A quorum of drama queens at Polar Bears International?

Dr. Susan Crockford, Zoologist, of www.polarbearscience.com advises us of this:

 “We are now the polar bear” says Mann today (below) [a few weeks ago it was Patricia Romero Lankao of the federally financed National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado saying “The polar bear is us” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/24/climate-change-dangers_n_5019412.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular]

Scientists Speak Out: The New IPCC Report

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a U.N. group, warns that man-made climate change is already causing destruction around the globe. And it will only get worse unless we act quickly.

Leading climate and polar bear scientists share their thoughts on the report and the path forward:

Dr. Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor and Director, Earth System Science Center

What the latest report shows is that climate change is adversely impacting us now, wherever we live. It isn’t just the Arctic and the polar bear anymore. We are now the polar bear. If we are to avert increasingly dangerous and potentially irreversible changes in our climate, we need to act now. We must transition from our reliance on fossil fuels to alternative, renewable sources of energy that do not threaten the health of our planet.[bold in original]

Dr. Steven Amstrup, Chief Scientist, Polar Bears International

In 2007, I projected that global warming was likely to eliminate two-thirds of the world’s polar bears by the middle of this century. After making that point in a recent public lecture, a college student in the audience asked what would happen to the rest of the polar bears if we fail to act in time to head off that ‘mid-century polar bear crisis.’ My answer:

At that point, no one will be thinking about polar bears, because coping with and adapting to ongoing human crises will consume all of society’s resources.

The recent report by Working Group II of the IPCC adds emphasis in spades to my response. The hundreds of scientists whose independent research composes the IPCC concluded that:

  • Climate change already is negatively affecting every part of the globe
  • The frequency and severity of extreme weather will continue to increase as long as greenhouse gas levels rise
  • Along with steep and rapid reductions in emissions, we will need to develop plans for coping with a constantly changing world with ever new and more difficult challenges

The good news, however, is that while the panel concluded the world cannot afford inaction, it emphasized we still have time to stop the worst effects of warming. If we do, we also are likely to save polar bears.

Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Deputy Chief, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

The IPCC report is an enormous achievement and great resource for the scientific community and the public alike. But more than that, it provides a clear summary of where we are and what can be done. How we should act in the face of this information is complex and should be discussed at all levels. I hope only that those discussions are fully informed about what the science is showing—and that these discussions lead to meaningful action.

Dr. Ian Stirling, Research Scientist Emeritus, Canadian Wildlife Service

The recent report from the IPCC is stunning and should be a major stimulus for governments around the world to develop a global plan to reduce greenhouse gases … soon. One of the most important messages is that there is still time, but not that much of it, if the world is to restrain warming within manageable bounds.

The situation in the Arctic, though, is more dire and changing rapidly. The climate is warming there more rapidly than elsewhere on the planet, with the result that the sea ice is now disappearing even more quickly than once predicted by several different models. That is bad news, not just for polar bears, but for the whole Arctic marine ecosystem.

Why climate warming is so critical for polar bears is a simple concept and easily understood, even by children. Polar bears need ice to be able to hunt their primary prey: marine mammals, primarily seals. No ice means no ice bear. That isn’t complicated to understand.



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Hasn’t the Polar Bear population been increasing?

I was just going to point that out, John–in fact the Polar Bear Population has been increasing faster that the human population for about a decade now, I believe.


A load of claptrap based on a theory that has yet to be validated after $100B being spent trying.

D. Cohen

“…Why climate warming is so critical for polar bears is a simple concept and easily understood, even by children. Polar bears need ice to be able to hunt their primary prey: marine mammals, primarily seals. No ice means no ice bear. That isn’t complicated to understand….”
This is such BS. It overlooks the strong possibility that the primary enemy of polar bears, like all arctic life, is surviving in the extreme cold. Polar warming, then, might be a big net plus for polar bears, even if it meant that it was somewhat harder to hunt. And even that’s not likely — seals who already like to spend time out of the water knowing that it makes them more likely to be killed and eaten by polar bears will continue to some ashore **somewhere** at the ocean’s edge even if the ice decreases. In fact, less ice, same number of seals, could mean the seals are more crowded near the shore and easier for the polar bears to find.
No wonder the polar bears are increasing!

Bloke down the pub

Statements made by alleged scientists in the sure knowledge that none of their audience will bother to check their claims against the facts.


I suppose pretending that the polar bear population is endangered is easier than finding evidence to support the case for CAGW.
My understanding is that the polar bear population has doubled in the last 30 years and the main issue with their numbers is people shooting them.

Surviving the ice age and the warming periods, mankind (and polly bears) are done in by a bunch of alarmist. Film at 11.
The boy who cried wolf is older than CAGW. But man may well be doomed. We do not seem to be learn from the past.

Nigel in China

More like: the climate changing to a non-changing state for almost 2 decades is adversely affecting the propaganda.

4 eyes

“■Climate change already is negatively affecting every part of the globe” – This is a big statement which they can’t substantiate especially as temperatures aren’t rising and sea level rise is not accelerating. I guess a reduction in major cyclones and tornadoes is a negative effect, for them at least, because it means they’ve got some explaining to do.
“■The frequency and severity of extreme weather will continue to increase as long as greenhouse gas levels rise” – notice that they omit to connect extreme weather with temperature. So now we go directly from increasing CO2 to catastrophe without there being any need for temperatures to rise. What beautiful minds. Even Pauchari said in Australian press a year ago that there has been no temperature rise for a decade and a half so would the good Dr. Steven Amstrup please explain why the frequency and severity of extreme weather will CONTINUE to increase.

Rick K

By some estimates, the polar bear has been around for 600,000 years. In addition to the current interglacial period, there were preceding interglacials at about 125,000, 280,000, 325,000 and 415,000 years before now.
So… how did the poor, little polar bears survive those???
Why are we being lied to?

Steve from Rockwood

Don’t shoot me, I’m a Polar Bear … should be the first honest line of defence given how their numbers have recovered so well after limits on hunting. At least a t-shirt.


What matters to polar bears is Spring sea ice not the September minimum. September sea ice extent up in 2013 over 2012.

We therefore conclude that for a priod in the Early Holocene, probably for a millenium or more, the Arctic Ocean was free of sea ice at least for shorter periods in the summer. This may serve as an analogue to the predicted “greenhouse situation” expected to appear within our century.
Arctic sea ice cover was strongly reduced during most of the early Holocene and there appear to have been periods of ice free summers in the central Arctic Ocean. This has important consequences for our understanding of the recent trend of declining sea ice, and calls for further research on causal links between Arctic climate and sea ice.
Calcareous nannofossils from approximately the past 7000 yr of the Holocene and from oxygen isotope stage 5 are present at 39 analyzed sites in the central Arctic Ocean. This indicates partly ice-free conditions during at least some summers. The depth of Holocene sediments in the Nansen basin is about 20 cm, or more where influenced by turbidites.
….Nevertheless, episodes of considerably reduced sea ice or even seasonally ice-free conditions occurred during warmer periods linked to orbital variations. The last low-ice event related to orbital forcing (high insolation) was in the early Holocene,…
Doi: dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.quascirev.2010.02.010

We must NOT act now.

And the UK is picking up on the idea of “scientists” going on strike to protest noncompliance. http://www.rsablogs.org.uk/2014/socialbrain/scientists-strike/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rsaprojects+%28RSA+blogs%29
I love how the language about lacking the equivalent of “Marx & Engels class consciousness” is modified by the phrase “at present.” K-12 education and higher ed dictated by Second Nature are certainly targeting that very consciousness in so many ways.


Stop driving cars thousands of miles away to save polar bears? Maybe throw a virgin into a volcano for extra insurance.
Mann isn’t the polar bear. He is the dumb-arse. Coo-coo-ka-choo.

polar bear have been traced back to bears in ireland at the last ice age. When it was much warmer in the roman period the romans were using polar bears in the arena so they were still alive then when greenland really was a greenland.
bears and wolves are extinct [thro man] in uk . Nothing to do with warming. People get twitchy when they are face to face with apex predators rather than watching them on discovery channel


The thing I want to know from these collected bozos is this:
If what we are heading for is dramatically worse than now, when, exactly, was the climate perfect..?
Do tell…


Save the seals, burn some more hydrocarbons! LOL


repetition as propaganda:
10 April: MissoulaNews: We are the new polar bear
Scientist M. Sanjayan talks about his upcoming television series “Years of Living Dangerously”
Q: What do you think of the recent and dire report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that basically says no one will come out unscathed?
MS: If you look at the first IPCC report you would almost want to put the polar bear on the front of it … The good thing about this recent IPCC report is that it squarely puts the focus on humans. When you read this report you’re like, ‘Oh I get it. We are the polar bear.”…
think of “we are the polar bear” as the CAGW equivalent of John McCain//Bernard Henri-Levy/Ukrainian girl’s “we are all Ukrainians” propaganda:
Senator John McCain: “We Are All Ukrainians”
Bernard-Henri Levy: Nous sommes tous des Ukrainiens
Huffpo: I Am a Ukrainian: Can You Be Viral and Anonymous?
On February 10th, a video of an anonymous Ukrainian woman hit YouTube and it’s gone viral…
anyone who has been paying attention re Ukraine would know that Ukrainian girl’s video has a very interesting back story that the alt media has exposed.

Am I wrong, or didn’t the polar bears in the distant past have to survive aperiod of ice free Arctic Oceans?
.” The climate is warming there more rapidly than elsewhere on the planet,”
That’s not hard, since the rest of the planet is cooling.

“We are the polar bears?” You mean I won’t be able to ice hunt for seals any more?


‘We are now the polar bear’……Oh Good, we’re thriving then?
Hokey analogy from the Mann. (sorry)

Indeed we are the polar bear and the polar bear is doing great. As the Inuit say it is the time of the most polar bear.
Stirling speaks with a forked tongue. He publishes that heavy ice years were the worse for polar bears and seals and then says “its a simple concept and easily understood, even by children. Polar bears need ice to be able to hunt their primary prey” But he has co-auhtored papers showing heavy ice is worse for ring seals. http://landscapesandcycles.net/less-arctic-ice-can-be-beneficial.html

Non Nomen

The idea that an earth with no global warming for 17 years and 7+ months is a threat to polar bears is ridiculous. Polar bears are the descendants and relatives of the Kodiak and Brown bears. What the h*ll did they do to become Polar bears? They adapted themselves to the needs of the new habitat. And even if their current habitat should vanish(which is as unlikely as hell to freeze) they will pack up and move somewhere else or adapt themselves to the new circumstances. They did it before, and, they’ll do it again, if necessary. That’s real life, Gentlemen from the Ivory Tower of Science. Mother Nature knows better than you scaremogers!

David L.

Wow. I’m beginning to think these guys are mentally ill.


Robin says:
April 15, 2014 at 4:59 am
“I love how the language about lacking the equivalent of “Marx & Engels class consciousness” is modified by the phrase “at present.” K-12 education and higher ed dictated by Second Nature are certainly targeting that very consciousness in so many ways.”
There are competing agitators needing human fodder for their own movements: Gender ideologues and Multiculturalists.
And then, there’s the eternal danger that the victims start rejecting all of them and become self-actualizing.


The IPCC report and the above comments are published in The Onion, right?

Mumbles McGuirck

Does Michael Mann poop in the woods..er … ice floe?

Andrew Harding

I had heard that polar bear numbers have increased too, I have also heard that there has been no global warming for almost 18 years. So, why must we take action now?
In UK every Spring we have the doom-mongers telling us one or more species will die out due to AGW and there will be a blight of whatever it was that these species preyed upon. So far this has’t happened either!

Phil's Dad

“extreme weather will continue to increase”. In order for something to continue it must have already started. That isn’t complicated to understand….” either.

Ron Clutz

Rick K says:
April 15, 2014 at 4:52 am
Oh No, Polar bears are becoming extinct!
Again, for the fifth time!!

“We are now the polar bear.”
And I am the warlrus.
Coo Coo Ca Choo.
No warming in about 17 years while nothing “unprecedented” is happening in the Arctic.
The threat is to the CAGW Alarmists’ creditability which they destroy daily
as it goes the way of the oysters:
“But answer came there none–
And this was scarcely odd, because
They’d eaten every one.”

Eugene WR Gallun

I can remember skimming a newspaper article about how genetic tests showed that polar bears once interbred extensively with land dwelling brown bears. i believe they even dated when it was that the genetic intermixing took place. It would be interesting to compare it to the dates of past periods of arctic warming.
Eugene WR Gallun

Frank K.

David L. says:
April 15, 2014 at 5:30 am
“Wow. I’m beginning to think these guys are mentally ill.”
I’ve come to this conclusion already, and nothing I’ve seen lately would argue against it…
Phil’s Dad says:
April 15, 2014 at 5:46 am
“extreme weather will continue to increase”.
Check out the latest tornado counts…
(We could see more tornadoes this Spring, something which is perfectly NORMAL for the U.S., but our climate “scientists” will attempt pervert this for their own gain…citing the same “extreme weather” b.s.).

Tom O

If my memory is correct, the big “global warming” thing started in 1979, when temperatures started to increase. According to RSS temperatures, it has been 17 years + since the world has seen any temperature increase. 17 + years puts us back to some time near the middle of 1997, and 17 + years onto 1979, allowing the “warming” to start in January, puts us in the later half of 1996. Amazing, isn’t it, that the virtually same length of time that temperature rose is so much longer and meaningful than the virtually same length of time that temperature has staood still. Yes, the more you look, the more the SCAM does show up. I wonder why it takes so long for the “average indoctrinated world citizen” to see this farce for what it really is, whatever that may be, but to me is a scheme to reduce population via starvation and hypothermia?

Eugene WR Gallun

John Who says 5:53am
“We are now the polar bear.”
And I am the walrus.
Coo Coo Ca Choo.”
Too too funny.
Eugene WR Gallun

sleepingbear dunes

The only ones who believe that the frequency and severity of extreme weather are increasing are under 18 years of age.

Tom J

“We are now the polar bear.”
Michael Mann may actually be right for once in his life. After this winter we’ve had in the US I’m starting to feel like a polar bear.

Pamela Gray

Remember folks, intentional lying (“exaggerated scary scenarios”) is the accepted form of climate science “science”. That they get away with such unsupported comments while representing themselves as University faculty is beyond belief. But we must ask ourselves this question: Are universities then the supporter, indeed the source, of this deception? If that be the factual case, every University scientist should gather voices together, no matter the discipline, and call a stop to this kind of thing. The general public will not remember science of any model or color kindly when this wide spread media campaign pushed on us by Ivory Tower agendas proves false and even purposely deceptive.


This all feels like a huge, coordinated PR campaign. Hopefully, the death rattle of a meme that has been overcome by its own deficiencies and emergent reality.

Gary in Erko

Tales like these should begin with “Once upon a time, children, …. “


4 eyes says:
April 15, 2014 at 4:47 am
Agreed. IPCC must LIKE hurricanes and tornadoes to consider their reduction “negative.”

Pierre DM

“We are now the polar bear!”
This has some truth when you look at the streets of Chicago.
The shooting decreased and the polar bears recovered.
One thing about all of those scientist statements above, all of them basically state, “we must close the sale right now or the offer will expire”. I have learned over the years that its always time to walk when I hear that tactic.


I gather that this latest report is another of the dozen or so to “exonerate” Mann and the hockey stick. It claims, after all, that he has been cleared and “didn’t work” on the report about which he is quoted.


A load of claptrap based on a theory that has yet to be validated after $100B being spent trying.
Are you talking string theory or climate science?

“We are now the polar bear” says Mann…”
You mean we just get to eat seal steak near shore and don’t have to walk 50 miles to find a hole in the ice? Great times for us polar bears.

Jim Cripwell

From the article ” Polar bears need ice to be able to hunt their primary prey: marine mammals, primarily seals. No ice means no ice bear. That isn’t complicated to understand.”
My only information is from what I read. I have seen a counter argument. I have no idea which is right.
The counter argument is that less ice, means more sunlight into open water. This means more phytoplankton, the bottom of the food change. More phytoplankton means the whole food change increases, meaning more food for the top of the food change; the polar bear. Who to believe.

Bruce Cobb

Yes, the climate clowns do tend to be drama queens. The “concern” for the poor poly bear in addition to being misplaced, and not based on the facts about polar bear populations which are increasing, is really just faux concern, and a blatant appeal to people’s emotions, especially childrens’.
The only group that is an endangered species are these pitiful, pathetic climate hoaxsters and hucksters, as the CAGW ideology they push is a dying one.


Remember, they have to save the planet by December 2015 or its over. Er, or they just postpone the date again while they try to get another Kyoto protocol signed and get all our money redistributed. They probably think everyone forgot about that IG report on Monnett’s study and how observations of 3 dead polar bears in the water was BS’d and extrapolated into extinction scenarios.

Ed Zuiderwijk

“Distinguished” appears to be one of them. In what, I wonder.


polar bear extinct?
“While computer models suggest the Baffin Bay polar bear population is being over-hunted, the number of polar bears across the Arctic has more than doubled over the past 30 years to 25,000, Gissing said.”