Breaking Bad Weather Cooking

Dr. Sally Baliunas discusses the history of people’s reactions to extreme weather.

When extreme weather in Europe centuries ago made people fearful, it led to many people being tortured and killed for “weather cooking” with the help of Satan.

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  1. Thank you for that reminder. The language has a ring to it, and the psychometric attribution sounds familiar. Thank goodness we are unlikely to be burnt at the stake for asking questions.

  2. May 24th, 1626, one meter of hail. Grape vines exploded.
    Wimpy modern people won’t be able to handle actual extreme weather events or natural climate change when it does finally occur (not from us evil sinners, but because it does). People who think it is the Western World’s job to nourish and medicalize the poor people of the world are going to learn a lesson about stupid compassion.

  3. “People being tortured and killed for “weather cooking” with the help of Satan.”
    Oh please bring back the old days!!
    Mann there lots of people come to mind for nomination 🙂

  4. Fast forward to the 21st Century. United Nation’s climate scientists are 95% certain that evil weather cookers emit carbon dioxide in their weather cooking processes. All sources of this evil have to be eliminated if the planet is to survive.

  5. Weather cooking has given way to data cooking.
    On the cheerful side, after years of having alarmist panels on global warming, the World Science Fiction Convention this year has dropped the topic from the program. Lack of interest, or lack of warming?

  6. The parallels between present day CAGW’s skeptic “witch hunts” and the 13th-15th century “weather cooker” witch hunts is astounding.
    Both witch hunts attributed severe weather events to be anthropogenic in origin. Both witch hunts had their scapegoats with the earlier one accusing satan worshipers, while present day “witches” are accused of worshiping commerce and empirical evidence. Both witch hunts were encouraged by government and “academic” leaders, and both witch hunts attribute their “science” to have been settled.
    Both witch hunts attribute great future suffering if the witches aren’t punished and both demand urgent action before more suffering becomes inevitable.
    Both witch hunts refused to accept evidence disconfirming popular folklore and continue unabated in their failed beliefs in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
    Let’s hope the duration of the present day witch hunts doesn’t also share the longevity of the former, which lasted 300 years before men finally came to their senses.

  7. “Weather” is the least of it. From c. 1825 – 1900, the 19th Century’s Innovation Age created every basis of today’s accelerating high-tech info-communications culture. Two generations reaped a whirlwind, the first born 1896 (in Flanders Fields), the second born 1922 (throughout Europe, Russia, and East Asia).
    Luddite environmentalism aka AGW Catastrophism is a psychotropic syndrome akin to anti-depressants, sedatives, and tranquilizers– as with post-medieval witchcraft, an ultra-reactionary withdrawal tendency citing Malthusian fantasies in fear-of-change. The socio-cultural/political recipe here is Heinrich Kramer’s “Malleus Maleficarum” (“Hammer of Witches,” 1487), a gnostic treatise appealing to “hidden wisdom” types common among rote scholastics and rent-seeking ideologues.
    Kramer’s sulfurous excrescence had horrific consequences for three hundred years. Klimat Kooks’ Gramscian romp will linger not one-tenth that time, but sabotaging global energy economies on the threshold of a new Ice Age imperils populations out of all proportion to Green Gang asininities.

  8. Just a slightly different angle on this:
    The protesters at the Balcombe (UK) drilling site will now have moved on to the west of England to join the anti-badger-cull demonstrators. At least they’re consistent. In my case, I accept the title of “sceptic” because I don’t trust the climate science, thanks to this site and a few others. I’m much more positive about the science behind the badger cull, even though I don’t like it. How much is that due to the science and how much down to my sympathy for the farmers?

  9. Ian_UK says:
    August 27, 2013 at 12:29 am
    Just a slightly different angle on this:
    The protesters at the Balcombe (UK) drilling site will now have moved on to the west of England to join the anti-badger-cull demonstrators. At least they’re consistent. In my case, I accept the title of “sceptic” because I don’t trust the climate science, thanks to this site and a few others. I’m much more positive about the science behind the badger cull, even though I don’t like it. How much is that due to the science and how much down to my sympathy for the farmers?
    I am reminded of an “environmentalist” a few years back complaining because Australia was culling herds of camels.
    This luminary was of the firm opinion that killing native animals was a terrible act.
    Pity she didn’t do a bit of fact checking first.
    She might not have seemed such a dim bulb when it was pointed out to her on national television that camels are not native to Australia.
    Facts, always check and double check the facts.

  10. Maybe non native horses will be next, but hey, horses are pretty so ya can’t have that cull. Poalar bears anyone, they seem to be the plumb du nome?

  11. And I thought this article was going to be about John Cook, the cartoonist. My guess is that Mr. Cook and his ilk would not get the point of this talk.

  12. SAMURAI:
    I think you made a typo, “men & women came to their senses!”
    I trust the climate science, not all the climate scientists, especially if they’re being paid to deliver bureaucratic science, that stuff that comes in on time & on budget just when the politicos want it!!!!

  13. They will probably make up some kind of proxy survey to meet their perceived intentions and determine it was 97% somewhere. And the LSM will report it everywhere.

  14. Well many people were killed for these reasons in the medieval times and Elizabethan times too, but it was worse in Europe and the Salem tragedy. I am very disheartened, for in New England ex retired Tony Windsor has produced his mate Rod Taber who owns New England Solar because he has always supported climate change a la IPCC. Rod is a nice decent man though, but has made a fortune in solar panels. And believes solar panels will cut carbon emissions and CO2 contributing to climate change. I object against politicians or would be if they can making money from this scam. And I think the new government made up of the coalition (Liberal and National parties) will scrap the Green bank, Tim Flannery and the climate change commission and in return start a green army, sustainability and concentrating on soil science. Hope so.

  15. You don’t need to be a weatherman to know witch way the wind is blowing. When we’ve completely run out of other people’s money here in the USofA, who will be seen as the witches; a bunch of people who sat around arguing for years that CO2 wasn’t going to cause the oceans to boil or the politicians who spent us into penury?.

  16. Niff says: August 26, 2013 at 10:52 pm
    “Thank goodness we are unlikely to be burnt at the stake for asking questions.”
    Carbon capture at source will make burning at the stake an acceptable practice.

  17. Good video. Great similarities between now and then, showing people haven’t changed too much. I wonder when the illuminaries will decide that sacrifice of wealth and living conditions is not enough and will see the need of human sacrifice to appease Mother Gaia. Or, maybe the drive to prevent modernization of the third world, the push against GMO foods and the use of pesticides against deadly diseases like malaria are the modern day equivalents.

  18. Well, someone better start cooking up some “extreme” weather…hurricanes are down, tornadoes are down, the arctic ice looks pretty meh (while antarctic ice is going gangbusters), nothing really abnormal on the weather front…

  19. What I find interesting is the AGW cult shifting their agenda to Extreme Weather due to lack of warming. Historically, extreme weather occurred during the LIA, not MWP.

  20. Yep, we can still see Climate Cooking on a large scale. Is witchcraft involved? What is the role of Satan in this beyond inspiring pathetically poor science and inverting the meaning of term “skeptical”?

  21. Modern behaviors are quite interesting, to say the least. We will continue to be able to laugh at the fools but, let’s be thankful for that. For it is true indeed that many people such as us would have been burned at the stake by those freaks and, I suppose, I would have been hung from a pole at a crossroads with my gizzards hanging out and crows pecking out my eyes for calling one of the leading buffoons Travesty Trenberth.
    Of course, our progeny would, at a later date, have beheaded them and their progeny.
    I wonder what the modern equivalent is going to look like ?? I’m anticipating enjoying it – as a dish served cold, albeit without the axe.
    In other news – this made me laugh:
    “U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he had instructed U.N. disarmament chief Angela Kane in Damascus “to register a strong complaint” with both the Syrian government and opposition representatives for the convoy attack.”
    Go Moony go, kick some ass, form a committee and make a list of their bad manners. “Nobel Peace Prize Winners go to War” coming soon to a TV screen near you.

  22. Dr Baliunas, where have you been all my life?
    I posted this video on Facebook hoping all my liberal friends will see it.
    Here’s another good one where Dr, Baliunas is introduced by the “skeptical witch” Dr. Art Robinson:

  23. Burn the evil witches or burn down the evil industrialists. The similarities are not coincidental! GK

  24. And let’s not forget the 16th century practice of selling of “indulgences” by the church. Then the wealthy could absolve their sins by paying huge sums of money to the church. Today, the indulgences are paid for carbon credits, absolving the evil carbon emmiters of their sins.
    The parallels of todays CAGW with Little Ice Age religion are many.

  25. Burn witches today? Naw are’nt we too civilized and knowledgeable for that?….Greenpeace thugs threaten skeptics:
    Calls for executions a la Nuremburg-type trials”
    Suzuki calls for executions:
    Nuremburg-type trials for skeptics
    Be assured, these people are worse than any witch killer in the 17th century. The witch killer’s believed in witchcraft – these guys don’t – they are just evil, period.

  26. We have always felt the need to blame someone for bad weather. Even when it was colder.

    Bohringer – pp 335-351 – 1999
    Climatic Change and Witch-Hunting: The Impact of the Little Ice Age on Mentalities
    …During the late 14th and 15th centuries the traditional conception of witchcraft was transformed into the idea of a great conspiracy of witches, to explain “unnatural” climatic phenomena……Scapegoat reactions may be observed by the early 1560s…..extended witch-hunts took place at the various peaks of the Little Ice Age because a part of society held the witches directly responsibile for the high frequency of climatic anomalies and the impacts thereof……
    Christian Pfister et. al. – 1999
    Climatic Variability in Sixteenth-Century Europe and its Social Dimension: A Synthesis
    Peasant communities which were suffering large collective damage from the effects of climatic change pressed authorities for the organization of witch-hunts. Seemingly most witches were burnt as scapegoats of climatic change.
    Christian Pfister – 2012
    Climatic Extremes, Recurrent Crises and Witch Hunts
    Strategies of European Societies in Coping with Exogenous Shocks in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
    Finally, by confirming the thesis advanced by Wolfgang Behringer relating extensive witch hunts during that period to climatic change and recurrent subsistence crises, this article makes a plea for bridging the gap separating studies of climate from those of culture.
    doi: 10.1177/097194580701000202

  27. Seems everything cycles, especially human nature.
    By that standard we seem more akin to France just before the first revolt.
    Are the kleptocrats ready to play their part as the French nobles?

  28. Wait for it. There will be a chorus of Gore sycophants refusing to watch Dr Baliunas’ video, while saying she’s paid to lie by Exxon. The one or two who do will become skeptics. As I’ve said, there are only two kinds of people in this issue, skeptics of AGW, and those who would become skeptics if they watched and read skeptic material with an open mind.

  29. BLACK PEARL says:
    August 27, 2013 at 8:41 am
    Was that “witch” in your video Sallie Louise Baliunas? Haven’t found anything recent from her. Is there any recent info about Dr, Baliunas? Anyone know? The one I posted was from 1998, even though the talk is even more relevant today. In other words, what ever happened to Sallie Louise Baliunas?

  30. No matter how bad the weather cooking was, everything was organic and natural, and sustainable too!

  31. Russell Cook (@questionAGW) says: @ August 27, 2013 at 9:15 am
    …..As I’ve said, there are only two kinds of people in this issue, skeptics of AGW, and those who would become skeptics if they watched and read skeptic material with an open mind.
    You forgot the other two types.
    1. Those paid to keep their minds closed and mouths shut.
    2. Those who don’t care as long as CAGW advances their hidden agenda. (Agenda 21)
    Unfortunately there is big money behind these second two types. Forbes has a good article on why Making Serfs Of The Masses

    …If I counted, I would see that the sum total of the surplus created by serfs like me was taken by the state, spent and then a chunk more was borrowed and spent, too.
    This is why serfs revolted occasionally, though a cursory glance at the record shows that it didn’t end up well for them. That’s what repression is about, after all, a transfer of resources from the repressed to the repressing. Repression is always backed up by strident and copious “reasoning.” There is never a shortage of justification for taking your freedom….

    Now what was that John Robertson said about ” Are the kleptocrats ready to play their part as the French nobles?”

  32. Finally! The REAL mechanism of CAGW—excess elimination of witches!
    The authorities’ overzealous policy worked, bringing Europe out of the LIA but then as an unintended consequence brought on CAGW.

  33. @Ric Werme (August 27, 5:09 am) says
    It’s nice to see Dr. Baliunas again, I thought she had been burned at the stake.
    Hmm, (youtube) says this is a 2008 talk, so perhaps she has.
    Agree it’s nice to see her again, but I heard a couple of years ago that seven years’ viewing goes up on Youtube every day. (and that was then.) I think she’s keeping up pretty well.

  34. Yes, that old video is a good one! Especially given the shift for the climate scare from global warming to toward today’s extreme weather events.
    With today’s 24/7 cable news coverage it is way too easy today to convince people that we live in extraordinary unusual times of extreme weather events caused by CO2.
    Nothing new under the sun.

  35. I saw Iowa state Senator Rob Hogg in New Hampshire plugging his Global Warming book – he said some Prof Takly (his local climate expert in Iowa?) assured him the 2008 Cedar Rapids floods were so severe because of AGW. Worst since 1960’s.
    His next stop was going to be Massachusetts, so I asked him if he would be visiting Salem. He said no. I don’t think he or his audience really understood…

  36. @Sierra Nevada Solar
    And you believe that MSM stuff. The only thing they had right was the CO2 going up steadily. They never show the south pole. That looked like a river flood to me. How do rising sea levels create volcanoes? Data shows sea levels are rising at the rate of under 8″ per century.
    And you have no “skin in the game”? Do you look at the data presented on this site at all?
    I prefer this graph for temperature:
    I really don’t think its anything to get worried about.
    I think solar panels are fine for calculators, small electronic gadgets, attic fans, house rooftops, swimming pool heaters etc., but damaging the landscape with large solar arrays is increasing the cost of energy. Can you exist without government money in the mix?

  37. Sierra Nevada Solar (@LASolarEnergy) says:
    August 27, 2013 at 4:10 pm
    With all due respect, there’s a big difference between using witchcraft tests and Satanic superstition to explain weather changes & scientific research and evidence:
    —————–Too bad that video of the Arctic doesn’t have recent data added in. Then we could all cheer the amazing rebound from the dregs of 2012.

  38. @Sierra Nevada Solar
    I looked at your website. I have no problem with your solar company, as long as it isn’t getting subsidies from the government.
    If I had a house in the CA southern desert, how much would it cost to get the full monty?
    Including hot water heating. Are there any rebates for me either from the state or federal government? If my electric bill cost say $200/mo, how many months would it take to pay off the 200/mo and when will my electric meter start going backwards?

  39. If you look at sorcery, superstition, and witchcraft on the surface, they each involve misattributing causation. For example, a person believes that a small ritual, or an object like a rabbit’s foot, will attract some events or people, or perhaps repel others.
    Whenever cause and effect are unknown, obscured, muddied, misattributed, or covered, superstitious attitudes can develop.
    It may be that low solar activity has a causal relationship with well known historic periods of low temperatures, and with the increased earthquakes and volcanoes (which then cause further cooling) of those same periods. Here is an interesting graph from EM Smith’s site:

  40. Yet it must be said that a personal belief in the ultimate power and triumph of good and truth over falsehood and evil is not equivalent to superstitious beliefs.

  41. Well, the climate did improve after all those witches were burned, didn’t it? So geoengineering works!

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