The big green machine: McAuliffe, Mann, and Megadollars

From the irascible Joe Romm at Climate Progress:


But how did this happen? Follow the money. The Daily Caller has this story:

Big ‘green’ dollars propel McAuliffe to victory

Environmental activists poured millions of dollars into the Virginia gubernatorial campaign to help propel Democrat Terry McAuliffe to victory over Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli.

Environmental groups put up $3.8 million to help McAuliffe defeat Cuccinelli, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. That’s about four times as much as fossil fuel interests gave Cuccinelli.  

Energy and environmental concerns became a major focus during the campaign, as McAuliffe planned to jump-start Virginia’s renewable energy production and bring green jobs into the state.

Of course, we all know about ‘green’ jobs. They tend to be subsidized, transient, and only available to a select group of people.

Green groups also spent millions on TV ad buys during the campaign. NextGen Climate Action, which was founded by San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer, spent more than $2.4 million — the most spent on TV buys by any group.

The League of Conservation Voters was able to mobilize volunteers to knock on 100,000 doors in the Richmond area and 300,000 across the state, reports the Hill.

Environmentalists were successful at making global warming a central issue in the campaign, having former University of Virginia climate scientist and global warming activist Michael Mann stump for McAuliffe.

The stigma of political stink will always be over Michael Mann now, as he has transformed himself from scientist to political activist, much like Dr. James Hansen (formerly of NASA GISS) has.

If big environmental outfits can so easily spend millions buying an out-of-state candidate like Terry McAuliffe, then how hard is it to buy a climate scientist or two?

Is team climate science now the best science money can buy?

Those “secret” UVa emails Mann has been viciously defending might give some clues. More later.


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Theo Goodwin

No, Joe Romm, climate action had nothing to do with McAuliffe’s win. Democrats run on a platform of “Green Jobs” as a substitute for the economic policy that they do not have. Everyone knows that, even the Democrats putting forth the Green message.
If you will look at the map of voting returns for the state, you will see the same old, same old. The Democrats took their usual bastions. Those bastions consist almost entirely of the counties bordering D.C and the college towns. If any one of the counties that is a D.C. suburb were removed from Virginia it would be impossible for a liberal to win a statewide office for the foreseeable future.

Reblogged this on biting tea and commented:
“Is ‘team climate science’ now the best science money can buy? Those ‘secret’ UVa emails Mann has been viciously defending might give some clues. More later.”


Which is exactly what I said two months ago when WUWT featured an article on Mann getting involved in the race, but didn’t hear a peep back. Face it folks. We have little time to save the republic, and unless people start voting with their brains it’s all over.


If the GOP candidate wins the recount for Attorney General (unlikely, since Democrats usually manage to find enough “lost” ballots to win recounts), Mann is still on the hook.

Bloke down the pub

Was that money spent to get McAuliffe elected, or to keep Mann’s emails secret?

Michael Cohen

I’d just like to point out that Cuccinelli is not universally popular among those of us who think Mann’s emails should be released. Skepticism about various topic in climate science is not a signifier of general political views or of party affiliation. I’d have voted for McAuliffe on balance, given the positions of Cuccinelli on other important issues.


Get ready, Hillary will be pumped with climate talking points to such an extent it will look like robotic responses (bad robot). That leads to the question of whether presidential candidates should be tested for steroids.

@Bloke down the pub,


Michael Cohen,
Yes. Vote for Terry, on the issues. In one debate a reporter brought up the issue of gay marriage (virginia has a definition of marriage in its state constitution) and even pointed that out to Terry in his question. Terry, typical know-it-all liberal that he is, said he’d get the legislature working on a bill day one if he became Governor and get it signed into law in his first year. In his response, Cuccinelli said that, owing to the fact that it was in the constitution it would require a constituaitonal amendment and neither the legislature nor governor had the authority to act contrary to the constitution and would therefore have to go to the voters for an amendment.
But, yeah, you keep voting on “the issues”, completely made up for your consumption by the media, and elect people ready to “rule day one” instead of someone who actually understands the law and the authority, power, and restrictions of the office they seek to fill.
Remember when the federal government was closed because the Republicans refused to take “no” for an answer to simply delay the individual penalty on Obamacare for one year (which they actually have the constitutional authoity to do) and within a week of the government opening up Obama came back and by presidential fiat he ordered a six week delay in exactly the same individual tax penalty (which e does NOT have the constitutional authority to do) and has since “promulgated a rule” which will excuse most labor unions from all of the penalties that exist for their plans in the ACA – through the next presidential election!
Yeah, you keep viting on those “issues” and don’t worry your pretty little head about that pesky constitution.



Michael Cohen says:
November 7, 2013 at 10:11 am
Please state on what other important issues about which a VA governor can do anything you prefer McAuliffe to Cuccinelli. Thanks.

I think the Libertarian (Losertarian!) idiot was the USEFUL IDIOT in this case.
Alas, may the Losertarians rot at the end of Mann’s Hockey Schtick!

Peter Miller

So, this just goes to prove greenies will spend fortunes to keep the misdemeanours of their ‘scientific elite’ secret.
Looking at the US from the outside, I suspect the Tea Party’s attempt to nearly bring down the world economy a few weeks ago is having an impact on Republican support. I doubt if even more than a few per cent of Virginians have ever heard of Michael Mann and his routine abuse of real science.
Obamacare may be a big mistake, due to its obviously poor conception and implementation (plus huge cost) but attacking it in a way that put the US and world economy in extreme danger is going to have consequences. In a perverse way, the Tea Party managed to forward the cause of climate alarmism by causing an electoral backlash against the Republicans.


Well there is that “war on women” thing. Did you know that one of the candidates for governor was only at the hospital for the birth of two of his five children? And that, in that candidates own autobiography, he describes how, when coming home from the hospital with his wife and new baby after one of the births he stopped and in his own words his wife:
“was starting to well up in the backseat. She was having trouble understanding how I could be taking my wife and newborn baby to a fund-raiser on our way home from the hospital. We got to the dinner and by then Dorothy was in tears, and I left her with Justin and went inside. Little Peter was sleeping peacefully and Dorothy just sat there and poor Justin didn’t say a word. He was mortified. I was inside maybe fifteen minutes, said a few nice things about Marty, and hurried back out to the car. I felt bad for Dorothy, but it was a million bucks for the Democratic Party and by the time we got home and the kids had their new little brother in their arms, Dorothy was all smiles and we were one big happy family again. Nobody ever said life with me was easy.”
That’s a real man who has his priorities straight! You go out and defend women’s rights politically so they can feel empowered to divorce you after proving what a thoughtless, heartless, and selfish jerk you really are. Ken Cuccinelli never did that, so he must hate women!


The RNC did nothing to help, and the Dems pushed money to a so-called Liberterian’s campaign to draw off votes from Cuccinelli. There were reports that the Dems also ran robo-calls accusing Cuccinelli of supporting Obamacare. Virginia will pay for its stupidity when they see how the new governor really wants to operate.


Max Hugoson,
Sarvis is no Libertarian. The Democrat machine geared up with money and foot soldiers to get signatures to put him on the ballot. Democrats even funded a challenge to the Virginia law which requires signature gatherers to be citizens of Virginia and got a court to suspend the law pending appeal, then blanketed Virginia with out-of-state signature gatherers for hire.
Sarvis is in favor of putting GPS units in every car and having your every move every day telemetered to the state so that they can tax you based on miles driven. Please point out to me where in Libertarian doctrine one can come up with a argument that the state knowing every move you make is a legitimate authority?
Finally, at an election rally the day before the election, Libertarian Ron Paul said that any Libertarian or liberty loving Virginian would be “insane” to vote for “so-called Libertarian” Sarvis. Sarvis got 145,000 votes. Cuccinelli lost by 55,000 votes. You do the math.

Dr. John M. Ware

Cuccinelli’s loss was far closer than predicted. Given the money supplied to and spent by McAuliffe, the margin should have been closer to 30% than 3%. As it is, McAuliffe will still be a minority-vote governor, having received substantially less than half the votes; more people voted against him than for him, in spite of his millions spent on lying television ads. McAuliffe hasn’t a clue how to govern; all he will be able to do is ask Hillary and Obama for directions. He is a silly, shallow man, with no qualifications or experience for the job; I pray for Virginia under his “leadership.” As for the climate initiatives, all I can do is hope that he encounters sufficient resistance to stay his hand.
To Peter: Please check your facts. The Tea Party had nothing to do with the issue you raise; the Democrats did it all by themselves, with Republicans trying (in vain) to save them from their own foolishness. No one ever spent his way to prosperity, and even the Democrats will eventually run out of other people’s money.

F. Ross

Max Hugoson says:
November 7, 2013 at 10:33 am
I think the Libertarian (Losertarian!) idiot was the USEFUL IDIOT in this case.

Agreed. I think the Libertarian candidate with the conniving financial aid of the Democratic machine pretty clearly cost Cuccinelli. the election. …not to mention the lack of suppurt from the Repubilcan party hacks.
The final result was really a shame as, in my opinion, a win for Cuccinelli would have shocked the DC proles no end.


FYI. Tom Steyer, CA billionaire climate alarmist, spent quite a bit of money in the special election for Washington State Senate (26th district) as well as in the Virginia Governor’s race. Basically, he tried to buy the election for an appointed Democrat by funding an outside negative campaign against Republican Jan Angel. Steyer’s folks were extremely nasty.
Steyer’s folks were trying to pin the “War on Women” message on Jan saying she opposed mammograms. Then she went public with the fact that she is a breast cancer survivor. Ooops.
Anyway, Jan won despite the massive negative campaign against her. The Washington State Senate will now be a roadblock for much of Governor Inslee’s efforts to raise the price of energy in the state.
Steyer did not win all of the races he wanted to win.


Peter Miller says:
November 7, 2013 at 10:35 am
Explain please how the Tea Party is responsible for Obama refusing to negotiate on a budget, as he is constitutionally required to do. Then kindly explain how the Tea Party is responsible for the Obama administration & Senate majority leader Reid never passing a budget, as also required by the constitution, but instead ruling by continuing resolution since 2009, except for sequestration, designed to cut the programs & departments most favored by the public. Then if you will explain how running over a trillion dollar deficit every year, on track to double the national debt in eight years which took 220 years to accumulate, doesn’t threaten the global economy. And finally say how the shutdown could possibly have hurt the global economy, since default was never a risk, as US debt obligations can be met out of continuing tax revenue.

Mac the Knife

Peter Miller says:
November 7, 2013 at 10:35 am
Looking at the US from the outside, I suspect the Tea Party’s attempt to nearly bring down the world economy a few weeks ago is having an impact on Republican support.
Stick to topics you may have some factual basis to comment on. Your comment above exposes your shameful ignorance…. or your willingness to repeat fictional ‘talking points’ hyperbole from exceedingly biased political commentators. Either way, you just look foolish.


F. Ross says:
November 7, 2013 at 10:52 am
leon0112 says:
November 7, 2013 at 10:53 am
The Democrats pulled the same fake Libertarian stalking horse trick in Montana, to keep a Senate seat there in 2012. They’ve done the same thing for decades in Oregon, backing supposedly conservative third & fourth party candidates in Senate elections, with great success.
If McAuliffe’s deceit-, lie-, fraud- & money-fueled victory in VA lulls Democrats into a false sense of security over the likely effect on their chances in 2014, then Cuch may well prove a lamb whose sacrifice in a battle helped to win the war.
National voter ID laws would help even more.

Mark Bofill


In a perverse way, the Tea Party managed to forward the cause of climate alarmism by causing an electoral backlash against the Republicans.

If you look at the polls in the months leading into the election, McAuliffe had a large lead going in which eroded. It is of course speculative to some extent, but the widely accepted explanation for this is that he suffered due to the current unpopularity of Obamacare.

I have a book that came out a few weeks ago called Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon. The last Chapter lays out the political and economic vision tied to these education reforms globally. UNESCO calls it Green Growth and it is a public sector oriented planned economy that uses CAGW as the excuse for the long sought (since at least 1962) transformation. Lots of cited documents and reports so there is no dispute on where this is going.
McAulliffe knows all this because of the involvement of Clinton Global Initiative in
Also the anti-science label goes to those pushing constructivism in education in order to make the social sciences dominant in future policy planning.

I almost always agree 100% with Peter Miller. But in this case I must point out that there is no official “Tea Party”. It is simply a group of people who have similar values: a balanced budget, government abiding by the Constitution, etc.
Also, Michael Mann was sweating bullets in this election. In the outcome, he dodged a bullet. Mikey was lucky this time. But those bullets are coming closer…


Theo Goodwin,
In fact, as a part of the deal that created DC, Virginia (it was a bit bigger back then) gave what is now Arlington County to the District, just as Maryland gave what is now the District. But after a few years DC took a close look at Arlington County and said, “no thanks, we don’t want it.” Arlington spent a few years in limbo with Virginia wanting no part of taking it back, but evetually was. There have been multiple attempts by the rest of Virginia to “secede” Arlington from the state but, alas, all to dat ehave failed. If we got rid of Arlington McAulliffe (nor Kaine nor Warner nor Obama) could ever have won the Virginia vote.


Merrick: “Sarvis is no Libertarian. … Sarvis got 145,000 votes. Cuccinelli lost by 55,000 votes. You do the math.”
What math? I’m not sure if your thesis is that Republican voters can’t tell the difference between an establishment Republican and a Statist, or that they can. Because one way says the GOP should have helped Sarvis peel votes off the Democrats. And the other says the GOP are the other Democrat party.


Merrick says:
November 7, 2013 at 11:14 am
Arlington County (~34K edge for McAu) alone would not have done it, nor even with throwing in (or out!) Alexandria (~20K edge for McAu) as well. It would have taken Falls Church, too.
But I agree that DC should have those bits of the Commonwealth.


Jquip, polling showed that for those voters who supported Obamacare Terry McAuliffe garnered >95% of the vote, but for those voters who were gainst Obamacare Cuccinelli got about 80%, and Sarvis about 16%, with the rest going to McAuliffe,
More than half the voters in Virginia are against Obamacare. Again, if Sarvis weren’t in the race, where would his “against Obamacare” votes have gone? You do the math.


milodonharlani, while your raw numbers are true in this case, you discount the fact that it’s a completely different race. Also, do just a little bit of googling to find out about all the voting “irregularities” that happened in Arlington County and Alexandria in the 2012 election and perhaps even just those numbers you quote look a little different. And, were you aware of the reported voting “problems” in Loudoun County Tuesday morning, which was a County that Cuccinelli had to do well in in order to win?

NextGen “green” money and rollout in Northern VA. Bloomberg with a big ad campaign for McAuliff who suddenly turned anti-gun, the Lt. Governor had a fit when he didn’t get the nomination he thought he deserved without campaigning, a “Libertarian” shill bought by Democrat bucks and his funding was not discovered until election day, “Repubulican” mainliners cutting McAuliff ads, limited national republican funding for Cuccinelli and Christie refusing to campaign in Virginia all contributed to a relatively narrow defeat.
Just for fun, I got lots of emails celebrating Christie’s big (setup) victory and requests for contributions starting 11/5. My guess is that the mainline republican party will have a devil of a time getting conservative votes in VA. The state may well go blue because they probably got responses like mine: When hell freezes over.
PS. It was obvious Sarvis was a shill, but no one went after him. I believe enough of his vote, had they known his funding, would have turned toward Cuccinelli. Remember 53% of the voters, voted against McAuliff.


Merrick says:
November 7, 2013 at 11:31 am
Yes, I read about them while they were happening. I mentioned fraud in a previous post. In 2012 & 2013, fraud was more widespread than just in suburban northern VA. In 2008 & 2012, you would also have needed to shed more counties than Arlington for Obama to lose.
If you want to make sure about VA, then add Loudon & Fairfax Counties to the exclusionary list. If DC gets that big, then it would be hard to deny it a US representative & two senators.,_2008,_2012
Another problem for the GOP in VA is all the liberal Yankees who have moved to Virginia Beach & elsewhere in eastern VA.
The 2012 election was close enough in OH, VA, FL, NV & some other battlegrounds to lie within the margin of fraud.

lurker, passing through laughing

It took a corrupt libertarian funded by democrats to put the clinton sock puppet in office.
Virginians are fising to be take to the cleaner between McAuliffe’s insider scams and the Clinton’s ever increasing need to be fed for the coming 2016 election.
Mann, and his phony hockestick will crumble with or without political cover. With political cover may take a bit longer.

more soylent green!

Also being conveniently overlooked is the Republican party establishment worked against Cuccinelli. They would rather elect a big-government crony capitalist elitist than support their party’s nominee.
After all, if somebody is for limited government that means they won’t throw as much of the public mullah into the corporate trough.


never take on a fight that you might lose… Cuccineli took on too many fights and lost…more is the pity

Mark Bofill

more soylent green,
I don’t claim you’re wrong, but I haven’t heard evidence to that effect. I have heard arguments that the GOP didn’t do much to help Cuccinelli, but I always assumed that was simple triage (I.E., he was assumed to have already lost and therefore resources weren’t allocated to the battle).


@ Peter Miller.
Peter, if your reference to “the Tea Party’s attempt to nearly bring down the world economy a few weeks ago,” is due to your belief that the US hitting its debt ceiling would have triggered an automatic default by the US Treasury on its sovereign debts, then you are uninformed (as are the overwhelming majority of the Congress and the US public). No such default would have occurred as there is ~ 9x the amount of revenues coming in each month than there is interest due on the debt. It’s a situation equivalent to my reaching the credit limit on my Visa; I would simply be obliged to reduce my new spending until I had paid off some of the principle until I had headroom for new debt (i.e., live within my means).

Peter Miller

The point I was trying to make is this: most of the world and much of the American electorate perceive the Tea Party part of the Republican Party as being intransigent nay sayers, who are ruthlessly prepared to play chicken with the US and world economy.
As such, there was an inevitable voter reaction to this nihilist strategy. Whether or not the Republicans are correct to oppose the highly flawed Obamacare program is not the point.
The point is this, the use of extreme confrontationist tactics have created a voter backlash. The problem is: this backlash has allowed those who support climate alarmism to achieve political power – and that is in no sensible individual’s interest.
If the US – the world’s most powerful and richest nation – had defaulted on servicing its debt, no one can possibly predict the outcome, other than it would have been economically catastrophic. If you do not understand this, then you might as well be a Mann acolyte, with no understanding of economic or scientific reality.

Mark Bofill

I’m not trying to insult you, yet it’s difficult to find a gentle way of phrasing this. When you say,

If the US – the world’s most powerful and richest nation – had defaulted on servicing its debt

I believe that you demonstrate that you don’t know what you are talking about. This is media sensationalism that would not happen, regardless of what the House did or did not do in response to Tea Party pressure.


Peter Miller says:
November 7, 2013 at 12:06 pm
There was never any risk of the US actually defaulting. The intransigence wasn’t from the GOP, but from Reid & Obama, who refused to do their constitutional duty. It takes two to tango.
Voters in northern VA might have blamed the Tea Party more than Obama, but that is not the national opinion, which is about evenly split between faulting the administration & the House GOP, whether Tea Party or not (mostly not). The more the debt rises & the worse Obamacare is shown to be, the more will voters thank the GOP for trying to fix both problems, by whatever means.
Reality doesn’t comport with your view, not surprising given media bias.

john robertson

So is this the law of diminishing returns?
Even with a fake Libertarian candidate to split the vote, massive spending and probably voting booth fraud, the Democrat just squeaks in.
Maybe Americans are wising up to the game.
The panic spending by green activist groups was just enough to buy a little more time.
As soon as any government actually investigates the evidence for the CAGW policies, the scam is over.
This is why the “Greens” poured money in to oppose Cuccinelli,
CAGW created by, promoted by and now protected from investigation by, our Kleptocracy.
The unholy blend of bureaucrats,career do-gooders, spongers,parasites and bought politicians

Mark Bofill

Let me clarify,
When I say ‘would not happen’, I mean it much the same was as I mean, let’s speculate that the President is in a bad mood one morning and orders a massive nuclear first strike on Iran. Is this utterly impossible? No, I guess not. The man might go insane I suppose, or perhaps suffer some sort of head trauma or brain chemistry imbalance or something. For all reasonable intents and purposes though, this would not happen. This is more or less what I meant.


It’s funny how “anti-science” is the favorite insult that green zealots and their highly censuring outfits throw to anyone who is not yielding to their diktat. The semantic slide from science to politics is now complete and the more shaky the climate science is, the more political the issue is becoming: no more masks, no more pretending.

I am a Libertarian in Chesapeake Va, and I find this speculation unfounded.
I doubt the money spent on Climate Change adds changed 100 votes. It is a non-issue here in that the adds did nothing to change anyone’s mind. Warmists were going to vote for McAuliffe anyway.
The issues that tipped the election were demographic change and social issues.
Most of VA’s population growth lately has been around DC, and that is a region dependent on the growth of government. They will vote Democrat if Satan was their nominee.
Cuccinelli’s efforts at stealth abortion bans angered a lot of women. Cuccinelli compared our immigration problems to a rat infestation, insuring that every single Latino who could vote would and would vote Democrat.
Its amazing the election was as close as it was.
Exit polling of Sarvis voters showed there were more Democrats disgusted by McAuliffe’s cronyism than Republicans joining the real Libertarians. The actual Libertarians would have written in Donald Duck before voting for either major party. Had Sarvis not been in the race, McAuliffe would have won by more than he did.
Republicans are looking for someone to blame, but it s their own fault. Had they nominated Bolling, the current Lt Governor, he would have easily defeated McAuliffe. But the religious right(not the Tea Party) insisted on Cuccinelli who was unelectable from the start.


Don’t forget the tea party was directly targeted by the IRS after the 2010 midterm elections. They were effectively prohibited formal tax exempt status to formally organize. You can bet the POTUS and his cronies were directing things from behind the curtain. That initiative directly impacted the 2012 elections.

Tom in Indy

The Libertarian candidate was funded by an Obama campaign bundler, so the democrats stole this election by footing the bill for a 3rd party candidate, who apparently was for policies that were not consistent with Libertarianism.
The solution is simple. Conservatives need to make sure they always pay for a Green Party candidate on every ballot.


Money in politics is a real problem. It means parties that represent the poor and downtrodden like … er … the Republicans … find it difficult to beat the candidates from parties that represent the interests of the rich and powerful, like … um … the Democrats. Hang on a minute. Is that right?


So, as I think all can see in Peter Miller’s arguments, a perfect example of someone whom, if he lived in Virginia, would be otherwise predisposed to vote for someone like Cuccinelli but is naively willing to buy into the media disinformation campaign (and how could it be classified in any other way if the media is actually supposed to be reporting facts) and change his vote accordingly. Much like Michael Cohen whom we’ve not heard back from on the “other issues.” You don’t have to look hard to find them.


Don Tabor says:
November 7, 2013 at 12:20 pm
Actual polling data both before the election & in exit polls show that the fake “Libertarian” Sarvis definitely damaged Cuch. Look at the AG race, for instance. Sarvis most likely cost Cuch the election, as Perot did Bush in 1992. Except for the Greens, third parties hurt the GOP. Democrats know this, which is why they bankroll & recruit “Libertarian” candidates, as in VA this year & MT last.
You bought into the Democrat lie about the rat infestation. Cuch didn’t compare immigrants to rats. He said, rightly, that DC cared more about rat families than they did about immigrant families. Naturally, the Democrats used their huge cash advantage to spread the lie about rats, which Cuch couldn’t afford to answer.
You are right however that Cuch is more of an old-fashioned social conservative than a Tea Party adherent. Too often now, as in NV, CO & DE in 2010 & MO & IN in 2012, the fiscal conservative, constitutionalist Tea Party has been hijacked by candidates who more properly belong to Focus on Family. Democrats naturally benefit from this conflation in their attempts to demonize the Tea Party, also by calling them racist when prominent among their leaders are ethnic minority figures & women.


Don Tabor,
Your comments about Northern Virginia are true, but make sure you address the issue at home as well. The vote deltas for McAulliffe:
Chesapeake +2000
Suffolk +3300
Portsmouth +11,000
Norfolk +20,000
And while you pick interesting issues, then reflect back the media take on them, you avoid other issues like the white Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor refusing, on camera at their debate, to chake the hand of the black Republican candidate for Lt. Governor. Imagine how the press had played that if it was a Libertarian or Republican who’d refused to shake the hand of a black man. But keep focused on those issues the media tells you you should be focused on.


For anyone interested, google “virginia lt. governor hand shake”. Top ten hits:
Washington Examiner
Life News
Reclaim Our Republic
Republican Assemblies
Weasel Zippers
American University
Patriot Update
Lonely Conservative
I guess that a white man refusing to touch a black man, two public figures live on TV, isn’t news if you’re a liberal reporter.