CNN mocks Greenpeace's "Save Santa's Home" video

An urgent message from Santa

These green people never seem to learn. A couple of years ago it was nutball David Suzuki and his fundraising drive to “save” Santa’s home from melting:

Now, not to be outdone in the “please send money cuz Santa’s home is dying” meme,  Greenpeace has produced a video that looks like a cross between the Blair Witch Project and Doomsday Preppers. Only one problem: it is so stupid even CNN is mocking it. Watch:

CNN has this story from Jeanne Moos that rips into Greenpeace for this video.

Moos characterizes the alarmists at Greenpeace and elsewhere as folks who “believe in global warming.”  Their tendency to embrace human-caused climate doomsday scenarios (like Bad Santa hiding from climate change in the bunker) is akin to a religious belief, unaffected by the reality of observations and data.

In the CNN video, Moos quoted a commenter at the YouTube post of the Greenpeace video who wrote:

Hope that you are proud of yourselves green piece (sic) for scaring innocent children with your bully boy tactics as usual.

That’s right. CNN cited a critic of Greenpeace in its story. That represents amazing progress for truth (if not grammar) in MSM coverage of the climate issue.

Here’s another taste of Moos’ CNN-approved mockery of Greenpeace and what she said was a “sorry excuse for a Santa”:

It looks like a hostage video, but instead of Al Qaida, it’s Santa.


The kicker: When you put an email address into the website that Greenpeace is pitching in the video it immediately becomes like the Obamacare website, asking for more personal information:


I wouldn’t wish being stuck in Greenpeace’s marketing database on my worst enemy.

Meanwhile, Arctic sea ice is within 1 standard deviation of normal:

Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) – Centre for Ocean and Ice – Click the pic to view at source


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Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter)

I was going to point out that alarmists would see that final graph and claim that you were being disingenuous, as you were only showing the last 4 years’ worth of ice records… but 2012 is as low as it goes. And it will continue to go Up from here….
Oh, yeah. CNN. They must have gotten into something that stimulated critical thinking, or something.

Bill Illis

Please send money to help save Santa’s concrete bunker with solar-powered electricity on top of the melting ice at the North Pole – Greenpeace.
Save the whales at the North Pole – Greenpeace.

Have these t sers no shame whatever? Frightening children for money? For Christmas?
Despicable is the word.
Jim Carter should be ashamed.


Joseph Bastardi

What next, the Easter Bunny or Great Pumpkin?

Jimmy Haigh.

They are absolutely barking mad.


We should sign up some of our “good friends”…..just for fun.

Chris @NJSnowFan

When the AMO heads to cool phase(not as warm now then in past 5 years)the Ice will become just like it was in 1979 when satellite ice data started. Around 1979 was a peak in the ice while the AMO was at bottom of cycle.
You can clearly see also that in the 1950’s was another peak in the AMO. Arctic was ice free then and photos of military submarines at the North Pole have shown that.
AMO chart.


Greenpeace can’t even get their basic facts right. Every European child knows that Santa lives in Lapland, along with the reindeer. Actually, scratch that, every human over the age of 8 knows that Santa is a myth, just like AGW.

Jason Calley

The truly stunning fact is that someone with authority at Greenpeace thought that this video was a good idea. Yes, I admit that it is not quite as bad as the 10:10 video, but really… they think a Santa Claus advert is going to convince people of CAGW?!!
I am gobsmacked.

Jason Calley

Apparently even Greenpeace considers their Santa website to be PG13 (parental guidance for children under 13), unsuitable for children. Here is the clause posted under their Privacy Provisions.
“NB Parents should be aware that owing to the nature of our investigations, images posted on the Greenpeace UK website may be considered unsuitable for children under the age of 13 (eg photographs of dead or dying animals).”
I guess burying that clause gives them some plausible deniability against nay-sayers. “Well, we warned you, didn’t we?”


Drowning in ice-cold water would be just reward for that sinister old coot.
/Mr Lynn


Something very interesting going on in the Arctic, Temps are tracking exactly above 80 N with what the sunspot activity has been doing with spikes and dips.. I have been tracking this for past couple of months.
Take a look for your self.
Solar activity
Temps above 80 N
Small lag time of a few day
s between outburst from the sun and spikes in temps


… and another thing people seem to forget is that Santa isn’t real !
Sorry kids, but someone had to tell you the truth.

Alberta Slim

The more of this crap they put out there. the more foolish they look.
Suzuki had respect by Canadians at one time. NOW, after milking the taxpayers for $millions, he has fallen into total disrespect. He is a total fraud.

It’s very dangerous for them to put “belief in Santa Claus” and “belief in CAGW” into the same meme….


Remarkable…. Santa has an English accent!! … gives him more credibility..
I love the very, very, Riven/Myst/Edgar Allan Poe spin. Very well done. Just too bad that
again, using mythical characters to support a mythical theory in a fictional scenario, they’ve missed a golden opportunity to appeal to a crucial group.
If they’d only had a disheveled Rudolph laying in the corner, near death, nose blinking as if it were going to short out at any moment… The children and people so vulnerable to animals in distress would be completely unable to resist subscribing to this propaganda.
(I think a cask of sherry in the corner would have been a great touch)


I also commented on the Youtube discussion thread, I take issue with them targeting children, my kids (2 & 6) would be terrified if they saw this. I drew a fair amount of flack for commenting, this response where the tarheting of children is apprently justified shows the level the greens have stooped to.

I do understand your point of view. However, I don’t think that it’s frightening to be a little bit provocative to get the message across. At the end of the day, this concerns the well-being of children as well, or especially, I would say. Since it is the younger generation and the upcoming generations that are gonna be hurt most by climate change. Weighing the costs and benefits, if you like, I think the benefits outweigh the costs of an effective message that might actually contribute to saving the Arctic.


I like Jeanne Moos. She has a very sarcastic style. I know she is on a very short leash based upon her masters at CNN, but I love her reports.
And this one is no exception.


Since when did Greenp*ss have any interst whatsoever in FACTS – like, for instance, the current very typical freezing of the Arctic Sea Ice…

At Greenpeace, it’ “No more Mr Nice Guy.” I guess they got tired of chasing lawful
Japanese whale hunters.


I twigged him as Jim Carter straight off – the voice is a dead giveaway.
Even as a rusted on Greenpeace supporter, he must have been in a lengthy period between engagements to do this dross.
Downtown Abbey will never seem the same again.

Chicken Noodle Network showed me a Maserati advert. before playing the video.
That’s style.


Shades of 1987 in Oz with the AIDS threat bursting upon us so have a laugh at the usual catastrophism-

Edwin Crockford

Yes indeed Jim Carter of Downton Abbey and Greenpeace. He appeared last Sunday on the Andrew Marr show (BBC) along with Shami Chakrabarti another Greepeace supporter (normal BBC balance). The video was shown and greatly appreciated. Turned off after that couldn’t bear any more especially as they then started on about the Greenpeace lot locked up in Russia.


Because of Greenpeace there will be no more chimneys for Santa to deliver the toys and some children will go without 🙂

Frank K.

JaceF says:
December 5, 2013 at 5:10 am
“I also commented on the Youtube discussion thread, I take issue with them targeting children, my kids (2 & 6) woul1d be terrified if they saw this. I drew a fair amount of flack for commenting, this response where the targeting of children is apparently justified…”
People who believe in CAGW only care about two things: Money and Fame. That’s it. They couldn’t care less about kids and the future generations. In fact, Millenials are beginning to figure out that the delusional CAGW scientists and their sycophants in business and the media have screwed them over by attempting to destroy our economy with onerous regulations, carbon taxes, and “green” energy boondoggles…


DMI is only 1 standard deviation yet you got into trouble with that 2 standard deviation business. Why does the DMI deserve special treatment . over at Arctic sea ice blog graphs the DMI links to the old DMI that you were forced to change and it was way up when I last looked.
Interestingly Neven had it mislabeled as 30% from the old graph on the new graph whereas you have it correctly labeled.
Neven very quiet and Tamino invisible , amazing.


Of course normal people should put the kiddies to bed but for the usual suspects and their kids here’s a bit more of your Disneyland for kids (with due apologies to the memory of Walt)-


Oh Dear! Does the Earl of Grantham know what his butler has been up to?
Carson! Carson!


[snip inappropriate content – mod]

Alan the Brit

The trouble with these famous & thus relatively wealthy entertainment types is that they end up looking like complete & utter fools, never to be taken seriously again!

Swiss Bob

Watching the Arctic sea ice page I noticed that recently there was a weird dip, I say weird because there doesn’t appear to be anything like it in the previous years and without it the picture would probably be a lot different.
Can anyone enlighten me?

David Ball

Thanks, Jeanne Moos. Well done.


Chris @NJSnowFan says:
December 5, 2013 at 4:23 am
When the AMO heads to cool phase(not as warm now then in past 5 years)the Ice will become just like it was in 1979 when satellite ice data started.
Satellite data started before 1979. Here is a link that shows satellite data from 1974.
As you can see the 1979 data start point is a “cherry picked” point.

Ha ha … impression was that this was Fidel Castro … could not watch the whole thing though, too ‘dark’ and artistically it was vacuous w/ZERO redeeming qualities …
H/T to MWG for previously posting this, too.


‘So that Santa can make sure you are taken off his naughty list please tell us a bit more about yourself:’
Yeah riiiight!

philjourdan says December 5, 2013 at 5:15 am
I like Jeanne Moos. She has a very sarcastic style. I know she is on a very short leash based upon her masters at CNN, but I love her reports.

Agreed; just watched (viewed!) a few of her reports including the cat ‘skydiving’ report – funny as all get-out! (Don’t have cable/sat here so no CNN Fox etc ‘cept for occasions like this.)
Way to go Jeanne Moos! Tell it like it is!

DD More

Wonder if they will get the same kickback as NORAD, who this year is going to show AF jets escorting Santa on his route.


They are a bunch of hooligans, the lot of them
frightening the children in order to save the children indeed

@EternalOptimist – compared to 10-10, they are pussycats.


What else to expect from “Greenp..s”? Just don’t fund them!

Chris Wright

Even one of Greenpeace’s founders, Patrick Moore, eventually turned against it.
I think these organisations, which originally started with good intentions, are now one of the great threats facing mankind.

Stephanie Clague

The fact that ‘Santa’ does not actually exist, he is not an actual living person and so he cannot “live” anywhere except in the imagination of an infant must have escaped the limited intellect of the Greenpeace collective. At least its not a pro public execution video like the 10.10 video portraying the public murder of sceptical men women and children, but it highlights the true nature of international green perfectly.


OT – can’t find a way to reply to Yolanda hype post but: Reuters is reporting 140mph winds in Scottish highlands. Could this be another mph to kph bug? Can anyone verify this reading. Met UK site shows gusts maxing out at 70mph. (Mod, feel free to route this to an appropriate spot)

Richard M

This is child abuse. Pure and simple. These people need some jail time to think about their immoral behavior.


Whomever has the best proganda machine, wins in the end. My bets are on Ma Nature who uses reality for Her propaganda – with the Arctic cold and all the snow falling on North America right now, it can not be swept under a rug.