Merry Griftmas from Al Gore

As if Al Gore doesn’t already have enough money after selling his failed CURRENT TV channel to the dupes at Al Jazeera for a cool half billion dollars, only to have the viewer numbers crash down so low that Nielsen won’t even rate them anymore, we have this shameless pitch from him in my inbox this morning.


Well, at least he managed to squeeze in “Happy Holidays”.

UPDATE: Yesterday we had the ludicrous warmist claim that skeptics are funded by ‘dark money’, “up to 1 billion dollars worth” as pitched by Guardian slime-ette Suzanne Goldenberg (which had to be fixed later) but in this pitch, donations to Al Gore are matched by an ‘anonymous’ donor.

The hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking.


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Latimer Alder

The gooey sentiment makes me want to puke.
But maybe British stomachs are less attuned to transparent insincerity. Was there a picture of a kitten/teddy bear/puppy/Santa as well?
I retch.

Well I do my bit to spread the truth about climate change. It’s not what the scientifically-challenged Al Gore has in mind though.

Jimmy Haigh

The word that came to mind was “obscene”.

Sweet Old Bob

Well…it is Christmas..and I am sure he is wearing green…
whether he is Oscar or the Grinch….or both?


Climate Reality Project, does that refer to altering reality?

It’s like they’re admitting global warming is so inconsequential, people have to be told about it.


Should not all holidays be happy ? Merry Christmas.

If I send a lump of coal, will it be matched by a lump of coal?

George Lawson

Why can’t he use his own fortune that he has made from the Global Warming scam instead of robbing innocent members of the public? he man should be put in prison.

“Together, we’re training Climate Reality Leaders to go out into the world and spread the truth about global warming.”
This is the language of a messianic, proselytizing religious cult. Clearly as far as The Goracle is concerned, there is no longer any need to maintain the pretense of “Climate Science.” His followers must go out and preach the Gospel of Global Warming to the deluded Deniers, and by converting them “Add new voices to our movement.”
Are there any real scientists who are still taken in by this snake-oil salesman and charlatan?
/Mr Lynn


Yeah, there’s about a foot and a half of global warming in my back yard today.
I have to wonder about the identity of this “very generous supporter” that AG praises. (No clickable link in the PNG image, thankfully.) Is it an Middle Eastern nation state with deep pockets? It might make sense since AG has financial ties with an OPEC dictatorship via his Al Jazeera transactions.

I for one can’t help but wonder if Gore realizes how irrational it is to be both anti-nuclear AND anti-fossil fuels. The so-called “green” energy alternatives can’t (at least at present) meet our energy needs at current consumption rates. I suspect being dependent entirely on those green alternatives would cause our economy to collapse and send the country into social chaos. Not to mention the fact he has the climate change issue totally wrong.
This guy is either totally disconnected from reality or totally devoid of any scruples. Or both. To think he quite nearly became our president some years back is enough to make me cringe. President You-Can-Keep-Your-Health-Care-Plan Obama unfortunately isn’t any better — they are both living in a climate and energy fantasy world of which only they are their ilk can comprehend.
They both deserve to be characters in their own comic book. But I guess that’s what we have Josh for, isn’t it.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Grey Lensman

Its not a holiday, Its Christmas. Do you wish people “happy holidays” in the summer?
The Idea of Christmas is to give freely not ask

Rob Dawg

The BigGov as Big Brother and Nanny State memes are alive in this missive. I particularly retched at the “we are smarter and need to educate others” presumption.


Somewhat ironic. The previous thread was about a story accusing skeptics of being paid to recite a script. Followed by a thread about an attempt to raise money to train warmists to recite a script.


Who’s the “dark money” doner behind that double your money offer? Does he say?

Just another effort by middle eastern empire builders to destroy the west so they can take over the world.
They use our money and politicians to subvert us.
They are too late, the tide of opinion is turning against them. The weather is also turning with wide spread snow in the middle east. The hordes of Muslim warriors, that they have created to attack us, are falling on each other.
Al Gore and his band have lost all respect as he has enriched himself with this foolishness.
Marry Christmas to all, and have an interesting New Year. pg


Jeez, the guy is such a used-car salesman. This outfit is now starting to sound like Scientology.
The climate reality is a cult.

Grey Lensman

Merry Christmas everybody, Santa has landed here and alls well but no snow.
Have a great day and dont let Al get you down.


“Santa has landed here ”
Oh yeah? What’s doing , having test run to make sure he reindeer are firing on all six before the big run tomorrow?


I’d also love to know who the moneymatcher is..
betcha its anonymous..and the records wont be made public.
the mans deluded and dangerous,
and so are the ecoloons that follow him.
Merry Christmas to all:-)


Well, there goes my appetite for Christmas Turkey…..
What sickening drivel from a hypocrite who made his fortune from selling his Global Warming advocacy TV network to an oil monopoly….


1. Who is supplying the match? Why don’t they say?
2. The goal is $100,000 by December 31, 2013 — pretty small potatoes these days.
3. The address is a building across the street from the FBI headquarters. Meaningless but mildly interesting.


“…because truth is on our side.”
Well, is it “truth” when it isn’t based on data, observation, science, or reality?
Perhaps at CRP (pronounced to rhyme with “trap”).

Ed Caryl

Speed, they won’t need to walk far to investigate. (But we know that won’t happen.)

Can’t beat Uncle Al in tenacity, political use of low information populace and the continued disruption of science research processes. He would make a great used car salesman in his home state of Tennessee. I can picture him on Saturday TV during Big Time Wrestling conning the best of them to buy a Studebaker without an engine.

Bob Weber

Gore is another old narcissistic dog incapable of learning about the real power source of weather and climate “changes”. He and fellow narcissistics are simply upping the ante of abuse onto those who do understand where that power comes from and how that power creates “climate change”.
He and the dwindling legion of fellow travelers with a narcissistic personality disorder like obutthead will abuse anyone who challenges them or gets in their way. The people here don’t need to imitate that behaviour. The facts are going against Gore in spite of his assertions to the contrary. Al – it is sunspots and solar activity – and the only BS is coming from you.

Frank K.

“Dear Climate Champion”?????!!
How did we, as a society, ever devolve to this level of complete idiocy? [sigh]
Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all… 🙂


“Together we are training Climate Reality Leaders to go out in the world and spread the truth about global warming.”. This doesn’t seem very efficient, don’t they usually round up the deniers and send them to the reeducation camps? Al is rounding up the believers and sending them to the reeducation camp. This makes no sense, I guess he can’t even stand the least bit of dissent in his reeducation camp.


How I’m looking forward to the Coming Cosmic Custard Pie-in-the-Face from the climate gods on Olympus!

Werner Brozek

I know we can do this because truth is on our side. Truth has power.
It would help Al Gore’s credibility if he were to convince a certain judge in Britain of this fact first.
“The judge stated clearly that he was not attempting to perform an analysis of the scientific questions in his ruling.” He did not need to. Each of the nine “errors” which he identified had been admitted by the UK Government to be inconsistent with the mainstream of scientific opinion.


They don’t have to “educate” me on the effects. I see it everyday. Them stealing my tax dollars and causing energy costs to go up to support their hypocritical high and mighty life styles. All on the backs of the poor and middle class.

Alan Robertson

What a clever way to line your pockets, Mr. Al Gore.


Yesterday I came across one of those satirical Motivational posters. Showed a polar bear taking a dump on the snow, with this title – “The Poll Results Are In!” 9 out of 10 polar bears surveyed think Al Gore is full of crap.
Not that he cares, seeing how his bank account is full of dollars. I could almost admire the guy for his entrepreneurship if it wasn’t for the fact he is benefiting from causing economic harm to others.

Reed Coray

It sticks in my throat to wish ManBearPig and his ilk a Merry Christmas, but in the spirit of the times I will. However, to my fellow skeptics: “Merry Christmas to all, and keep up the fight.”


Al Gore: The Jim Jones of Climate

Tom O

You are missing the point when you say he is deluded if he is anti-fossil and anti-nuclear. You have to first understand that to him and his “kind,” alternative energy systems CAN power the world of the, say, 700 million or so humans that they believe have a right to serve the noble Gore and friends. With a 10% population, alternatives would be just fine, as will be the narrow strip of land that will avoid being buried by the possible ice age that is luming on the horizon. He is not as stupid as people think since he is gaming the world so as to allow “Mother Nature” to do the depopulating.


Truth be told, just about anything Big Al and his silly propaganda machine does will backfire.
Item 1: What catastrophic man-made global warming is referred to here?
Item 2: What catastrophic sea-level rise is referred to here?
Item 3: What catastrophic ice-loss is referred to here?
All are occurring well within historic margins. All are clearly cyclical. The minute margin of CO2 added by Mankind may be having an effect. Whether it is, or not, should be the providence of a few specialists that can stick to the facts and the science.
It will backfire because if the marginally misinformed average Joe actually troubles himself to even superficially investigate Catastrophic Man-Made-Global-Warming, he will become a fire-breathing skeptic if he has even half a brain. That’s my story – didn’t pay much attention to AGW until 2009 and Climategate.
Time and the arguments are not on the side of the warmista.

He sounds like one of your patronising TV evangelists, which we fortunately do not have on our side of the Atlantic. His “Happy Holidays” is in keeping with the loony left wing town councils which unfortunately we do have on this side of the Atlantic that do not want to offend non-Christians by having “Winter and Spring Festivals”; normal people of any religion can discuss Christmas and Easter! Likewise in Newcastle upon Tyne Civic Centre you cannot ask for black or white coffee because it can be construed as being racist. These buffoons do not realise that normal people don’t consider it racist even when they are told it is!
The whole patronising, sanctamonius, we know best, creed of the left wing, sickens me.
What part of “there has been no global warming for 17 years and 3 months” does Gore not understand?
PS This must be a record, your US spell-checker has picked up five “mistakes” in my UK spelling!
PPS A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014 to all at WUWT, and all the contributors to this amazing website!

Steve Oregon

When one has no integrity and no limits on behavior or tactics this is what one does.
History is full of criminals who roamed wild & free for a long time only to inevitably meet Karma, their demise, and their maker.
All of the global warming scoundrels have an appointment with destiny that will not treat them well.
Their only hope is that as long as they do not admit to anything enough time will pass for them to escape payment.


We can reach people everywhere and help them understand how global warming is affecting their lives,….

What global warming? I thought it went into the deep oceans. Oh well.
Why do you need to tell people how ‘global warming’ “is affecting their lives,…”?


Greg on December 24, 2013 at 8:04 am
In some countries, Santa is delivering on the 24th, in others on the 25th.
It’s a matter of priority. 😉
Merry Christmas!

Colorado Wellington

George Lawson says:
December 24, 2013 at 7:27 am
Why can’t he use his own fortune that he has made from the Global Warming scam instead of robbing innocent members of the public?

There is nothing innocent about arrogant self-righteous stupidity.

Bryan A

I might be tempted to donate…IF…Al baby changes the project name to the
Climate Reality Awareness Project
So it can have a more fitting acronym
I think that awareness is crutial to his endeavor

Can you say Jimmy Swaggart :
Merry Christmas and shutting the computer off till the New Year. Have a great 2014.


Gore’s southern accent does remind me of a televangelist whenever I see him in a video. But that message of his is definitely in the order of the evangelical.


Why do you need to tell people how ‘global warming’ “is affecting their lives,…”?
So they will donate money that will be used to spread the word and get even more people to donate money.
There was one reference to using the money for something other than “spreading the truth,” educating people about climate change, or asking for donations. It was in the following sentence:
“Together, we can and will put a market price on carbon and a political price on denial.”
It sounds like Al wants to bring back the selling of indulgences for the faithful and the Spanish Inquisition for those who deny the faith. (Either that or he wants to corner the market on diamonds, since he doesn’t define what he means by “carbon.”)


Lacking expertise, I read avidly but seldom comment here.
But even someone who reads only the MSM for info, would surely recognize that as the work of a slippery con-man! I think he’s overstepped the mark by a long way. Is he desperate? Has he lost it? We don’t have the tele-evangelists here in the UK, but this sounded like a parody of one!
Grateful thanks for all the team’s work, and Merry Christmas, from a confirmed atheist! 🙂


Greg says:
December 24, 2013 at 8:01 am
Jeez, the guy is such a used-car salesman. This outfit is now starting to sound like Scientology.
The climate reality is a cult.

Precisely what Prof. Richard Lindzen has been saying for years!

Lindzen compares global warming to past politicized scientific movements: the eugenics movement in the early 20th Century and Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union under Stalin. However, the MIT professor argues that global warming goes even beyond what these past movements in terms of twisting science.
“Global Warming has become a religion,” writes Lindzen. “A surprisingly large number of people seem to have concluded that all that gives meaning to their lives is the belief that they are saving the planet by paying attention to their carbon footprint.”
“There may be a growing realization that this may not add all that much meaning to one’s life, but, outside the pages of the Wall Street Journal, this has not been widely promulgated, and people with no other source of meaning will defend their religion with jihadist zeal,” he added.

Read more:

Gunga Din

UPDATE: Yesterday we had the ludicrous warmist claim that skeptics are funded by ‘dark money’, “up to 1 billion dollars worth” as pitched by Guardian slime-ette Suzanne Goldenberg (which had to be fixed later) but in this pitch, donations to Al Gore are matched by an ‘anonymous’ donor.
The hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking.

But theirs is “dark-green money”. That’s OK.
(“Ends” and “means” and all that.)