Friday Funny – 52 excuses to blow your carbon diet

Josh writes of the recent list extension to 52 excuses for ‘the pause’.

Celebrating over 50 Pause Excuses – our unique collection of fully grant fattening tasty morsels

50-flavors-pauseFlavours being added all the time.


49 thoughts on “Friday Funny – 52 excuses to blow your carbon diet

  1. Over 50 excuses reminds me of an Einstein quote…
    When a pamphlet was published entitled 100 Authors Against Einstein, Einstein retorted “If I were wrong, one would be enough.”

  2. Josh,
    Perhaps there should be a mounted knight in full armor in the background with a banner streaming behind him with this slogan on it,

    Adversus Solem Ne Loquitor


  3. Blow me down, Josh! You seem to have mastered the art of those ‘Magic’ pictures: cross your eyes and all is revealed. If one looks to the right of picture (Mann’s left), sitting alongside him is Casper’s ghost – eyes wide open and hand to mouth! I kid you not! It shows up quite well on my laptop!!
    Maybe it’s the Ghost of Climate Past (ymmv)…

  4. Just a shot in the dark, but I think Josh has been watching reruns of “Scrubs.” In particular, the one where Janitor eats the potpourri. Still, it is a wonderful adaptation.

    • And I forgot to mention:
      Prof. Haigh claims here that the climate pause wasn’t an surprise for her IPCC tribe at all… !??!
      Really? So why didn’t they tell so in advance? And why did they not admit the existence of the pause until around 2 years ago

  5. Remember, William Tweed , known as Boss Tweed’s Quote
    “I don’t care a straw for your newspaper articles; my constituents don’t know how to read, but they can’t help seeing them damned pictures.”
    Very effective.

  6. These aren’t just chocs, these are climate science chocs.
    What flavours would there be?
    Ess-oh-tu – Straight from the orient this mix of finest sulphur with a double helping of creamy oxygen wrapt in a smoky shell.
    Nox – a flavour to make your mouth water if not your eyes.
    Volcano – this little cone is packed full of hot gooey stuff that will liven up the dullest of parties.
    Cherry Pix – we’d select the best and discard the rest to ensure that you feel the heat.
    En S’eau – This naughty little choc comes in hot and cold flavours but watch out, it has a nasty habit of repeating on you.
    La Ninas and El Ninos – right next to En S’eau in the box, these tasty treats make things really unpredictable. Caution, may cause wind.
    Missing Heat – Sorry, this is one confectionary we haven’t found yet but we’ve left a space in the box for when we do (disclaimer – we offer no compensation for the shortfall but assure customers it will be in the next selection you purchase… or the next (disclaimer – this assurance should not be considered a binding contract or guarantee)).
    Aerosols – these butt hole shaped candies are a firm favourite with the climate scientist in your life. There’s no occasion where they won’t be welcome. But be careful, take too many and your arguments begin to stink.

    • You beat me to it TinyCO2. Cherry Pix sounds yummy. I was trying to compile a list of chocolate selections too.
      Need to work on . . . .

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