The WUWT year end report


This report, prepared by the people that run where WUWT is hosted, gives insight into how we did this past year and which of our commenters were the most prolific  I’ve made it fully public for my readers to have a look.

One thing not listed in the report is our current views count, which is at: 170,336,879 views as of this writing

Our comments count: 1,162,212 Comments

Full report here:


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Awesome statistics! Congrats.

Jimmy Haigh.

Keep up the good work Anthony. You’re a hero!
Tip jar duly visited…


Seems Asia is excluded from the world atlas in the Full Report……..

Mario Lento

Congratulations WUWT – !!!


Mario Lento

From the recent IPCC report, 166,155 views from a single post, and in total views from articles about the IPCC AR5, I wonder how many views WUWT got and how that compared with views of the IPCC report itself?
Perhaps they are not creating the type awareness they wanted after all.


Congratulations to Anthony and all the WUWTers! This is one awesome marketplace of ideas.


Congrats on the stats.
Does not surprise me. You got my attention as no other has!


You even got 6 visits from North Korea !

F. Ross

Congratulations Anthony; I hope you enjoy your blog as much as the readers do.
And Happy New Year!


Congratulations Anthony.
Thank you and all your regular contributors, such as Bob and Willis, and the moderators for all the hard work.
Have a healthy and prosperous (maybe the cheque from ‘big oil will come in next year..) 2014.
All the best from New Zealand.

Stephen Richards

January 27? Well done Ant, charles et al. AND a great big thank you to the KING; Steve Mac

Steve C

Congratulations all round. Not just top of the climate heap, but staying top of the climate heap. (Even) more power to your elbow in 2014!
Reflection: how much more profitable it would be if you took that job running the much more modest MoMA …

James Bull

In the words of Mr Spock “Fascinating”
I get so much from reading the posts here, information, a great laugh and informed debate. I have once or twice tried looking at sites for CAGW and found them to be a closed shop where contrary views are ignored or shouted down, which just makes me sad for them.
Have a great New Year party and I will be back in 2014.
James Bull

Village Idiot

1,162,212 Comments. Awesome. All deep and insightful

Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter)

David says:
You even got 6 visits from North Korea !
(Somewhere in North Korea) – ‘Get Off the Keyboard, you $%^ cat!’

Village Idiot

and no regurgitation from post to post

Village Idiot

In yor face Reel Climate

Harry Passfield

Great to see Willis’s old mates in the Solomons getting on line: 321 of them!!
Happy New Year to all at WUWT!!

Harry Passfield

PS: But no traffic from Antarctica!!!??? 🙂


Well deserved, Anthony. What makes your site so special is not that it is always right, but that it
allows discussion and the exchange of points in a way that is decent to tackle complex topics.
And of course good people with their unique perspective on manyfold issues like yourself and Willis. Keep up the great work! With the best wishes for 2014 for the WUWT team and your
Matt from Germany


It would be interesting to see the stats from some of the …. er …. “competition”.


Congrats Anthony, guest bloggers and company!
This is my daily go to read on all things important in science and reality.


Anthony and moderators: again thank you for your efforts and keep going strong. The rotten and brittle ice of climate science is breaking apart under the warm wind of facts streaming from this blog. A happy 2014 to you and all contributors. May history tell that it was the year when the tide turned and the fraudsters were dragged out to sea to drown.

Joe Public

I wonder who was your single visitor from Chad?

Luke Warmist

Congrats. You do a fantastic job here. All the best in 2014.

Great to see WUWT averaging almost 12,000 visits per week from New Zealand. My fellow countrymen appear to have woken up to the scam the MSM is loath to expose..


Congratulations Antony!
But beware – ‘they’ are watching!

Robin Willows

Nice work Anthony, many thanks. I’m not a scientist but enjoy reading all the posts on your site. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to find the video you posted a few months ago of an early presentation you gave about weather stations etc and how you got involved in the AGW issue. Can you post it again please.
Best wishes for 2014 .Robin

Steve Keohane

Congratulations Anthony. Thank you for your service.


May the new year be the best ever for everyone!

Dr T G Watkins

Well deserved praise. Happy New Year to you and your family including moderators and blog contributors.

Blogs are an astounding phenomenon. It’s amazing how you can get caught up in some story like, say, the “hockey stick” and go back and read a bunch of past posts and comment threads on WUWT, Bishop Hill and Climate Audit and cross check them with blogs like Real Climate. It’s like a Neal Stephenson novel that you can participate in.

A C Osborn

One of the most interesting statistics was the highest Commenters
1 Jimbo 2634 comments
2 Gail Combs 2092 comments
3 Janice Moore 1864 comments
Who would have thought that Gail & Janice were right up there, I know I have seen them often on the site, but it is still surprising and well done Jimbo.

Steamboat Jon

I wonder how some of my visits this year showed up to WordPress? I know some of my access to the internet the first half of this year was by a satellite ISP and some by VPN. While I was physically in Kabul (416 connections) I think the satellite service provider gave the internet service connection via a Polish IP range (44,501 connections) and the VPN was gated out of the greater DC area (18,018,916 connections). A few of the Afghanistan connections could be via my smart phone. I’ve also connected while in the UAE (39,616 connections), Australia (2,767,586 connections) and Canada (3,123,398 connections) during 2013.
Thanks to you Mr. Watts and thanks to your team of moderators/bloggers for a superb site. Happy New Year to the WUWT crew, keep safe and all the best in 2014.


Congratulations, Anthony. Your blog is my first read every morning — used to be newspapers — and frequent times during the day for the many new additions. You, the other contributors (no superlatives needed for all), the magnificent commenters, and awesome gatekeepers soothe my soul, delight my mind, and assure me that the search for truths and knowledge continues to exist. The scientific method — hard won over the centuries from a Judeo-Christian-Enlightenment past — is honored and followed. There can be no greater praise.
Anthony, your courage, determination, and inventiveness made this happen. Happy New Year to you, your family, and the WUWT family. Health, more inventiveness, and happiness to all.


Oh deary me. One third of those comments was “Oooops I meant” LOL. 😉


Here is a good sign for the future, social websites are now the top 2 referrers which I doubt was the case 5 years ago. Keep Twitting and keep your 75,000 friends updated. 🙂
“The top referring sites in 2013 were:”

Tim Clark

Jimbo says:
December 31, 2013 at 7:47 am
“Oooops, He meant”
Keep Twerking and keep your 75,000 friends updated. 🙂
Congrats Anthony!

Awww, they don’t count the LENGTH of the comments, only the total number. So sadly, I didn’t make the top five. But I’ll bet I was close to the top (possibly behind Gail) in total characters typed.
Or maybe not. I’m pretty selective about the articles I comment on at all.
Still, impressive numbers. To get over 1,000,000 comments in a year, one has to maintain a hefty pace of some 3000+ comments a day, every day.

M Courtney

Gail Combs was top commenter last year. Jimbo has overtaken her.
Interesting that RichardSCourtney has disappeared. If anyone knows where he is it would be nice to let us know (at least let me know).

M Courtney

Robert Brown, I am sure you are nowhere near the top number of characters posted. You don’t comment on most posts.
But you are certainly near the top in comments that are most worth reading.

G. Karst

Well, according to the report, the number one story was the release of climategate 3.0. A lot of viewers seem to have been let down on that one. It should be kept in mind during all the kudos. It take balls to stay on top. GK

Your venue is a MSM.


Better pump up the PR in Chad. Only one reader. :0. Good work.

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

Robert Brown says:
December 31, 2013 at 8:24 am

Awww, they don’t count the LENGTH of the comments, only the total number. So sadly, I didn’t make the top five. But I’ll bet I was close to the top (possibly behind Gail) in total characters typed.

And I bet your comments are at the top of the “most appreciated” category, if one appeared in the WordPress report. I know whenever I see one of your contributions I immediately dive in and study it. The time you take and the insight you bring to WUWT content are always welcome.
Happy New Year.

Robert Austin

Also a big thanks to Dr. Svalgaard for his participation with 1817 posts.


Congratulations. Not a scientist here, just a concerned citizen who barely survived chemistry in college. Every time someone quotes the “97% of scientists agree”, I send them here to hear what true scientists say, not political activists with a Ph.D. Read your blog almost daily, it is my favorite. I’ve learned so much and tried to share with as many as I can. Blessings…


Great work, Anthony. These are enviable stats for any blog – even better that it is climate-centric because it’s too important to leave this stuff to the alarmists.
Side note 1: Mosher should have gotten the nod for most unfinished thoughts.
Side note 2: Josh is the hands down winner of alarmist skewering cartoons