Roger Pielke Sr. enters Twitland

I figure I’ll help him out by announcing this for him to get him some followers, he has 13 as of this writing.

He writes:

I have decided to enter the Twitter world. My twitter name is @RogerAPielkeSr. I look forward using this medium of communication. I will occasionally present on Twitter as I learn how to best use it.

And in case you have not signed up to follow WUWT yet, you can do so here:

Unlike Dr. Michael Mann, neither Dr. Pielke’s nor WUWT’s Twitter account is setup to block people you may disagree with.

I’ve made one tweet to Dr. Mann in my entire life, asking three relevant questions about his hockey stick science. He responds by blocking me and deleting the tweets. “Who’s the denier” now?

33 thoughts on “Roger Pielke Sr. enters Twitland

  1. It’s unclear to me what constitutes “denialism” to fake environmentalist watermelons.
    Personally, I don’t deny that the globe was probably warmer 320 & 160 years ago, during the Little Ice Age. I do deny that it was cooler 80 years ago, however. Same for c.1000, 2000 & 3000 years ago during the Medieval, Roman & Minoan Warm Periods, not to mention the earlier Holocene Climatic Optimum.
    The world appears to have been a long-term cooling trend since at least about 3300, if not before, during the HCO. Natural cycles within this secular trend have waxed warmer & waned cooler.
    Not to mention that earth’s temperature fell during the 1960s & ’70s even as atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations rose.
    I also deny that present global warming, whatever its actual value may be, will be catastrophic, & that it’s primarily caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels.
    I deny that the CAGW cult is even science. It’s not only unscientific but anti-scientific & besmirches the good name of real science.

  2. 79 with my follow.
    Fascinating that Max Boykoff ‏ @boykoff is one of the followers, that’s the guy I wrote about in my “‘Media Too Fair to Climate Skeptics’, say reporters who’ve been unfair to skeptics”
    In a nutshell, AGW promoters worship Max & Jules Boykoff for the notion that skeptic climate scientists got “too much media balance”, a thing that Anthony Watts has been pummeled with just lately…….

  3. It is clear from the architects of the UN’s Agenda 21 that they do not care if the science is true or not. It’s all about the goals: many fewer people, forced lower birth rate, increased natural death rate, unreliable energy supply to cripple development, wealth redistribution to cripple the developed economies and stunt the developing countries by providing free money, regulation of virtually every aspect of an individual’s life, surrender of all sovereignties to the UN, and a one-world government which would have to be totalitarian (run by a committee of “Wise (not likely) Men”) and socialist, meaning equal poverty for all as the world is forced to a subsistence living. Read “Hunger Games” and make note of the society and economy described, It is the UN’s dream world—a baker is no allowed to eat his own bread, most of the land is off-limits to people, the separate districts each only make one type of product so that no one district could be independent, and everybody has to depend on the (Control) Capitol for exchange of goods for their subsistence survival. Sounds like Heaven (in Hell).

  4. Just a thought – when talking about Twitter, I don’t think ‘In my entire life’ is the appropriate measure. We know you weren’t tweeting in 1975.

  5. @higley7 (see, I can talk this new language too!) says:
    “It is the UN’s dream world—a baker is not allowed to eat his own bread, most of the land is off-limits to people, the separate districts each only make one type of product so that no one district could be independent… ”
    The UN should read James Scott’s ‘Seeing Like a State’ which shows that such schemes have been tried and just don’t work – he gives many examples.

  6. e. c. cowan says:
    September 27, 2012 at 10:53 am
    I tried twice to create a Twit account but it IGNORED ME.
    I hate these ‘social media’ sites!!!!!!!

    It’s like being in high school all over again. 😛

  7. Zeke says:
    September 27, 2012 at 10:17 am
    “It is possible to combine your YouTube, facebook and Twitter accounts. It streamlines everything into YouTwitFace.”
    Love that!! Trouble is I regard all of the so-called social networking sites in just that way.

  8. tallbloke says:
    September 27, 2012 at 12:50 pm
    Not too far OT:
    Jo Nova has a temporary site up
    Go say hi and wish her luck with getting the new server up and running.
    I’ll say “Hi” from here. She’s a respected voice in this arena. I’m glad she’s back.

  9. I’m not a social media guy. Many are.I’m glad another sane voice has been added to all the “twittering” about “climate change” even though I won’t be seeing it myself..

  10. @RogerAPielkeSr: Shan’t be joining you, sir. Prefer old-school communications like blogs 🙂
    @higley7: Agreed, plus, the ends never justify such means.
    @DR_UK: True, but the only thing we learn from history ..
    @catweazle666 (and everybody): Did you hear Mitch Benn’s song about it? If not, DO!
    Now my @ key can sleep again ’til I next check my emails!

  11. I look forward to a rational rationale how someone can make Twitter work for you, rather than you work for Twitter. I understand the theoretical advantages of subscribing to streams and thus avoiding spam. But there is a lot I don’t want to see in any case. I’m still of the opinion, increasingly looking wrong, that Twitter is just this decade’s CB radio.
    140 characters ought to work because brevity is the soul of wit. From what I see, brevity might be a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for wit.
    High school English teachers probably think of Twitter as one of the worst inventions since television.

  12. Roger Pielke Sr. enters Twitland
    Somebody please tell the poor man that we aren’t ignoring him — TwitLand is IGNORING US !!!

  13. Everyone knows how best to use the limited computer time they have. For a rich return on the time spent, nothing can compare with a good blog and comments.

  14. theduke
    Zeke has nailed it @ 10:17.
    I don’t know who to credit, but yes. Upper-class twit of the year. (For American cousins, ‘twit’ is a polite way to say ‘idiot’) Personally, I have a FB presence, reluctantly, to help contact with ex-students and friends who I’ve lost contact with. But Twitter? Just the name, and the idea (a ‘tweet’) should, INMHO, put off any mildly thinking person. Respect, really, to Roger Pielke Sr., you make your decisions.

  15. Brevity, indeed the soul of wit.
    I managed to live life without it.
    Pondered how to find the soul of Twit.
    All I find is smiley 8’s ‘n s**t…
    = 140 if one counts

  16. Approaching 300. Interesting list of followers.
    Possibly the last time I’ll see it; though Twitter can be used to refer elsewhere urgently, it rarely is worth the time spent on it.

  17. just been blocked by Michael Mann’s twitter after 2 days
    I only asked why his tweets seemed more like those of a zealot than a scientist
    my bad, i guess

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