UN/WMO Propaganda Stunt: climate fantasy forecasts of hell on Earth from the future

UN_fantasy_forecastsEric Worrall writes:

The UN has launched a climate propaganda campaign, consisting of two weeks of “weather forecasts from the future”, intended to give people a taste of what our children will endure, if we don’t do what we’re told.

According to The Guardian, a major green newspaper in Britain, highlights from the fantasy forecasts include “Miami South Beach is under water,”, and a Zambian forecaster reporting that “The mega-drought in Arizona has claimed another casualty.”

2050_climate_forecast_WMOA video produced with these “forecasts” looks like a hollywood disaster movie, minus a decent special effects budget:

A full schedule of the fantasy weather forecasts is available here – http://www.wmo.int/media/climatechangeimpact.html

All I can say is – what a colossal waste of money and effort. Since it is the UN which has organised this international climate propaganda stunt, and the UN is pretty much above the law when it comes to freedom of information and other official transparency measures, we will probably never know how much money they spent, and how many jet airline flying hours were logged, while arranging this ridiculous waste of taxpayer’s money.


Anthony adds:

From my perspective, this a new low, and shows desperation. Plus, it is so badly done, it is painful to watch.

The YouTube Channel for the upcoming videos is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/wmovideomaster

The videos will be promoted on Twitter with the #weather2050 and #climate2014 hashtags. Be sure to look for them so you can respond with factual rebuttals.

115 thoughts on “UN/WMO Propaganda Stunt: climate fantasy forecasts of hell on Earth from the future

  1. The guardian should know better. Sir John Betjeman established in 1937 that hell on earth is in fact Slough high street.

    • Indeed, when I was there in 1978 it was still the Slough of despond, & I believe its worse now (they know how to maintain standards).

    • Sough now boasts one of the mega Tesco stores which means the rest of the towns shopping areas are all but dead. It is now mainly a place to pass through not stop for any length of time.
      Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!
      It isn’t fit for humans now,
      There isn’t grass to graze a cow.
      Swarm over, Death!
      Come, bombs and blow to smithereens
      Those air -conditioned, bright canteens,
      Tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned milk, tinned beans,
      Tinned minds, tinned breath.
      Mess up the mess they call a town-
      A house for ninety-seven down
      And once a week a half a crown
      For twenty years.
      And get that man with double chin
      Who’ll always cheat and always win,
      Who washes his repulsive skin
      In women’s tears:
      And smash his desk of polished oak
      And smash his hands so used to stroke
      And stop his boring dirty joke
      And make him yell.
      But spare the bald young clerks who add
      The profits of the stinking cad;
      It’s not their fault that they are mad,
      They’ve tasted Hell.
      It’s not their fault they do not know
      The birdsong from the radio,
      It’s not their fault they often go
      To Maidenhead
      And talk of sport and makes of cars
      In various bogus-Tudor bars
      And daren’t look up and see the stars
      But belch instead.
      In labour-saving homes, with care
      Their wives frizz out peroxide hair
      And dry it in synthetic air
      And paint their nails.
      Come, friendly bombs and fall on Slough
      To get it ready for the plough.
      The cabbages are coming now;
      The earth exhales.
      John Betjeman (1906 – 1984)
      Some of this could be applied to the UN particularly the fourth verse.
      James Bull

    • The Guardian was actually founded in Manchester 1821 by John Edward Taylor. It was called the Manchester Guardian and replaced the radical Liberal Manchester Observer.
      It has always been a politically motivated paper rather than a simple news device. It happily identifies itself with Liberal Socialism. ( which are words that don’t mean the same in the UK political arena as they would mean in the US )

      • “It has always been a politically motivated paper rather than a simple news device.”
        The fact is that MOST ‘newspapers’ were politically motivated in the past. The only thing that changed is that they used to advertise what they were. Now, they CLAIM to be ‘objective’.

    • I thought it was Milton Keynes with all those roundabouts. Or Goole, the Humber being the a–ehole of the world and Goole halfway up it.

      • Someone with time on their hands once examined every on-land 2km Ordnace Survey map grid square, and the nearest thing to a blank square was near Goole – from memory (this was 15-odd years ago) the only feature worth mapping in 4 square kms was a power line which just clipped a corner. It wasn’t a good advert for the attractions of Goole…

  2. “the UN has launched a climate propaganda campaign..”
    I believe that news is few decades old…
    However, no one could have planned it better if they tried. Without provocation, all the most useless people on the planet decided as one to stake their permanent reputations on a provably false pseudo-scientific hypothesis. The WMO, UNEP, IPCC, (in fact the entire UN), and every activist, journalist and politician of the Left is now permanently discredited. Forever. It’s beyond delicious…we didn’t even need to build a “B” ark 😉

  3. This may open the eyes of even more of the public to the Great Climate Change Scam and may prove to be the final straw which breaks the IPCC’s back.
    In the UK there is ever-growing opposition to the unelected and unaccountable EU which dictates our laws and now holds sovereignty over us. There is a huge backlash to that and I believe that people are beginning to realise that the UN IPCC is acting in the same unelected, unaccountable and anti-democratic way in furtherance of its own political agenda. This advertising, sorry I meant Propaganda, campaign is likely to increase public awareness of that.

  4. The UN has been predicting “hell on earth” for a long, long time now. The only talisman to prevent this “hell on earth” is complete obedience to them. Imagine that.
    All indications are that the climate is fluctuating within its historic, natural boundaries but the UN wants power, control, and your money. I read the “Chicken Little” story as a very young boy decades ago. Little has changed. They truly think that CO2 is making the sky fall.

  5. Is The Guardian is a “major newspaper” any more? To be a newspaper you have to print news and to be a major one you have to have a large circulation. I’m not sure The Guardian fits either of these criteria nowadays.

  6. Hmm, but the UN has forecast the population of the world will be 9 billion by 2050 so they must be expecting benign weather for the world to be feeding that many.

    • Maybe they’re expecting the weather to get so much worse that people will have a lot more time on their hands …

    • The UN makes 3 forecasts (spreadsheets), High, Medium and Low Fertility. Only the latter has ever been close. It projects 8.5 bn by 2045, declining to under 7 bn by 2100. Unless you count the androids needed to do all the scut work.
      BTW, even the UN predicts Bangladesh will have a tech and quality of life level equivalent to present-day UK by then.

  7. Konrad,
    I always enjoy your take on things, whether I agree or not. In this case I agree completely:
    Without provocation, all the most useless people on the planet decided as one to stake their permanent reputations on a provably false pseudo-scientific hypothesis.
    They did it for a temporary advantage, like grant money, or getting their names on a pal reviewed paper, or to be invited on a holiday jaunt to Bali.
    But the internet never forgets, and when the hoax collapses, they will always be remembered for perpetuating what can only be labeled a scam on the taxpaying public.

      • I doubt we’ll have to wait that long. I’ll be surprised if it hasn’t been largely deflated by the end of this decade.

    • Regrettably, the US has ceded control of the ICANN to the ITU, a branch of the UN, effective next year. Guess how many inconvenient websites (such as WUWT) will suddenly no longer be listed on any DNS.

  8. We’ve lost our fear of hellfire, but put climate change in its place
    By Boris Johnson
    12:01AM GMT 02 Feb 2006
    “Billions will die,” says Lovelock, who tells us that he is not normally a gloomy type. Human civilisation will be reduced to a “broken rabble ruled by brutal warlords”, and the plague-ridden remainder of the species will flee the cracked and broken earth to the Arctic, the last temperate spot, where a few breeding couples will survive
    I’ll look forward to the pictures of the sunny beaches in Antarctica :: ))
    Where the progeny of a few “breeding pairs” of Scientism-ists may survive 🙂 /sarc

  9. According to Wikipedia “In March 2013, its average daily circulation had fallen to 193,586” and falling fast.
    This is understandable since it no longer has any credible reporting, Given that the Beano comic has a circulation of 128,417, perhaps we should refer to the Guardian as a minor Green comic.

    • The Beano is a very good and respected publication which has unfortunately had to adapt to the new PC world, Dennis the Menace is not allowed to get the slipper or the cane for his misdeeds nor is he allowed to get up to as much as he used to, no catapults, no stink bombs and many other things.
      A friend of ours gave us the copy published on our wedding day as part of his gift to us, we still have it!
      James Bull

  10. Even using IPCC’s own estimates, by 2050 the temperature would be only 0.5C warmer than today. That is the same difference as we experienced since 1980. I can’t tell any difference in weather conditions since then at all, except that winter snow conditions in the Alps seem to have got better !

    • Clive
      I think we need a joint expedition to the Alps to scientifically test the snow conditions during the coming skiing season. Perhaps we ought to include North America just to ensure we do a thorough job?
      Can you arrange the finance for this serious piece of vital research?

  11. Interesting how Bulgaria’s record High of 113 degF is still shown as in 1916 . By ‘Still’ I mean it has not been ‘normalised’, ‘adjusted’ or ‘homogenised’ by scientivists to a far lower temperature …..

  12. Since the PDO already entered its 30-yr cool cycle in 2005 and the AMO starts its 30-yr cool cycle around 2020~24, we can expect falling global temps for at least the next 20~30 years.
    Moreover, the Sun seems to be entering a less active cycle with a growing probability of a possible Grand Solar Minimum cycle occurring. If a GSM does occur, global temp trends could possibly fall for the next 80 years.
    Once the PDO renters its 30-yr warming period around 2035 and the AMO restarts its warm cycle around 2050~54, I think people will gladly welcome warmer temperatures in 2050….
    What’s funny is that IPCC’s AR5 report released last year openly admitted that global severe weather trends have remained unchanged for the past 50~100 years (hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, tornadoes, droughts, floods, etc.) and yet this UN propaganda ad shows these weather phenomenon getting worse and worse….. Hmmmm…
    Anthony is right. This UN propaganda just shows increased desperation. The CAGW hypothesis is collapsing with each passing year and this is their final attempt to keep the myth alive prior to the 2015 Paris Climate summit…

    • Samurai,
      May I further add that the folks at the IPCC, CRU etc are fully aware of PDO, AMO etc. and know what this means. This is why they keep saying “WE MUST ACT NOW!” Of course.
      If the following correct?
      The IPCC was established in 1988.
      The Atlantic multidecadal oscillation (AMO) was identified in 1994.
      The Pacific decadal oscillation (PDO) was identified in 1997.

      • Those dates are substantially correct. The dates for the papers you cite are of course right. Informally the oscillations were known a year or two before the formal publication dates.
        But Hansen’s alarmism predates those papers by a decade or more.

  13. Any chance this U.N. broadside is being made in support of the Obama administration’s stated, goofy strategy of trying to make “climate change” a major issue in the November U.S. elections? That political strategy is being promoted by one of California’s Big-Buck-Air-Heads and supported with $50 million in matching funds from his very deep pockets. The boy is “just plain eat up with the AGW gospel”!

  14. I cannot remember which Scifi author wrote it but I read a story years ago of how the UN was in a flying city from which it sent it’s orders to the lesser beings below.
    The main character had come to realise that it was now so corrupt and self serving that it had to go but there were no armies to do the job but the UN’s own. The city had grown bigger and bigger as more departments were added but the lift engines had not been increased. Our hero charged with organising a big celebration for the city arranged for the UN army’s flying solders to carry banners and all land on the city at one time.
    The effect of this added weight was to overload the lift engines and bring the whole lot down thus freeing the people of earth to live free.
    Sounds like a good idea to me, bringing down the UN.
    Ideas anyone?
    James Bull

    • That would be “Shag Guido G” by Isaac Asimov. The whole story was written for a punchline. The city name was “Atlantis” and the flying service were the “Waves”. Punchline – Once again Atlantis was sunk under the waves. When critics said – “You just wrote a ‘shaggy dog’ story” he replied, well yes, just look at the title – Shag gui Dog.

      • Interesting play on words. Swift’s Laputa Episode was probably nothing more than a shaggy dog, but perhaps more relevant: a satirical floating island with a funny name, populated by pseudoscientists mocking the Royal Society with their heads up their… er, in the clouds, burdened by their heavy thoughts and fears that their sun would soon go out, as proven in their astrological predictions; men who take their measure of nearby objects with sextants and quadrants and hence live in badly-designed houses, wearing ill-fitting clothing, who console themselves listening to the music of the spheres. The whole construct is reminiscent of the IPCC and its assembled pack of dog-sha**ers.

  15. I, for one, welcome our new UN overlords… not.
    Anyhow, these guys are amateurs. If I must “Act NOW!” then I expect a bonus set of Ginsu knives at the barest minimum.

  16. I notice from the list of countries where the propaganda will be broadcast that the UK and Australia are omitted. Australia – obviously – since we have for the most part got beyond accepting this rubbish, and perhaps it was too much for the BBC to stomach. The ITA would not permit such guff.
    The “Guardian” when it was the “Manchester Guardian” was a very reputable and Liberal (in the true sense of the word) newspaper. After it moved to London, and dropped “Manchester” it went left and has now nearly fallen off the planet. So it has a greater circulation than the “Beano”. What about the “Dandy”, “Wizard”, “Rover”? I believe the “Eagle” fell some years ago. Ah, times past when such were eagerly exchaged at school, one for one, or one a penny if you didn’t have a swop! Perhaps the “Guardian” now sells for a penny?
    James Bull, thank you for Sir John Betjeman’s poem – a nearly forgotten poet, but vastly better than those ‘persons’ who turn out non-rhyming, non-scanning, non-sensical tosh today. [Don’t forget the honorific!]

  17. Fine. But why not 2016, or 2018, or 2020, you know, something like the previous predictions of doom here and now. The year 2050 doesn’t do it for me. If far future is the only option, I would very much prefer weather predictions for the year 3000 (this millennium is already a drag).

  18. I couldn’t do it. Tried to watch an episode of the documentary ‘Frozen Planet’ and after 30 minutes of listening to David Attenborough pump out a pure load of warmist horse crap I changed the channel. I was about to start yelling at the Television.

    • The same happened last Sunday whilst my wife and I sat down to watch BBC’s ‘Food and Drink’ programme. When it came to the weekly wine recommendation slot, Kate Goodman said “England has never been able to produce red wines, but now with the impact of climate change, we could be producing excellent red wine in future years to come, who knows we could have vineyards as far north as Newcastle”. We switched channels immediately.

      • I completely understand why you would do that, but I’d point out that whether it was her intention or not, she’s actually talking about (and seems to be framing it as) one of the many beneficial effects of a warming planet.

  19. Regime needs NYT / Guardian / Spiegel ; their propaganda axis. Circulation does not matter. They will be kept on life support. They are QUANGOs.

  20. I see a lot of removed comments below the article on their web site and only very few comments from people that disagree….Can there be a connection?

    • Snap. I was just going to comment about the HEAVY DELETIONS of comments (especially top of each new inline thread). From my experience there such deleted comment usually got a LOT of votes and pour scorn on their fantasies.

    • The Grauniad is famous for deleting any comments which do not agree with editorial policy. Editorial policy is in favour of freedom of speech, of course.

  21. Perhaps the UN/WMO lifted this particular “brilliant” idea from Oreskes’ excursion into fantasyland as Tony Thomas from down-under recently reminded Quadrant readers:

    We’re Doomed … Kittens and Puppies Too
    If you have a bill of climate goods to peddle, as Naomi Oreskes always does, what better foil than ardent warmist and Science Show compere Robyn Williams? When flogging a book, it is handy to have a radio pal who has never encountered an alleged peril too silly to inspire a raised eyebrow — not even the mass extinction of household pets
    Global warming is going to “wipe out” every Australian man, woman and child, according to Naomi Oreskes, the much-quoted Professor of the History of Science at Harvard. Revered by catastropharians the world over, she was a guest on a recent edition of Robyn Williams’ Science Show on Radio National.
    The glum forecast is in her latest book, The Collapse of Western Civilisation (co-author Erik Conway). She is so globally famous that her previous book, Merchants of Doubt, about the great warming-denialist conspiracy, is now being made into a movie by Sony Pictures Classics. This film-to-be is being touted as the successor to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, […]

    • ‘Global warming is going to “wipe out” every Australian man, woman and child, according to Naomi Oreskes, the much-quoted Professor of the History of Science at Harvard.’
      Surely she meant ‘wasted’ rather than ‘wipe(d) out’?

      • Quite possibly. But one thing I’ve noticed, during the 4.5+ years since I stepped onto this particular battlefield, is that precision in postulations has never (well, hardly ever) been a hallmark of Oreskes and others of her ilk/persuasion.
        They do tend to have the mantra(s) of the day down pat; but when they stray beyond the simple messages of the party-line, their pontifications and perorations can leave one shaking one’s head and wondering on which planet they might reside. Alas, Oreskes in action is no exception!

  22. moderation has changed at the Guardian — more dissent amongst the acolytes, one of the comments — (sorry about the language below but illustrates my comment):
    “Scientists and leaders from business and government met in Canberra in May 2008 to discuss the need for action over climate change. Tim Flannery explains the urgency and suggests a radical solution”.
    Tim Flannery: “Just imagine yourself in a world five years from now …”

    …None of that happened but guess where he gets his info, yup that’s right, the UNIPCC. What a fucking joke.

  23. As ever with the UN (and IPCC) it’s all about predictions that are set far enough into the future to be well beyond any policies that are rolled out on the back of them. Thus, the policy horse has already long-since bolted after the wrongly-predicted stable door slams shut.
    In short, they’re scaring the populace using outright propaganda in order to enact their chosen political aims.

  24. I don’t bother listening to the folks at the UN. Below are a few reasons.

    [Reference links for quotes]
    Moscow-Pullman Daily News – 5 July 1989
    “governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.”
    [Noel Brown – New York office of the United Nations Environment Program]
    The Vancouver Sun – May 11, 1982
    Lack of such action would bring “by the turn of the century, an envi-ronmental catastrophe which will witness devast-tation as complete, as ir-reversible as any nu-clear holocaust.”
    [Mostafa Tolba – Executive director of the United Nations Environment Program]
    New York Times – November 18, 2007
    …..The IPCC chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, an engineer and economist from India, acknowledged the new trajectory. “If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late,” Pachauri said. “What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future. This is the defining moment.”…..
    National Post – 2009?
    … In the summer, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon insisted “we have four months to save the planet.”…

    A sure sign of panic. The more they fail the more confident they become. 😉

  25. Given the current state of Baltic and ME politics and despair – a UN weather hell on earth my be a mercy compared to what the REAL future the UN may bring…

    • As soon as individual taxpayers get the balls to refuse to pay taxes and to stand up to IRS agents who would then come after them.

  26. You know it’s fantasy when you have a Zambian forecaster reporting the death of a person in Arizona due to drought. Africa has bigger fish to fry.

  27. The “hell on earth” headline brought to mind the Hudson Ford song from the 1970s:
    now i dont mean to be a stick in the dirt
    the world is changing on the in reverse
    and you cant live your life for wot its worth
    cos its a hell on earth
    the world today in which we all endear
    as taken us about a thousand years
    to ghost ball all the things we had a right to hear
    cos its a hell on earth
    burn baby burn when you going to learn
    its time to put out the fire so
    burn baby burn when you going to learn
    the earth is getting dryer
    the flames are going higher
    my clothes are dirty and the sky is grey
    and ive not anything to wash my hair
    because all the detergents are on the river bed
    and its a hell on earth
    taking all your money so i’ll tell you the facts
    you join everybody tryin to live with the tax
    if you dont get down they try and call you back
    because its a hell on earth
    another child is not the thing to obtain
    but can the planning get the work again
    another mouth to feed is all in vain
    because its hell on earth

  28. This could be matched by fantasy lawsuits.
    A series of presentations in timeline form, describing the arrest, trial and imprisonment of each of the main players in this sorry saga.

  29. If the Guardian, IPCC, BBC and UN says it is true then I would think the opposite. I am always amused that when we have a spell of warm weather these people slither out from under their rocks and tell us the climate is changing, they never do when we have cold winters, which is why I like cold winters!
    Incidentally the BBC were telling us yesterday about a study being done that said that due to intensive production of meat and dairy produce causing emission of greenhouse gases, we should all ration ourselves to 5 eggs and two pieces of red meat a week! You really couldn’t make this up!
    Going back to talking about Slough (for our American friends, “Slough” rhymes with “Cow”), during the cold war the Russians calculated that a 100 kiloton atomic bomb dropped in the centre of Slough, would cause £5 worth of damage!

  30. Pure emotional manipulation on their part, directed toward the low-IQ and uninformed. Their fantasy forecasts are based purely on fantasy “science”.

    • The hoax has always been aimed at the low IQ, and the uninformed, to then become the misinformed. Unfortunately that is the vast majority.

      • the funny things is, (in the uk at least) the believers tend to be of above average intelligence with decent educations. you ask the man in the street about global warming (the mere mention of climate change will elicit a hearty laugh followed by “that used to be called global warming mate” ) and they will tell you it is a load of rubbish in their opinion.
        i have a feeling all these surveys that show between 30% and above belief in agw are carried out in universities and or various ngo/quango facilities,because you will never find that level of belief doing a normal high street survey in the uk .

  31. What this clearly means is they have done the forecasts with the stubborn pause, growing polar ice extents and areas, a dud el Nino and have concluded that this turkey is going to need heavy duty propaganda. They are homing in on a dead certainty from merely highly likely. After that there are no more superlatives to exploit. The phrase “…if we don’t do what we’re told.” is one of those careless remarks by a stressed agenda-driven enterprise that blurts out the real nuts and bolts of their campaign. Remember after climategate and the rise of suppressed dissent the Gang Green at Greenpeace said, menacingly something like: “We know who you are. We know where you live…You be few and we be many.” This real picture of this type of institution came out of the same kind of stress and frustration from the crumbling foundation of their politico-eco plan. It is essentially losing your temper. Man, for all the PR help and courses in effective persuasion that these eroders have taken as a substitute for science and reality, they still have that “no more mister nice guy” style of winning hearts and souls. Thankfully, this is genetic failing of socialist organizations that we can count on and is a signal of the end of their times.

  32. The real shocking part is the total lack of embarrassment on the part of managers and leadership to this low brow fabrication of future news headlines. It speaks to the hollowing out of organizations. Village idiots probably existed in all eras over the past 10,000 years but there was at least some sense of standards to blunt their effects on society in the past. Well, there have certainly been some weak points in societal checks and balance, such as Germany and Russia in the 1920s and 30s.

  33. There is some irony in the Guardian being described , as it usually is , as a left wing journal, because the actions being taken to avert the perceived threat from global warming would not be acceptable by any true Marxist , amounting as they do to an exploitation of the working classes by the ruling and land owning minority.
    The case of the British premier is a case in point: His father- in- law is a owner of considerable land , reputed to earn £1000/day from the wind farms erected thereon. His daughter can expect to inherit a considerable fortune when he dies, to be shared with her husband if they are still together. The PM has enthusiastically encouraged the building of wind turbines everywhere , and dismissed ministers who did not wholly agree with his policy.
    The wind turbines are effectively paid for by taxes or excessively high utility charges , and thereby reduce the amount of money that could be used in ways that did not enrich just a minority.
    A classic example of exploitation of the majority by a minority that has the power to do so and I cannot understand why Marxists everywhere do not unite against it – if they are to be true to their philosophy

    • I cannot understand why green socialists who see all industry as evil exploiters are so readily fooled by the AGW capitalist plot. Truly, literally, morons.

  34. The videos will be promoted on Twitter with the #weather2050 and #climate2014 hashtags.
    So these should be the ones we use to promote stories on WUWT about the real current and future state of the climate, with our Twithead accounts, expecially the #climate2014.
    Well if anyone here doesn’t have a Twithead account, here’s a good reason to get one. Tweet The Truth!

  35. Is this part of an orchestrated campaign?
    A truly pathetic ;Save the Polar Bear, add from the WWF has just begun appearing on Satellite TV here in Canada.
    The usual suspects such as the weather channel and CBC are regurgitating same old nonsense, everything is “extreme weather” now.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures?
    When caught lying, double down and tell ever more blatant and obvious tales?
    Perhaps another nation could be convinced to host the UN.
    North Korea seems closest to their own idea of perfection.

  36. Nothing says “the debate is settled” better than a propaganda effort. If the debate is NOT settled, then we should expect Al Gore to launch a forum-spamming group and call it “Truth Drop”, or maybe the GWPF could start a new propaganda wing.
    Oh wait….

  37. They have retreated to the future. No warming now, but in thirty-five years who knows? People very much want to believe they can trust the pronouncements of their government, the national news media and the UN. Questioning these sources will cause cognitive dissonance. Most people have neither the time nor inclination to deconstruct their world view and build a new one. Just this past Sunday, filling the entire local paper’s front page, was the alarmists’ story. How could it not be true? You say they are lying to us? Who are you? You are nobody.

  38. Impressed with your new format. As I’ve said in the past, apart from the trendy socialists (teachers, BBC employees and left wing intellectuals), no one really buys the Grauniad. They give loads away to keep up a semblance of circulation, but it’s really just a chip wrapper, or fire starter.

  39. My take on this foolishness appears here: The WMO’s Macabre Climate Fiction
    Environmental activists – from Rachel Carson to David Suzuki to Maurice Strong – have long played the “let’s gaze into our eco-apocalypse crystal ball and scare the kiddies” game. That the World Meteorological Organization is stooping so low is distressing.
    Love the awesome new site design, Anthony!

    • Love this bit
      “She has heard that Mexico City was once a beautiful place to live. There was plenty of sun once…” Yes, back when the Aztecs used to feed human hearts to the Sun God. Since then humanity has gone down hill. 😉

    • Yes, but to be fair, Donna … The WMO’s head honcho, Michel Jarraud, did give us some warning of the organization’s impending descent into horror-flick fantasyland back in the spring, during the course of PR efforts surrounding the release of Working Group II’s contributions to AR5.
      Both WGII Co-Chair, Chris Field and WMO’s Jarraud seemed quite determined to toss the pause-ball into the dustbin. Here’s Field:

      the idea of a pause is not – it’s just not correct, it’s not – it’s not what we’re seeing in the data. What we’re seeing in the data is continued rapid warming.

      And a few frames later, Jarraud chimed in with:

      Yeah, I would like to come back to this “pause”, because I think it’s very misleading. There is. No. Pause.
      [Jumble of Jarraudian jargon]
      […] So no, there is no pause, and the global earth system – including the atmosphere, the ocean and the land surface – continues to warm

      [See NEWSFLASH: “Climate change is not stopping”, says WMO chief for details of this and other Jarraudian messages of impending doom]

  40. The REAL headline from the future: “Miami’s South Beach under water : Self absorbed residents don’t even notice.”
    All kidding and slams at South Beachers aside, the models call for FEWER tropical cyclones in a warmer world. Just read the IPCC AR5 carefully. So shouldn’t one of the future headlines be “Fifth year in a row with no Atlantic hurricanes” or maybe “Remembering typhoons, a thing of the past” ? You may call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

  41. I’m confused. When local temps didn’t rise and hurricanes didn’t hit Iowa, wasn’t the mantra “Weather isn’t Climate!”? Are they now saying that “weather is climate” or “climate is weather” or …. maybe they’ve just confused themselves?

  42. I hope the IPCC/UN/WMO bring out more crap like this every week. The more frequently they do it, the more people actually question not only the shonky ‘science’, but also the UN’s agenda.
    Seeing as everyone gets pissed off at having plans washed out due to bad weather forecasts made just a few days in advance now, everyone should and will (thermogeddinites being the exception) question the exceptionally futile idea of making claims about weather 36 years in the future.

  43. if the UK continues with CAGW policies, this could be the future!
    2 Sept: UK Daily Mail: Peter Campbell: Blackout alert: Offices and factories to undergo 1970s-style electricity rationing this winter to stop households being plunged into darkness
    Businesses will be offered compensation to shut down for four hours a day
    National Grid had planned to introduce this measure in winter of 2015
    Fires and other setbacks put some of UK’s biggest generators out of service
    Two nuclear power plants are offline and unlikely to be running in time for start of colder weather
    National Grid has a budget of £800million to control supply and demand within the power network
    The second measure, which has never before been used in Britain, would see the resurrection of power stations that have been closed but not yet dismantled. National Grid yesterday contacted the owners of recently closed plants to see if they could be running in time for winter.
    The majority of these are gas stations, though it is believed some coal or oil plants could also be asked to take part…

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