The GWPF and Jo Nova web sites down

Many people have emailed me to ask what is going on, here’ s what I’ve found out. Advertisements


Little Ice Age Thermometers- Historic variations in temperatures Part 3 -BEST confirms extended period of warming.

Guest post by Tony Brown This short paper is a preliminary examination of BEST data to 1753, as compared to the Central England Temperature Record (CET) to 1660 (instrumental record) and 1538 (Extended by Tony Brown using thousands of contemporary observations) This extension to 1538 was a central part of my article ‘The Long Slow…

Texas A&M says freshwater hurricanes grow stronger

From Texas A&M University , a claim that fresh water intensifies hurricanes. At first blush, the concept seems wonky to me, as I don’t think there’s much difference between the heat content potential of fresh -vs- saltwater. Though, it might simply be that freshwater deltas have higher temperature of outflowing water to start with, exacerbated…