For all you idiots that think climate skeptics are lavishly funded by 'Big Oil', read this

Michael Mann, take note. One of the most ridiculous claims made by climate alarmists is that skeptics get huge gobs of oil coated money. For example, there is the recent claim:

Billion-dollar climate denial network exposed

An extensive study into the financial networks that support groups denying the science behind climate change and opposing political action has found a vast, secretive web of think tanks and industry associations, bankrolled by conservative billionaires.

“I call it the climate-change counter movement,” study author Robert Brulle, who published his results in the journal Climatic Change, told the Guardian. “It is not just a couple of rogue individuals doing this. This is a large-scale political effort.”

I’m sure if there was such money to go around, this event today would not be happening. Read this.

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