new hearing aid.

  34. “full member in good standing”; isn’t this the same outfit that had Glieck as Ethics head guy? Is Glieck still a member in good standing? Be careful about the company you keep….Anyway, sincere thanks to a sincere man, I look forward to your dispatches.

  35. I suppose my miserly contribution counts as funding from big oil as my pension is paid by Esso, Exxon. Petrobras, BP and DOW chemicals, each in part. Oh well I shall just have to self flagellate when I go to bed tonight to absolve me of my enviroguilt complex.

    • He’ll be able to take a limo with his wife; I think the tally just on this site is >$10,000 so far! ☺☺☺

      • Yep, I think the ‘ truly humbled’ Anthony has turned (another) profit. Hope it’s all declared to the IRS

      • CW:
        Couldn’t find anything relating to your comments ‘right thinking comrades outraged about other people’s profits…… They will make sure that nobody turns any profit and if someone does they will report it’ in your link. You must be one of those who think democracy is good as long as your team wins.
        I’ve nothing against anyone making an honest profit – for all I know Anthony Watts is a registered charity! If the good Villagers are happy to be exploited, fine by me. They can throw thier money away how they want. But I pay my own way instead of scrounging

  36. The meeting expenses have been covered, so I went ahead and did a donation toward surface stations project – I believe the site/effort I encountered before “watts up” when I began my earnest investigation into this man-made global warming story nearly a decade ago.
    I just filled up my six-cylinder. I have a monthly “zero” budget (all expenses get in a line, and anything not spent on line item goes into savings) and so I see the ebb and flow of gas prices on budget.
    The price of a gallon of gas is so low, I have a bit extra in the “gas” envelope this month.
    Big Oil is offering me a gallon of premium at about $2.50 rather than $3.50 or $4. I took them up on the offer. Hard to hate them when they help me live such a wonderful life of travel and comfort.
    So, donation courtesy of Big Oil.

  37. Just made a small donation of $20. I know you posted that your request had ended, but I do think you should not be forced to do it on a total bare-bones budget so I thought I would make a tiny addition nonetheless. Perhaps you can use it order a drink from a tiny, high-pitched female bartender – I’m sure you’ll understand her this year! 🙂

  38. $100 on way in snail mail, from Michigan, a place that could use some warming, but hey I am going to Florida for January, woo-hoo!

  39. Anthony, if you don’t want the take a train, fly, or drive yourself, then drop me a line and I will travel across the country and give you a personal escort in my very old 4wd SUV. 😉

  40. Just got here after seeing the link from Glenn on Instapundit. Anthony, was going to send some cash your way, but all your awesome readers beat me to the punch. Thrilled at the response and for what it’s worth from a stranger you’ve never met, kudos to all of you in this thread for your generosity and recognizing how important the work is that Anthony does.

  41. Anthony, I know you hit your goal but I sent an extra $20 your way. Use it for a few beers in the evening or turn a hamburger into steak for dinner. Or just use it for site costs, whatever works best.

  42. I know you’ve already met the goal, but I wanted to jump on the band wagon, too.
    Question: Could Sou (Sow, Miriam, whatever) raise money from her readers to attend a professional conference?

  43. Don de 20 USD via PayPal depuis la Belgique.
    Merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour nous, les climato-sceptiques.

  44. Hoping Dr. S., catches the Frisch presentation whilst he is at the AGU updating the sunspot count series..
    “The 2015 Revision of the Sunspot Number”
    Monday, December 15, 2014 09:30 AM – 09:45 AM
    Moscone West
    “Charting the Interstellar Magnetic Field behind the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) Ribbon (Invited)”
    Monday, December 15, 2014 05:30 PM – 05:45 PM
    Moscone West
    Magnetic fields are a key component of the interstellar medium. Starlight polarized by aligned charged interstellar dust grains provided the first evidence of a magnetic field in the solar galactic environment. The IBEX Ribbon of energetic neutral atoms traces the interstellar magnetic field draping over the heliosphere. Magnetic fields thread nearby interstellar clouds, which include both partially-ionized low-density gas, as well as dense gas. Rudimentary maps of the interstellar magnetic field direction in the solar vicinity, based on polarized starlight, show that multiple field directions are found locally. The dominant local magnetic structure has a direction matching that of the magnetic field traced by the IBEX Ribbon. This magnetic structure, and the kinematics of nearby interstellar gas, suggest that the Loop I superbubble extends to the solar vicinity. A separate magnetic filament with intriguing properties has been identified. The structure of the magnetic field within 40 pc is related to the distribution and kinematics of local clouds that are observed through the absorption lines they form in stellar spectra.
    (my bold)
    Also, Planck sees some coherent Galactic Magnetic Field structures and is likening them to the Parker Spiral..

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