Thank you for watching WUWT-TV

Hello Everyone,

I wish to offer my sincere thanks for your assistance and willingness for the help and ideas in putting together a presentation and appear on the WUWT-TV event. Much of this came from reader’s ideas and insight.

We had a few technical glitches, we had a couple of embarrassing moments, and we had some great fun as well. The only criticisms that seemed to be pervasive was that it “wasn’t as well presented as Al Gore’s”.

Nothing could be truer, and nothing could be more illustrative of the disparity between the well funded “haves” and “have nots”. The next time somebody points to the meme “you skeptics are funded by big oil/big coal/ big something” all you need to do is point to this first effort, and that should shut them up because the entire WUWT effort was begged, borrowed, and donated from people “just like you” to borrow that PBS label.

In the process, I learned what to do and what not to do, and how to make the next effort better when we have to work on a limited budget. I think we won on the science content though.

Hilariously, we see still things like this coming from Gore during the event that tout that “big oil and “big coal” connection they imagine:

The video is priceless:

So, lessons learned, but we pulled it off, and I owe all of you a debt of gratitude. I’ll work to get YouTube recordings up next week. For now I need to rest a bit. Posting will be light this weekend.

Again, my sincerest thanks to all who contributed, participated, and watched. A special thanks to WUWT reader John Whitman who made two 300 mile round trip drives, battled a software learning curve, and spent over a week of his time working to bring us the “did you know” and Josh intermission slides. Thanks to Josh too.

Best Regards,

Anthony Watts, and Kenji

P.S. suggestions are welcome for how to use/improve this new medium.

PPS. It seems much of Mr. Gore’s traffic may have been bot driven, see this analysis left in comments:


Stephen Rasey

Submitted on 2012/11/16 at 2:54 pm

For fun, I was considering the proposition that each of the viewers of WUWT-TV and Gore-TV might belong to 1 of 2 populations:

X = population with a mean view time of 1 hr. (Watchers)

Y = population with a mean view time of T minutes. (Bots + thrashers)

Let T = average view time for the Y population.

Let TV = Total Views in 24 hours.

Let CV = Current Views average over 24 hr.

CV = X + Y

TV = 24* (X + Y*60/T)


X = CV*(60/(60-T)) – TV*(T/(24*(60-T)))

Y = CV – X

TV(WUWT) = 16,690 (what I remembered seeing. I could be wrong.)

CV(WUWT) = 550 is my guess at an average in a range of 420-670 from personal observation. Until we have something better.

TV(Gore) = 15.7 million (from mfo 02:28 prev. thread) . I cannot confirm that, but Reg. Blank above reports about million at 2.25 hours, about 10% into it.

CV(Gore) = 9000 @ TV=300K, 1.5 hr;

= 11200 @ TV=500K, 1.9 hr.

= 12100 @ TV “close to a million” at 2.25 hr. from Reg. Blank above.

Shortly after this the CV counter was taken down. So we will have to guess this by exploring a range of possible values. An important constraint here is that the three observation points give a mean view time of only 3 minutes (approx.).

Frac_TV_X = Fraction of TV that can come from X population (1 hr mean) views.

Frac_TV_X = X*24/TV

First, WUWT-TV: (TV=16690, CV=550)

If T=0.16, X=550, Y=0.4, Frac_TV_X = 0.790

If T=1, X=548, Y=2, Frac_TV_X= 0.787

If T=10, X=521, Y=29, Frac_TV_X = 0.749

So 74-79% of the TV (total views) are coming from the population views with a mean 1 hr.

Now Gore-TV: (TV = 15.7 million)

If CV = 36000 (3 times highest known value)

If T=0.16; X=34347; Y=1653; Frac_TV_X=0.053

If T=1; X=25523; Y=10477; Frac_TV_X=0.039

If T=2; X=14684; Y=21316; Frac_TV_X=0.022

If T=3; X=3465; Y=32535; Frac_TV_X=0.005

T>4 is not possible.

If CV=24000, T=0.16; X=22315; Y=1685; Frac_TV_X=0.034

If CV=50000, T=0.16; X=48385; Y=1615; Frac_TV_X=0.074

If CV=100000, T=0.16; X=98518; Y=1482; Frac_TV_X=0.151

Note: T=0.16 represents a viewer that is opening the stream and shutting it down in a 10 second loop. With T=0.16, X = watchers, Y = ‘bots.’

Conclusion: X is tightly coupled with the estimate for CV. But the fraction of total views from 1-hr Watchers is illuminating. The Frac_TV_X (= 1hr people views / total views) is highest for high CV and low T. For CV = 36000 (3 time higher than any reported in the first two hours) only 5% of the total views were from “watchers”, 95% from bots. We have to use CV=100,000 (8 times higher than max observed), to reach a point where even 15% of total views could be from a population with a 1 hr mean view. At least 85% of total views were bots cycling every 10 seconds.


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Billy Liar

Thank you for providing WUWT-TV 🙂
I see from the above video that Big Al is looking for useful idiots to cut and paste for him.

It was interesting to watch how trolls would appear just before powerful segments. Like they knew they had to distract rather than rebut. I had a lot of fun watching them consume themselves. Even more watching that bloviating block-head colose get smaked down repeatedly.
A very, very fine first effort Mr Watts. You did us all proud yet again. I already miss WUWT-TV terribly.

The sleeker it is, the most detached it is from real life and real people. Remember the story of “Quiz Show”.
It was an honour to be one of your guests.


(My first reply got lost in the internet fog.)
I just wanted to also say thanks.
And, if my first comment did get lost, I want to encourage you to accept/solicit funding from anyone, including “big oil”. There is no disgrace in getting the TRUTH out. All you have to do is disclose any “questionable” funding, and you pull ahead of the CAGWers, including IPCC.
Great job, and GO FOR IT!


Content, content, content. To an audience hip to the Internet your ’embarrassing moments’ were SOP. Your content was fabulous. Thank you.


“Spread Truth. Destroy Denial”
Gore is the Jimmy Swaggart of climate.

David Ball

Destroy denial. Impossible. Gore is keeping it alive.

What Scandal? CIA Hard At Work Exposing Security Risks of “Climate Phenomena”

Looks like Attackwatch ?

I watched about 4 hours of it, and look forward to watching on youtube parts that I missed. The only problem for me was the loudness of some of the ads, which are beyond your control.


Thanks Anthony, you did well setting this up. (Although the occasional sound dropouts were disconcerting.) I watched the first couple of hours, and a little more the next morning (Ross McKitrick and the start of Lindzen’s segment). Hoping that you’ll soon put online some of the segments I missed due to work.

Alan Watt, CD (Certified Denialist), Level 7

Anthony you have it wrong: it Is all of us who own you a debt of gratitude. I could only catch bits an pieces of it because my employer expects me to actually do my job, so I really look forward to viewing the presentations in full when they are available on youtube.
What a fantastic concept pulling this together! Please enjoy your well-earned reset.

Alan Watt, CD (Certified Denialist), Level 7

For “reset” above please substitute “rest”. Or maybe “reset” is the right word. Whatever …

Mark S

Funniest moment:
Complimenting Donna Laframboise on her “mud slinging” abilities. First time you ever made me laugh. 🙂


I watched as much of your program as time allowed and look forward to seeing much more. It was very well done with limited resources. Reasonable people can distinguish truth told simply from nonsense spouted in million dollar presentations. And Kenji delightfully demonstrated the rational person’s attitude towards the Gorython: z z z z z z z .


Would be great to have a dvd set with the entire thing!


What I saw – first 3+ hours – I enjoyed. What surprised me was that my wife was getting into the audio as she early decorated the Christmas tree (artificial). Maybe we’ve started a new tradition in our family – watching and listening to WUWT-TV while we decorate the Christmas tree.
Thanks for the memories Anthony!


I watched about sixteen hours of it, though some of that included ‘watching’ it on my cell with my eyes closed, laying in bed. Couldn’t sit at the computer any more, but didn’t want to miss some of the great segments. I did notice a few things that you probably know about, but since I haven’t seen anyone else mention them, here goes:
1. It seemed as though when the presenter tried to change pages, or hovered their mouse over (the lower part of their screen maybe?) that annoying control pop up would come on. The one with the stop and volume buttons. Then, their sound would cut out until it dropped down again. I thought at first that it was on my computer, but several times it happened when my mouse wasn’t moving. So, maybe their control button needs to be approached from a direction that doesn’t trigger the control popup. Did anyone else notice this?
2. Many of the text parts of the graphs weren’t readable, they were too small, even on the desktop. Maybe there is a minimum size that the presenters could shoot for next time. Since this isn’t a power point being displayed on a big wall screen, but rather the opposite, that needs to be considered.
Such new and innovative technology always needs tweaks, but the overall program was interesting, thought provoking, and well done. You did a great job, as did everyone who presented and who helped in the background. Kenji, of course, was irresistible. The adverts were amazingly annoying, and if there is a reasonable amount of money that we could donate towards that would limit or remove them next time, please let us know. 🙂
(applauding) WELL DONE!! Now get some sleep!

Por nada. I felt honored.
Take care.


It is worth reiterating that in order to be REAL – you must certainly appear to be REAL. No amount of slick presentation, smart graphics, glitchless production, etc will make it seem more real than seeing real people doing real things, in real time! I can’t impress upon you the importance of this in terms of making an audience see you for what you are (WUWT I mean) it gives a far more direct and acceptable view to the ordinary person. Honestly, you and everyone involved should be duly proud. This is the kind of stuff that folk can relate too. I even think that such presentation ‘techniques’ (if I can dare call them that) would make difficult scientific principles easier to grasp for ordinary folk. think of good teachers, they are good because they bring their students ‘in’ to their subject and bring realism to the subject matter….the aloof IPCC type scientists rely on the PR machine behind them. You guys (and gals)have your passion and honesty behind you – and that is worth far more than Gores slick efforts!

TrueNorthist says about the WUWT-TV trolls: “Like they knew they had to distract rather than rebut.”
I will agree. As I wrote in my post today:
I don’t recall any questions [about my presentation] on the “Social Stream”. But of course there were the usual distracting nonsensical comments by trolls. Examples:
-“typical denier cherrypick”,
-“el ninos dont increases the heat content of the entire ocean! read the levitus papers on this”,
-“Tisdale’s work rests upon the unsupported assertion that La Nina creates heat. No mechanism given qed magic”, and
-“levitus et al puts all of this away.”

Mr. Watts,
Many thanks for the nascent WUWT-TV. I hope it will become a constant part of your blogging activities from now on but let me point one thing. You are “a media man” so you have to know the TV rules. In short, you must pay attention to:
1. background – 100% white glowing monitor screen in the back of you and your 100% BLACK sweater or something like that – had created contrast (tonal range) not easily achievable in professional cameras… 😉
2. Mehr licht! Most of your guests were kept in the darkness (global dimming?). Two small table lamps from left and right would suffice. In other words WUWT-TV broadcasts were too dark.
3. Both you and your guests must keep you heads/mouths at the mikes! Turning heads left and right is tantamount to breaking inviolable TV Commandments!
And last but not least. Ask Linux IT nerds for help in keeping the tech rig 100% up. You do not have to be skilled at everything. Be a mentor or a Manager, let the tech works being done by someone else. 🙂 Be on the screen but as an anchor, not a chief engineer. 😉
Have a nice, peaceful and relaxing weekend.
My best regards

Mario Lento

I watched for about 6 hours and could not sleep that night my brain was so active I could not shut it down! Thank you Anthony for WUWT… and yes xxcolose did his best with the material he had to work with… which was easily debunked with the rest of us using honesty as a weapon.

Mario Lento

@Mark S: Yes it’s refreshing that someone with Donna Laframbois’ credentials chimed in. She holds a degree in women’s studies, and her writing has often supported organizations such as fathers’ rights groups… as well as pointing out that the IPCC AR4 used selective one sided peer review efforts.

Neil Jordan

Thank you again, Anthony. I look forward to watching the parts I missed when they become available. Regarding that Reality Drop thing, if Dr. Einstein were alive today he would be commenting here with “If I were wrong, one [Tweet] would be enough.”

Willis Eschenbach

Anthony, you say thank you for watching … I say, thank you for making it possible for us to watch. I am sure that it was far more work than it appeared from this side of the screen, and from here it looked like a huge pile of work.
My thanks also to all who participated and put in their time and effort to make it all not just possible, but interesting, connected, and cohesive.
Once again, I am amazed by the amount of energy that it is possible to harness on a volunteer basis. Against your all-volunteer effort, Al Gore poured millions into his dog-and-pony show. And despite the huge funding disparity, I just googled the outcome. I found that 14 of the top 15 Google results from a search of “Al Gore “dirty weather” ” are for WattsUpWithThat.
That, for me, is quite amazing. There was no mention of Anthony Watts or WUWT in the search terms, no mention of anything but gore and “dirty weather”, the meme for his Climapalooza. Despite that, almost all of the top links are to WUWT.
So, Anthony, as usual you have done a sterling and successful job. My sincere felicitation for your 24-hour experiment, it was much appreciated.

Keith Minto

Yes, this event was memorable Anthony and I look forward to the U-tube recordings, especially Burt Rutan’s presentation.
I liked the studio set-up, it looked busy, the prominent microphone and equipment, middle distance composition was OK, lighting was warm and studio close-up’s were not necessary. The cut to laptop Skype produced a noticeable drop in quality and this was to be expected, however it can be improved, inexpensively, I do this at home.
1. Try to get presenters to avoid staring down at the screen with illumination provided by the screen,it is low resolution, blue colored and it looks like a B grade horror movie (the visuals not the content :).
Use two bedside lights with a warm color temperature positioned either side of the presenter with the main illumination source at eye level but diffuse. This will infill shadows, give a more studio quality and improve resolution and skin tone, female presenters appreciate this. To go one step further highlight the top of the head with a separate direct light. Evan Jones managed the head highlight but his face was in shadow.
2. Use a separate camera/microphone.
The audio/video quality is better and the presenter will be looking forward in a natural head position(as in looking at the horizon) as if in a standing conversation. Looking away from the camera occasionally to their notes and back to the camera simulates a real life conversation as well. Constantly boring down the camera can be tiresome for the viewer, but, the presenter must look at the camera again to really engage the viewer, not the screen, this is where a separate camera/microphone helps.
A memorable broadcast,

IN the area of technical problems, I would suggest using videos, played at the main broadcast site for the guest’s presentations rather than a live feed. Not only would this allow the guest to redo all or part of their presentation to improve it, but would reduce the likelihood of on-air glitches.
Q & A afterwards might be live, but even that probably should be on video. and subject to editing. Even the pros learned early on in the history of TV the dangers of a live presentation, and they only wanted it for the audience response, which isn’t even a factor in your broadcast. It’s also less of a strain on the presenters if they aren’t live, and know they can correct via redos any glitches they might make.

Ross McKitrick was great !!!!
Outstanding work Anthony.
I think I ended up watching about 6 total hours!!


Thank you Anthony. I learned a lot in the short time I could watch. Looking forward to the video and being able to pull up topics of interest.


I did not get a chance to see any of it, and may not for a long time.
If you had problems, Anthony, hey, it was your First time, and despite the efforts of those who volunteered their technology to help you, it Was Your First Time.
Algor’s Snake Oil Show has had years to put its’ act together. I suspect in the end, your show will have gained the smarter audience.

Gail Combs

Thank you Anthony, It was great.
I even got my happy-go-lucky husband to watch for several hours without falling asleep. If your information is riveting enough to keep a narcoleptic awake you know you and your guests did very well with the scientific content.
Congratulations, and BTW the “glitches” were part of the ‘charm’ and made it real instead of a polished ‘performance’

Chris @NJ_Snow_Fan

Thanks for the stepping up to host the show. Most of what I watched 6 hours so far on the show was true and had real data to back up claims. I did have one issue with guest on that talked about 2007 only being the lowest ice coverage in artic since satellite data started, 2012 was lowest.
Hope to watch rest soon if available on YouTube like source with being able to watch each guest interview.
Thanks again.

john robertson

No sir thank you for providing the show, hope to see the bits I missed and the bits where the audio dropped out for me when you utube it. Great effort and nice to see real people donating their time and effort to truth and society. Nice to put a face to these people too.


Thanks to YOU Anthony for that excellent 25 hour program. Do get some R&R.


I can only hope that the many of presentations will become an educational material.
On the other hand I am more worried than I used to be and more worried than the rest of you. Despite all the data and facts clearly pointing out uncertainties with no reason for a hysterical response, the ideology of AGW continues unabated, albeit under different headlines. These people no longer look left or right, they don’t debate, they just follow their pseudo religious zeal and as far as I can see their political influence has not diminished a great deal. The issue of AGW, climate change, climate weirding, weather extremes, dirty weather or whatever name they come up with next needs more that the courage of Anthony or of the scientists who stood up yesterday, some of them potentially risking their careers.

Gail Combs

One comment about the set-up. I think the best method was where the speaker said next slide and you, Anthony controlled the slide. My computer handled that presentation the best. With other presentations the slides were out of sync or did not move or the Audio cut-out. One presentation I really wanted to watch – Bob Tisdale’s, was missing 90% of the words. Donna Laframboise’s started out the same no audio with a few sounds here or there so I gave up since I knew you would have the presentations up on U-tube. – Can’t wait.


Thanks for all the long hours and hard work Anthony. It was a smashing success and you had a fantastic line up of presenters. I learned a lot.
I must say, I was so taken by Maurizio’s presentation. What a great example of what one man can do.


Gail Combs –
You mentioned Bob Tisdale’s presentation. No need to wait for Anthony:


watched from start to finish. i like a no-sleep day every once in a while, so it was no problem.
loved how “unconcerned” kenjI was the whole time. wish he would teach my neighbour’s adorable dogs a thing or two about how to relax and not bark.
as someone said, graphics/text need to be much larger/stronger to work, especially for viewing thru the tv.
some presentations could be pre-recorded; can’t see why not.
the LOUDNESS of ads was not natural. i commented on this during the broadcast, because the real interference came in two segments in particular – those of marc morano and maurizio morabito. morano was spitting out facts by the millisecond and is a great communicator (even if his politics differ somewhat from mine) and maurizio was providing proof positive of bbc’s REAL CAGW bias. for those without scientific backgrounds, these were highly effective presentations.
during their presentations, doctored ads for blackmores vitamins, with their gentle soundtrack removed and replaced by screeching gamer-style sound effects, often accompanied by heavy metal music, would interrupt more often, approx every 10 to 15 minutes. commented online here and on joanne nova’s site that i would be phoning blackmores and, amazingly, soon afterwards, the blackmores ads stopped, tho an odd ad which included x-box, kinect, & other related, flashing logos, with the same screeching soundtrack, replaced them.
in the early presentations, the loud blackmores ad probably only appeared twice during a presentation, and no ads interrupted the pre-recorded docus when u took a break, anthony.
maybe it would be a good idea to make it an annual event, coinciding with or close to the anniversary of Climategate 1.
so proud of our aussie contributors, david and joanne. both were superb…and effective. bish, big mac, and everyone else had my complete attention as well.
biggest thanx to anthony and his family for giving him the space to continue his invaluable work on behalf of the scientific method.


You did fantastically well, omnilogos. A powerful bit.
Thank you Anthony. .


Fantastic job Anthony.
o We owe you the thanks, not the other way around (as noted upthread)
o I wouldn’t worry about “slickness”. The people who are persuaded by slickness aren’t going to be persuaded by facts and logic. Iron out the glitches, sure, but after that I think the focus should be on content quality.
o Training; I know you were probably too pressed for time to put presenters through brief training on their end of the interface, but I think this is important to do. Some people handle presentation difficulties better than others, but for most, their focus needs to be on their presentation, not on learning how to advance slides, etc.

Ian L. McQueen

Thank you, Anthony, for putting all this together (and thanks also to those who assisted). I watched as much as I could, but real life interfered and I missed many of your guests. I am really looking forward to your YouTube recordings so I can enjoy each presenter in full.
One hint, if I may: ask your guests to place the camera at the same level as their head so it doesn’t look as if they are looking down at the mike (which they obviously were).

Sorry. Couldn’t get my safe version of Adopey flash player to play the stream. Unless a blank screen was what I was supposed to see.
I’ll watch the videos on YouTube or Vimeo when they’re uploaded.

P.S. Get some sleep and take the dog for a walk/play before working on uploading the videos.


Thank you, Anthony, WUWT and ‘dirty’ scientists (I guess). I am learning a lot.
From Puebla, Mexico,

Anthony (or mods): Glenn Beck and The Blaze are fans of yours. He’s been building an online tv network from the ground up. In fact, he had Chris Tangey on the radio today. Beck asked Tangey if he could purchase the rights to the video, and Tangey said Beck could have them for free! My point in all this is, perhaps you could work with Beck/The Blaze next year, I’m guessing he’d give you access to the studios, servers, etc for cheap if not free.


Excellent job well done Anthony and guests. The lack of slickness criticism is not that important, what is important is that the WUWT-TV event occurred and is available for repeated viewing.
The video segments presented on YouTube will serve well for educating many more people, in particular linking in comments at national newspapers, magazines etc…

Mark and two Cats

Jo Nova has great video personality which leant the show extra sparkle (plus she has truth on her side). Get her again next time! And may next time come soon!

K & G Morgan (K-Bob)

Thank you , thank you, thank you!
Let’s win this war against this propaganda Gore bull sh*t.
Thank you, thank you , thank you!