An oldie but goodie from Josh – still valid today

Given what has transpired in the last couple of weeks with ‘John Cook’s 97% consensus’  and the revelations about his data, and the University of Queensland invoking the Streisand effect with their ridiculous threat letter, it seems this cartoon still applies, perhaps now more so than ever.


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11 thoughts on “An oldie but goodie from Josh – still valid today

  1. I’m sure this cartoon could be edited to show Cook shooting himself in the foot. [trimmed]
    I’m enjoying the recent avalanche of warm-mongering self-immolation we’ve had recently.

  2. “regarding the ‘Actual’ scientific method:
    It won’t get pass the reviewers. It left out “Adjust the data to match the theory.” That is a very important step for the validation of Climate Change Theory. The catastrophils have developed and polished advanced unpublished methods for doing that. That way, they don’t have to pay attention to evidence that contradicts their theories.
    After all, what good is a science that is based upon raw data? The horror of it all is that you can’t dry lab (aka simulate) your experiments. How do you expect them to get the results they want, hold the consensus, and keep eating their free lunches in exotic places?

  3. Ahhh, red and green, just like the watermelons …. but Cook looks watermelancholy…should have a dunces cap on. Pity about ruining that beautiful oak floor with RED paint (probably oil-based, at that). All those petroleum derivatives…

  4. I love the interpretive comments by Josh’s appreciative audience. Does Josh ever find that people have read more symbolism into his cartoons than he originally intended, I wonder?
    This one is a classic.

  5. An oldie but goodie from Josh – still valid today

    Perhaps a footprint can be added since they seem to have “stepped in it”?

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