Major announcement coming Monday from WUWT

This is just a heads up to watch on noon (PDT) Monday for a major announcement coming from WUWT.

The content of the announcement is TV related, and is interesting with the timing of  Al Gore’s announcement about his sale of his Current TV channel, which has seen turmoil and lackluster ratings, much like his current views on global warming. More on that sale here.

It will be something all readers can participate in, and will be a “first”not only for WUWT, but also for skeptics in general.

Thanks for your patience and consideration. – Anthony Watts


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Pull My Finger

Are you going to offer Mike Mann $5,000,000 to release his data?

Noon Monday? What time zone?


Its my 30th on 19 Nov will you please arrange Climategate 3 ? 😀

cui bono

Are we going to get our own TV channel?!


[snip – policy -mod]

Releasing the CRN data compilation?

Anthony will buy Current TV and rename it WUWT-V!
/Mr Lynn

Three days is easily enough time to get a quick tan, hair style update, and work on our camera superpresence superpowers.
(No really, looking forward to this opportunity for WUWT.)

Robin Hewitt

If that’s high noon will your intro feature Tex Ritter?

Bloke down the pub

If you’re going to buy Current tv, will we be able to get it in the UK?


Anthony and Peter Gleick are having a two-headed love child on live TV??


Turning Current TV into a skeptic channel… That would be awsome!

I hate suspense. It makes me crazy.
Oops. On second thought, I forgot the ‘er. That is, it makes me crazi-er.

Kenji won a Nobel Prize? Is being sued by Michael Mann for assault?

Pingo says: “Its my 30th on 19 Nov will you please arrange Climategate 3 ? :D”
As I was scanning the comments, I read that as Climategate 3D. (The next dimension in dementia.)
PS: In case I forget on the 19th, Happy Birthday, Pingo.

(I’m thinking, Kenji cashing in on the reality TV craze, since Current TV is likely to be available for cheap)


Are you one of the new contestants on Dancing with the Stars?
Or maybe Hansen is? as Nobel celebrity, of course.


Whatever it is, and whatever you are working on, you have our support and our thanks, Anthony. We’ll be watching and cheering you on, and it sounds like we will cheer for our favorite expert skeptics, too.

Philip Peake

Al Gore needs a new channel for his fearmongering. TV didn’t work.
He has convinced Anthony to sell WUWT to him.
Al will be introduced as the new owner on Monday.
On Tuesday Anthony will retire to his private island, and spend his time sipping Mai-tais while watching the oceans rise…

Teevee? I’ve heard of that. It’s like the Internet, only one way.


Aw shucks, I’m away in the depths of Argyll without internet access all week so I’ll miss it!


yer such a tease.
Are you buying CurrentTV?! Awesome, what’d you give for it $5? Did that include a stipulation that you have to deal with Olbermann and he’s out of Al’s hands?

Frank K.

It’s a new reality TV show for the History Channel called: Climate (Pawn) Stars
Featuring: Gavin Schmidt as “Rick”, Tom Karl as “Corey”, Mike Mann as “Chumlee”, and Jim Hansen as “The Old Man”

Customer: “I’m visiting the climate stars today to sell my vintage minmax thermometer. I got it from an old NOAA climate monitoring station in a parking lot in Arizona, and just wanted to get some money for gambling in Vegas.”
Rick: “SO what do we have here?? Looks like an old Sperry V134C mix-max climate thermometer!”
Customer: “Yup.”
Chumlee: “What’s a thermometer?”
Old Man: “Dammit Chumlee! Get back to sweeping the *&#^$(* floor!!”
Rick: “They only made about 137 of these in 1934 before they were replaced by the model V135X, and…”
Corey: “Aww Dad…yer such a know-it-all. Dude – how much are you lookin’ to get out of it?”
Customer: “Ehhh..$300??”
[Hysterical laughter]
Rick: “Yeah – right! Look, this thing has been beat to crap in a hot parking lot for 5 decades. You know, I hope they weren’t using it to make climate measurements…”
Customer: “Uhhhhh…”
Rick: “Look, man, I’ll give you 50 bucks for it.”
Customer: “I wanted to play the slots tonight and get a good meal – $100.”
Rick: “75 bucks and not a dime more…”
Customer: “Mmmmmmm…OK.”
Rick: “Go write him up, Chumlee…”
Chumlee: “OK dude…over here…Ooooppps!!”
[Sound of breaking glass…]
Old Man: “Chumlee, you *&^&^*. Yer working the night shift!”

Tune in again for another episode of Climate (Pawn) Stars!!

Olaf Koenders

Sounds like Australia will have to wait until Tuesday.. 😉

Are you going to offer Mike Mann $5,000,000 to release his data?
Perhaps one could accept the data if it were accompanied with a payment of $5,000,000 — it needs a little adjustment and that can take time and money…


Looking forward to it Anthony.
By the way, has everyone noticed the total lack of global warming discussion in the presidential campaign? Big Bird has been discussed more. That speaks volumes about what the public here in the U.S. thinks about the issue…

Frank K. says:
October 26, 2012 at 1:33 pm
It’s a new reality TV show for the History Channel called: Climate (Pawn) Stars
Featuring: Gavin Schmidt as “Rick”, Tom Karl as “Corey”, Mike Mann as “Chumlee”, and Jim Hansen as “The Old Man”…….
Nicely done!

Tim Clark

My name is Vince McMahon, and welcome to tonights MAAIIINNN EVENT. Let me introduce to you the newest challengers for the WWE world tag team title, none other than Anthony “THE SUUUUUUPPPERRRRRRDENIER” Watts, and Steve “THE SUPPPPERNUUMMMMMMERATOR” McIntyre. They will challenge the undefeated, untied, untruthful, and reigning World Champions Al “THE BLOOOVVVVIATOR” Gore and Mike “THE FABBBBBBBRICATOR” Mann in a no holds barred, anything goes championship match. Not only that, tonights winners will become the new owners of none other than their own TV network, CURRRRRENTTEEEVEEE. But before we commence tonight’s main event, I need to thank our most prestigious advertiser, solely responsible for our show tonight, the CLIMATE SCIENCE LEGAL DEFENSE TEAM. Let the ruckus begin.

D. Patterson

A meteor shower will be raining green Kryptonite upon the heads of Supermandia and Michael Mann.


So those big oil companies have finally paid-up and your going to buy a TV company. Which oil company?


Mr Watts is becomming a bit of a tease. This is his second annoucement of an upcomming announcement.
My guess is that Monday’s announcment will be about an announcment to be made next Friday. 🙂

D. Patterson

At least the announcment will materialize before the prognosticated AGW and multi-feet sea level rise.

F. Ross

You cracked the Climategate3 FOIA password?


Anthony Watts vs. Gavin Schmidt on Celebrity Deathmatch?

Brian H

A remake. Fawlty Towers, Climate version.

D. Patterson

All revelations affecting the Obama Administration are automatically deferred until after the November election, doncha know.


“If Current TV misses the audience benchmark in two consecutive quarters, another clause is triggered that would allow Time Warner Cable to drop the channel. The condition was built into the most recent distribution pact between the two parties, which was signed in 2010.”
If the Current TV audience is not large enough to be rated by Neilson and has failed to meet Nielson’s minimum standard perhaps Time Warner Cable will decide to drop Current TV. That would be the end for Gore TV.

D. Patterson

That would be the end for Gore TV.

and the beginning of cable station WUWT.

Jimmy haigh

Tme for a visit to the tip jar….

Steve from Rockwood

WUWT is coming out with its own line of popcorn.


free weather stations for everyone?
wow you ROCK 🙂
thanks man !!
🙂 🙂

You ARE such a tease . . . . . : )
Two guesses:
Guess #1 – you are going to crowd source the investigation of a Monday CG3 debut
Guess #2 – you are going from a Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not’ record by having all your fans do the Macarena simultaneously.
Both would be fun.

Don B

Richard Muller, previously a former-sceptic, will announce he is starring in a new TV reality show with Anthony.


Homeland security investigating climate gate emails ?

Jimmy D Rochester

You and Al should arm wrestle on live TV!


Heartland Institute purchases Current TV and install Anthony as it’s CEO..
What a coup!! (Or as our president would pronounce it, What a koop…)


Pull My Finger says:

Are you going to offer Mike Mann $5,000,000 to release his data?

That would be a colossal waste of money, since you can already get it here:


…But maybe Anthony will put up $5 million to get Roy Spencer and John Christy to release their code?

Jeff Alberts

Sorry to ruin it for your folks, but Anthony is going to announce that he will finally stop using “here’s” and “there’s” when he actually means “here are” and “there are”. Will definitely be a first for lots of folks!
It’s a joke son!

D Böehm

I will accept that Mann has posted all of his data, methods, metadata, code, and methodologies online, as soon as Steve McIntyre acknowledges that he has done so completely and transparently.
Until then, I am naturally skeptical of your assertions.