Wackadoodle 350.org protesters disappear their KKK moment

Last weekend I pointed out that 350.org leader Bill McKibben had endorsed the antics of some 350.org members in Texas that adopted tactics of the Klu Klux Klan – showing up at somebody’s house with mask covered faces, torches, and a threat:


It seems the well deserved ridicule of these cowards has had an effect, they have disappeared that photo from their website. See here: http://www.tarsandsblockade.org/enbridge-home-demo/

Fortunately, I have a copy of the entire web page before that disappearing act took place.

See the PDF: Tar Sands Blockade – Enbridge

No apology, just down the memory hole. What a bunch of cowardly and pathetic people they are. That goes for Bill McKibben too who thought this was a good enough idea to promote with a tweet rather than condemn it.






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Gunga Din

Well, The Hockey Stick disappeared. Why not its supporters?

This is what happens when the environment becomes a religion to people.

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Left wing terrorism . . .


The hypocrites were heating the globe with their torches.

Richard D

“Solidarity means attack.”
Wow. That is shocking, yet not surprising. I’m reminded of the left’s embrace of the anarchist crowd hiding in plain sight within the Occupy movement.


It was painful to listen to their diatribe. At least the homeowner/target of their attack was polite and civil. Apparently every illness and social evil can be traced to fossil fuels. In the meantime, I am mightily thankful for the fact that I am sitting in relative comfort in the frigid state of Wisconsin, courtesy of fossil fuels. My Mother recently related what it was like here during the Depression when her family could not afford to buy coal. The irony is that back then, people did not blame their plight on a bogey man.

David Ball

And it gets uglier as the desperation sets in.

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By the looks of it the 350 organization members goal is to send humanity back to the dark ages when life was short and brutal and humanity was made up of a bunch of warring tribal savages.


They recalled somethings we have in Texas: castle law and gun rights.

HGW xx/7

Anyone notice that scrawl in the lower left(ist) corner? “Solidarity means attack”. Here is what comes to my mind upon reading that:
1. No, actually it doesn’t mean that at all. If you hadn’t flunked out of preschool, you would have eventually learned that the Solidarity movement was in fact non-violent and began the fall of the very political system you excrement want to usher back in.
2. That doesn’t even make grammatical sense. Are you saying it’s an equivalent statement, as though ‘solidarity’ equals ‘attack’? One is a verb and the other is…wait…the flunking…I forgot. I’m only confusing you more.
3. If you want to say attack, then why didn’t you just come out and say…”attack”? I mean, you’re standing in front of somebody’s home with torches and masks; just finish the job.
Is this so that your various forms of cowardice don’t clash? Or is it you just want to be edgy and fingerpaint a word onto your poster that you have absolutely no understanding of? Actually, that matches quite well to your complete lack of understanding with regards to science.
This is actually a victory for us. I’m not sure even the prodigy of non-GMO, all grass-fed, free-range, exquisitely filthy hippies could spin this into anything but horrifying.
… And that’s saying something.

R. de Haan

we’re dealing with terrorists here.
Time to treat them as terrorists.


This is beyond sickening, beyond democracy, beyond chilling. The scene evokes memories of fascist torch rallies of the 30s. Nothing better could possibly show the eco movement for what it is than the photos above. This is their vision of themselves – how appropriate in the extreme.

You know, you have to hand it to them, They managed to get every 350.org member in the entire State of Texas together for that picture!


I hope Lord Deben reads this post.


350. org. The KKK of Klimate Khange Konsensus ………:-) That would make McKibben a grand wizard wouldn’t it?…..

Gunga Din

wws says:
February 13, 2014 at 7:52 pm
You know, you have to hand it to them, They managed to get every 350.org member in the entire State of Texas together for that picture!

I’m not so sure. They might have imported a few.


Here is something Obama won’t tweet about and the likes of Jon Stewart will carefully ignore.

It is amazing that in the age of the internet so many people could be so blatantly ignorant. We are indeed doomed.

College Progressive says, “Down with the corporate agenda!”
Facebook update from iPhone.


350.org…..= Klimate Khange Konsensus. 🙂

HGW xx/7

Zeke said:
“College Progressive says, “Down with the corporate agenda!”
Facebook update from iPhone.”
You, my friend, have razor-sharp wit. 🙂 I approve.

James the Elder

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t those torches add a bit of CO2 “pollution”. Wouldn’t need them if they had the gonads to come out in daylight, but then again, they’d have to get out of bed earlier.


Considering that simple LED flashlights now come standard with a gazillion lumens, I can only guess the open flame torches were intended for something destructive. Terrorists with covered faces and espousing violence to achieve their stated objectives should be very careful with fire.
And be sure to bring more than nine protesters next time. One in the chamber and eight in the tube equals 81 counter-protesters. /sarc off/


wws says:
February 13, 2014 at 7:52 pm
You know, you have to hand it to them, They managed to get every 350.org member in the entire State of Texas together for that picture!

I think they photoshopped a few extras in. Probably a cut and paste from Burning Man.

No actually College Progressive is real! 😉 😀

John F. Hultquist

1. The MSM have picked up this story. I searched with the string of words below
Enbridge +protest + home +torches
Bing gave over 5,000 returns but I only looked at the Washington Times.
2. Perhaps a good thing to do when this happens again would be to call 911 and report a fire.
3. The protester’s claim to represent “The People” is bunk and they likely have no idea of Native claims to this usage.
4. Bill M. needs friends that will keep him on his meds.

Chad Wozniak

I make no bones about it: if McKibben brought his terrorists around to my house THEY would find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun – 12 gauge pump, five rounds of double-ought buck.
Those scum should be arrested for domestic terrorism, because that is exactly what they were engaged in.


As far as laws go, I wonder if they had a burning permit?

Walt Allensworth

Should be prosecuted for assault.

Greg Cavanagh

Re: John F. Hultquist
The Washingtone Times

Masked protesters carrying torches and threatening organized violence protested outside the home of an executive at a major oil pipeline company last week.”
They ballsed up the first sentence so bad, I couldn’t bear to read on. God they are hopeless.

Robert Jacobs

“Fox” news uses that photo often, Kelly used it again tonight in an interview with the former(?) CEO of Shell. Suspect that shot will haunt them for years — I hope.

Chad Wozniak

Anthony, please leave this thread on ‘active” for awhile so we can refer friends to it to see the photo. If ever there were evidence of the criminality of the so-called “environmental” movement, this is it. This picture needs to be publicized everywhere, and der Fuehrer and his facilitators of this shit need to have their noses rubbed in it.


Surely another “fire” for the Chosen One in the White House to hose down?
Sorry…forgot he’s a solar man.

If what passes for their leadership will not condemn such excesses, then it’s more than ever incumbent on the skeptic blogosphere to highlight such incidents and give vocal support to those individuals brave enough to stand up to brute intimidation.

I’m sorry to repeat this. “Solidarity means attack!” Others have commented on the flag, but I just can’t help it.
Those people are not only ignorant, but they are certifiable morons. Where does McKibben find these idiots? Do they stand on street corners just waiting for a torch, robe, and box-lunch before getting on a yellow bus? Somehow, McKibben thinks that an allusion to Simon and Garfunkel is a cool thing. Good grief! The whole thing was a circus.


Lets hope us skeptics never do this type of thing. Reason and science are the tools that have improved mankind’s well being though history. And even now the richer we become the less impact and beneficial effect we have on nature,
Want to reduce carbon (CO2), plant at tree. Taxes on carbon just make people poorer and most of all hurts the poorest.


Lewandowsky’s uni makes the headlines again:
14 Feb: SMH: Peter Hannam: Intense marine heatwaves destroy 400-year-old reefs off WA’s Pilbara coast
“Probably half the total area there has seen quite severe bleaching of some or all of the corals over the past couple of years,” said Russ Babcock, CSIRO’s lead scientist for the joint survey with the University of Western Australia…
The bleached coral discoveries came as the CSIRO and the UWA began research on the region as part of a $12 million, five-year survey project partly funded by environmental offsets from Chevron’s $60 billion Gorgon Liquefied Natural Gas project…
and it’s only part 1! ABC can’t bear to say Chevron!
13 Feb: ABC: Coral reef off Pilbara coast in Western Australia decimated by marine heatwave, scientists say
The results from the first part of a five-year, $12 million study of the coastline are due to be released today…
Western Australian Environment Minister Albert Jacob says the bleaching is a concern, but that much of it appeared to be a response to a recent La Nina event.
“It’s a very good example, I think, of where this research project will be of great assistance,” he said…
The funding for the study came from the Gorgon development, which is required to contribute $60 million over 30 years for conservation projects across WA…


the UWA/Chevron rort reminds me of the following:
2002: NYT: Andrew C. Revkin: Exxon-Led Group Is Giving A Climate Grant to
Four big international companies, including the oil giant Exxon Mobil, said
yesterday that they would give Stanford University $225 million over 10
years for research on ways to meet growing energy needs without worsening
global warming.
Exxon Mobil, whose pledge of $100 million makes it the biggest of the four
contributors, issued a statement saying new techniques for producing energy
while reducing emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases were ”vital to
meeting energy needs in the industrialized and developing world.”…
With the new corporate money, Stanford will create the Global Climate and
Energy Project, an independent research group controlled by the university.
Any resulting technologies or patents will belong to the university,
Stanford officials said…
In addition to Exxon Mobil, the contributors are General Electric, which
said it would give $50 million; E.ON, a large German energy company with
nuclear and conventional power plants, giving $50 million; and Schlumberger,
the oil-field technology company, giving $25 million…
The money for climate research is ”only one-tenth of 1 percent of what
Exxon Mobil will spend over the same time exploring and developing new
sources of oil and gas,” said ***Pete Altman, the coordinator of a
shareholder group pressing to change the company’s environmental practices.
That development, Mr. Altman said, ”is what is causing global warming in
the first place.”
***wonder where Pete Altman ended up?
LinkedIn: Peter Altman
Climate Campaign Director NRDC
Nonprofit; 201-500 employees; Environmental Services industry
December 2007 – Present (6 years 3 months) …
Past Experience:
Executive Director Texas Fund for Energy and Environmental Education
March 1996 – August 2003 (7 years 6 months)
Projects included:
Campaign ExxonMobil, a shareholder campaign and coalition of faith, investor
and environmental groups to change the company’s position on global
notice Revkin didn’t bother to mention who Altman worked for back then.

gabrianga said:
February 13, 2014 at 9:45 pm
Surely another “fire” for the Chosen One in the White House to hose down?
Sorry…forgot he’s a solar man.
Yeah obama is le Roi-Soleil


VIDEO: 13 Feb: Democracy Now: Meteorologist Jeff Masters: Climate Change Affecting Weather Patterns Regardless of Season
AMY GOODMAN: You’ve written that if Philadelphia International Airport receives six inches or more of snow from this system, it would be the first time since record keeping began during the winter of 1884 to ’85 that Philadelphia has had four separate six-inch or greater snowstorms in the winter. Talk about what the trend—and can you relate—you know, so often the climate change deniers mock anyone who connects this kind of freezing weather with global warming. But what kind of links would you make?
JEFF MASTERS: Yeah, we have to understand that climate change is affecting all weather patterns, regardless of the season. Yes, winter still occurs. But we do expect climate change to affect jet stream patterns in winter storms. Now, in particular, this kind of very unusual jet stream pattern that’s been so persistent is something that could arise out of climate change. We don’t often see the jet stream lock into place like this and not budge for a period of months. And we make that more likely—is one research avenue being explored now—if we remove a lot of sea ice in the Arctic, warming up the Arctic more than the rest of the planet. That can have impacts on the jet stream, causing it to slow down and to not move quite as quickly, and lock in place for these extended periods like we’ve seen.
AMY GOODMAN: Well, Jeff, we want to thank you for being with us, director of meteorology at Weather Underground. When we come back from break, we’re going to go to Vermont, another place that is going to see a lot of snow, to Middlebury, Vermont, to speak with Bill McKibben, director of 350.org, author of Oil and Honey. And then we head to North Carolina, which has seen the greatest coal ash spill, one of the largest in history.
VIDEO: 13 Feb: Democracy Now: “This Should Not Come as a Surprise”: Bill McKibben on Global Extreme Weather from U.S. to Sochi
(SONG PLAYS) AMY GOODMAN: “Do It Now: Sing for the Climate,” recorded in August of 2012 by Flemish musicians as part of the Big Ask campaign, a grassroots movement to get industrialized countries to reduce carbon emissions every year. This is Democracy Now!…
AMY GOODMAN: Joining us now is 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben. He’s joining us from his home in Middlebury, Vermont. His latest book is Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist . You can go to democracynow.org to read the first chapter…
Bill, start off by just talking about this extreme weather that both the East Coast is facing with this massive ice storm called Pax, yet the West Coast experiencing a drought like they haven’t seen in some 500 years.
BILL McKIBBEN: Yes, and, of course, the continental U.S. is only about one-and-a-half percent of the surface of the planet. Jeff Masters and his great colleague Christopher Burt at the Weather Underground have done a remarkable job of chronicling what’s going on all over the world. And what happens now is pretty much every day, someplace on this planet, we are breaking records that have stood for centuries, or in the case of California now, we think perhaps millennia…
The situation in the U.K. is really unbelievable…
This is the kind of crazy weather that scientists have said will mark the advent of climate change in its early stages. And it should be the warning that we need to actually do something, though so far our leaders haven’t taken up that challenge…
BILL McKIBBEN: None of this should come as a surprise if people have been paying attention. It’s exactly what climate scientists and climate campaigners have been saying now for the better part of two decades. I mean, I wrote the first book about this for a general audience literally 25 years ago. And these are exactly the sort of things scientists said would happen. They’re happening somewhat more quickly and on a somewhat larger scale, mostly because scientists are, by their nature, conservative and underpredict. But the fear of scientists is palpable. That’s why so many of them are out there getting arrested to stop things like the Keystone pipeline, speaking out in all the ways that they can think of…
If the scientists are correct—and so far they’ve been, as I say, underestimating—then before this century is out, that will be closer to seven or eight degrees Fahrenheit. And every computer model we have shows that the planet then just becomes the scene of ongoing emergency response effort. That’s what civilization will amount to…
BILL McKIBBEN: This is an existential problem for winter athletes. You know, I’ve been, for many years, the faculty adviser to the Nordic ski team here at Middlebury College. And, you know, there are young people that I watched come up who are skiing over there in Sochi. The reports are unbelievable…


much, much more at the link:
VIDEO: 13 Feb: Democracy Now: Bill McKibben on Fight Against Keystone XL, Fossil Fuel Divestment and Obama’s Failures on Climate
Hundreds of college students are expected to risk arrest on March 2 outside the White House to pressure President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline project…
McKibben describes how the effort to confront global warming is growing worldwide. “The one place where we’ve really been able to go on the offense is this divestment movement. It has now spread around the world. Oxford University published a study in October saying it was the fastest-growing such corporate campaign in history. Universities, colleges, churches, city and state governments, pension funds — all now starting with an exhilarating pace to cut their ties with fossil fuel industries. It is one place where there is some real hope.”…
McKIBBEN: For progressives, there’s one other not-so-small thing. There was a study last year showing that the Koch brothers might make as much as $100 billion in profit off this pipeline over its 40-year lifespan, $100 billion, even for the Koch brothers a lot of money. And one doesn’t have to guess very widely what some of that money—what political use it will be put to in this country…
CINDY SCHILD (a senior manager of the American Petroleum Institute’s refining and oil sands program): I mean, first of all, you know, we had the debate about whether it’s oil sands or tar sands, and quite simply, we’re producing oil and oil and gas products. We are not—there’s no tar being produced here, so that’s just a terminology depending what side of the fence you sit on…
BILL McKIBBEN: Well, I don’t know. Geologists always called it tar sands…
BILL McKIBBEN: Well, it’s a big challenge. 350.org is, I guess, the only group really that works only on the climate crisis around the world. And we work in pretty much every country except North Korea…
We can’t bankrupt Exxon, but we can begin to politically bankrupt them. And we have to. We can no longer solve this problem one light bulb at a time…

Desperation tactics by dumb & despicable people.
Almost as big a shot in their own foot as that disgusting exploding heads video.

Happy Hurkle

Remember, this was in Texas. The next time they try this, the object of their hatred might be telling the police and the District Attorney at the end of a long evening:
“Golly! A crowd of angry people in masks showed up on my front lawn. They were carrying burning torches and shouting threats, and one of their signs said that they intended to attack me. I told them to leave, but they wouldn’t go away. I thought they were going to burn me out, and I was in fear for my life!

Tom J

I like the guy in the far right, and towards the bottom of the photo: the one who’s holding the banner, his eyes turned menacingly towards the camera. What is he, a grim reaperette? The grim reaper’s child? The grim reaper’s child, not yet mature enough to hold a scythe, the use of which must be properly taught by daddy? What stage of grim reaper maturity is he in? Infancy (or is he just a touch too large for that)? Childhood? I know, he must be in the pubescent stage of grim reaperdom! Ah, how fascinating to watch the developmental stages of grim reaperness.

There are signs that environmentalists once in Government could become authoritarians. Religious cults like AGW have gone off the rails before why should this one be different. The potential is there for a really nasty disaster like Communism.


what are they doing burning torches? Dont they know that they are polluting the environment?

I listened to a podcast once (New Scientist?) that featured Bill McKibben. It was not global warming related. After 20 minutes of listening to this guy I wondered, why is this blithering boring empty headed person being given attention?


This is how extremism grows. The more someone gets into the movement, the more they’ll be sent to read the extremist books at the back of the library. Meanwhile the mainstream movement keeps a respectable image, whilst subtly condoning extremism with abstract talk about urgency and direct action. Their texts are also worded to suggest that people won’t really get it unless they take up really deep ecology and really deep ethics. As the movement gains power, everyone starts feeling that they daren’t question global warming lest they bring a verbal or other kind of attack upon themselves. It is just power, the sort of thing groups have been trying for thousands of years.


Tony Lear (@Grimbeaconfire) says:
February 14, 2014 at 1:48 am
“There are signs that environmentalists once in Government could become authoritarians.”
Why “become”?
First German enviro movement, Der Wandervogel, was apolitical, so 70% of them joined the NSDAP because the Nazis were placing an emphasis on protection of the environment and indeed declared the first nature reserve in Europe.
Enviros never have a problem with authoritarianism / totalitarianism, as long as they can push through their goals.


There are 2 photos of these environmental ‘heros’ –
One photo in front of a $500K home. Where they are in the dark, whispering and giggling.
The other where they are boldly carrying torches and standing in front of a rusty chain linked fence. A chain linked fence which looks very out of place for a neighborhood of expensive homes.
They obviously did not even stand in front of the home long enough to push the doorbell and run. Their scary money shot was taken in a vacant lot behind the cemetery.
Solidarity means attack… er or at least dress-up. Cowards.