Bizarre: Anti-Defamation League apparently gives a green light to defamation of climate skeptics by comparing them to Holocaust Deniers

UPDATE: 2/27 6:30AM PST It seems the person making the attack, Shelley Rose, is part of a climate activist group, see below.

UPDATE: 2/27 2:50PM PST, The ADL Atlanta website has deleted comments on the issue, and has closed the press release to further comments. See below.

Boy, this is ugly, and I hope this boils down to simply an error in judgement by a lower tier administrator because this is like some bizzaro-world episode; on one hand the Anti-Defamation League is coming down against the “…type of comparison diminishes and trivializes the Holocaust.“, while on another they are giving a “get out of jail free card” to the people who have repeatedly done that very thing over several years.

Two telephone calls and two emails today requesting comment from ADL’s Southeast Interim Regional Director Shelly Rose have gone unanswered. She’s aware of my calls. I asked for her directly, gave my name and affiliation, and after a pause on hold her assistant asked if it would be OK to “send you to voice mail”. Ms Rose did provide a copy of the press release below, after I queried the main organization in New York after receiving a tip about this release, but found no evidence of its existence on the ADL Press Center website. The press release below still isn’t on the website as of this writing at 6:15PM EST well after close of business there. All of my requests were done during normal business hours for both the Atlanta and NYC office.

I have to wonder if the main organization is endorsing this press release, or if this is some regional director who went rogue.

Here is the press release. 




Contact: Shelley Rose (404) 262-3470 work; 678-938-1399 cell

ADL Condemns Spencer’s Nazi Analogy

February 25, 2014,  Atlanta, Georgia … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today denounced remarks by University of Alabama – Huntsville professor Roy Spencer who wrote on his blog that those who refer to him as a climate change “denier” should be called “global warming Nazis” and that they are supporting policies that will kill far more people than the Nazis ever did — all in the name of what they consider to be a righteous cause.”

He also claims those who advocate for policies to slow global warming are “like the Nazis” in that they are fascist and anti-capitalist. The post is also accompanied by an image of a swastika.

Shelley Rose, ADL Southeast Interim Regional Director issued the following statement:

University of Alabama Professor Roy Spencer’s analogy of proponents of global warming to Nazis is outrageous and deeply offensive.  This analogy is just the latest example of a troubling epidemic of comparisons to Hitler and the Holocaust.

It has become too common to use comparisons to the Holocaust and Nazi imagery to attack people with opposing views, whether the issue is global warming, immigration or stem-cell research.

The six million Jewish victims and millions of other victims of Hitler deserve better.  Their deaths should not be used for political points or sloganeering.  This type of comparison diminishes and trivializes the Holocaust. There is no place for it in civil discussions.

Shelley Rose |Interim Regional Director

Anti-Defamation League | 3490 Piedmont Road; Suite 610 | Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Phone: 404-262-3470 I Fax: 404-262-3548 I Cell: 678-938-1399 I

ADL website I our blog I facebook I twitter I youtube I pinterest I google+ I linkedin


I queried Ms Rose for a comment on the last paragraph, asking:

Wouldn’t that also apply to the use of “denier” to denigrate people, including Dr. Spencer. whose research has nothing to do with the holocaust or denial of it?

I also asked her to comment on the “green light” as a working title, asking if it was an accurate representation of their position. It was clear to me from the lack of response to two emails and two telephone calls was ” no comment”.

From their website, apparently slurs in major league football rate higher in concern than comparing climate skeptics to holocaust deniers for the purpose of denigration:

ADL Welcomes NFL’s Willingness to Address Hate Speech

The League welcomed reports that the NFL is considering how to discourage the use of offensive slurs during the course of games and said that “the question of how to address offensive speech and the best ways to counter it on playing fields and in locker rooms is an important conversation.”

And that’s why I think this is bizarre. The selective hypocrisy is stunning. I’m hoping the main office in New York will come to their senses and disavow the press release from the “Interim Regional Director”. Surely they must see the ugly conundrum they’ve manufactured for themselves.

Dr. Roy Spencer responds:

Hypocrisy at the Anti-Defamation League?

He asks exactly what I was thinking; where was ADL all these years when such ugly and hateful comparisons were being made:

Ms. Rose, where was your organization when journalists, politicians, and even some scientists, chose to call us skeptics “deniers”?

We don’t deny either “global warming” or “climate change”. Yet, we are called “deniers”. Ms. Rose, do you have any inkling why the term “denier” (which is a lie) might be used against us, rather than the term “skeptic” (which is accurate)? I think you know why.

I’d really like to know how ADL can turn a blind eye the use of “denier” for the purpose of denigration while at the same time calling out a victim of the denigration for fighting back after years of abuse.

There’s also a newspaper article about it:

UAH climate expert Roy Spencer calls critics ‘global warming Nazis’; Anti-Defamation League objects

UPDATE: The PR is now posted on the Atlanta ADL website here

Comments are allowed there. Be civil if you leave comments please.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that this person simply doesn’t know the history, and committed a terrible error in judgment.

UPDATE2: 2/27 6:30AM PST It seems the person making the attack, Shelly Rose, is part of a climate activist group, see photo and caption.


The caption reads:

Congregations Caring for the Climate – Atlanta, GA

Bill Witherspoon, from Congregation Bet Haverim writes: This was taken Friday evening before Erev Shabbat Services. We had about three times this many for services eventually, but these were the ones who arrived in time for the photo. As part of our second week of the Omer to Honor the Earth, Shelley Rose (third from right, just right of our Torah scrolls) gave the d’var (sermon) on acting with awareness that we all breathe the same air, and Tovah Melaver (second from right) led a breathing meditation.

April 13, 2007


You can read all about this organization at

Of note is the list of “Friends and Allies” which reads like a who’s who in climate activism.

This whole episode makes a lot more sense now.

UPDATE3: 2/27 2:50PM PST, The ADL Atlanta website has deleted many comments on the issue, and has closed the press release to further comments. About an hour ago, I noted 90 comments were posted, now it is down to 50. See below.


Meanwhile I’ve drafted and sent a letter by email and by fax to ADL National Director, ABRAHAM H. FOXMAN asking if ADL plans to comment on the issue, and to ask id they plan to apply their condemnation equally, along with examples of what climate skeptics have been subjected to over the years. I think they simply have been caught unaware in a conundrum created by their Atlanta Interim Director.

I ask that if anyone makes communications with this organization, please be factual and respectful – Anthony




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It sure is getting out of control with these warmists. Nazis and USSR communists did the same thing… Obama and others are calling us names…

Jim Brock

Betcha she is a dyed in the wool liberal.

cooler head

ADL is a Communist organization first and foremost. All of their posturing and condemnations are a part of a Communist agenda. So this really isn’t bizarre at all.


Spencer was a bad if justified move , as for Anti-Defamation League well its selective plenty of defamation statements are made against people like AGW sceptics without them showing any concern .
rule one its not the nature of victim nor the nature of their plight that matters , what matters is the nature of who can be blamed.
In case you ever wonder how the left can show such great ‘concern’ for one group of people but none for others even if their situation is worse ,. or how they can suddenly take people from being ‘victims ‘ that have to be helped to people they care nothing about , rule one is the reason.

responding to the denier word is the mistake imo. they call people names on purpose to provoke a response and so move the debate away from THE EVIDENCE.

Chris B

Upon what foundation do organizations such as ADL base their moral convictions?
I suspect there is a Common Core shared with adherents of the CAGW ideology.

john robertson

The games begin, these righteous citizens will, in their blindness, now proceed to defend the indefensible.
If they had any ethics, they would have objected to the holocaust smears some years back.
Especially the use of denier by public officials and public figures.
Now they just portray themselves as pompous asses.


[snip – we aren’t going to get into that historical debate here, please stick to the topic at hand -mod]


PMQs: Our witchfinder-general, aka Ed Miliband, wants to burn climate change deniers at the stake
The long-fingered witchfinder-general began the inquisition quietly. This was one of those weeks in which the Labour whips had thrown the switch in their office to Wall of Noise: Off. There was no mistaking the menace in the young inquisitor’s questions, however. Monsignor Miliband brushed aside the defence by the heretic of his spending on flood defences as “phoney”. He demanded to know “the truth” about climate change. The defendant, who had been calling himself the Prime Minister, tried to change the subject. He accused the inquisitor’s assistant, Ed Balls, of carrying out a “zero-based spending review”. This is a kind of papal indulgence that allows anyone under interrogation to refuse to answer questions.
Unfortunately for the defendant, who declared bravely that he would be Prime Minister for all of five years, the inquisitor foiled this attempt to close the windows into a man’s soul. Monsignor Miliband asked the defendant to “set out for his party and the country his views” on climate change.
A sudden change came over the suspected heretic. “Man-made climate change is one of the most serious threats for this country,” he recited, with a great show of passion. Monsignor Clegg, supposedly the friend of the defendant in the papal court, nodded slowly and deliberately.
“Excellent, excellent,” said the inquisitor. “We’re getting somewhere.”
Now that the defendant had confessed, the next stage in the interrogation was to get him to name his fellow heretics. “There are people in the most important positions,” said Miliband, who do not “believe” in man-made climate change. He put the names of two suspects to the defendant, referring to them by their code names in the organisation. The Environment Secretary and the Energy Minister, he said, and he quoted sermons they had delivered that his spies had reported back to him. Everyone in the court knew who he meant. Owen Paterson and Michael Fallon. They had failed to recite the holy catholic and apostolic creed of environmentalism. They had to be cast into the fire eternal unless they, too, could be persuaded to confess.
It is no use leaving it up the consciences of individuals as to “whether you have to believe in man-made climate change” or not. “We cannot have doubt and confusion,” said the inquisitor-general. These people are “climate change deniers”.
Edward Samuel Miliband
He is the first Jewish leader of the British Labour Party.
David Cameron: man-made climate change is one of the ‘greatest’ threats to UK
Man-made climate change is one of the greatest threats to the UK and the rest of the world, David Cameron has said.
The Prime Minister risked a backlash from climate-sceptic Conservative ministers and MPs by insisting that humans are responsible for climate change

Is this the first time the ADL has weighed in on the “climate change” discussion? If so, to not have a balanced condemnation of the use of both “Denier” and “Nazi” seems out of place.


A group called ‘anti defamation’ gives the green light for defamation.

With the wintery weather that they have had in Atlanta this year, you’d think that there wouldn’t be that many true AWG believers left in that city. But I guess Ms. Rose is holding down the fort. I’ll bet that news release will never see the light of day once NYC headquarters gives it some thought Anthony.

If the Anti Defamation League objects to a skeptic comparing the global warming movement to the Nazis, it should equally object to the use of the term “denier” for global warming skeptics, an obvious attempt by the global warming believers to tar the skeptics with the same brush the establishment uses against “holocaust deniers” (in some countries, by imprisoning them).
But a defender of freedom should not be appealing to one of freedom’s foremost opponents. Greenpeace’s opposition to freedom of speech for “climate change deniers” is in the same category as the ADL’s opposition to the same thing for “holocaust deniers”. The fact that Anthony (and most readers here, including me) happen to agree with the first bunch of “deniers”, and not the last, is beside the point. Freedom isn’t just for people you agree with.


Bullies like the ADL are too cowardly to go after the popular kids because they have powerful friends. Instead, they go after the nerds and outcasts who are safer bets. But occasionally they misjudge and make the mistake of picking on someone with lots of protective friends. This is one of those times.


“The six million Jewish victims and millions of other victims of Hitler deserve better. Their deaths should not be used for political points or sloganeering. This type of comparison diminishes and trivializes the Holocaust. There is no place for it in civil discussions.”
HUH?! Calling people ‘Nazis’ denigrates Nazi victims?


[snip – a bit over the top -mod] Or they may just be a pack of morons who have lost track of the founder’s goals. No matter – Time for them to review their charter and vision statement or to admit their mission is a fraud.

David in Cal

As a Jew, I’ve considered donating to the ADL, but they’re not a good organization IMHO. It doesn’t surprise me a bit that they would stand up for those who denigrate climate skeptics as “deniers.” I will be happily surprised if their national office overrules this regional decision.

Bob Burns

Did the ADL have any comment on Hansen and his use of the term “death trains” ?

they only use the word denier because they cannot use the term ‘counter revolutionary’.


Where was the ADL when Cook and his warmist buddies over at SS were putting on their Gestapo fashion show?
Evidently, calling someone who engages in Nazi roleplay a “Nazi” is worse than being someone that fantasizes at being a Nazi. Bizarre indeed.

Lew Skannen

Every organization that was set up for public benefit or as an altruistic measure has been attacked, infiltrated and taken over to varying extent by the left.
If you look at the pronouncements of older established charities these days they could all have been written (and often HAVE BEEN written) by lazy superficial Marxists.
Any exceptions to this rule?

It’s obvious that the ADL has become an organization that serves no useful purpose. I’m not so sure that it ever did, or why an anti-defamation organization would be so completey focused on the Halocaust. Perhaps it time to remove the “anti” component from their name – they seem to have morphed into what they supposedly were against for the past half century. There is a strong tendency for an organization (actually,its officials) to keep the thing going, regardless. The NAACP
is in the same predicament. Meantime, might want to correct the ADL’s obvious ignorance about exactly what skeptics generally believe. They seem pretty clueless at this point. Perhaps their mental leaders have already departed for want of something to do


For those who don’t think Dr. Spencer’s comparing the CAGW/Global Warming/Climate Change advocates to the Nazis is appropriate, I suggest you reread your history about Hitler’s rise to power.


heysuess says:
February 26, 2014 at 3:48 pm
HUH?! Calling people ‘Nazis’ denigrates Nazi victims?

Don’t know about that, but even suggesting they “seem like” Nazis without actually saying they are Nazis will get your post snipped. See above or see here if it gets snipped in this context, too. And I’m not suggesting there is over-moderation. It really is a hot button term even when soft pedaled, and great care is needed in these times to avoid the hate speech Naz.., er, net nannies.
[Reply: Sometimes there IS over-moderation. ~another mod.]


FWIW I’m Jewish and those boys have gone off the rails.

M Courtney

jauntycyclist says at February 26, 2014 at 4:00 pm

they only use the word denier because they cannot use the term ‘counter revolutionary’.

I highlight this because it is perceptive and spot on right.
The use of the Holocaust as a description of your enemies intent should be very rare. It shouldn’t be cheapened by ubiquity. As most people that anyone disagrees with are just relatively wrong – not that bad.
Yet there is a selective judgement against those who are not “moving forward”. The Revolution must be defended for the greater good, don’t you know.
And that is why the ADL have lost perspective.

Interim Regional Director
Not for very long (interim that is); some ‘interimships’ can be shorter than others …
(Bolding mine above)


That press release is pretty much boiler plate material used when anyone makes an innapropriate comparison to the Holocaust. It is pretty much verbatim. I disagree strongly with the ADL position in this case. In their defense however, their entire existence revolves around a very narrow discourse regarding the Holocaust. I seriously doubt that they have anything but a vague knowledge of the climate debate in general, and none at all of the manner in which the deni*r term has been used to discredit skeptics.
Educating them on the other hand will be as much of a challenge as it would with any other group for whom the climate debate exists only on the edges of their consciousness.

The ADL, they seem to protect their own ilk. But is this not what humans and in fact all life does?
We skeptics defend lives and the environment in our way. We don’t want human population control to hypothetically avoid a possible warming of the Earth.
We tend to fear cooling more than warming.
We look at real data and use models as computational devices that intend to show what we programed them to show. This gets so complicated and oversimplified that they mostly fail.
Models do not produce real data; when working well, they help us look at the data in meaningful ways.
And yes, the Earth warmed about 1°C from 1910 to 2002, but we think it was mostly from natural causes.
We know that CO2 in the atmosphere warms the surface of the Earth. We know CO2 content is increasing, but we don’t know the causes. We think climate sensitivity is less than 2°C.
We know that around 2001 the warming stopped, but we don’t know the causes.
And we know the whole thing is possibly too complicated to know well enough to model long-range.

Louis says February 26, 2014 at 3:47 pm
Bullies like the ADL are too cowardly to go after the popular kids …

Brings one’s thoughts to the local constabulary who will ‘write tickets’ (nowadays decidedly for revenue purposes) on the generally harmless public, but will not clamp down on the ‘rolling nuisances’ (gang-bangers) that can be heard ‘booming’ through walls and over nearby TV and/or radio audio; it is the weak and easily intimidated they ‘prey’ on, not those who might give them some measure of stiff opposition …

The problem is that the connection with “holocaust denial” is implied, when the word “denier” is used, whereas calling someone a “Nazi”, even if qualified by adjectives, is explicit.
However, I think describing some (a small hardcore group) warmists as Nazis is entirely appropriate but certainly not all as Rose claimed Spencer did. But I can understand Spencer’s anger. This “denier” label has been used for years and has been adopted by obtuse or deliberately manipulative mainstream media. It is the kind of word-game (rename and “reframe the narrative”) that “progressives” have been playing for years.
I have my suspicions about who started and promoted this meme. I would like to trace it back to its origin.
As for the ADL, it is a shadow of a once admirable organization.

Eric Ellison

At some point we need to go beyond the excellent science and discourse which ordinarily is presented here as Anthony, Roy, and Willis have recently. If you ever get a chance to go to the Holocost Museum in Berlin you will find reference to hundreds of individuals who stood up to Nazi tyranny with ‘locical’ arguments only to end up dead. Time to get some attention by comparing this most recent minimizing and persecuting a group of valuable individuals to Nazism, which it is. Time to continue posting this latest effort here!

Kip Hansen

This looks to be a result of something like this: some helpful nasty little soul sends Ms Rose excerpts from Roy Spencer’s piece…not the part where he complains about skeptics being labelled deniers and denialists and how this slur intentionally reeks to high heaven with shades of Holocaust denial…thus might justify returning fire with the Nazi charge (which I personally do not think is ever ever justified in fact).
I suspect Anthony’s query either pointed to the full Spencer article or prompted Rose to seek it out, and now has her and her organization in the quandary Watts suggests. This is the most likely scenario, IMHO.
Time will tell.

Some deformation is more equal than other deformation

Lew Skannen says February 26, 2014 at 4:04 pm

Any exceptions to this rule?

Nope, can’t offhand think of .. wait – CWD – Community Waste Disposal – the garbage pickup folks here in del norte central Tejas are still fairly focused on their original goal and purposes. They may be the ONLY exception …
Don’t know if there is any ‘organized crime’ influence either.
/mild sarc


Dr Roy appears to have hit a sore spot.
It has got their attention at any rate.
“Global warming Nazis” it is then…

[snip – over the top – mod]

Paul Westhaver

The ADL is a very one-sided polemic organization with a narrow self interested agenda. They want to reserve the word “Nazi” for their own discretionary use. Their opinion (Abraham Foxman’s I think) is no moral sign post for social discourse in general. They have one agenda. The defense of jews, which is ok with me and they have every right to do so. They are hardly competent or interested in applying an even hand wrt attacks on groups other than those within their sphere of concern. Their opinion on this matter needs to be consider through an appropriate filter.
Nazis were equal opportunity murderers, of Jews, Polish Nationals, Catholics, Russians, Gypsys, physically deformed people, the mentally “subnormal”, etc etc etc. Had they not been stopped, the death toll would have been 10 X worse.
Humanity as a whole has inherited the right to condemn the tactics of the German National Socialists and defend ourselves from people and groups who employ thier corrosive methods. There are modern Nazis. The ADL , as a consequence of their self-interested position regarding AGW-Nazi-esque tactics, has damaged their own credibility. No Mr Foxman. You don’t have the final word on this.
First they came for the Conservatives,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Conservative.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the Liberals,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Liberal.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.


Anthony – If I can be of service in explaining the matter to the ADL, please feel free to call on me. Also, I recommend you provide them with links to issues around the use of the term in this debate for their education, but one story in particular. That is in regard to the musicologist who called for skeptics to be placed in re-education camps and to be potentially exterminated if they cannot be re-educated. That is a meme which the ADL will recognize immediately for what it is. The meme, the way the skeptic community reacted to it, and the general intent of the denier smear need to be made plain to them.


While it is odd that they didn’t care about the ‘denier’ lable for the last few years, it is very understandable that they reacted to the “Global warming Nazis” lable. Dr Roy should have expected this.
I wonder if he did expect this and was hoping it could be used to force the issue?

Found it on the Atlanta region website here:
– – – – – – – –
ADL Condemns Spencer’s Nazi Analogy
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today denounced remarks by University of Alabama – Huntsville professor Roy Spencer who wrote on his blog that those who refer to him as a climate change “denier” should be called “global warming Nazis” and that they “are supporting policies that will kill far more people than the Nazis ever did…
– – – – – – – –
The “Read more” link leads here:
. .
No ‘comments’ on the above webpage yet either.

Oops – comment hung up in the ‘ol spam bin.

why name call when you have the evidence?

Berényi Péter

Well, Shelley Rose, ADL Southeast Interim Regional Director, in the name of the Atlanta branch of the organization has apparently joined the ranks of climate parasites.
Unless she swiftly condemns Mark Lynas, George Monbiot, Margo Kingston and their ilk as well. See: The garden of good and evil.

British journalist Mark Lynas wrote: “I put (climate change denial) in a similar category to Holocaust denial — except that this time the Holocaust is yet to come, and we still have time to avoid it. Those who try to ensure we don’t will one day have to answer for their crimes.” In Nuremberg-style trials, one presumes.
Guardian columnist and author George Monbiot wrote: “Almost everywhere, climate change denial now looks as stupid and unacceptable as Holocaust denial.”
Closer to home, Margo Kingston wrote: “David Irving is under arrest in Austria for Holocaust denial. Perhaps there is a case for making climate change denial an offence. It is a crime against humanity, after all.”

And there are more, many more of this will-o’-the-wisp kind since then. Ms. Shelley Rose can no longer claim she was not warned. In fact I am a bit baffled it is the first time she has crashed into this issue. Is she living on another planet, or what?
Widespread use of the foul fallacy, Reductio ad Hitlerum in the climate debate “diminishes and trivializes the Holocaust” indeed, which is intolerable. The fact it was almost exclusively used by climate parasites so far, does not make it any better. I am not happy with Dr. Roy Spencer’s unprecedented move either, but if it was instrumental in giving center stage to this abominable practice and forces ADL to take a stand against it in no uncertain terms, it was a venial hack, I’d say.

P.S. Also carried/intro’d on their “press release” webpage:
ADL Condemns Spencer’s Na zi Analogy
February 26, 2014


Is it just me? I didn’t see anywhere in the press reliese that “gave the green light” for anything. Only the Red light for Dr Roy’s labling of warmies.


Shelley Rose needs to get to the roots of the problem ASAP. This is no analogy, it’s the real thing. Click and read about the green roots of the Nasti Party.

University of Alabama Professor Roy Spencer’s analogy of proponents of global warming to Nazis is outrageous and deeply offensive.

If it is “outrageous and deeply offensive” then please take a look back at the CAGW debate and see the number of times the use of the word “denier” has been used? Do you think the people who use this word are NOT using an analogy of sceptics of dangerous global warming to Nazis? Wake up and smell the coffee maaaam.

I think we’ve reached a turning point in the climate science wars, we’ve read Alinsky.