Unprecedented: Climate takes an entire category in the 2013 Bloggies Awards – time to place your votes

WUWT nominated in two categories. The competition this year is more skeptical than ever!


This year, the choices are tougher, since there are so many favorites. Last year I thought it was tough because they threw big names in websites into the category (like Mashable, Gizmodo, Engadget, and Tech Crunch) while at the same time combined the separate Science and Technology categories into one new single category.

This year the category strategy seems to be “divide and conquer”.

You may recall that last year there was a clean sweep of the awards by truly skeptical blogs, and the big names were shut out. WUWT also won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

I know this is a tough choice, but if WUWT wins the science category this year, it will make three, and we won’t be eligible to win the award ever again. Success has its drawbacks I suppose. Of course WUWT can only win with your help, here’s how:

1. Visit http://2013.bloggi.es/ for the main voting page,

2. Locate the category thumbnails for the categories you want to vote on (you need to vote at least three categories to submit a vote). Here’s what the Sci-Tech Category looks like:


3. If you want to vote for WUWT (or any of the blog categories), click on the little grey circle in the lower right of the icon, and it turns into a checkbox and greys out the other thumbnails. Note the contest rotates the thumbnails for fairness in placement, so it may not look like the image order above.

Likewise WUWT is also in the Category for Weblog of the Year:


If we win that category, there is a monetary prize involved, as they say: “Weblog of the Year receives a prize of 2,013 US cents (US$20.13)”. Wow. That is like 2013 times more money than I get from “big oil”!

4. Scroll up/down. Vote for any other blogs you like in any other categories the same way. You don’t have to vote for all other blog categories, as the system doesn’t require it, but please check out other categories. These other bloggers work very hard to deliver a quality product. Reward them if you feel they deserve it.

Here are some notable categories where climate related blogs have also made an appearance this year: For Australian category, Australian Climate Madness is a hands down no-brainer for me.

The investigative work Simon has done has been outstanding.


For Best Canadian Blog, Small Dead Animals is an easy choice. Kate makes me (and thousands of other people) laugh with her one line demolitions:


The politics category is tougher, I’ll admit to liking all of them (Occupy Wall Street excepted, which is more of a manifesto than a blog). American Thinker goes in-depth on political issues, and sometimes covers climate, The GWPF goes even more in-depth, and is specific to climate, and James Delingpole is a fantastically entertaining vivisectionist of all things political, green, climatic and stupid.  I’ll admit to having Delingpole as a personal favorite, but YMMV.


In the Humorous category XKCD, hands down, though again for the second year too bad Josh isn’t there.

Make your choices by clicking on the little grey circles.

5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page: (note – don’t use cursor keys, it will change your vote!)

6. Complete the captcha by typing the words displayed in your browser (not the ones above), put in a VALID email address. Press the yellow SUBMIT button. Note- you won’t get spammed by doing so. See the fine print under the email box.

7. Wait for an email in your inbox. That email contains a link to verify your vote. If you don’t get it within a half hour, check your spam filter. Mine went straight to spam, so you should check if you don’t see it.

8. Click on the link in your email to verify your vote. It will take you to the verification page on the website and you’ll get a success message.

9. Spread the word! Twitter, Facebook, mailing lists, friends, comments on other blogs, and most importantly, if you run a blog, I’d welcome a posting on this topic.

You know that some others who dislike what we do here will try to create anti-vote campaigns as they have done in the past. Success depends on whether there are more people who view WUWT as a science resource versus some that simply want to haul out the hate, and slap on the “denier” label, and edit user comments post facto so they can win the argument with nobody looking (they think).

10. Remember, while winning is fun, the way you play the game is just as important. Don’t cheat. Don’t encourage cheating, and simply let the chips fall where they may. May the best weblogs win.


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I have submitted my votes. it was quite straightforward and quick

Old Grey Badger

I cannot believe Skeptical Science is one of the SciTech finalists. If they were to somehow win (not a chance though), that would be the first sign of the coming apocalypse.


Makes it very difficult to choose, very tough because I like Jo Nova’s site too. It’s a pity Jo didn’t get up in the Australian category so I could vote for both – But I have decided, and my votes in the ballot box now !




“Vivisectionist”? I wonder if your speech recognition software misfired?

GWPF and Delingpole both nominated in the Politics category?! Bob Ward and Keith Kloor will have their respective knickers in knots when they read about this! I love it!
Congrats to all skeptic bloggers who’ve made it to the finals. And may the best blogs win!

Mike Doner

Done and verified.


Surely there couldn’t be an attempt to divide the vote by putting the flatulent SkS up against four excellent and genuinely skeptical blogs?
Delingpole is effective in a rather crass way but I prefer American Thinker or The GWPF.

I voted twice!

Just kidding.

I have voted and it is verified. Can’t wait to see the winners.


Worked quickly for me, less than a minute before the confirmation email arrived.

Peter Crawford

[snip – thanks but that comment is simply offensive to Ms. Nova – Anthony]


Good luck Anthony

Voted & confirmed.

I took great delight in voting. I wait for Heartland to return to DC to meet you again & listen to your talks at their conference… or maybe I’ll make it to Chicago this year. Anticipatory congrats! LOL

Good luck, Anthony – my votes are in.

Too bad there wasn’t a Police raid at Tallbloke Towers this year… 😉

Done and verified.

I voted for you in 2 categories. Good luck Anthony! Even if you don’t win you still get a trophy from the libs.


I presume when WUWT wins its 3rd Best Science Blog award, WUWT will still be eligible for the Lifetime Achievement Award in the future, so don’t feel too bad.
BTW, I’d suggest buying 1/2oz of silver with your winnings. At least in couple of years or so, you’ll have doubled your money…
Congratulations, Anthony!


Done and dusted. Good luck, Anthony!

My mail admin runs a pretty tight anti-spam set up. I have lost stuff several times due to the ferocity of it’s checks.
The verification E-mail came through with out a hitch. 😀



a jones

Well yes voted, all very efficient:email came back almost instantly. So all done and dusted.
But as usual I do not know what it is about their captcha but it gets me every year. I know it is meant to stop bots but it catches out mere humans too, Took me three attempts this time, about par the course.
I think I need some training in how to read them.
Kindest Regards

Both myself and Mrs TN voted the slate. Alas, with the exception of Mr Delingpole… Whilst he is indeed a fine vivisectionist, our preferences tend toward those thoughtful Americans at American Thinker(s).
Good Luck Anthony!

I made my selections. It hurts me not to choose Climate Audit, but I don’t want to dilute the vote, and maybe we can get behind it next year. I hope Steve and his family are doing well.

David Ball

Signed, sealed, delivered, oh yeah.


I saw a link in a post yesterday and it was done immediately. It was interesting that climate interests was a top catagory. SS is likely hoping that they can win on a division of the skeptical vote. Not likely.

SS might adjust the vote, like their cronies adjust the temp etc…

Steve Oregon

I need more information. 🙂

Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
I went through the list and categories.I voted for several, and had to research a few to make an informed vote, and skipped a few categories. I don’t suppose anyone has time to keep up with ALL the latest and greatest blogs. So, review, and vote. Of course, WUWT deserves your consideration. Xkcd is always worth a look.

Theo Goodwin

I voted for WUWT and I followed Anthony’s suggestions. You deserve the wins, Anthony, and you deserve much more than web awards. Thanks for your work in behalf of science.

F. Ross
John F. Hultquist


Been there.
Done it.
May the vote be with you Anthony!

2013 to 0 is a ratio of infinity…not 2013


““Weblog of the Year receives a prize of 2,013 US cents (US$20.13)”. Wow. That is like 2013 times more money than I get from “big oil”!”
Doesn’t this mean you received 1 cent from BIG OIL? You know what the watermelons will do ths this admission, don’t you?


why wasn’t SkS nominated for Best Religious blog?

King of Cool

If WUWT readers would like to add a voice to boot out the Australian carbon tax, Julia Gillard, Greg Combet, Tim Flannery, windmills and all the scammers presently ripping off the Aussie taxpayer in the guise of Global Warming they could put a tick on the Michael Smith News on the “Best-Kept Secret Weblog” – (four up from bottom).
Michael Smith was the journalist who tried to discuss on his radio show the involvement of Julia Gillard with her then con-man boyfriend who defrauded the trade union he purported to represent to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars when Gillard was an industrial lawyer before becoming a politician.
Julia Gillard stopped the program going to air and was instrumental in Mike’s sacking from the radio station. Mike has since created his very successful blog which relies purely on reader subscriptions and is well and truly getting his own back. He is also quite vocal in the criticism of those that exploit climate change. I am sure that Mike would be humbly grateful – as of this morning he was not even aware that he had been nominated.


I didn’t know SkSwas a climate blog. They seem like fiction ‘loosely’ based on a real world occurrence.

James from Arding

2013 x 0 = 0
2013 x 1 = 2013
So which “Big Oil” gave you the cent Anthony :-)? You had better watch out one of them warmistas will use it against you if they find out! /humour
I voted for the blog I go back to nearly every day.
Keep up the great work!

done deal, and verified, good luck!

Old Grey Badger says: “I cannot believe Skeptical Science is one of the SciTech finalists. If they were to somehow win (not a chance though), that would be the first sign of the coming apocalypse.”
Apolcalypse? They have the impact of some old codger who has lost their marbles but still goes on about the war and stringing up criminals. You hear the same old nonsense … and you know you are going to hear the same old nonsense each and every time you listen to them.
But still some bright spark thinks it will be good for the old dears to let them re-experience their old triumphs by brining them out on their zimmer frames to stand on the line-up before the real race.


Done and verified

MangoChutney says: “why wasn’t SkS nominated for Best Religious blog?”
Because there’s an ethical basis to religion?
You are thinking of science fiction.

Phil Ford

My votes have been cast and I’m proud to have put my support behind both this place and Jo Nova’s excellent site. Good luck!

P Gosselin

Only one warmist site. That means the skeptic vote will be divided – rigged!

jonny old boy

skeptical science is on the list….. HOW ? Rolf harris has a blog yet he is not on the list !! 😉


Voted. Painless
I think you should get the Nobel prize Mr Watts. You are a star. God bless you.


Votes cast.
Really easy, no hassle.
Good Luck Anthony.